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Follow These Tips To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You (Based On His Sign)

In every relationship, there is a moment when you can tell he’s gone from attracted to you to actually being in love with you. My clients often ask me about how to get to that point with their men, and the answer lies in understanding their deeper desires and motivations. Of course, it took me years of studying and practicing Astrology to truly uncover what motivates each Zodiac sign, and I can now safely say that my years of experience have helped thousands of women capture the hearts of even the most complicated Zodiac signs! If you are also looking for ways to make your man truly fall in love with you, I suggest you find his Zodiac sign below and follow the tips that will surely help you understand him and his desires much better. 


Aries men are instinctive and passionate. They love feeling heroic and enjoy a good challenge. If you want an Aries man to fall in love with you, you’ve got to make him work for your attention. Don’t chase him, no matter what.

Get him to see a relationship with you as a quest. If he has to prove himself or convince you, he’ll be more intrigued. He’ll fall in love if your attention and love are goals he has to work for. Don’t make it too easy to get your attention. Be somewhat distant but not so distant that he feels he can’t win you over.


Men born under the sign of Taurus are enticed by the idea of value. They will fall in love with a woman who respects herself. Show him you know your value. Don’t compromise your standards. Be a bit of a diva and a Taurus man will fall in love with you.

He’s the kind of guy who has an eye for quality and sincerity. Show him that you are dependable, honest, and most importantly, that you have high standards. If he sees that you only go for the best, he’ll want to be with you because he holds himself to a high standard as well.


Men born under the sign of the Twins will fall in love with you if they see that you are independent, fun to be with and that you have an eclectic range of interests. Gemini men need to feel amused and entertained.

If you can keep up with his need for change and mental stimulation, he’ll fall in love. Brush up on your pop culture trivia knowledge and keep the conversation flowing and fun, he’ll be all yours.


Cancer men need to feel secure in order to drop their defenses and fall in love. Be patient with a Cancer man. Show him that you know how to hold space for his feelings. Always validate a Cancer’s feelings even if you think he’s exaggerating.

Cancer men fall in love with people who help them feel comfortable and share their love of family and home. Take an interest in his family. Show him you are a homebody and leave the drama at the door.


Leo men are bold, dramatic, and creative. You can make a Leo man fall in love with you if you don’t upstage him. Let him have the spotlight. Don’t ever question or embarrass him in public.

A Leo man will fall in love with you if you regularly give him praise, recognition, and positive attention. He loves to soak up the attention and can’t get enough. A Leo guy needs to see that you’ll treat him like a King, but also wants to know you treat yourself like a Queen. Show him you have high standards and are popular and outgoing.


Virgo men can’t be manipulated into falling in love. In fact, they can’t be manipulated into anything. They are too rational and down-to-earth. But if you want him to fall for you, the best thing to do is be patient, humble and show him you care about others. Volunteer to help others or act in service of your community.

Don’t boast about yourself. He’s attracted to humility. Keep your emotions on an even keel, Virgo men don’t like drama. Show him you are health conscious, detail-oriented, and intellectual.


Show a Libra man your compassionate, sentimental side. He’ll fall in love if you’re sweet, gentle, demure, and kind. Don’t overwhelm him with too much emotion. Libra men are romantic but they’re also intellectual.

They take a cerebral approach to love, not an emotional path. Give him breathing room when he needs it. Compliment his many artistic talents.


The best way to make a Scorpio fall in love with you is to remain an enigma. Scorpio men love mysteries. Always leave him guessing and wanting to know more about you. Be honest and sincere, but don’t be too transparent.

Scorpio men also love empowered women. Don’t get into head-to-head conflicts with him. But do show him you know how to stand on your own two feet. You’ll also make him fall for you when you show him that you aren’t emotionally needy but are emotionally sensitive and intuitive.


Sagittarius men are independent and freethinking. He’s hyper-aware of manipulation so it’s best not to try to push him. He needs to fall in love spontaneously and on his own terms.

A Sagittarius man will fall in love with you when you give him space. The saying “if you love someone, let them go,” is true of a Sag man. Don’t try to clip his wings. Encourage him to travel, even if you can’t go with him. He’ll fall in love when he sees you won’t try to intrude on his freedom and impulsivity.


Your Capricorn love interest will fall for you if you demonstrate how hard-working and ambitious you are. He needs to be with a woman who is independent. Don’t overwhelm him with too much emotion.

Support his work and be patient with him. Capricorn men are slow to open up. Show him you aren’t in a rush and he’ll fall in love with you over time. Demonstrate your interest in family, tradition, and history and he’ll be all yours.


Aquarius men are hard to pin down. You have to be strategic and subtle if you want an Aquarius man to fall in love with you. Act less interested in him than you are. Make it seem like you are just interested in friendship, but then be his best friend.

Aquarius men need to feel comfortable and free to be themselves. Don’t criticize him. Show an interest in his unique and unusual hobbies. Let him see that he won’t lose his freedom if he shows his love for you.


Pisces men are sensitive, caring, and empathic. They fall in love easily, but the best way to guarantee a Pisces man falls for you is to validate his intense feelings. Don’t judge his feelings.

Show him you are interested in his dreams and wishes. Pisces men are often criticized for being careless dreamers. If you are the one person who empowers his fantasies and shows interest in helping him reach his dreams, he will fall in love with you.

Now that you know the secrets to cracking the love code for every zodiac sign, you can start to appeal to the deeper desires of your special guy. Feel free to let me know how these tips worked for you in the comments below. 

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