Weekly Love Horoscope for October 16th – 22nd

Hello Sweethearts and welcome to the week of the New Moon and Sun Mercury conjunction in Libra.

It’s a very busy and almost hectic time with an explosion of energy and quickening communication. Beginning with the New Moon in Libra, it’s an important week to initiate new projects, especially in relation to cooperation, building, offering advice, seeking clarity, and restoring harmony.

This is a week of some conflict and heightened feelings (with Mars in Scorpio and the Sun and Mercury approaching a square with Pluto), so there’s definitely energy for progress and tackling goals, but there’s also a need for taking a measured and rational approach.

The need to communicate this week is powerful, but it shouldn’t be casual or superficial, it must get to the heart of the matter. It’s a week of new ideas and plans, and we can initiate new activities that involve sharing ideas, researching, financial reorganization and even talking about sex.

The New Moon symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts, and setting intentions in your relationship. With Mars in Scorpio, it’s also a wonderful time to reset your intimate life and get to grips with important relationship power struggles.

So it’s a week of intensity and some stubborn attitudes, which can help apply focus, but mentally there’s room for new understanding and negotiations in love.

It’s an excellent time for very exciting love affairs and sexual relationships, however, it’s important not to become obsessive or to overshare or over-communicate.

Remember to check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Let the fire of desire get higher

With the Mercury Sun conjunction in Libra, this is an excellent week for revitalizing communication in relationships. If you are married it’s about cooperation, troubleshooting and better understanding of your partner’s current thoughts on important matters. In terms of dating, it’s about being a good listener and encouraging a partner to open up by respecting his views.

This is an excellent time for making new friends with similar interests, with a possible eye on a future relationship.

Mars in the first decan of Scorpio is quite passionate and emotional and so interactions with your partner or lover are more spicy leading to some anger, but also a great deal of satisfaction when you come together and express raw and uncensored feelings of desire.

Local travel and short trips are important for fun and also for self-fulfillment, so this should not be a time of self-denial or simply focusing on your relationship, you should have moments of selfish pleasure and escapism.

The New Moon is awesome for setting your love life on a fantastic upward trajectory, let the past fade away and get excited about the future.

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Taurus – Kinder and smoother yet deeper

This is a fabulous week for restoring work-life balance and getting into a positive routine that leaves you with time to plow energy into your partnership.

It’s very successful for new diets and health kicks, but these are more effective if you do it in a team or group setting and so why not join a weight loss group or fitness club. Alternatively, get your partner involved and resolve to get healthier and fitter together.

It’s an important time for household routines which should be designed to simplify and streamline your life so there’s more time for romance and doing satisfying and energising activities with your partner.

This is certainly a week for a proactive and responsive approach to relationships, so initiate discussions, suggest solutions and take an optimistic outlook even when things are tense.

What’s important for Taurus in love is kindness and being caring but definitely not being passive, so don’t use work as an excuse not to work on intimacy, relationship goals, and improving physical affection.

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Gemini – Eager Beaver

The New Moon in Libra is awesome for sparking pleasant romantic encounters and it’s an excellent time to explore brand new relationships or introduce romance into your committed relationships. You are more inclined to express affection and you are likely to be able to receive compliments, admiration or positive feedback from a potential or existing partners as your positive mood will inject them with vitality.

This is an excellent time for you to get back into the dating game, if you’ve been between relationships, or alternatively use this time for creatively improving the way you and your partner express love and use leisure time. Romance isn’t something that just happens, it needs the constant refreshment of new ideas. Make time for leisure pursuits and treating yourselves, so that your youthful energy finds expression.

You are a very effective communicator this week, you are more inclined to express strong views, meaning you can shift the dial in terms of day-to-day understanding in relationships. You are also very restless during this phase and you may need physical activity to release your nervous energy and stop it from spilling into your relationships in the form of sudden arguments caused by your impatience.

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Cancer – Restless Lovers

This is a very emotional week when the impulsive, risk-taking side that you usually control is in resurgence, you may gamble on hunches this week; you may feel lucky, but do not allow that feeling to lull you into a complacency that everything will be OK – it may not be quite what you think, and you could land up in over your head. Be careful of promising more than you can deliver to a partner because you get excited in the heat of the moment.

With New Moon in Libra there is a head-heart battle within relationships, and you will find it very hard to keep emotions out of decisions. You may take an instant dislike to certain ideas or situations and it will be very hard for you to conceal that feeling of irritation. However, this is because your intuition is working overtime and sometimes it’s hard to process all your feelings in real time. It is highly likely that your gut instincts about certain
people or events are correct, but you may not be able to logically justify your feelings if required, so best to keep them to yourself.

There is a build-up of sexual tension over this week until it all explodes with some really good sex at the weekend. It is important for you and your loved one to have an awareness of how you are both feeling – make sure you communicate about emotional and sexual issues and not just day-to-day ones.

Not all communication is verbal, and this week you need to improve your nonverbal interaction with your partner – fondling, touching, concern, sympathetic smiles, laughter, etc.

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Leo – Chill and Enjoy the Moment

The New Moon is making you feel quite restless this week and you have an urge to stir things up and disrupt the status quo. Mars in Scorpio and Mercury nearing a square to Pluto makes you a tad undiplomatic, but suddenly you feel as if there are things that should be said even at the risk of some insensitivity.

You really do want to clear the air – this may have to do with events within your circle of friends or your love relationship. It will be very hard for you to hold your tongue and even if what you say is not received well in the short run, you will feel much better for having raised it.

Its important for you to address any recent pleasing that could have resulted in an imbalance in your life as your needs and feelings were often set aside for the sake of peace and quiet lately.

Single Leo may well make a move on an exciting new partner. Double dates, speed dating parties, are things you may consider as you look not only for relationships, but for new relationship experiences.

This week, within all romances both new and old, the pursuit of perfection and perhaps unrealistic expectations can be a problem. Yes, you are very giving in terms of love and affection, but you should not overreact if your partner does not give as much back – perhaps they have a lower sexual energy right now than you do. Try not to be too picky and specific about how dates should go, what you should do, how to get romantic etc – aim to be chilled in love and take time out to organically develop feelings without preemptively planning anything.

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Virgo – Pride and Passion

Virgo are highly passionate and amorous in the bedroom this week with Libran planets squaring Pluto in Capricorn, and will demand an equal response from your partner. Touching and physical intimacy, especially if it is spontaneous is what you are craving, and you will be happy to make the first move.

You are very giving emotionally and are happy to talk about your partner’s problems and help soothe and inspire him. You are feeling great right now and have the extra positive energy and insight to give your loved ones to help them feel better too. Highly inclusive, you don’t want anyone to feel left out or down, and you will do your best to bring out the fun and happiness in every situation.

This is also a week of information coming at you from all angles. Deciding what is important and what is not and how to prioritize can be quite stressful right now. There is so much going on at work, at home and in your social life, it can be both exciting and overtaxing, and you will have to do a juggling act.

Be aware that as things are changing fast, what you felt or thought about something or someone two days back may not apply two days later. Remain flexible and delay in committing to anything hard and fast; you want to keep your options open.

You can be held back by a certain pride, and you must be aware that sometimes backing away and coming at something from a slightly different angle is not admitting defeat, it is simply being strategic. Truth and honesty are very important to you this week, but you have to separate these concepts from your ego and desire to be right.

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Libra – Your Power to Change Your Environment

The New Moon in Libra means this week is one of key decisions and critical developments; you will be challenged by various events which are sudden, and it will be down to you and your belief and confidence in what you are doing whether you persist or change tack. You may initially react with annoyance but this will soon turn into resolve and a problem-busting determination.

Conserving energy is a priority this week as Sun, Moon and Mercury square Pluto and you must do your best not to scatter or waste energy on lost causes be they people or projects. You must continually assess and address the most pressing issues in your home and love life – anything on the periphery of importance must go.

This is a week of stripping out anything in your life that does not create value, and these can be relationships both social, love and work, as well as activities. The things you move away from this week may be attachments to things that impede better communication in relationships ie Social media. There is a strong theme of tying up loose ends and moving on in a positive way, so you devote time to the most important elements of your life.

New relationships formed now will last, even if the bond that forms is deep; part of the raison d’etre of your new relationships right now is a form of self-expression and self-expansion rather than merely love based on dependency.

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Scorpio – What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs 

Mars in Scorpio is an assertive time of activity and action, however, New Moon in Libra and the squares to Pluto indicate some unusual experiences bringing an opportunity to grow. How you handle this week is very much reflective of how you are changing and in which direction you are growing.

Younger people may see some of the events this week as disappointing and may feel disillusioned and even angry at fate and life. Those who are more mature and take a more philosophical approach will see events right now a chance to learn valuable lessons about yourselves and others.

You should see the things that happen this week (no matter whether good or bad) as happening for an important reason – a reason that will benefit you in the longer term. “We don’t always get what we want, but we always get what we need,” as the song goes.

Sometimes in love, we do the right thing for the wrong reason – maybe this week, you should not do anything if your heart is not in it, or the results will not be what you expect.

Trust and respect of each other’s values is vital – when trust breaks down, so does intimacy, and the sex becomes robotic and meaningless. There is the opportunity for truly meaningful and deeply transformative sex, but the proviso is that your level of understanding and respect for your partner is more than lip service – actions speak louder than words.

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Sagittarius – Mirror Mirror on The Wall

This week doing activities together is a great way to renew relationships and get them back on track – when you drift apart the communication breaks down further and further, but when you get involved in things together, the intellectual side of the relationship will get going again, and this is fundamental to love and the health of your relationship with New Moon in Libra.

New relationships or platonic friendships can be a great area of learning and self-evolvement this week – we often dislike people who have traits that we do not like in ourselves, so it is worth examining those who you take a dislike to and asking yourself what they can teach you about yourself and how you can change for the better. We also attract people who are similar to us and are having similar thoughts to us – we are a reverse magnet where like does indeed attract like. You may well attract a person into your life that mirrors your own emotional life – this person can be a very helpful sounding board for you to confide in, although they may not necessarily become a friend.

Mars in Scorpio will help strengthen relationships that are solid and rewarding while it may tip relationships that are unbalanced and unsatisfying into crisis, so be ready to manage highly emotional situations with a high-minded yet honest, straightforward approach.

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Capricorn – Even the Nights Are Better, Even the Days Are Brighter

The power of Pluto is activated by the Libra Sun and Mercury and this brings both opportunity for growth, introspection and even radical change. Pluto is not superficial; it gets right to the core of any matter compelling you to delve into your psyche to get in touch with your core purpose and to rediscover your personal power. We all give up our power as we go along in life: we allow ourselves to be controlled by money, by loved ones, by parents, by our fears, by the government even. Sometimes, we get so bogged down by routine that we even forget we have any power at all.

This week you are more attuned to your environment, and everything seems to look brighter, music sounds better and things taste better than usual – this is wonderful as sexually you are so much more receptive to touch, feel and movement. Take your time over sex this week, read some erotic books and try using massage oils and giving a partner massages and foot massages, etc. Stimulate all the senses during sex and take your time to immerse yourselves in each other.

This is an excellent week for Capricorn to meet a new partner; you are social, charming and fun-loving – free of the inhibitions you usually have, you are quick to make new friends and romantic opportunities will come your way as you are very open right now. New relationships that arise should be very active, i.e. you will be going out a lot, socializing with each other’s friends, attending parties and going to theatre/movies and events.

You must guard against being excessively competitive and seeing winning as the only outcome of importance. Do not be hasty or rash or sacrifice personal happiness for issues that are not that important or fundamental.

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Aquarius – Fun and Games

Intellectual stimulation and debate is key in relationships right now; relationships where there is good conversation will thrive while those where you tend only to talk about chores and mundane matters will suffer both in the bedroom and emotionally. With the new moon in Libra, get the meaningful conversations going again; you do not have to talk about delicate issues, as long as you talk and have banter.

Sun Conjunct Mercury means reintroducing fun and witty conversation to an existing relationship is vital to its heath. Life can be exhausting, and it’s too easy to become fixated on the iPhone or Twitter; when we get home from work, the conversation can be sacrificed for a quiet wine and a soap opera on the telly. Have an evening out, or get around the kitchen table for a hearty meal accompanied by giving each other your undivided, undiluted attention. Talk about politics, sport, current affairs, the neighbors, mutual friends, etc. as long as you re-engage mentally. Play games together i.e. chess, cards, bridge, etc. and rediscover some good old-fashioned ways to spend a cozy, evening – even if the kids are driving you bonkers.

You are very good at problem solving this week even where the problems are complex and you seem to be the one who is not afraid to say what others steer clear of. You have the ability to see what is real and what is false and to expose the truth for the better of everyone – this may not make you popular but it must be done.

If single, the key to finding love is through new adventures and career ambition.

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Pisces – Top Priority 

Relationships are dynamic, and yet all too often we expect them to be routine and can get insecure when things change; this week, you should talk about how the relationship can change for the better for both of you, this will, of course, also mean your sex life.

Making assumptions in relationships often causes problems, and this is a time to iron out any incorrect assumptions or preconceptions you may be carrying about that are hurting communication and harmony. A good time to embark on marriage counseling if that is what is needed.

Single Pisces will be unwilling to commit this week, – you are not short of admirers, but you are not settling for second best, and you need to be 100% sure. You are not wanting to waste time on romances that are going nowhere.

You have a very real sense of personal responsibility this week– you have also set your standards very high and will not be tolerant of time wasters and people about you who are not pulling their weight. This is not a time when you will suffer fools gladly, and your criticisms can even be quite harsh at times – although fair.

There is no doubt that this week is one when cupid can strike, but you know what cupid is like; he’s very muddled and love is often confusing in the first stages, especially when there is more than one potential mate vying for your attention.

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With the New Moon in Libra, be tough but fair. Learn to take a step back this week as you could lose sight of the wood for the trees, and that may be counterproductive. Do not work in isolation and remain open to outside ideas

Sometimes, finding a line between friendship and love can be hard: you may feel it’s friendship while the other person wants it to be love. It’s a week of cat and mouse as planets head into that Pluto square, all is not what it seems and karma is keeping a watchful eye over everything.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Communication
  • Team work
  • Compromise
  • Passion
  • Karma
  • Deeper understanding
  • Truth and sincerity

See you again next week.

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See you again next week.

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