What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign
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What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

Are you interested in someone but not sure how to act around him? Are you worried about what you could possibly do that would turn him off? Here is some information that will help you gain more perspective.

What Turns Off An ARIES Guy…

What Turns Off An ARIES Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

The Aries man is an alpha male which means he’s got a strong personality. He’s a natural leader and will always try to assert himself when he feels he has something to contribute or take care of.

Turn offs will include anything that doesn’t fit well with being the alpha male. He doesn’t like his authority challenged, he definitely doesn’t like to be told what to do, and doesn’t take criticism very easily either.

While he’s a jealous type of guy; he will not appreciate mind games that include purposefully trying to make him jealous. Flirting with other men in front of him will only make him angry. It will make him pull back and possibly break it off.

Aries men are very active and will do everything he can to avoid being bored. If you’re inactive, it may turn him off. Discover all the Secrets to your Aries man’s heart here.

What Turns Off A TAURUS Guy…

What Turns Off A TAURUS Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

This is another man that is rather active. He may be a bit of a homebody but he still likes to stay busy. You can probably find him doing lots of research, reading, and studying whatever his area of interest is.

He doesn’t particularly care for laziness. He prefers to have a woman who will be as active as he is. He wants to know you’re driven and always striving to be better than you were yesterday.

He is the jealous type so eyeballing other guys when you’re out spending time together will feel disrespectful to him. This will also cause him to break it off with you if you’re not careful.

He isn’t into drama so gossiping is something you may want to keep with your girlfriends. Taking big risks is also a turn off. If you would like to learn more about how the Taurus operates, check out Taurus Man Secrets.

What Turns Off A GEMINI Guy…

What Turns Off A GEMINI Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

This guy is very social so he’ll appreciate a woman who can keep up with him and show their very best at all times. He isn’t very traditional and so he’d prefer his partner to also not be traditional. He likes unique women.

He is super active and will need an active partner. If you’re slower and a bit lazy; he won’t appreciate this much. The Gemini man makes lots of jokes so having a woman with a good sense of humor is important.

If you’re bland or boring; he’ll be immediately turned off. He is always seeking excitement and adventure in his life. If you aren’t able to go with the flow; this will possibly turn him cold.

This man doesn’t like to be held back or down. Though if you would like to know more; check out my ultimate Gemini man seduction guide. This may help you to prevent problems.

What Turns Off A CANCER Guy…

What Turns Off A CANCER Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

The Cancer man is very emotionally driven which means that he’ll take his time in choosing the right partner. He doesn’t like being rushed or pushed too far too fast. So take your time and try not to push him too much.

This man takes any form of criticism to heart. He will take it personally and possibly be very hurt. It’s important to be very careful how you talk to him or how you deliver important news. If you hurt his feelings; it’s like ripping his heart out.

While this man is passionate, he will not want you to wear too much revealing clothing after you become a serious couple; especially if it’s you going somewhere without him.

Another turn off is if you play him in some way. He will see this as blatant disrespect and he’ll want to go ahead and move on. He’ll likely ice you out or back away first.

Learn more about your Cancer man here >>

What Turns Off A LEO Guy…

What Turns Off A LEO Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

The Leo man is a strong and solid man. When he gets involved; he wants a woman who will adore him all the time. What he doesn’t like is a woman who is cold and callous toward him. Even if you are in a bad mood; try to show him you care.

He will not want to be dominated in any way. He doesn’t want you to tell him what to do or for anyone else to. He likes to be his own man and doesn’t want to be challenged.

This man will always seek out the right thing to do. If you do something he perceives as wrong in a moral sense; this will be an instant turn off. He has high integrity and expects the same from his partner.

Bringing negativity to him in any form will definitely make him re-think his relationship with you. So be careful!

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What Turns Off A VIRGO Guy…

What Turns Off A VIRGO Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

This guy likes to take his relationships nice and easy. He wants to be sure that the person he chooses is someone he wants to make it last with. So if you push him to hurry up into a relationship; he will resent this.

He is usually rather shy and isn’t one to be in the spotlight. If you try to get him to be in the spotlight with you; he’ll back down and probably hold it against you for awhile. So if you need to be in the spotlight; you’re on your own.

This man is typically very dependable. So he expects the same from his partner. Being flaky isn’t one of those qualities that will appeal to him. If you promise something to him; make sure you follow through.

The Virgo man expects you to be hygienic as well. If you want to know EVERYTHING about this guy, you may want to read my definite guide to the Virgo man’s heart here.

What Turns Off A LIBRA Guy…

What Turns Off A LIBRA Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

This is another slow moving guy when it comes to relationships. That being said, if you try to push him to go faster; it will backfire on you. Have some patience with him and you’ll see results.

This man is incredibly sensitive and you’ll need to be careful with how you talk to him. He can tend to take things the wrong way. Your tone will account for if he thinks its criticism or if it’s legitimate advice.

Libra men will do anything they can to avoid arguments. He isn’t into drama and will probably want to leave to totally get away from this sort of negativity. Even if it’s not; he perceives it as such.

The Libra man is very neat and tidy. Some of them actually get diagnosed with OCD because they want everything in its place. A messy woman will turn him off and make him run for the hills.

What Turns Off A SCORPIO Guy…

What Turns Off A SCORPIO Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

This fiery guy has an awful temper at times so the last thing you want to do is spark that fire up in him. The things that turn him off are fairly simple to avoid like the plague.

One thing is for sure; he doesn’t like to be controlled in any way. You can suggest things to him but don’t tell him what to do. This will backfire and you’ll hear an earful that you could have avoided.

Don’t ever try to make him jealous. You’ll regret it. He won’t like it and he’ll make you pay for it. It could lead to a nasty break up if you aren’t careful. Also; don’t allow things to become too bored between you.

As passionate as this guy is; one of the worst things that you could do to a Scorpio male is withhold sexual intimacy. To know more about this steamy guy, check out the Scorpio Man Secrets guide.

What Turns Off A SAGITTARIUS Guy…

What Turns Off A SAGITTARIUS Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

This guy is an airy personal freedom lover who seeks excitement. If you want to win his heart; you need to learn what to avoid that may make him turn away from you. One of those things is laziness.

The Sagittarius man is a free spirit. Try to be understanding of this and don’t try to restrict him or tie him down. He’ll resent you for it and may not stay with you if he feels he cannot be personally free.

Try not to be offended by what he says to you. He sometimes forgets how to sugar coat the things he says and doesn’t mean to hurt you or make you angry. If you can realize this; you’ll be better off.

Whatever you do, try to avoid small talk. Only talk to your Sagittarius guy when you actually have something hearty to talk about. Otherwise, you’re blowing air and he’s tuning you out.

What Turns Off A CAPRICORN Guy…

What Turns Off A CAPRICORN Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

These men are very particular and like to have things in order. They’re serious about every facet of their life. When he’s in a relationship; there are things that he will not tolerate.

One thing he will not deal with well is a woman who isn’t neat and tidy. The last thing he wants is to clean up after his partner. He wants to know that things will flow smoothly and everything will be in place.

Whatever you do; don’t try to force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. He will resist and will probably be quite frustrated with you if you cannot accept his wishes.

This is a man that believes in making use of everything you’ve got. If you’re wasteful; he will not be turned on by this. If you can learn to be a bit more conscious about this; you could make it work.

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What Turns Off An AQUARIUS Guy…

What Turns Off An AQUARIUS Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

Aquarius men can be rather particular in choosing a mate. They definitely have quirks that get to them. One of the things they really don’t like and see as a turn off is when their partner becomes overly emotional.

Aquarius has a hard time processing emotions so someone bringing too much of it to the table will turn them off. Showing him you’re stable and able to keep going forward will help him feel better about your relationship.

Try not to be too nosy about his business. He doesn’t like a busy body or someone who will pry into his life. Unless it’s something important, try to keep your questions to yourself.

This guy is a huge social butterfly. He doesn’t tend to do well with someone who is anti social or reclusive. If you’d like to know more about him, what’s he really FEELING about you and how you can influence his love…go study my Aquarius Man Secrets guide.

What Turns Off A PISCES Guy…

What Turns Off A PISCES Guy - What Turns A Guy Off Based on His Zodiac Sign

This is a very sensitive man who will provide a world of romance to his lady love. However; he has sore spots that shouldn’t be poked at with a stick. If you do; he’ll take off and find someone else.

He requires someone who isn’t brash and insensitive. So watch the way you talk to him and try to be sweet whenever you can. It will go a long way with him if you think before you speak.

This man is a dreamer and requires an open mind. A turn off for him is a partner who is close minded and not open to new possibilities. He’s hopeful and requires a partner who is also optimistic.

The Pisces man is not at all materialistic. That means that he won’t accept a high maintenance type of gal. If you’re after all the finer things in life; Pisces isn’t the one.

Turn offs are not a fun thing to look at but it can help you better communicate and deal with your partner. Perhaps it gives you a heads up about a guy you’re interested in. Either way, it’s nice to know what not to do in regards to each sign.

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