Weekly Tarotscope for May 22nd – 28th

Hello Sweethearts,

Welcome to another exhilarating week of tarot love readings! As we embark on the journey of May 22nd to May 28th, a sense of transformation and boundless potential envelops us, particularly in matters of the heart. Brace yourselves for an enchanting blend of intense emotions and powerful desires, as we anticipate thrilling shifts in our romantic lives.

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Furthermore, I invite you to explore the weekly love horoscope featured on my blog. This comprehensive guide offers a panoramic view of the astrological transits for the week, illuminating the prevailing mood and energy that will influence our romantic encounters. It serves as an invaluable compass, helping us navigate the cosmic currents and seize the emerging opportunities that lie before us.

Get ready for a week filled with love’s mysteries and celestial blessings. Stay tuned for an unforgettable journey into the depths of the heart.

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Aries – Three of Wands Reversed

This card represents a pause or a persistent feeling in love that things aren’t going anywhere. You may feel like you missed an opportunity or even put your foot in it. Uncertainty in love is reflective of mixed feelings within yourself that you haven’t acknowledged. However, it can also be the case that you are slowly entering a new phase in love and it’s not yet clear what the new phase will look like.

While there may not be much momentum in romantic relationships, it’s a great time to assess and ponder what’s really happening on an emotional level. Are you pleased with everything that’s happened so far and if not, what can you do to improve things as they progress.

This card serves to remind you that relationships require active participation, they are a work in progress and continual effort and understanding is needed to extract the gold from the rock.

Don’t rely on chance or hope for the best, use this week for introspection and reevaluation of your actions and expectations within the relationship. Don’t see any obstacles right now as a threat, see them rather as an opportunity to mold the relationship and have a dynamic communication about your future with your partner.

Taurus – The Sun

This is a positive card that brings the vibrant, cleansing energy of the Sun to the fore. This helps cultivate happiness and higher purpose through relationships and just like the Sun, it encourages healing and growth.

In relationships, it indicates a period of more vibrant and authentic relating on a spiritual and affectionate level, hearts will open, generosity is amplified, and relationships are infused with genuine happiness.

The Sun helps relationships grow as there’s more acceptance and tolerance, but also more appreciation of the positive. What’s vital in relationships is mutual admiration, encouragement, and supporting each other.

New romance is likely to really inspire you and help you jump into a whole new mindset. New relationships will be filled with laughter, playfulness, and a sense of excitement.

In marriage, it’s important to realize that good relationships aren’t just about intimacy and romance, but also about the value of camaraderie and mutual support which creates a base level of happiness on which everything else is built.

Embrace your true self and let your personality shine brightly this week. Be creative, be competitive, and don’t make excuses not to enjoy life.

Gemini – Ace of Pentacles Reversed

This week you need to carefully monitor the level of give and take in love. There could be an imbalance in your marriage or relationship that’s leaving you feeling neglected or unsupported. This card indicates a time when you are more likely to see what’s lacking or missing in your relationship, but this can really help ground you and focus your attention on solutions.

You must pay attention to practical matters this month, especially money matters as there could be some fluctuations financially that affect you going forward and cannot be ignored.

It’s important for you to re-evaluate your priorities and verify the practical foundations of the relationship, as this card is a cue to examine whether the relationship you are in dovetails with your long-term goals, values, and overall prosperity.

Be patient and cut your partner some slack, even if there are things you aren’t happy with in love, allow time for things to change as nothing can change overnight. Remember, a ship cannot turn on a dime, positive change takes effort and persistence. Also, remember more carrot and less stick.

Cancer – The Tower

This is quite a powerful card, but it’s also quite challenging although it’s important to understand its unique possibilities.

This represents transformation within love and your relationship could enter a profound and sudden change that inspires you to seek answers within yourself and to look for more solid frameworks and foundations to base your relationship on.

Anything in your marriage or long-term relationship that’s become stagnant, dysfunctional, or feels a little shaky or less relevant must adapt or die. A little upheaval in love is healing as it’s necessary for the cathartic destruction of unhealthy patterns, negative beliefs, or toxic dynamics that have hindered the growth and satisfaction of the connection.

New relationships should represent a new path that takes you forward rather than a regressive yet comfortable place in which you stagnate.

This card encourages you and your partner to face uncomfortable truths, confront fears, and break free from the anxieties that keep you guys stuck in unfulfilling routines. Spiritual love should always be a catalyst for personal growth and greater understanding of life and this week, often through intense and unexpected circumstances, you glimpse that potential.

Leo – Knight of Pentacles

The key in love this week is patience, loyalty, and renewed commitment within relationships. Leo have the potential to ground yourself within the relationship and encourage your partner to dedicate himself to the long-term aspiration of building a solid and stable union.

It’s important to be active and nurturing in love, prioritize practicality and security, ensuring that your partner feels safe and supported within the partnership and that you project your own strength into the relationship, so that you can control things by controlling your own emotions.

Be patient because new love can take a while to settle down and establish a basis of trust and security, recognize that lasting love is built on trust, consistency, and mutual respect. If a new partner is willing to invest their time and energy into cultivating a relationship with you that is both enjoyable and supportive, that’s an excellent sign.

In any relationship, ask yourself if your partner comes to your assistance when needed and backs you up – if he does that’s a great sign, however, if not, you should review the emphasis you place on this relationship.

Be present in your relationship and pay attention to the details. Being a good listener is key.

Virgo – The World

This week your relationship sphere is very important because it’s symbolic of your life as a whole. What’s going on in your relationship, or in seeking a relationship, says a lot about you and your state of mind and thus it’s important to look within yourself for answers.

Through understanding the holistic nature of your relationship, you can glimpse solutions that are often lost when you are grappling in the weeds.

The sign of a great relationship is one in which you feel like you are appreciated for your unique contribution and your devotion. The best relationships foster the growth of each individual involved, while also acknowledging the beautiful journey you are on together. The question for you now is where your relationship is on that spectrum. If you feel stunted, unappreciated or oppressed in the relationship, that’s a big warning sign this week.

In a brand new romance, you may experience a love that transcends cultural, social, or geographical boundaries and which brings out your need for adventure.

In marriage, it’s possible that you guys are at the end of one cycle, an experience or a project and it’s time to reflect on lessons learned. It’s vital right now to see things in terms of lessons learned and wisdom gained rather than looking at it in terms of success and failure. Whatever has recently happened, it’s time to reflect on what you discovered about yourselves and to that forward.

Libra – Ace of Cups

What a great card for love and romance, this is definitely a time for you and your partner to live your best life. Express your feelings and enjoy all the wonderful things you bring to each other. It’s important to focus on the positives in your relationship and to allow this to propel you forward on a wave of optimism. Use this week to enjoy good times and celebrate.

Ace of Cups is an excellent signal that you are on the right track in love and should keep moving forward.

Key in love right now is less of the boundaries and more true and spontaneous expression of emotions without self-censorship.

Vital in relationships right now is self-love and compassion towards yourself rather than self-criticism. Libra women should cultivate and honor your own emotional well-being, allowing your soul to be filled with acceptance and kindness, because Ace of Cups serves to remind you that love evolves from within, and by nurturing a deep regard for your own unique value, you become a magnet for love magic.

Artistically this is a very inspiring week and so get back into your creative hobbies as this helps show the universe that you care about your own development and that positivity feeds back into good relationships.

Remember that love is the journey not the destination.

Scorpio – King of Pentacles

This represents a great week to work on practical cooperation within relationships. It’s important to put in the time, there are no quick fixes in love. Commit to relationship goals and be accountable for the progress you guys make.

You can achieve more security and abundance in your relationship by being more responsible for your own happiness and fulfillment and not looking to achieve all your satisfaction through your relationship alone.

New relationships can really thrive right now as the environment is more stable and harmonious environment, and you and your partner can build a solid foundation together. Love this week should be characterized by a deep sense of loyalty, reliability, and the willingness to provide unwavering support to one another. To the extent that this is true, you are on the right track in life.

For married Scorpio, it’s important to understand the importance of financial security and long-term planning right now. Be a little cautious about spending and make sure what you purchase has true, rather than ephemeral value.

You and your partner should create a vision and make that vision your reality.

Sagittarius – Nine of Wands

Don’t shy away from challenges this week as through courageous actions, perseverance and facing adversity, love hits a new level.

In true love right now there’s strength in togetherness.
So show your partner determination, and the unwavering commitment to protect and defend the sacred bond you share.

It’s time to appreciate and congratulate each other on the storms you have weathered, because you really are stronger than ever.

New relationships may face trials and obstacles, yet you should refuse to surrender or be broken, as true love is resilient. Show a new lover the tenacious tiger within you.

One of the important aspects of love this week is your interpretation of loyalty and the meaning of commitment because it’s likely that these concepts mean different things to you and your partner. So get on the right page.

Embrace creative chaos in love because Sagittarius women are actually at their best when you need that added optimism and gumption you have. You may have to defend your relationship against outside threats, so be alert to these.

Capricorn – Page of Swords

This is a month for intelligent love, relationships thrive when you put your heads together and work on being reasonable and rational. Sexual stimulation is based on mental comparability and the excitement of sharing ideas and toying with plans, fantasy and possibilities.

Curiosity drives love and so this is no time for living separate lives and only communicating as a necessity. Relationships are stronger when you consistently share both important and trivial information, especially if it gives you a laugh.

New relationships are based in friendship, camaraderie and the desire to learn new things together. This said, relationships that begin in a work or educational
context are off to a great start.

When you and your partner are eager to improve understanding and connect with one another on an intellectual level, you will experience the joy of engaging in deep conversations, challenging each other’s thoughts, and expanding your horizons together.

So make time for serious, lighthearted and sexual conversation and learn to appreciate the beauty of your intellectual compatibility and the power of shared intellectual pursuits.

Aquarius – Two of Swords

This week there is a delicate balance between vulnerability and self-preservation, indicating the need for some introspection and also some negotiation in love to address power imbalance.

In love, the two of Swords calls for a moment of pause, where recent choices and emotions are carefully evaluated and clarity is sought to quieten your inner conflicts.

New relationships are at a crossroads, and so you can’t run from the issues, things must be addressed in a gentle way, this isn’t a time for confrontation. While there is a mismatch of emotion right now, it’s merely an indication that your budding relationship needs more clarity and this is a moment of truth.

In marriage, this card encourages communication and open dialogue and it emphasizes the importance of expressing your concerns, hopes, and quandaries with honesty and tenderness, it’s not a boardroom meeting, so don’t be cool and detached.

The theme of this week is finding balance and seeking harmony even though emotionally things are quite febrile. Turn down the external noise and seek inward, trusting your intuition and your faith in the relationship to guide the way.

Pisces – Four of Swords

An excellent week to chill out with your partner and loved ones. It is a moment to recognize the importance of cultivating peace of mind through meditation, introspection, and finding solace in the midst of life’s hectic and varied demands.

In a good relationship, your partner will recognize that periods of contemplation and pause are needed, you can’t keep going round and round the track without a pit stop. You and your partner should shut out the outside world, the media and social media for at least two days this week to create some tranquility and to enjoy the beautiful simplicity of a quite meal without the noise and chaos of the world.

Promising new romance can grow out of a situation where you and a guy provide support and understanding to each other during a times of emotional turbulence, offering a safe space to heal and rebuild.

In some cases it’s a good idea to take a break from relationships or dating in order to pace yourself and reduce any pressure you are feeling.

Sharing escapist fantasies, watching films or even playing old fashioned card games can help you guys release pressure and gain that mental distance from the rest of the world you need.

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Wrapping Up

As we bid farewell to another enchanting week of Tarot love readings for May 22nd to May 28th, I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who place your trust in me on this magical journey. Serving you wholeheartedly and sharing the blessings and gifts bestowed upon me is my ultimate purpose, inspiring you to do the same.

Always remember that you are incredibly deserving of all the success and fulfillment that life has to offer. Never doubt your worth, even for a fleeting moment.

Embrace the wellspring of inner strength within you, and witness the blossoming prosperity in every aspect of your life.

Moreover, I extend a special invitation to explore the delightful offering of my friend’s personalized Three Card tarot reading. It is a truly remarkable resource that I am excited to share with all of you.

Lastly, I would be delighted to hear about your zodiac sign and the current happenings in your life. Your stories and experiences hold profound meaning for me, and I am truly honored by the unwavering love and support you provide.

May your path be filled with boundless love and eternal happiness.

With warm regards,

Your friend and relationship astrologer,


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