Weekly Love Horoscope For May 29th – June 4th

Hello and welcome Sweethearts!

Well May is almost a memory and hopefully, it was a productive, eventful, and successful month for you both romantically and in all your endeavors, but May is not quite over yet and it still may throw you a curve ball, so this week’s reading is quite important, so listen up.

This week we have the full moon on the 4th of June and after that it’s a time of taking a step back, assessing, pondering, and reevaluating. Between the full moon and the new moon is always a great time to gain more understanding and perspective, and it’s okay to be a little bit more passive, so you don’t have to keep your foot on the gas.

The significant transit this week is Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Now Mercury conjunct Uranus speeds everything up, it’s excellent for electronic communications, internet dating, and also for all projects requiring the use of technology. With this being in Taurus, money matters should come to the fore and it may be a fast-moving week in terms of the financial markets, and there may be more pressure on you to make decisions regarding your financial affairs.

Jupiter is conjunct to the North Node which means a burst of optimistic and encouraging energy, and this also means good karma. So this is a fantastic week to do good deeds, to think positive thoughts, and to take advantage of the law of attraction, because Jupiter is emphasized on the North node and you’re able to more successfully draw positive energy into your life.

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So, without further ado, let’s dive into the captivating world of the tarot and explore the enchanting path that awaits us this week.

Now let’s get to the readings for each specific sign.

PS. This is a wonderful week for holidays, travel and enjoying festivals and theme parks.

Aries – A matter of trust

With the full moon straddling your third and ninth solar house, it’s important right now to nail down your aims and intentions and pay attention to details. It’s the little things that count, and therefore expect things to snowball, don’t be concerned if you start small as even if you make the tiniest step, it will end up being a giant leap. Don’t underestimate any progress you make however small.

With Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus, it can be a week where you and your partner need to be more tolerant, as it’s quite likely that you are both feeling a little bit less secure in the relationship and therefore you have to work harder at showing each other appreciation and working on issues of trust. Don’t take anything for granted right now, because there can be sudden difficulties in relationships that come out of nowhere if you take each other for granted.

Venus sextile Neptune indicates that this week there will be time for a little bit of romance and peace and quiet, so it’s important for you and your partner to find an oasis of calm to enjoy each other’s company and cultivate some affection. This is not a great time for being very aggressive or overt in love, it’s kind of a slow cooker period where you have to allow the romantic juices to develop in their own time.

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Taurus – A new level of understanding

This is a very interesting week for Taurus, however, the results may not be concrete because a lot of the influences are rather ethereal, imaginative, and spiritual. So Uranus is activated by Mercury in Taurus, Jupiter is conjunct the North Node in Taurus, and your ruler Venus is sextile Neptune, all these create an extraordinarily creative, romantic aura, so what does this mean?

It’s fantastic for any of your projects which rely on inspiration and spiritual motivation, but it’s also a fantastic time for healing and forgiveness in relationships. So relationships can be more tolerant and can reach a higher level of understanding, and this understanding is not just understanding your partner, but it’s understanding yourself through partnership.

Thus this week favors all ongoing romances, but brand new romance is are possible, and yet this will start in an extremely subtle way, so even if a new love interest enters into your life, it may not yet be very tangible and you may have to just wait and see what happens.

With Jupiter activated, this is also a fantastic time for travel or doing something that is totally new and quite spontaneous.

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Gemini – Finding your star

Right now the full moon is activating your first and seventh house, and therefore long-term partnerships and marriage are an important area of focus. You and your partner need to work on constructive change and being more cooperative. It’s also very important for you right now to have a good balance in your relationships, you tend to be a very flexible person someone who’s highly adaptable and who does cater to your partner’s whims and needs, but right now it’s very important for you to rediscover your own independence.

Thus no matter what stage of a relationship you are at, it is important for you to have your own ideas, to follow your heart, and to do things that are of personal importance to you, rather than necessarily following the lead of your partner. So yes, it’s a time where cooperation is important, but it’s also a time where identifying with your true purpose as distinct from your partner and reconnecting to that is important.

Jupiter conjunct the North node in Taurus represents a fantastic time for a retreat, so while for some star signs it’s great to take a really hectic tour or city break, for Gemini it’s ideal to go on either a writer’s retreat, a spiritual retreat or have lovely pampering spa date.

Don’t plan and major family events as you don’t need extra hassle and responsibility. Enjoy your own space and grab freedom if given a choice.

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Cancer – Stand out from the crowd

This week the full moon is encouraging Cancer to find fulfillment and increase your confidence by being more involved in large-scale endeavors. So whether it be leading group initiatives, establishing new networks, getting involved in organizing large-scale events or simply being the shoulder to cry on within your friendship circle, you obtain a lot of satisfaction and confidence in yourself through the way you interact socially.

Thus it’s very important for you to be getting out and about right now, and interacting a lot more with people. This is a fantastic time for you to be making new friends, as that could lead to romance quite quickly. This is actually a positive time for friends-with-benefits situations, as even relationships that start by being ‘open’ can lead to a deeper relationship.

This is an excellent time for you and your permanent partner to be redecorating your home, but particularly the bedroom and particularly with a view of inspiring more tranquility and thus greater intimacy and romance. So doing things like getting double glazing to reduce noise, including a water feature or painting your room in a color that inspires tranquility and calm, can actually be a roundabout way yet an effective way of improving your sex life.

it’s important to be quite careful with relationships that begin with people in authority as these could be infatuations rather than an expression of genuine feeling sometimes a little bit of fantasy does you good so if you do find it enhances your sex life to fantasize about a movie star why not.

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Leo – Fun and Games

This week the saying ‘charity starts at home’ is an ideal way to prioritize. So instead of scattering your energy by trying to please people who are perhaps peripheral in terms of emotional closeness, it’s better to pay attention to the closest and most important relationships in your life and make them work.

With Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus, it’s very important to have conversations and focus on agreement. Now if you find yourself getting bored or looking for other sources of entertainment when your partner is talking, this is not going to be great for romance or the relationship, so either try to become engaged in the conversation and think of stimulating questions to ask a partner (or your date) and show a genuine interest in their ideas.

If that’s not really working for you, it’s important for you to play games together, so grab out the chess board, the Scrabble or the Wi and use that as a springboard for improving your connection with your partner now and therefore getting on a wavelength again.

Let’s be honest communication is not always necessarily easy, sometimes it goes through a really tricky patch, but incorporating some games that bring you together while keeping you amused, can be actually a very helpful way of improving affection and intimacy.

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Virgo – Finding shared passion

The last week of May as we enter June is a particularly fantastic week for a spontaneous getaway or road trip. As a Virgo woman, you feeling very restless and excitable right now and your adventurous side is stimulated. Thus, what better way to spend time with your partner than to get in the car and go someplace brand new to you both. This is also a time when Virgo may have success meeting a lover or a new romantic pal somewhere where you are both studying together i.e. at a university or the place of adult education.

Common political interests are really important in relationships right now, so if you do get involved in any grassroots activism or joining a more formal political group, this is great (if you’re single) as a way of meeting like-minded people and you won’t be short of things to talk about. The thing about Virgo right now, is you’re extremely restless and easily bored and so it’s hard for you to communicate romantically with a partner, but if you share an interest and are very fired up about a mutually shared passion or project, it’s much easier to bond and open up to each other.

As for marriage, this is a good time to re-commit to any goal that you and your partner have set in terms of home improvement or something to do with your respective families. If there’s anything you’ve neglected recently or put off, it’s probably a good time to get in with it, because it’s a way of showing your partner that you value the things that you have planned together and scheduled, which enhances trust and security in love.

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Libra – A holding position

This week, the full moon happening across your third and ninth houses encourages you to let go, embrace what’s new and move toward the future. What’s very important for Libra right now is letting go and purging, this is definitely a time where you want to cultivate positive energy by steering clear of toxic people and toxic situations.

This is definitely a time to cut ties with a problematic romantic partner, be very clear when you’re not interested in someone, as sometimes diplomacy won’t be adequate in terms of turning them off and giving them the message that, “It’s a no.”

It’s important now for communication to have a light touch, you should avoid any heated debate, or contentious issues and you should steer clear of people who want to drag you into arguments. When it comes to your relationships, you should politely agree to disagree and put anything that can be dealt with another time on hold.

In terms of marriage, this is an important time to tackle financial issues as there can be some surprise communications that will provide both opportunities and some hurdles when it comes to either debt, tax or your mortgage. Thus it’s important for you to be able to discuss these matters, however, when it comes to emotional matters don’t feel bad if you want to put them off.

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Scorpio – Lucky Break

This week with Jupiter conjunct the North Node and Uranus activated in your solar 7th house, relationships are a little bit of a roller coaster, but it’s rather exciting too. Scorpio, at a deep level, like to live on the edge and you quite enjoy a little bit of controversy, an you rather like to up the ante and therefore this is an excellent time to get things moving again in terms of your marriage, love and romance. If anything’s felt stale, stuck or inauthentic, this is a great time for a burst of spontaneity, renewed positive communication and brainstorming.

This is a fantastic week to come together with your partner and talk about your future, it’s a period where you both have to grab opportunities, be really proactive and ingenious in the way you think about your life. This is a solution rich phase, and so nothing should deter you because a little bit of luck is on your side particularly when you work as a team.

This can be a really good month for solution-rich new relationships, particularly those that begin when you are least expecting it.

Scorpio are drawn to quite radical, bohemian people right now, they turn you on. It’s not a time when predictable, safe relationships are really your thing.

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Sagittarius – Looking after number one

This is quite an emotional week for Sagittarius women, you will need a lot more attention and emotional nourishment from your partner. It’s easy right now to perceive a romantic partner as superficial or self-absorbed, but sometimes it’s just the case that you are needing a little bit more encouragement and support than you usually are, and you’re more inclined to notice when your partner has been a little bit cool or distant.

In all relationships, self-care is quite important. Now it’s not actually possible to engage with your partner in a very intense way, he’s likely to be quite careless with his words, perhaps irritable, rash and lacking in concentration, and so it’s a good time for you to hang out with your female friends, chat to your mother and people that can be good listeners, because he’s not a particularly touchy-feely now right now.

This is a good time for new relationships if you just want to hook up and have some fun, but if you’re looking for something more serious and sensible, this may not be the best week, and it’s probably better to steer clear of bars, clubs and places where people meet in a very hectic, fake environment.

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Capricorn – Reach for the stars

For Capricorn, the full moon reminds you to keep your work life balance in check, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, this is definitely something to keep in mind! Basically, you want to make sure that you are holistic in the way you live your life, and that means making space for creativity, love, romance, your work and your health. When mind, body and spirit are in balance, you are ideally placed to be successful in romance.

With Uranus and Jupiter activated in Taurus, this is a fantastic time for dating and new romance, so you want to be scheduling lots of time to be social, to pursue your hobbies and be creative. It is often when you are involved in either creative or competitive activities that you are emitting a very positive energy and are likely to draw a suitable person towards you.

Remember to aim really high in love right, love should be about the best expression of yourself, and you should not settle for second best, or undersell yourself. Be ambitious about entering the best relationship you can, and stay in a positive mindset. This is also a great time to use affirmations and mantras because the law of attraction in love can work very favorably.

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Aquarius – Self-Assurance and inner peace

This week it’s important for you as Aquarius to understand the difference between friendship and love, often you are so emotionally close to a friend that it almost feels like a relationship could develop, and yet it may not be destined. Thus this week you have to keep your friends and your romantic life a little bit separate to avoid any confusion.

It is quite a powerful month in terms of your own self-awareness and you may feel that you are maturing in terms of the way you handle love and romance, and while this week there may not be a brand new romance on the horizon, you are certainly moving into a space where you’re in the right frame of mind and in an ideal emotional state to draw a very positive romance towards you.

Jupiter conjunct the North Node and Mercury conjunct Uranus indicate you are very restless this week and unlikely to want to stay in one place for long. It’s a great time for a family vacation doing something quite adventurous and new to you all. If you aren’t taking a vacation, it is very favorable for spontaneous parties, inviting family around, and enjoying good times with your partner.

In terms of marriage, it’s very important for you and your husband to reconnect on an emotional level and family time together can often facilitate that.

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Pisces – Between the Lines

This is a week where family matters tend to demand your attention, and often things are more complicated than they may at first seem. This is definitely a time when you have to use your intuition as well as your ability to think rationally to be able to perceive things beyond what you’re being told. People in your life, including your partner and your loved ones in general, can be more erratic and unreliable, and so you are forced to be quite flexible and to stay on your toes.

It’s important right now not to overreact to anything immediately, let it be and wait for everything to unfold. The important thing, in both new romances and family matters, is not to prejudge things. There’s a temptation for Pisces right now to develop an idea and to go with it, or to get a stubborn thought in your head, and yet there may be more information or knowledge that you need in order to fully understand what’s going on. So the biggest mistake you can make is thinking you’ve got all the answers and you know it all because you probably don’t.

The key to relationships this week is being understanding and trying to see everyone’s point of view, you don’t have to agree with everybody, but everyone appreciates getting themselves heard and being able to have their say.

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This should be an entertaining week when you encounter a variety of experiences, you have to be alert and you must work hard to understand what’s going on in terms of the bigger picture.

Boredom should not be an issue and you will be more in touch with positive forces available for you to capitalize on.

A super week for travel, sports and adventure.

Remember that no matter how much you may want a specific result, you will often end up surprised with the outcome – pleasantly surprised.

Whatever your star sign, remember that this week is powerful for:

  • Excitement
  • Travel
  • Spontaneity
  • Optimism
  • Harmony
  • Forgiveness

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