Weekly Love Horoscope for October 9th – 15th

Hello Sweethearts, it’s the last week of September, can you believe it?

The year is racing to a close but we still have loads to achieve and plenty of exciting things are in the offing.

It’s an exciting week however for new relationships, affection, and spontaneity in love.

The Sun enters Libra indicating a time of year for compromise, bridge building, and restoring harmony in all aspects of life, especially relationships. It’s a wonderful time for a new wardrobe and image reboot.

With Venus sextile Mars there’s pleasure in interacting with other people both socially and creatively. It’s an excellent time for collaboration, new associations, and enjoying large events.

People tend to be more flirtatious, which is likely to oil the wheels towards new romance. Romantic communication is more intense and you may feel more confident in expressing affection to a new or existing partner.

With Venus square Uranus, sudden and spontaneous encounters can lead to love.

There is a less predictable pattern to love and relationships, so don’t be rigid, be open to some creative change. All social connections are more volatile, but the unexpected is a tonic for the soul.

With the Mercury trine Jupiter aspect now exact, negativity is diminished and there’s the opportunity to embrace more confidence in your thinking, have faith in your intelligence, and improve your outlook with positive thinking and affirmations.

Let’s get into the readings for the individual signs.

Remember to check your Sun, Rising, and Moon sign for more accuracy.

Aries – I Want To Love You Squeeze You

With Mercury trine Jupiter, this week is an opportune time to break from any stress in your life, it’s OK to avoid boring details and seek inspiration through education,  books or stimulating group discussions. It’s a brilliant time to meet new people in a context of learning, community work or outreach.

You tend to be very open to new concepts and often a new relationship has an element of discovery or a shared journey attached to it. 

Right now is ideal for a surprise trip away for pleasure or for a special event. A short holiday or toad trip is the ideal chance to rejuvenate your relationship, especially if you guys are feeling stuck in any way. It’s important to seek pure fun, giving you the opportunity to be spontaneous and ignite hope and positivity again.

Take advantage of the moment to enjoy the world around you and to explore creative potential by expressing your thoughts and ideas.

Sun in Libra indicates you should be especially mindful when dealing with other people, whether a love partner or business associate, as you have the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself through how you interact and cooperate with those close to you. 

If single, you are highly likely to have more sexually charged interactions with other people, giving you the chance to initiate a new partnership or revise an existing one with a spark of excitement.

Venus square Uranus means love relationships can feel more volatile and unexpected events in your relationship encourage a new phase to be ushered in, so be audacious and expect more from life and love.

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Taurus – Upside Down in Love

Venus square Uranus and Jupiter trine Mercury heralds social occasions, happy events and sudden opportunities for love. Relax and enjoy the abundance of life.

Don’t resist the unexpected or threats to the status quo as you are in a period when the breaks should go your way. Cultivate trust, especially in your friends and in what you cherish.

Recognise an inner restlessness and a desire to be a unique individual as this will spur you on to change the way you handle your relationship, and you can improve affection and intimacy.

It’s important to be totally open to new information that will help you understand better your relationships and identify where you can release some pressure or grab more freedom within the partnership, without the need to completely disrupt your love life. 

Your physical energy level is very high, but with a slight impetuous edge to it, so it’s important not to over share or misjudge new relationships, new love should begin with a strong foundation of friendship.

It’s important to find a healthy outlet for your nervous, you relate well to people who are dynamic and talkative as you get bored quickly. You are quite competitive in love and you enjoy people who are a challenge and who confound your expectations.

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Gemini – Unique and Lucky In Love 

This week is a fortunate, happy and quite a lucky phase, so it’s important to engage in activities where you feel you need just a little bit of extra help from the universe. This is a great time to express yourself, be yourself and revel in your individuality.

It’s important to set your own priorities, whether you are dating or in marriage, and to be slightly uncompromising. It’s important right now to be competitive, go after what you want and don’t let other people deter you.

What’s great about this week is your relationships with other people, be it friends, your partner, your family members etc. are very good and that means you can make progress in terms of either improving these relationships or getting people on board with supporting you on your important projects.

It’s vital now to be creative and to showcase your talents, so if there’s any project where you are looking to put in a personal touch, this is the week to really go for it, be flamboyant and don’t hold back.

In terms of dating, this is not a time to accept second best, dip your toe in the dating pool and meet a variety of new people, but keep your options open and stay alert to the unconventional opportunities because that is the one that’s going to be a winner.

In your marriage, it’s time for communication and the communication should be forthright and robust, this is not a time to walk on now eggshells, so say what you mean, mean what you say and you will see results.

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Cancer – Live Your Life Be Free

This week is all about home and family, and a lot of the events that happen in this sphere will be quite unpredictable, this is a great time for making changes around your home, perhaps putting your property on the market or house hunting. So whatever you feel isn’t ideal about the home and family is definitely ready for some radical change, but it’s important to explore all options so everything should be on the table.

There’s a little bit of emotional stress right now so it’s important to pamper and reward yourself, it’s a time when you sometimes have to be quite stoic in relationships, things don’t always go your way, so you need a mixture of tough love and diplomacy, don’t be a pushover but at the same time know when know how to pick your battles.

New relationships can be quite tricky, you not really sure what you want and so expect a stop start motion. It’s important to give yourself enough space to understand a new partner, so don’t go full throttle, definitely a time to pump the brakes in love.

With your partner, it’s likely to be that some aspects are relationship a little bit frustrating, you’re grating on each other and working at cross purposes, that’s why this week, don’t try and live in your partner’s pocket, it’s important for you to get out there, explore have fun and be an individual in your own right.

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Leo – You Are Top Of The Pops

With Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus, this is an ideal week to be entering the social scene with aplomb and attracting new partners. You are highly vivacious and flamboyant, and sure to catch the eye of numerous men, so it is a great week to be dating, attending social events and also professional events because you may meet someone through the line of your work.

However, it’s important to remember that new relationships that start now will have a high degree of unpredictability and uncertainty, so the course will not be smooth sailing and it requires quite a lot of tolerance and an open mind to get through the initial stages and find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

With Mercury in Virgo trying Jupiter this is a very lucky time with respect to money, you may be fortunate to get a raise or your cash flow may simply increase leading to less stress. This is also a good time to consider new investments and you should be successful in reaching your targets in terms of sales and revenue.

This is generally a harmonious time in marriage but you have to be a little bit careful of jealousy, sometimes your partner may be a slightly envious or competitive.

There may be issues in which you or something associated with you, are doing well and this may be a hard pill for your partner to swallow, so remember to take into account his levels of pride and the extent to which the green eyed monster could be influencing some of his reactions.

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Virgo – The Future Is Bright 

With Mercury still in Virgo and exactly trining Jupiter, this week is a fantastic time for the communication sphere, for teaching, learning, and understanding or in any careers connected to publishing or social media. This is a wonderful time to gain acceptance for your ideas you should find a lot of support from others, as well as gratification.

This is certainly a time of confidence and the confidence should help you to improve the communication and understanding in relationships. It’s very important for you and your partner to discuss future plans, to brainstorm possible new activities and to get excited about life.

This is definitely a time for the bigger picture and you and your partner don’t want to trouble yourself with minutia, bickering or petty concerns, definitely keep your eye on the prize and don’t lose sight of the big ambitious goals you have and to get those travel plans going.

This can be a good time to solidify new relationships and start understanding each other’s visions for the future and broadening communication to the philosophical sphere.

In terms of dating, it’s a great time to meet people but a relationship may not necessarily arise, as even if you meet someone now who possibly further down the road may become a partner, you may not yet sense the true potential.

However, in ongoing relationships this is an excellent time to become more affectionate, to treat each other and to start to get more of a feel for each other on an intimate level and learning each other’s likes dislikes and sharing secrets.

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Libra – Feeling So Excited And Wired For Change

With the Sun entering Libra, you have a chance to stand out from the crowd and make an impression in the dating arena and work. You should aim to improve visibility and be more competitive as achieving recognition, or catching the eye of a guy, is likely. You have the opportunity to promote yourself or your ideas, as you can demonstrate great confidence in your abilities. 

Being more warm and generous in your dealings with others, you can easily make friends and begin new romantic liaisons.

As you are playful and entertaining, you enjoy interacting with young people or children, who will actually have lessons for you about living your life.

Interesting romantic encounters will occur, and this can be one of the best times for adding an element of adventure to your love life. Even if you prefer the security the “knowns” 

Of your love life provide, the urge to either travel or push boundaries is almost irresistible.

In marriage and ongoing relationships, it’s important not to be overly compromising, don’t conform to the expectations of other partner if these don’t chime with your true nature. It’s time to rebel against commitments that you made in the past, which no longer feel worthwhile or suitable.

Key in your romantic life and marriage, is being wired for change and excitement, and moving out of self-imposed comfort zones to bring about a more challenging yet rewarding love experience.

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Scorpio – Make a Choice And Make It Real 

This is definitely a time to seize your power and understand better how you can influence your love life in a proactive way. It’s important for you to try different approaches as there’s an unpredictable reservoir of strength that’s available when you act decisively.

Use your willpower to break through any barriers which are stopping you from dating or meeting a superb partner, for example a poor work life balance, time wasting activities or people pleasing in your family life.

As Uranus is square Venus, relationships with partners who are highly practical and rooted in the mundane will suffer, and you may just have to retreat into your imagination.  You are restless and impatient with routine; you will seek ways to brighten up life and experience life and sex on a different level. 

Sun entering Libra indicates that Scorpions want to escape from reality, and you would rather do this with your partner, but if they are not up for the ride, you will just have to do it without them. You feel that nothing should be impossible right now and you act on a whim throwing caution to the wind often.

Your impulses and desires are hard for even you to explain or understand and you do best with a partner who is happy to just go with the flow, hop on board for the ride and leave the cares of the world far behind as you both become free spirits again.

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Sagittarius – Setting Your Mind For Success

This week it’s probable that you will encounter a variety of experiences in life and love which will keep you on your toes, so be alert to opportunities that fall outside your usual frame of reference. Boredom usually is not a problem, at least not for very long, as Mercury trine Jupiter and Sun in Libra will bring you in closer touch with positive forces even if they produce effects that you don’t expect or which you initially may resist.

A lesson in terms of marriage, is being aware of how little control you have on any outcome and that no matter how much you may want a specific result, you and your partner must be prepared for surprises and ready to embrace the information or opportunity that comes within that.

A positive mind-set is your sword in battle and you must envision that even unexpected events can develop auspiciously, and circumstances tend to affirm any mind-set you have.

This is a week of greater vitality and a renewed aliveness and while your life lacks consistency, it’s within the snags in your usual fabric of existence that allow Cupid to strike.

In all relationships, success is contingent on your power to express the uniqueness of who you and encouraging your partner to do the same.

This is a fortunate week for financial discussions, as you are very clear about your goals and analysis and can help your partner understand concepts. You may encounter a good investment or receive good news about money.

Social life is buzzing, and may need to tweak your schedule to increase your flexibility and attend more parties, work socials and weekend events.

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Capricorn – Under a Spell 

A new person entering your life may have a powerful effect upon you, and you may find yourself slightly discombobulated by their influence and presence in your life. It is possible, that meeting someone new or an unexpected event that you experience, causes a rapid reappraisal of your values or priorities in love.

What you previously deemed important may suddenly slip away and the great thing about this is that the past suddenly has less of a hold upon you, as you see things with fresh eyes.

If married, this is a period of new ideas and expansion but also for the solidifying what’s of value, as you have a need to establish or surround yourself with things of lasting significance rather than momentary relevance. You may look into various areas of your life to purge what is no longer valid at a deeper level.

Your own desires and needs are often more important than getting along with others, making you quite uncompromising and demanding of greater commitment in your relationship or indeed a greater focus on a joint purpose.

This is a fabulous week to travel and to absorb a variety of influences that may seem foreign or alien to you. In fact, you gain from delving into any subject that expands your awareness from the limitations of what you know to a wider perspective, including brand new avenues of thought.

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Aquarius – Radiating Love Vibes

During this week with Uranus square Venus, your feelings are the avenue through which you understand life and you will react more directly to situations.

Sun in Libra and Mercury trine Jupiter indicates you are calmer and that serenity means smoother relations in love. In marriage and dating, you have a greater inner ease and self-acceptance, and this enables you to act with authenticity and express emotion and needs honestly. You know what you want from the relationship and that is one great big step towards either getting what you need or attracting someone suitable. 

Romantic activities, even if they do not lead to love can lead to a lasting friendship and greater self-worth. You have a great deal of vibrant energy to radiate in domestic situations and that means the whole atmosphere in the home improves. You and your partner may enjoy entertaining friends or having family get-togethers at your place.

You are likely to inadvertently create situations that may produce jealousy in others as you have a robust self-worth. Regarding dating, if your boyfriend is trying to play a game and make you jealous that will just fall flat as you will simply ignore it and go off on your own tangent.

You have too much self-respect for games, and you feel confident enough in who you are not to react. If dating online or in person, you seem to have the winning formula right now and whatever you try works. You may click with several new potential partners, and you can be choosy.

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Pisces – Loyalty and Standards

With Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus, loyalty and honesty are very important to you right now, and you will have no truck with games or fickleness.  You want the one you love to have your back, just as you have theirs, and any sense that they are less committed than you can make you withdraw and be less emotional. Consistency is what your lover or partner need to give you right now to get the most out of you emotionally. 

When you feel that you are in a solid and loving relationship with shared values and mutual respect, you can give of yourself totally, but as soon as you have any hint of duplicity or a careless attitude to your feelings, no matter how small, you can get very cool.

You must avoid double standards in all relationships – you may not be able to see how your own behaviour can often inflame or exacerbate a situation – learn to have more control over the outcome of any interpersonal confrontation by choosing your words carefully. You can be very influential right now, and so having clearly defined goals and strategies is important.  

Your motivation is very high this month, and you are mentally and verbally very sharp. This is an excellent month for debate, negotiation and brainstorming new proposals. 

With Jupiter’s trine to Mercury the ruler of your 7th house, even if things have been tough in your marriage, this month there can be a sudden improvement and change of fortunes.  In any event, there is a fresh new feel to relationships with added spark and a renewed sense of love and compromise. 

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This is an excellent week for positive, proactive action to improve your relationships and also increase harmony in love.

There’s an opportunity for fun and it’s important not to let and anger or resentment get in the way, so be bold and forgiving and glimpse the opportunities and the sunshine and ignore the clouds.

It’s quite OK to prioritize pleasure, so make sure there’s plenty of playfulness and luxury in your life this week.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Harmony
  • Diplomacy
  • Compromise
  • Affection
  • Work life balance
  • Generosity of spirit
  • Forgiveness

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See you again next week.

Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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