Crystals That Help Gemini Women Live More Abundant Life

Hi there, beautiful and busy Gemini ladies! You guys have so much energy to share with the world. What is it that fits you and your personality though? What would help boost your skills and natural talents?

With the constant change and movement in your lives, dear Gemini, it’s essential for you to find balance and grounding in order to thrive. Incorporating certain crystals into your daily self-care routine can be a powerful way to enhance your well-being and support a healthy and balanced lifestyle as a Gemini woman.

You are so special Gemini; I want to help you be the best you can!

I will explore the different crystals and stones that are ideal for Gemini women and provide you with tips and insights into how to use these crystals to enhance your life and find greater balance.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, boost your creativity, or simply find a greater sense of well-being, this article will provide you with the information you need to choose the right crystals for your needs and tap into their healing properties.

Keep reading to find out crystals that help Gemini women live a more abundant life… Are you ready? Let’s go!

Understanding The Gemini Woman’s Nature

A Gemini woman is an intellectual and complicated sort of lady. Only a rare few truly understand the way she thinks and the way she lives her life. Some find her magical and some find her frustrating.

The beautiful Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. This is what makes her thoughts so deep. It can help her acquire so much wisdom when she wants to study.

It can also sometimes cause her to backfire as she has too much on her mind – thus, making her a bit indecisive. She’s adventurous and typically will have many projects going on at once. She’s a master at juggling.

There is a problem with this on occasion, which is when she forgets the balance and things get too chaotic. She has a hard time saying “no” and takes on too much. 

In love, she may promise more than she can actually give to another. She falls in love rather quickly but then if she realizes she didn’t take enough time, she appears flaky or unreliable.

At heart, the Gemini woman is so open for love and doesn’t settle for someone who doesn’t allow her to be free to be herself. When she truly gives her heart for the long haul, she is really rather solid. 

Let’s take a look at the stones that are best suited for a Gemini woman and help them live a more abundant life!

The Healing Stones For Gemini Women

Moonstone is a must have for all Gemini women. This helps her to connect to her spiritual side so that she’s able to access her intuition or make it stronger. It’s great for meditation and helping tune in or heal a psychic ability as well.

It’s a pearlescent looking stone that is white with a little bit of a rainbow hue to it. When it’s polished, it’s gorgeous and you can feel the mystical energy that it has. In some light, it looks like the Moon itself – hence the name.

If you really want to heal your subconscious mind that is normally hard to access, this stone will definitely help you experience major spiritual growth in your path. 

Another crystal that should be in a Gemini woman’s collection is an Opal or Opalite. This gorgeous white stone with a rainbow hue in certain light, helps when she’s feeling emotionally insecure.

It helps her to feel more stable and able to get through whatever she’s dealing with. There are a few other blue colored stones that are meant for healing and bringing peace.

The other stones are Blue Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, and Blue Apatite. They help enable peace and calm. They can slow things down for a Gemini a little so they can handle everything coming their way.

When a Gemini woman is at peace and can heal her soul, she can move mountains and show the world her Spiritual heart. These stones can help her to manifest the life she really wants because she’s healing. 

Crystals For Prosperity & Abundance

A good rule of thumb for anyone is to go for crystals that are green or gold. These colors attract money, prosperity, abundance, and luck. Keeping this in mind, there are some stones that are very effective for Gemini women.

Emerald is going to be one of the obvious stones for helping attract abundance. As I mentioned, it’s green. It’s a huge magnet for prosperity as well. 

Green Jade is another powerful crystal that lure in prosperity and abundance for Gemini women. They are beautiful and should be worn every single day if you’re trying to manifest more money, luck, or abundance in love.

Both of these crystals mentioned are tied to Mercury so this fits the Gemini woman very well. Every Gemini lady needs these two stones in her wardrobe for daily wear.

A fascinating color-changing stone called Alexandrite is another option and makes gorgeous jewelry! They refer to this stone as an “Emerald by day, Ruby by night,” because it literally changes in the different shades of light.

This definitely elevates a Gemini woman’s ability to manifest prosperity and abundance into her life. It isn’t a cheap crystal to acquire, but it would be well worth it when it draws in money. 

Crystals For Abundant Love

A great stone that can be used for both healing your Heart Chakra and drawing love to you is Agate. This crystal comes in many colors so you have to choose what is appropriate for you.

If you’re using it to meditate on love, you can use a Pink Agate. If you’re doing meditation for Chakra healing then you can place a Green Agate on your heart center. 

Howlite may be another option that can be linked to your Heart Chakra. It looks similar to marble as it’s white with black swirls on it. It helps you to relax and it supports your emotional health. 

When you’re getting the abundant healing you need then you can reel love in. One good stone for ALL signs that is very effective for pulling love to you and healing is, of course, Rose Quartz

The Dalmatian Stone, which literally looks like a Dalmatian (White or gray with black spots), can help you to motivate and boost your positive mind. It will help inspire you to take a chance in love when you might otherwise drag your feet.

Your energy may feel a bit more focused when you carry or wear this stone. Finally, you can find your balanced energy in order to get what you want… a successful love.

One that many people don’t hear about is Green Zoisite, which is also known as the Stone of Happiness. This one can help you to stop beating yourself down emotionally.

It can help you brush off hurtful words or actions from other people, and make it so that it doesn’t affect you deeply. It also  helps you embrace yourself for who you truly are.

Naturally, this helps you to be yourself and love as yourself rather than what someone else wants you to be. 

Your own self-worth is raised up which definitely makes you more attractive to others. This is a beautiful and healthy way to draw love to you!

Remember that all the green crystals I mentioned can be used for love or for prosperity. It’s all in how you navigate the energy or where you dedicate that energy.

It’s literally in your hands to manifest whatever it is that you want. Choose what you feel most drawn to, my Gemini Queens. 

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Using Healing Crystals For Abundance

Using stones is not all that hard but you cannot do it without taking the proper steps necessary to cleanse and charge the crystals you do get. It washes away any prior energy and charges it with new healthy energy. 

In order to help you get the abundance you really want, you need to check out the proper techniques for cleaning and charging. I’d hate to see nothing happen for you because you didn’t do it right. 

Crystals can be used in your daily life. When you integrate them into your routines, you’ll see a huge change in your day-to-day hustle and bustle.  If you’d like to learn more about this, click here right now!

Knowledge is power and for a Gemini woman, I know you’ll definitely find all of this information absolutely fascinating.

These practices have been around for hundreds of years. If your ancestors did it then it should be a natural thing for you as well. Even if you know nothing about your Ancient family, you can still benefit from these techniques.

Gemini, you’re a very smart lady and I think that crystals will only enhance this in you and help you to manifest the very best in love, finances, career, and pretty much anything else you want in your life. 

Don’t forget that you cannot manifest without putting in the work. If you truly want to invite abundance into your life, you also need to give thanks every single day to the Universe for what it’s given you or what you want it to send.

When you have a grateful heart, the Universe will send you more to appreciate and love. That’s how this works. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say your thanks while holding your crystals and give thanks for them being imbued by powerful Universal energy.

It’s all about what you put in. You get back what you put out into the Universe. It’s up to you what you want and how much you’re willing to do in order to get it. The crystals are amazing vessels of energy to do this work with. 

Gemini Woman Love Tips

Now that you have a good handle on what you can do with crystals, I want to share something else with you that will help you as a Gemini woman to win the love you deserve.

There are things you need to know about who you are with love and how best you can heal old wounds while learning new techniques to attract the right love.

I know you’ve got to be tired of drawing in the wrong guys by now.

Of course, you are! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this right now!

What changes do you need to make with yourself so that you can finally have the long-lasting love you deserve?

I’m going to share some really crucial information with you that will help you as a Gemini woman.

Love should be something you are comfortable with, feel amazing with, and embrace when it comes.

Leave the wrong ones behind. 

If you would like to learn some of the best secrets about the Gemini woman and Venus that you need to know, click here right now! 

I don’t want everyone to know what I know, but I do want my Gemini women to learn who they are and what they can do to have a totally different life.

If you want to feel full of love and life then you need to learn what I know.

Once you do, you’ll never be the same. You’ll never turn back.

When you wake up to the truth, you tend to be unable to live a lie.

If you want the truth about why people love you… Click here now! 

I don’t want you walking in imbalance anymore, my sweet Gemini.  

I want to help you heal, get back out there, and bring the best love to you that is ready for your touch.

This guide I’ve written for you is to help you get in better touch with the real inner you. Only then can you see what is right for you.

No longer will you keep going blindly through life, choosing the wrong guys.

This lesson will boost your confidence to the Moon! 

It will help you get in touch with the real you so that you can make the right choices from now on.

Yes, this will be life and love-changing for you. If you’re ready for the challenge then let’s go!

Learn the questions you need to answer for yourself and your future, my lovely Geminis. Only you can answer these questions.

Find out what they are and how they help you right now! 

Stand tall, you adventurous soul!

When you’re honest with yourself you will see exactly what you need to do going forward.

As always, I wish you all the very best in love and in life because THAT is what you deserve! 

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

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