Weekly Tarotscope for July 17th – 23rd

Hello my lovelies,

Welcome to another enchanting week of tarot wisdom and celestial guidance! As we step into the mystical realm of the week spanning from July 17th to July 23rd, prepare to embark on a transformative journey filled with cosmic revelations. The universe has aligned the stars in a mesmerizing dance, weaving together energies that hold the key to unlocking profound insights and guiding you towards love, fulfillment, and abundant blessings. (Click here for my Weekly Love Horoscope for this week).

Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic that awaits you. Open your hearts, quiet your minds, and allow the whispers of the cosmos to unveil the profound messages that will influence your week. Together, let us embark on this sacred exploration, where the mysteries of love, destiny, and the interconnectedness of the universe shall be unveiled.

Check your sun, rising and moon sign for more accuracy. 

Aries – Four of Wands

This is an excellent card as it’s quite joyous. Four of Wands represents celebration, harmony, and a thriving romantic relationship. The reason for relationship success is solid foundations in trust.

Open the champers and spoil yourselves as this signifies a time of joy, stability, and contentment in your love life. It suggests that you and your partner (or boyfriend) are experiencing a period of fulfillment and sense of achievement together.

If you’re currently in a long-term relationship, the Four of Wands indicates that you and your partner are entering a happy and harmonious phase. You guys may have recently surpassed a significant milestone, celebrated a landmark family event or accomplished a goal together, and this has strengthened the bond between you. This card is a message of encouragement and an invitation for you to celebrate your love and appreciate the stability and security you have found. It’s an excellent time to vacation or enjoy special moments, such as anniversaries, parties, or even moving in together.

If single, the Four of Wands indicates that your life is ripe for a meaningful and stable relationship to come about. This tarot card suggests that you may be lucky in meeting a guy who is ready for a committed partnership and that you’ll feel a strong connection and sense of harmony with him almost immediately.

Taurus – Nine of Swords

This week Taurus can be quite preoccupied, there’s a mixture between shyness, reticence, and this tends to drive your indecision. It’s very important right now to be careful of living out self-fulfilling prophecies, so try and cultivate a positive mindset as often right now; thinking the very best about your relationship or your partner leads to better results than being suspicious or fearful of the worst outcome.

If you fail to keep moving forward by keeping current romances going or by communicating in a positive way with your partner, you can actually miss an opportunity because all is not lost. In fact a mixture of tiredness and possibly social stress is causing a cloud over your relationship, but it’s not really your relationship that’s the problem; it’s simply a case that your batteries are a little bit low right now, and you need a rest and recuperation.

This is an ideal week for you to get away by yourself one day to do something thoroughly escapist and relaxing. Maybe you should quit work early and go and sit in the movies with a big bag of popcorn and have a good cry or a mighty good laugh because it can get a lot of emotions out of your system and you’ll come out with a new perspective on love.

Gemini – Three of Swords

This is a time to take a step back in love and reassess. It is important to see things for what they are. In some cases, you may have to make the difficult decision to move on, but this is a good time to do it.

In a long-term committed relationship, this card indicated that you may be going through a challenging time. There might be conflicts, misunderstandings, or and growing sense of disappointment in your partnership. However, it’s important not to be defeatist as the three of swords urges you to confront these difficult emotions and communicate openly with your partner about your feelings. Healing and reconciliation are possible, but they require honest dialogue and a willingness to work through the pain together. The first step is identifying and accepting that there is a problem.

If single, it’s time to reflect upon past emotional scars or unresolved heartbreaks as you begin to go on a new love journey. Understand that you may be required to heal and resolve any lingering pain before fully launching yourself into a new relationship. Take this week for self-reflection and self-care, allowing yourself to grieve, forgive and release the past. It’s crucial to be compassionate with yourself and seek support from friends, loved ones, or vlogs and groups as you heal and prepare for a healthier and more loving relationship in the future.

Cancer – Six of Cups

For Cancer, recent decisions that you have made with your partner come into focus, and sometimes there is some regret, particularly financial regret. However, it’s important to keep moving forward, the key now is: “What’s done is done” and cannot be undone, and its’ wise to keep moving forward, have positive intentions and think about solutions.

This may be a time when you are invited to a reunion, and single Cancerians could well hook up with an old flame right now. The past is a good place to go hunting for a future partner, so it’s highly likely that if you visit an old haunt or go to a reunion (like I said), you might hook up with someone with whom you share a history and a happy past, and this can lead to a good relationship blooming.

Married Canerians may spend some time either collating an album, looking at photos or discussing a recent trip you’ve had. It’s important to reflect within your relationship, and while you shouldn’t dwell on the past, it’s important to reflect on recent positive events and how they’ve contributed to your journey as a couple.

Leo – Three of Cups Reversed

The three of cups reversed warns of a temporary disruption or imbalance in your emotional life. Although there may be some disharmony, conflicts, or misunderstandings affecting your love life at the moment, this too shall pass, and you will gain confidence through dealing with this in a tolerant way.

In terms of romance, this card suggests that you to pay attention to the dynamics within your circle of friends and partnerships. It could be that there is a lack of emotional sincerity, gossip, trust issues, or unresolved conflicts between you and your friends, and it’s very helpful to address these challenges with frank and direct communication to restore respect and a sense of integrity.

Have a think about the value and authenticity of your friendships and whether they are helpful or detract from your romantic relationship. Are there any toxic or unbalanced connections that are draining your energy and hindering your personal growth? It may be time to let go of relationships (friends or lovers) that no longer serve your highest purpose.

This card is the perfect message for Leo as it serves as a gentle reminder not to isolate yourself during difficult times. Reach out to your trusted friends or loved ones for support, as they can provide valuable insight and comfort.

Virgo – The Empress

The empress is a key sign of fertility, and so if you are looking to become pregnant and extend your family, this is an ideal week to work on that. Alternatively, it also represents an excellent time for nurturing your children and helping them to fulfill their hopes and dreams. This can also be a really good time for an important project that you are beginning; so this is a week of the beginning of abundance, and for planting seeds in terms of activities that you don’t really expect to bear fruit for a long time.

In relationships, feminine charm is essential in dating and improving love. Thus it’s important to use your ability to combine colors, accessories and makeup, or if you prefer using fragrance or your physicality. It’s important to be able to bring pleasure into your relationship by using sensuality, color and texture, it may be a great time to give your bedroom a makeover, or maybe treat yourself and your partner to a spa, a fine dining experience or simply buy a really expensive bottle of wine. So invite luxury into your lives, indulge, relax and enjoy.

Libra – Hierophant

The Hierophant card is all about learning and wisdom, so this week, it’s important for Libra Women to take the High Road, you should be tolerant, and you should try and see the bigger picture when it comes to your life and relationship matters.

The hierophant is also associated with prayer and spirituality, so there’s absolutely no harm in using prayer to gain solace, resolution and to help you cope with relationship difficulties or decisions. Alternatively, if you enjoy using mindfulness and meditation, this can be really helpful this week. So you are encouraged to engage your higher consciousness to give you that extra bit of guidance in navigating your love life and your romantic life

This card is also about traditions, therefore, if you are getting married, engaged or having a Christening or any type of important traditional or religious event within your family, that is absolutely perfect timing.

This week is also a great time to establish new relationship rituals: relationship rituals often create stability and structure to the relationship and give you both something to either look forward to or an opportunity to work on the relationship, so those are great to establish right now.

Scorpio – Three of Swords

The reversed Queen of Cups highlights emotional imbalance, co-dependency, or an inability to create balance within a romantic relationship. It suggests that there may be challenges related to emotional expression, empathy, or nurturing qualities, with one of you doing all the heavy lifting in the relationship. It’s time to think more clearly about whether the relationship is enslaving you or fulfilling you.

If you’re currently in a relationship, this card suggests that you may have to work harder to express your emotions effectively or provide the emotional support that your partner actually needs. It’s important to listen properly to what your partner’s needs and concerns are and to address these rather than just doing what you ‘think’ he wants.

Be alert to any emotional manipulation, which can create a sense of unfairness in the relationship. It’s important to work on improving your emotional communication and developing a healthier balance between giving and receiving support. Take time to reflect on your own emotional needs and work on your own self-care rather than trying to achieve all your contentment from your relationships. Remember that you can’t please all the people all the time.

If you single, it’s important to recognize any neediness that you are projecting, examine your emotional patterns and approach to relationships. It’s possible that you may attract partners who are emotionally unavailable or engage in co-dependent dynamics – this is especially so if you lack closure from precious relationships, so work on healing any past emotional wounds and learn to set healthy boundaries to attract a partner who is capable of providing the love and support you desire. Developing a stronger sense of self-love and emotional well-being will ensure that a new relationship that arises is suitable and valuable to your development.

Sagittarius – Queen of Cups

The Queen of Wands is such an exciting card as it embodies passion, confidence, and magnetic energy within a romantic relationship. It shows that you are able to WOW your partner via your charisma, enthusiasm, and topsy-turvy vibrant approach to love and sensuality. This card really suits Sagittarius as it helps enhance your innate qualities.

In marriage and long-term relationships, the Queen of Wands suggests that you be the confident and passionate partner. Let your radiant energy shine through to captivate your partner once more, drawing him towards you with your charm and enthusiasm. It’s time to revive your sexual connection and display your desire for your partner physically. If you are not afraid to express your needs and desires, you can inspire your partner to reciprocate. Embrace your sensual energy and continue to nurture the flame of passion in your relationship.

If you are single, this card suggests that you have added magnetic allure and a captivating presence. You exude confidence, independence, and charisma, making you highly attractive to potential partners. Embrace the power of positive thought and the law of attraction and express yourself authentically – this brings luck in love.
Be open to exploring new and intense connections and display the extrovert that’s dying to get out of you.

Capricorn – Death Reversed

Don’t panic when you receive the death card. The Reversed Death card merely signifies a period of resistance or reluctance to let go of old patterns, situations or of relationships that are no longer serving you. It indicates that you may be clinging onto the past, slowing down the necessary changes for progress in matters of the heart.

If you’re a single Capricorn woman, this card indicates that you may not have fully deconstructed or released your emotional baggage, and that is preventing you from attracting the right guy. It’s essential to examine, using the keen analytical abilities of Capricorn, any unresolved emotions or attachments that are keeping you going in circles like a broken record.

If you are married or in a long-term relationship, you could have stopped growing or evolving as a couple, and now you have to ask why? This card stimulates within you a need to explore what aspects of your relationship no longer align with your values or growth.

It’s helpful for you to approach this week with open-mindedness and trust in the journey you and a partner are on. Embrace the opportunity for personal and relationship growth, even if it means temporarily stepping out of your comfort zones.

Aquarius – Queen of Wands

This card indicates a period of transition, introspection, and the potential pursuit of emotional exploration within your romantic relationships. It signifies a moment of pause to seek deeper meaning and fulfilment in love.

If you’re currently in a relationship, you and your partner may be experiencing some emotional detachment or a desire for something more meaningful. There might be a mood of discontent or a feeling that something is missing within the relationship. It’s important to have open and honest conversations about your emotions and aspirations to gain clarity and understanding, this needs to happen before you invest any energy in pointless directions together.

If single, the Eight of Cups suggests that you may be seeking a more meaningful relationship. It’s a time to move away from the superficiality of the dating scene and engage in activities you are passionate about so that you meet people who share your passions and interests.

Relationships should be about a personal journey of self-discovery, that’s why they are often difficult and require patience and so embrace the more eccentric and unusual relationships.

In some cases, you may wish to take a break from actively seeking a new flame and focus on understanding your own emotional needs and priorities. Delve into your inner world and seek emotional resolution and a deeper connection to your authentic self.

Pisces – Eight of cups

The key now for Pisces is to focus on your heart’s desire rather than on your doubts. What we focus on or pay attention to tends to become magnified, so if you are thinking a lot about the problems and anxieties you have or the negative feedback you are getting, then that can become overwhelming. So even if there’s only a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, it’s very important to pay far more attention to that, and let that light inspire you and drive you forward.

Right now, a lot of patience is required in relationships, and your commitment is tested. You may not be totally content with how things are in your relationship, but it’s important to reflect on your relationship as a journey where there’ve been good times and bad times, and so whatever you going through right now, this too shall pass, and it’s important to acknowledge that.

Events in your relationship and your personal life may incline you to look for deeper meaning and to find your personal truth. Thus even the struggles right now can be a way of awakening to you to your deepest authenticity and helping you to understand what the key to happiness is, apart from what could make you superficially or ephemerally happy.

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Summing up

I warmly invite you to continue your journey of exploration through the endless treasures that the tarot holds. Step into the mystical realm of your personal readings and allow the captivating insights shared by Angel Adams to ignite your curiosity. Embrace the profound wisdom emanating from these sacred cards and let their guidance lead you towards abundant love and immense satisfaction.

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As we prepare to embark on the next week, may the celestial energies align harmoniously in your favor, creating a backdrop for significant shifts and delightful surprises on your path of love. Keep your heart open to the mesmerizing magic that surrounds you, as the loving intentions of the universe tirelessly orchestrate wonderful moments and auspicious encounters to manifest in your life.

Love and light,

Your friend and relationship astrologer,


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