Weekly Love Horoscope for July 24th – 30th

Hello, my sweethearts,

and welcome to the reading for the week beginning July 24th. Well, it’s the last week of July, and we’ve all achieved a lot; it’s time to give ourselves a pat on the back and to reward ourselves.

This week, Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony, goes into retrograde motion, appearing to move backward in its orbit from the perspective of Earth. When Venus transits retrograde it brings unique energies and influences to various areas of life. It’s especially important for the deepening of relationships and developing more facets of your love and intimate life.

The Sun enters Leo, the Sun represents our core essence, vitality, and self-expression. When it transits Leo, it serves to make us more aware of our playful side and more focused on reaching our identity and making our mark on the world.

Mercury is square Uranus, the planet of innovation, change, and liberation, and this brings revolutionary energy and it can shake up established structures, inspire breakthroughs, and awaken a desire for personal freedom.

Aries – A sporting chance

Venus goes retrograde in Leo this week, as this is in your solar fifth house of romance and dating, it encourages a reassessment of your approach to romance, and self-expression in love. It’s important to be more self-aware in love and to increase the level of compassion and creativity in love and emotional interaction. Avoid situations like clubbing and bar going this week as these are not great places to meet a potential partner. It’s a great time for love if you are patient, but you must be more mindful of your own psychology and inmate needs when seeking love.

You should review and adjust your artistic projects, your creativity needs more refinement now, it’s not over until the fat lady sings, so get things 100% right.

If single, perhaps revisit past relationships and reflect on what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. It’s a time to reconnect with your inner child and find authentic self-expression.

As the Sun enters Leo, remember to seek a partner who shares your zest for life, embraces spontaneity, and also enjoys engaging in creative activities. Relationships should reinforce your life force, and if they don’t, walk away.

Mars trine Jupiter is excellent for fitness and sporting goals. Relationships where you and a partner are both interested in improving your health or vitality thrive. Sports-mad couples are really gelling right now. Use sports and physical activity to reduce stress and enhance passion.

Spontaneous trips and surprises supercharge your romantic life this week.

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Taurus – Family, Healing and Resolution

This week Venus goes retrograde in Leo which puts a focus on matters related to home, family, and emotional security. It may be more important to have debates and discussions within the family arena to ensure everyone feels like their needs are being considered. It’s certainly a time of compromise and everyone has to take one for the team.

Try to understand family dynamics, reconsider your living situation, or start work on renovations or improving your living arrangements.

You may get an opportunity to attend a reunion or reconnect with your roots in some way. Nostalgia is more important and activities related to documenting memories or collecting memorabilia can be quite fulfilling or even cathartic as you put the pieces of the puzzle of your life together.

This week is a period of reflection on what makes you feel nurtured and at home.

With Uranus square Mercury, you may experience unexpected fluctuations in income or you could be nudged to adopt a more unconventional approach to money and your income streams. Redefine your relationship with material resources and explore alternative means of financial stability.

With Mars trine Jupiter it’s an excellent time for healing and using a holistic approach to improve your energy and well-being.

Dating is filled with surprises, so don’t draw conclusions, just take things as they come.

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Gemini – Caring and Sharing

This week Venus is retrograde in your solar 3rd house which highlights discussion, negotiation communication and relationships with your colleagues, neighbors and siblings. It encourages you to be more diplomatic, to avoid arguments and seek to understand other people’s point of view.

Reflect upon your social connections i.e. social media and how these affect your current relationship or search for a partner in position or negative ways. Are you spending too much time online and does this help deepen your relationship, or is it a distraction.

It may be a time to improve communication patterns and resolve any lingering conflicts, which are blocking your creative a loving energy by causing a shadow.

If you are single, seek a partner who stimulates your mind and engages in stimulating conversations. Love is found through friendships, local community, or within your immediate environment.

With Uranus square Mercury, your ruler, this marks a period of self-discovery when you should feel the urge to break free from societal expectations and embrace your unique individuality. Express your true self, experiment with your appearance, and assert your independence.

Mars trine Jupiter makes this an excellent time for teamwork in your marriage, your partner will be more likely to support you, so don’t be shy to share.

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Cancer – Finding the Gold

This week with Venus retrograde in your solar 2nd house, there could be a need to reevaluate your financial situation, material possessions, with respect to your true values – are these in sync.

You may need to adjust your approach to money matters, reassess your spending habits, and redefine what truly brings you and your partner a valid sense of abundance and security.

In love and relationships, it’s important to ask yourself the question, “Am I doing the right things for the right reasons,” this is an important question to meditate on because it often leads to valuable insights and can improve honesty in relationships.

It’s important to remember, as sun enters Leo, that love is intertwined with your sense of self-worth and material security. You are drawn to a partner who appreciates your values, shares your priorities, and shares a similar outlook on finances. You may attract partners who bring stability and a sense of abundance into your life.

Mars trine Jupiter this week is excellent for career advancement, job interviews and dealing with authority successfully. Be competitive and put in effort and you’ll be successful in all you do.

In love, it’s important to work on respect and trust through better communication and keeping promises. It’s vital in love to hold up your part of the bargain and hold your partner to account as well.

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Leo – Sustainable Love

With Venus going retrograde in your sign of Leo, love becomes tangled in with your ego and you are more likely to seek validation through love or your perceived level of acceptance from your peers. It’s very important to avoid over-compromising or people-pleasing in order to bring harmony and love into your life. It’s important that people love you for who and what you are, as that’s sustainable.

This is an excellent time for a period of self-reflection and introspection regarding your personal identity, appearance, and self-worth. It may be a time to be more mindful of your values within relationships, and focus on inner growth and self-love, rather than external gratification.

Love forms an integral part of your identity and self-expression, as sun enters Leo. You should work on allowing your radiant, confident and charming side to shine. Giving love and generosity to friends, family and strangers can be very fulfilling.

Your natural charisma and innate positivity are perceptible making it easy for you to find love and connect with others on a deep, personal level.

Mars trine Jupiter makes it an excellent week for dating people who share your creative interests, so pursuit of arts and music can lead to love.

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Virgo – Soul Solutions

With Venus retrograde in your solar 12th house, it brings introspection, spiritual growth, and the need for solitude in order for you to get a really good perspective on your relationships or love life. You may find yourself reflecting on past experiences romantically, releasing old patterns, and connecting with your subconscious mind to purge yourself of unhelpful patterns. This retrograde urges you to find inner peace, embrace self-compassion, and exploring your hidden desires and fantasy life.

This week love takes on a spiritual and transcendent quality. If single, you should seek a partner who understands your occasional need for solitude, who supports your need for analysis and introspection, and who shares a deep connection on a soul level. Love can be found through spiritual practices, charity work, or in settings that transcend the ordinary.

Mars trine Jupiter is excellent for your sex life, in fact, escapism, movies and enjoying music in an intimate setting is ideal for creating an ambiance that can create a magical sexual experience. It’s a wonderful time for you and a partner to escape and disappear for a few days where no one can bother you and when you go device free.

You may feel driven to break free from traditional career paths, embrace entrepreneurial endeavors, or challenge authority within your professional sphere. Uranus encourages you to pursue your true passions, embrace innovation in your work, and redefine your definition of success.

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Libra – Social Diamonds versus Stones

This week with Venus retrograde in your solar 11th house, friendships, social networks, and your involvement in groups or organizations come into focus. It’s a great period for reevaluating and understanding your role within your social cliques and networks. Platonic relationships can become more important and may show signs of becoming romantic, but it’s too soon to tell, so proceed cautiously.

Revisiting past friendships, and perhaps extending an olive branch to an old flame can be important for closure.

Understand what’s valuable in your social life and social media life and nurture meaningful connections, but disengage from time wasters and superficial interaction.

While love can be found within your networks and social circles, this kind of relationship should be distinguished from a more general sense of belonging to a larger community.

Right now you seek a partner who shares your ideals, aligns with your values, and contributes to your personal growth. Marriage is enhanced by pursuing shared dreams and ideals, rather than just doing the same ol’ same ol’.

Jupiter trine Mars indicates a need for expansion and new goals in relationships, so don’t rest on your laurels or accept an unfulfilling status quo, push for more from life with your partner, and renew your ambitions and aspirations.

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Scorpio – Going straight to the Top

The Venus retrograde affects your solar 10th house and this focuses your attention on your career, public image, and reputation. It’s a time for reflection on your professional goals, the authenticity of your public persona, and your relationship with authority figures.

This transit may prompt you to reconsider your ambitions and align your career with your true passions. It’s also important to understand the impact of your career, public life, or ambitions on your relationship. It’s essential that you have the support of your partner and if you don’t, you may need to understand why? Is there professional jealousy going on.

Relationships with authority figures or your boss can be quite stimulating but also very frustrating in the end, so be cautious of this course of action. Love may indeed intersect with your career aspirations, so you may have to juggle office politics with a relationship.

If single, seek a partner who supports your ambitions, understands the demands of your professional life, and shares your drive for success. Love can be found through influential connections, professional networking, or within your chosen field of interest, but it can develop quite slowly.

Mars Trine Jupiter means it’s very important to have boundaries in relationships and be careful to avoid situations that create intrigue and jealousy.

You and your partner should be proactive about seeking solutions to financial or tax problems. In general, nip things in the bud and don’t allow anything to fester.

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Sagittarius – The spice of life

Venus retrograde is affecting your 9th solar house and this triggers a reassessment of your beliefs, aspirations, and personal development goals. It encourages you to reflect on your values and philosophies, revisit your long-term goals, and explore different perspectives on how to achieve what you want.

This transit urges you to find deeper meaning and purpose in your life, relationships, and career. It’s important not to let anything drift, your life and your destiny matters and so keep that within your consciousness.

Right now love and passion is intertwined with adventure, expansion, and a shared philosophical outlook on life. Relationships with a shared vision of the future and dreams which are alive, thrive. Relationships with no purpose or driving spiritual force can flounder.

Single Sagittarius will seek a partner who shares your thirst for knowledge, exploration, and cultural experiences. Love can be found through travel, a desire for knowledge, or connections made in a broader worldview.

With Mercury square Uranus, the energies bring transformation and unpredictability to your relationships and partnerships. You may experience unexpected encounters, sudden breakups, or unconventional relationship dynamics. You should embrace independence within partnerships, seek out relationships that honor your individuality, and challenge societal expectations of traditional unions.

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Capricorn – Looking for Adventure

With Leo retrograde in your 8th solar house this week, the spotlight is on intimacy, sharing, and psychological factors. It’s an Ideal period for introspection and understanding the teal dynamics and agendas in your marriage or sexual relationship l.

Regarding your deeper emotional connections, you need to show greater compassion and tolerance. Try to avoid any projection of previous relationship issues into a current relationship.

You may reassess your approach to trust, vulnerability, and the balance of power in your relationships.

With the Sun in Leo, love takes on a transformative and intense nature. You seek a deep and profound connection with a partner who helps you grow emotionally and spiritually. Love is found through soulmate connections, shared passions, or relationships that undergo a significant metamorphosis.

Mercury square Uranus stimulates a desire for freedom and expansion in your beliefs and worldview. You may feel compelled to explore new cultures, philosophies, or spiritual practices. Embrace a more open-minded approach to life, seek out unconventional partners who challenge societal norms or even your beliefs.

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Aquarius – Secrets

With Venus retrograde in the 7th house, your relationships and partnerships take center stage. It’s an excellent time for reevaluating your commitments, revisiting unresolved issues, and reflecting on what you truly crave in a partnership. This transit encourages you to find balance and harmony in your closest relationships.

You are more likely to seek a committed partnership that mirrors your values, complements your personality, and brings balance and harmony into your life. Love is found through one-on-one relationships, business partnerships, or significant others who deeply impact your life.

With Uranus square Mercury deep emotional and psychological transformations take center stage. You may experience unexpected changes in terms of your intimate life or secrets may be revealed as you and your partner open up. This week you are encouraged to embrace personal empowerment, explore alternative healing modalities, and release old patterns or attachments that no longer serve you.

This is a suitable time for you both to get your money affairs sorted out and thus to feel a lot more relaxed and in control. There’s nothing worse than things hanging over your head, and this is the time when, even if you can’t resolve problems, you can have discussions so that you both feel that you’re on the same page.

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Pisces – Hot and Cold

Venus retrograde in your 6th solar house focuses your attention on work, health, and daily routines and it encourages you to reevaluate your work-life balance, make changes to your habits, and consider a healthier approach to your overall well-being in order to reduce stress and free up time for love.

This transit urges you to find more harmony and satisfaction in your daily life. However, it’s also a time when you may enjoy your work more or have an opportunity to make new friends through work which could later lead to romance.

Thoughtfulness and kindness as absolutely key ingredients in love. If single, you will tend to seek a partner who supports your well-being, helps you stay organized, and shares your values around work-life balance.

With Mercury square Uranus, this week tolerance and flexibility are really important in relationships; even in the best relationships, we can’t always agree or see eye to eye on things, but we can’t let these relatively minor disagreements or even major disagreements destroy the relationship.

You and your partner have to be able to withstand certain differences, while still focusing on maintaining affection and closeness. So remember, love, is not a game, you don’t always have to win.

Relationships are all about the long haul, and that means that they are ups and downs, but the problem areas should stay compartmentalized, and you should maintain affection, care and thoughtfulness regardless.

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This week with Venus retrograde in Leo and Sun entering Leo, the planets are encouraging us to understand ourselves and others better. It’s important to be mindful and self-aware as we seek to improve relationships or start new love affairs. It’s important to be kind and to allow things to develop organically in love.

Mars trine Jupiter means that this is a great time for being outdoors, enjoying sunshine, and sporting events. Competitive activity is favored.

Whatever your star sign, remember that this week is powerful for:

  • deeper love
  • diplomacy
  • renewal
  • forgiveness
  • personal growth
  • integrity

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

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  1. Would like to know if Virgo and Pisces have anything in common and if we can have a good relationship together

    1. Dear Joyce,

      The Pisces man and Virgo woman soul mate relationship is definitely possible. These two really complement each other in various ways that make for a lasting union.

      In fact, the Pisces man and Virgo woman marriage is highly possible and even more likely. Pisces man is warm, tender, and tends to boost the Virgo woman up. Then the Virgo woman will love her Pisces man more than he’s ever experienced.

      The two are likely to be very loyal to each other because they know that they will not find someone else who is better for them. These two are very drawn to each other from the get go and they will run with it.

      Sending Love to you both!

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