Weekly Tarotscope for October 9th – 15th

Hello Sweethearts, it’s time for me to shuffle the cards and summons the energies to help guide us towards a better understanding of life and our cosmic power this coming week.

I’ll be revealing how the bountiful energies of the galaxy spin their magic to enlighten and enchant.

As we contemplate the lessons of this week’s Tarot cards, prepare to evaluate the messages that lie hidden within your subconscious and are itching to be revealed to you.

Tarot cards can offer you an exciting opportunity to gain clarity, insight, perspective and they harness an ancient wisdom in an accessible way.

Just as the stars above have helped navigate sailors through centuries, Tarot cards, each adorned with their unique symbols and archetypal stories, hold the power to charter the vast seas of your existence.

I use cards from the major and minor arcana to explore your relationship and love potential each week.

Let’s unveil the cards so we can understand the possibilities, lessons, and challenges for this week, so we can access our unlimited potential.

The Tarot is a mirror reflecting not only your past and present but also the potential future opportunities that await.

As we embark on this week’s journey together, let your heart and intuition be your compass. Open your mind to the wisdom of the cards, for they are here to share their timeless insights, offer solace in times of doubt, and ignite the flames of hope in the darkest of moments.

So, as I begin to lay the cards out, let’s meditate on the beautiful gift of life and the magnificent mystery of ourselves and our relationships.

Check your sun, rising and moon sign for more accuracy. 

Aries – Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is a great card as it’s positive and promising, especially for love. It represents new destinations, fresh starts, and the potential for long-term stability and prosperity to develop between you and your partner. 

If you are single or recently dating, a significant and meaningful connection is emerging, bringing with it an abundance of positive emotions and greater satisfaction. 

This card is really promising for single Aries as it implies the start of a new romantic relationship or the renewal of an existing one. Be alert as you may encounter someone special with whom you feel an immediate and strong connection.

This card not only represents abundance in a material sense but also enhanced emotional richness in your relationship. In terms of marriage, there is now an opportunity to build upon a strong foundation and improve the long-term potential of your relationship. 

The key to the success of a new relationship is aligned values, interests, and life goals which help promote harmony and camaraderie.

In all relationships, express your care through practical actions and gestures. Your partner or potential partner may also be more inclined to demonstrate their affection through acts of kindness, support, and gifting. Patience and practicality are paramount.

Taurus – Nine of Pentacles

You are exuding self-confidence, and you are quite self-assured, however, because you Taurus sweethearts are feeling rather self-sufficient and not needy, you may not be as inclined to seek out a relationship. If you are in a relationship, you may want to spend a little bit of time doing things independently.

This is a great week to go off by yourself and do something that is immensely satisfying but really personal, something that you don’t necessarily want to share with others.

In terms of your work, it’s an ideal time to strike out alone, start your own business, become self-employed or go freelance because there’s an enormous amount of satisfaction to be gained from solo pursuits. Even if you are in employment, you could get the buzz from doing something yourself or by having a little bit of a side hustle.

During this phase, you can benefit from the increased level of trust that you have worked on with a partner. If you and your partner have excellent communication, you should find it easy to get the space you need.

However, if you find that your partner is reticent about you doing your own thing, it is a big indication that there’s something lacking in terms of trust and communication, so it’s a good signal in terms of what you can work on in the coming weeks.

Gemini – Lovers

The Lovers card is fantastic for Gemini because it portends harmony, fun, and compatibility in relationships. This is an excellent time for restoring communication, balance, and better understanding in relationships. It’s certainly a period of peace, and whatever else is going on in your lives this week, you should be able to find that ‘eye of the storm” calm to reassess and come together in a sensible and pragmatic way.

This is a good time to make promises or commitments to each other, these don’t have to be huge things like getting married, but it can just mean that you are both going to make more of an effort, or you’re going to commit to saving money, spending more time with family or planning an important event together.

Teamwork really helps stimulate the level of trust and unity, and it will give you both renewed strength through the partnership. It’s very important to work hard at relationships this week, because it can actually serve to increase your own confidence and sense of well-being in your life.

This is an excellent time to be dating because you feel more relaxed, and are likely to strike up conversations with people with whom you will feel an immediate compatibility. So there’s a sense of clicking right from the beginning, which helps you to relax, and a new relationship can actually get off the starting blocks quite quickly.

Cancer – The Hermit

This card embodies the possibility for experiencing a profound and transformative romantic connection that transcends the ordinary realms of love. This card emphasizes an introspective, and spiritual aspect of love. Love this week is not about fireworks or traditional romance, but rather about the profound connection of two souls entwined in a sacred union.

This suggests that the time has come for you and your partner to seek solace within yourselves and explore the depths of the relationship rather than looking for external distractions, it is a call to embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner reflection, where you guys get to grips with true desires, fears, and aspirations.

Relationships that begin now go beyond mere physical attraction or surface-level emotions. Relationships should foster growth in each other’s presence. True love can thrive in solitude and so you guys should cherish moments of quiet intimacy, where profound conversations are exchanged, and vulnerabilities are shared without judgment.

Leo – Page of Swords Reversed

The key phrase for this week is “Act in haste repent in leisure.” It’s very important to think things through properly in relationships. If there’s a chance to say something in anger, rather stay silent.

If you weigh in with a strident opinion, or put your partner on the spot, you can end up with egg on your face, so try not to react to any drama or tense situations, stay cool and reserve your judgment, there is still more information to come your way.

It’s important to say what you mean and mean what you say, so follow through and if you have made any promises or encouraged any kind of compromise, you must make sure that you hold to these promises and these commitments.

Right now, consistency is a vital ingredient in relationships and to be consistent you need to be backing up your words with deeds in a pragmatic way. You also need to be a good listener, so the vital ingredients for relationships now, are showing commitment and dedication to the relationship by being diligent about following through on promises.

Virgo – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Wands is such an exciting card as it embodies passion, confidence, and magnetic energy within a romantic relationship. It shows that you are able to WOW your partner via your charisma, enthusiasm, and a vibrant approach to love and sensuality.

In marriage and long-term relationships, the Queen of Wands suggests that you be the confident and passionate partner. Let your radiant energy shine through to captivate your partner once more, drawing him towards you with your charm and enthusiasm. It’s time to revive your sexual connection and display your desire for your partner physically. If you are not afraid to express your needs and desires, you can inspire your partner to reciprocate. Embrace your sensual energy and continue to nurture the flame of passion in your relationship.

If you are single, this card suggests that you have added magnetic allure and a captivating presence. You exude confidence, independence, and charisma, making you highly attractive to potential partners. Embrace the power of positive thought and the law of attraction and express yourself authentically – this brings luck in love.

Be open to exploring new and intense connections and display the extrovert that’s dying to get out of you.

Libra – Page of Pentacles

This is a rather fortunate card which often represents the discovery or receiving of good news connected to money and material matters.

This is a cue to understanding the value of ambition in your life and it’s a time to get excited again about career potential. You will have greater energy to go that extra mile in your work and nail a deadline or target.

In life and love, it’s important to use your determination and focus to identify problems and get to grips with them, even if it’s an arduous process. It’s a time of increased responsibility to family members and your partner, but it important not to underestimate your ability to handle everything, so don’t feel stressed overwhelmed.

In love, this is time to show your dedication and loyalty in your relationship. Existing and new relationships may lack passion and feel a bit uninspiring or pedestrian but the depth of love is there and it’s just down to your creativity to figure out how to jazz up the relationship and inject excitement back into your romance.

This is a really satisfying time for couples who prefer to put practicality before passion in the relationship, but for the rest of you, get onto a material level and thrive through making progress in a concrete and pragmatic way.

Scorpio – Seven of Wands

This card indicates that there might be some competitiveness in a relationship. If you are dating, you may be competing for a guy with another woman who is vying for his attention, or alternatively, if you are married, you may feel that someone is flirting with your man and that you have a little bit of competition.

This can sometimes be healthy for the relationship, it’s important to maintain an even keel and not be driven into jealousy, but it can be a spark you need in order to change your strategy and up your game in love in order to keep the competition at bay.

What this card is telling us is that we should never be complacent in love, we have to keep working hard at relationships, and that means we must work hard at communication, affection and understanding because we let ourselves down if we slip up and take things for granted. Don’t consider your relationship a fait accompli, rather than an unfolding story.

In some relationships, there can be a little bit of animosity because you are competing with your partner in terms of competing for your children’s attention or maybe to do with each other’s career success, so make sure that this competitiveness doesn’t ruin the passion.

Sagittarius – Three of Swords

This is a time to take a step back in love and reassess. It is important to see things for what they are. In some cases, you may have to make the difficult decision to move on, but this is a good time to do it.

In a long-term committed relationship, this card indicated that you may be going through a challenging time. There might be conflicts, misunderstandings, or and growing sense of disappointment in your partnership. However, it’s important not to be defeatist as the three of swords urges you to confront these difficult emotions and communicate openly with your partner about your feelings.

Healing and reconciliation are possible, but they require honest dialogue and a willingness to work through the pain together. The first step is identifying and accepting that there is a problem.

If single, it’s time to reflect upon past emotional scars or unresolved heartbreaks as you begin to go on a new love journey. Understand that you may be required to heal and resolve any lingering pain before fully launching yourself into a new relationship.

Take this week for self-reflection and self-care, allowing yourself to grieve, forgive and release the past. It’s crucial to be compassionate with yourself and seek support from friends, loved ones, or vlogs and groups as you heal and prepare for a healthier and more loving relationship in the future.

Capricorn – Devil

The Devil card isn’t exactly what you are thinking! It’s not really about evil stalking you, it’s more about getting a better understanding of inner demons. It’s important to understand the inner voices of negativity that dog you and to ask yourself where you are feeling chained down or restricted in your life. You may be trapped in a false paradigm where you believe that you are being controlled by external forces or people, when in truth you have imagined into reality your own entrapment.

You may have to resist a creeping feeling of despair or fatalism in relationships or when seeking love. You could feel more glass-half-empty as you feel that so much is outside of your control and you may fear the worst, however you have to make sure this doesn’t become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The key to freeing yourself from this feeling is understanding the thought patterns or attachments stopping you from experiencing success and abundance in love.

This is a week when passions run amok and you may act upon feelings of lust and visceral attraction, rather than through romantic love or mutual connection. It’s pretty fertile for one-night stands, hot and passionate flings, and lots of flirtatious posturing. Now you may welcome this, or you may be growing tired of the meaningless relationships or sexual flings. Be cautious that you don’t use physical or sexual tactics in an attempt to be loved or accepted, because, in truth, this is all about the sex and not about the love.

In a long-term relationship, don’t ignore signs that the relationship has soured or is no longer fulfilling. Look out for obsession, possessiveness or co-dependency. Remember that you always have free will in all cases.

Aquarius – Nine of Wands

The message this week is: don’t lose hope and stay positive even if many hurdles stand in your way. It’s important to draw strength from all the trials and tribulations you and your partner have endured before, and to realize that every step of the way, as you achieve things together or overcome things together, you grow stronger, and your union goes stronger. So in relationships, sometimes one should welcome the storms as a chance to make the relationship that much deeper and more special.

The nine of wands indicates that you have a lot on your plate at the moment, you’re performing a juggling act, and there are many areas of life which require your attention. However, you should not underestimate yourself because you are ready and totally capable of coming out on top, just remember to be determined and systematic.

In new relationships, the key is letting yourself trust again. Part of the beauty of entering a new relationship is overcoming the fear of being hurt and being absolutely ready to take a chance again because as soon as you are, some magic awaits.

Don’t judge everyone on past experiences, good or bad.

Pisces – The Queen of Swords

This represents a time to call it as it is. It’s an important week to get your point across, so there is no confusion in your relationship or in dating.

Truth is paramount, but so is diplomacy and there’s a right and wrong way to go about telling the truth. You should encourage frank discussion and put your ego on the shelf, not being sensitive, or easily hurt – be bigger than the issue or problem.

You may feel less dependent on a partner and this is an excellent time to go off on your own to fulfill personal needs.

If dating, you should be very discerning about the people you hobnob with, no time wasters are worth it. Remember that your determination can be rather intimidating to men that do not know you that well, as beneath this facade, you are really loving and tolerant, although you may prefer to avoid gushy romantic displays this week. A partner needs patience and persistence to develop a relationship with you.

You can easily walk away or take a break from a relationship that’s not working, but when things are really clicking, you are right in there and won’t let your partner down with your passionate attention.

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Summing up

As we gently close the curtains on our journey through the captivating landscapes of Libra season and the early days of autumn, always remember that the wisdom of the Tarot flows ceaselessly, like a tranquil river, ready to embrace you whenever you seek its guiding light. The universe’s enigmas are boundless, and these cards serve as windows into the cosmic choreography that weaves our destinies.

Whether you find yourself swaying gently in the balance of Libra’s scales or embarking on your personal autumn of transformation, rest assured that the Tarot is a steadfast companion. It faithfully reflects your path, unveils the concealed truths, and casts light upon the road ahead.

If you’ve found inspiration in this week’s tarot revelations and wish to dive deeper into the profound realm of tarot readings, hesitate not. Take your own voyage into the mysteries that await with a complimentary tarot reading by simply clicking the link below.

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May the cards forever ignite your imagination, provide unwavering guidance, and empower you as you navigate your distinctive journey through the ever-shifting seasons of life. Until we meet again, may your path be illuminated by the radiance of wisdom and the warmth of love.

Love and light,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,


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