What Turns A Guy Off: Tips On What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Swipe Left

Hello ladies! I bet all of you have a Zodiac sign you just know you need to stay away from. No matter what you do, these people just rub you the wrong way for some reason. I would call this an Astrological turnoff.

When it comes to dating it is so important to know what Astrological turn-offs you have, but especially the turn-offs the guys you are dating might have. Understanding what makes a man lose interest is imperative to move in the right direction with him. You need to know this so you don’t make any faux pas that might get you into trouble. 

Having this knowledge of what makes a man turned off by a woman can be really helpful in knowing what you need to avoid. Just knowing what not to do can really help increase your chances of finding a super compatible partner for yourself who shares similar interests and values as you.

If it is important for you to know what turns a man off astrologically, then please keep on reading. You will know exactly what is a hit and what is a miss for each man according to his Zodiac sign.

What Turns An Aries Man Off?

An Aries man is a warrior. He loves the chase and having a conquest he can win over in his romantic relationships. It is all about the competition for him so when a woman is too easy, he quickly loses interest. 

The Aries man has a strong personality and is an alpha male. Whenever he feels he has something to contribute or handle, he will assert himself naturally.

Anything that does not fit with being an alpha male will turn him off. It’s not good for him to have his authority challenged, he doesn’t like to be told what to do, and he doesn’t take criticism well.

In spite of the fact that he’s a jealous type of guy, he won’t appreciate mind games aimed at making him jealous. He will only become angry if you flirt with another man in front of him. Possibly he will break off the relationship because of it.

Aries men are very active and will do whatever it takes to avoid boredom. Being inactive may make him lose interest in you. Discover all the Secrets to your Aries man’s heart here.

Tips On How To Avoid Turning an Aries Man Off

When someone accepts Aries men for who they are at their core, they can be their most authentic selves. Be sure to show him how much you accept him. The only thing an Aries man really wants is acceptance since their personalities are quite out there and not everyone can handle them. 

Due to their direct nature, Aries men tend to take what others say as truth, which emphasizes the meaning of your loving words even more. An Aries guy appreciates affirming words more than you can imagine. 

Criticizing an Aries man tends to rile him up quite a bit and can turn him off majorly. An Aries man cannot settle for anything less than the best, which makes him want to prove himself more. Be his cheerleader and you’ll never have to worry about him running away.

What Turns A Taurus Man Off?

A Taurus man is definitely one of the best lovers one can get. He is stable, secure, and very reliable. All a girl wants in a relationship, plus his sensuality can make him very romantic.

Although he is somewhat of a homebody, he enjoys staying busy. In whatever field he is interested in, you can find him doing research, reading, and studying.

In general, he dislikes laziness. His ideal partner would be as active as he is. It’s important to him that you are driven and always challenging yourself to be better than the day before.

Keeping an eye on other guys while you’re out spending time together will seem disrespectful to him due to his jealousy. Don’t let this happen if you don’t want him to break up with you.

You might want to keep gossiping with your girlfriends since he doesn’t like drama. It’s also a turn-off to take big risks, he is quite cautious and lies his stability so don’t mess with it. 

Tips On How To Avoid Turning a Taurus Man Off

Physical love will always be enjoyed by a Taurus man. Touch-related feelings of love are especially important to Taurus men. They are ruled by Venus, the planet of sensuality, love, and beauty, someone who isn’t affectionate is a big turn-off for a Taurus man. 

Because of this, Taurus men can be particularly hurt when their partners no longer touch them. For Taurus men to be happy, they need at least a little bit of physical contact every day. Otherwise, they may feel unappreciated and unloved.

Not spending enough time with your Taurus guy can also prove to be quite a turn-off for him. Remember, he is a jealous man and it is best for him to get as much attention so that his suspicions aren’t raised because he can be a little paranoid.

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What Turns A Gemini Man Off?

A Gemini man is quite an interesting and exciting guy. However, because of this he needs a lot of stimulation and variety to keep him happy. Boredom is the killer of any relationship for a Gemini man.

As a social guy, he will appreciate a woman who can keep up with him and show her best at all times. His partner should also be non-traditional since he isn’t very traditional. Women with unique characteristics appeal to him.

In order to keep up with him, he will need an active partner. A bit of laziness and slowness won’t be appreciated by him he finds this a major turn off. It is important for a Gemini man to have a partner with a good sense of humor because he makes a lot of jokes.

Boring or bland behavior will immediately turn him off. Throughout his life, he seeks adventure and excitement. This man does not like being held back or down, so if you don’t go with the flow, he may turn cold.

If you would like to know more; check out my ultimate Gemini man guide. This may help you to prevent problems.

Tips On How To Avoid Turning a Gemini Man Off

There’s no doubt that Gemini men love people, so they are communicative people. New things fascinate them and they are curious about them. Having deep and thoughtful conversations about life with their partner means a lot to them. Without deep conversations, a Gemini man will quickly be turned off.

Being present with a Gemini man in conversation and in the space you both occupy is the best way to bring out his true nature and make him feel loved. It is important that they are surrounded by people who they find interesting and who are interested in them. 

Boredom is their worst enemy, and they love to go on little adventures. As changeable air signs, Gemini men need a lot of stimulation in order to feel excited about their relationships. Keep up with him and he will be yours forever. 

What Turns A Cancer Man Off?

A Cancer man is one of the best possible suitors for a relationship. He is sensitive, intuitive, and very caring. For women who want to be loved and cared for, this is the right guy.

As a Cancer man, he is highly emotional, so he will take his time choosing the right partner. It is not a good idea to rush him or to push him too far too fast. Try not to push him too hard and take your time. Patience is the best way to approach him. Being rushed is a major turn off for him.

Any criticism he receives is taken seriously by him. There is a possibility that he will be very hurt by this and will take it personally. Talking to him or delivering important news must be handled carefully. His feelings are like his heart, so hurting them is like ripping them out.

Even though he is passionate, this man will not like you to wear too much revealing clothing after you become a serious couple. This is because he is very protective of you.

It is also a turn off if you play with him in any way. It will appear to him as blatant disrespect, and he will want to move on. It’s likely he’ll ice you out or back away first, as you can see this is a major turn off for him.

Tips On How To Avoid Turning Off A Cancer Man

Cancer men prioritize taking care of those close to them. It speaks to their soul more than anything else to have someone they can love and nurture through simple acts of service like cooking a meal or doing household chores. Don’t deny him this as it will turn him off in a major way.

For a Cancer guy, this is the most important thing in the world. Cancers have nurturing energy and a deep emotional nature that needs to be expressed, but sometimes they forget to care for themselves. Denying the same kind of care will only hurt his feelings.

The Cancer man in your life likely needs help arranging, cleaning, and taking care of the physical space around them even if they think that they can take care of this themself. So help him out with this. Show him that you know how to be a team.

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What Turns A Leo Man Off?

A Leo man is a true romantic at heart, he needs to be loved and adored in his relationships. Anyone who doesn’t give him proper attention is going to turn him right off.  

Leos are strong, solid men. It’s important to him to find a woman who will adore him forever when he gets involved with her. An unkind and cold-hearted woman is not what he likes. Show him your care even if you’re in a bad mood.

Any form of dominance will offend him. The last thing he wants is for you to dictate what he does or anyone else to do so. In his view, he’s a self-sufficient individual who doesn’t like being challenged.

There is no doubt that this man will do the right thing at all times. If you do something he considers morally wrong, he will be immediately turned off. His partner must also have high integrity.

His relationship with you will be re-evaluated if you bring negativity to him in any form. Make sure you are careful!

Tips On How To Avoid Turning A Leo Man Off

Leo men just love attention and if they could have it their way they would probably go for someone who knows how to adore him endlessly. Leos already know their own greatness, but he wants a partner who tells him all the time. 

They recognize that they are these super humans, and they want others to see and comment on it as well. There may be some who find Leo men’s self-centeredness off-putting, but they’re just very proud. 

This is why they are so appreciative of words of affirmation, a way to turn a Leo man off is to never tell him how amazing you think he is. Men born under the sign of Leo tend to have a lot of confidence, but they do need the support of the people around them in order to succeed. Having their loved ones tell them they are doing well is essential for them.

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What Turns A Virgo Man Off?

A Virgo man is one of a kind. He has very high standards, but he can be incredibly caring towards his romantic partner. Virgo needs someone who can tick all of his boxes. 

He prefers to take things easy when it comes to his relationships. It is important for him to choose someone with whom he wants to spend his life. Thus, he will resent being forced into a relationship too soon.

Generally speaking, he is rather shy and doesn’t like being the center of attention. In order to get him to be in the spotlight with you, you will have to back down and he may hold it against you for a while. You’re on your own if you want to be in the spotlight.

There is usually a high level of trustworthiness with this man. Therefore, he expects the same from his partner. Flakiness isn’t one of the qualities he’s looking for. Follow through on your promises if you make them to him.

It is also expected of you to be hygienic by the Virgo man. Someone with very bad hygiene is not the right fit for a Virgo man. If you want to know EVERYTHING about this guy, you may want to read my definite guide to the Virgo man’s heart here.

Tips On How To Avoid Turning Off A Virgo Man

In return for Virgos doing nice things for their partners, they really need them to acknowledge their love by saying thank you and how much they mean to them. The last thing a Virgo man wants is someone ungrateful, it is a major turn off.

Virgos prioritize having ultimate control over the environment around them. If you live with one or know one, you’ll understand. Every little detail is micromanaged by them. Someone who messes with a Virgo man’s routine or the way he likes things is just going to upset them. You need to be very considerate of his space.

Because of this, it is important to let them know how much they mean to you that they are so attentive to your needs. Being appreciative will go very far with your Virgo man.

What Turns A Libra Man Off?

Libra men are the romantics of the Zodiac. They love being in relationships and have a beautiful woman by their side. They need all the love and adoration they can possibly get.

In terms of relationships, this guy is also slow-moving. As a result, pushing him to go faster will backfire. You’ll see results if you have patience with him. He is trying to see if the two of you are actually compatible.

It is imperative that you speak carefully to this man because he is extremely sensitive. There is a tendency for him to misunderstand things. It depends on your tone whether he perceives it as criticism or as legitimate advice.

It is in the nature of Libra men to avoid arguments at all costs. His interest in drama isn’t strong, and he probably wants to leave to get away from negativity. Even if it’s not; he perceives it as such.

There is a lot of neatness and order in the Libra man. Having to deal with a messy woman will turn him off and make him run for the hills. He needs peace and balance in his life.

Tips On How To Avoid Turning A Libra Man Off

Those born under the sign of Libra are ruled by the planet Venus, which represents love and beauty. Libras love anything artistic and aesthetically pleasing, so gift-giving is a great way for them to feel loved. 

They’re a little materialistic, so showing your Libra man you love him by giving him stuff is a major turn-on for him. He needs to feel like a priority in your life, or else there is no point.

Libras need an environment that reflects their love of beauty and aesthetics. When it comes to things that remind them of a specific event in their lives, Libras tend to be quite sentimental. They become emotionally and energetically attached to their partners through gifts. 

It is rare for Libras to find a partner who understands their tastes and preferences. Someone who knows exactly what they like can mean a lot to them and make them feel extremely loved if they find someone who knows exactly what they like. Not taking an interest in what he likes will be a turn off for him.

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What Turns A Scorpio Man Off?

A Scorpio man is very intense. He loves intimacy and he is extremely passionate in his relationships. However, not all women know how to tick his boxes and he often finds himself turned off for some or other reason. 

A fiery guy like this can have a terrible temper at times, so you do not want to incite it. A simple way to avoid things that turn him off is to avoid them like the plague.

The one thing that is certain is that he does not like to be controlled in any way. Rather than telling him what to do, suggest things to him. It will backfire and you’ll hear a lot more than you ever imagined.

Keep your jealousy to yourself at all times. There will be a price to pay. It won’t sit well with him and you’ll have to pay the price. If you aren’t careful, it could lead to a nasty breakup. Make sure that things don’t get too boring between you as well.

The worst thing you can do to a Scorpio male is withholding sexual intimacy. He will be out in a flash if you withhold sex to control him. It won’t go down very well.

Tips On How To Avoid Turning A Scorpio Man Off

Scorpios are one of the most physical and sexual signs in the Zodiac. They get a thrill by being close to their partner which means that physical touch is a major priority for a Scorpio when he is in a relationship. Without physical touch, a Scorpio man will be turned off in an instant. 

Despite their tough exteriors, Scorpio men are highly vulnerable beneath their shells. Scorpios are sensitive and even a little needy on the inside if you can break down their defenses. If you take care of the little boy inside of him, he will love you forever.

A Scorpio man loves to be showered with affection. Scorpio men may appear tough, but they need a lot of affection from their partners. In order for a Scorpio to feel loved in their relationship, they need hugs, kisses, handholding, and of course, lots of sex. Do this and you’ll never turn him off.

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What Turns A Sagittarius Man Off?

A Sagittarius man is definitely one of a kind. He is adventurous and open-minded, and very easily excitable. Relationships, however, are not his forte. Commitment is definitely something he struggles with. 

The guy is a fiery lover of freedom who seeks excitement. You need to avoid things that may make him turn away from you if you want to win his heart. Laziness is one of those things.

Sagittarius men are free spirits. Do not try to restrain or tie him down, but try to be understanding. If you do not allow him to be free, he may not stay with you.

If he says something to you that offends you, try not to take it personally. The things he says sometimes aren’t meant to hurt you or make you angry, and he often forgets how to sugar coat them. You will be better off if you realize this.

Keep small talk to a minimum. It’s best to only talk with your Sagittarius guy when you’ve got something hearty to discuss. If you don’t, he’ll tune you out because you’re blowing air. He likes depth and grit to his conversations, this is what keeps him interested. 

Tips On How To Avoid Turning A Sagittarius Man Off

Sagittarius is THE adventurer of the Zodiac. Experience and exploration are their favorite ways to gain knowledge. This makes it obvious that a major turn-on for a Sagittarius man would be spending quality time with their partner. 

They love to share experiences with their partner and go on adventures together. The best way to speak to their soul is by planning some activities for them to enjoy together. Someone who doesn’t take initiative is a major turn-off for a Sagittarius man.

Make sure they have a new experience to remember you by. Nothing keeps a Sagittarius more excited than having people who are ‘down’ for what they are passionate about. Being around people is very important to them. 

They are big extroverts so if you can organize a bunch of his friends to come together and throw a bit of a party you will find your Sagittarius man one happy guy.

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What Turns A Capricorn Man Off?

A Capricorn man is serious and stern. When he enters a relationship he knows it takes a lot of responsibility and sacrifice to sustain. He needs an equal who can walk this path with him.

There is a certain level of precision and order that these men like. There is a great deal of seriousness in everything they do. He will not tolerate certain things in a relationship.

Women who aren’t neat and tidy won’t do well with him. Cleaning up after his partner is the last thing he wants to do. In order for him to feel confident, he wants to know that everything will go smoothly.

No matter what you do, don’t force him to do anything he doesn’t want to. Your refusal to accept his wishes will probably result in him being quite frustrated with you.

Taking advantage of everything you’ve got is what this man believes in. His interest won’t be piqued if you are wasteful. Your chances of making it work could increase if you learn to be more conscious about this.

Tips On How To Avoid Turning A Capricorn Man Off

Capricorns know what they want in life, especially in their careers. Getting closer to their goal is a top priority for this Earth sign. Achieving something in life gives them a sense of accomplishment. A woman who isn’t supportive of his dreams is a major turn-off. 

As a result, Capricorns prefer to receive gifts from their partners, especially when they are useful or practical gifts that can help them be more productive or efficient. This shows that you are supportive of your Capricorn man in a practical way. 

Capricorns often feel guilty if they don’t spend enough time working or achieving their goals. Their burden can be lifted if something helps them be more productive.

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What Turns An Aquarius Man Off?

An Aquarius man is a man unlike any other. This gentleman likes to go against the grain and is without a doubt a rebel. He needs to be with someone who isn’t cookie-cutter, this would be a complete turn-off for him.

Aquarius men tend to be rather picky when it comes to choosing a mate. Their quirks certainly get on their nerves. Overly emotional partners are something they dislike and see as a turn off.

It is difficult for Aquarius to deal with emotions, so someone who brings too much of this to the table will turn them off. It will make him feel better about your relationship if you demonstrate stability and ability to keep going forward.

Don’t pry into his business too much. He dislikes busybodies and intrusive people. Keep your questions to yourself unless they are important.

It’s no secret that this guy enjoys socializing. People who are antisocial or reclusive tend not to work well with him.

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Tips On How To Avoid Turning An Aquarius Man Off

Humanitarianism runs in the veins of all Aquarians. Change is important to them and they care deeply about the future. As a result, they want the world to change for the better. Someone who is apathetic and doesn’t care is a major turn off for an Aquarius man. You need to show you care. 

In addition to being naturally helpful, they care deeply about many causes and want to make sure their partner shares their ideals. Sharing in a worthy cause goes very far for an Aquarius man. 

Being loved and seen by a partner who is there to help and support their dreams goes a long way for the Aquarius. Partnership is a big deal for an Aquarius man. 

What Turns A Pisces Man Off?

Pisces men are sweet, emotional, and sensitive. They make wonderful romantic partners. They may be empathetic, but there are a few things that will turn off these guys as well.

There is no doubt that his lady love will fall in love with this very sensitive man. There are however some sore spots on him that shouldn’t be poked with sticks. He’ll take off and find someone else if you do.

Ideally, he would like someone who isn’t brash and insensitive. You should therefore be careful how you talk to him and be as sweet as you can. If you think before you speak, it will go a long way with him.

It is necessary to keep an open mind when dealing with this man since he is a dreamer. Having a partner who is closed minded and unwilling to explore new possibilities is a turn off for him. As a hopeful person, he needs a partner who is also optimistic.

Materialism is not at all a characteristic of the Pisces man. A high maintenance gal will not be accepted by him. Pisces isn’t for you if you’re looking for all the finer things in life.

Tips On How To Avoid Turning A Pisces Man Off

The Pisces man is a quiet introvert who needs time alone to recharge his batteries, but he values quality time above all else when it comes to his relationships. They value it a lot. 

For Pisces to understand their loved ones, they must feel their energy, so simply being around them helps them feel more connected. The majority of them have great listening skills and tend to be natural therapists, but sometimes they need a shoulder to lean on as well. Being with their partner is sometimes enough for them. If you’re not there for him, he’ll quickly run away. 

A person present with them is all they need. The Pisces man is highly emotional, and he likes to be able to show his vulnerable side to his partner. However, he also wants the partner to be just as honest and raw.

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Final Thoughts

Turn-offs are not a fun thing to look at but they can help you better communicate and deal with your partner. Perhaps it gives you a heads up about a guy you’re interested in. Either way, it’s nice to know what not to do in regard to each sign. 

Every man has their own set of rules and things that just make sense for them. Not all of them are the same, as I am sure none of you are the same 

I would love to hear from you ladies. Have you any stories to tell me about certain signs you have dated and what their definite turn offs were in your opinion? Please leave me a message in the comment section below. 

Wishing you all the best!

Your friend and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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