Weekly Love Horoscope for July 17th – 23rd

Hello Sweethearts, I hope you are all doing well.

Welcome to the reading for the week beginning the 17th of July, this is an excellent week to get started on new projects and activities. The New Moon is happening on Monday and this represents an exciting fresh, action-packed phase. This is an ideal period to initiate, be daring, and be proactive, so if there’s anything you need to do get it onto the starting blocks. This is also a wonderful time to be dating, starting a new romance or planting the seeds of success in terms of your career.

A good strategy is to write down your intentions, make to-do lists and devise new goals and then act on them. Be inspired and take life by the scruff of the neck and live it.

The New Moon is in Cancer, so it’s good to choose goals that matter to you on an emotional level and will help you achieve a lot of satisfaction. It’s also a great time for family-related goals.

Mercury in Leo is square Jupiter and this represents a very creative and flamboyant position, this is not a good time for diets and self-restraint and it’s also a time when you may be more spendthrift, but it’s a good idea to think positive and to be forgiving.

Mars in Virgo is opposite Saturn and therefore patience is vital right now, it’s also important to follow the rules and to be consistent. So achievement right now is linked to being determined and diligent, so while you should be optimistic and set the bar high, you should also put in the hard work to achieve your goals.

Aries – Be your own best friend

This represents a really comfortable time for Aries, you are feeling more at peace with yourself and comfortable in your own skin. This is an excellent week to set about doing anything which will increase the value you get out of your life and the security you feel, so it’s an important time to address anything that is concerning or sitting in the back of your mind.

In terms of setting your goals and your intention, it’s very important to achieve closure right now,, so if you’re still slightly emotionally connected to an old partner it’s time to work on moving forward and focusing on achieving a sense of completion in that relationship in any which way you can. Often closure is about something that happens within you, it’s not always possible to do it externally, so you don’t always get the answers you want from other people, you have to search for that inside of yourself. Right now you have a keen insight into the emotions of others and therefore it’s good to take a step back and use your emotional intelligence to achieve that closure so that you’re not held back in your new goals.

This is an ideal time to be having work socials, you may be more likely to have fun and celebrate the summer with your colleagues and it’s a great time to develop a great friendship that may lead to romance with a colleague. This is also a wonderful time for short journeys, mini breaks, and quick getaways to exciting locations – not only if you’re dating but simply to kick-start you into a new phase of life.

In terms of marriage and relationships, it’s important that you decide what you think of yourself, you should not allow a partner’s opinions or criticisms to reign on your parade. They are entitled to their view but you don’t have to take that on board, so make sure that you are your own best friend and use self-care, don’t be reliant on others for approval.

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Taurus – Random Meetings

This is a really exciting time for interacting with different people, it’s great to hook up with strangers particularly to do with any hobbies or even your work, and start random conversations. In fact, this week it’s really important to engage with others, to exchange views, and to enjoy the process of brainstorming with other people. Often it’s through establishing communication on a mutual interest that you find someone whom you’re very compatible with romantically, that’s why it’s important to be open to having conversations with strangers, either in person and online is perfect too

You have to be slightly careful with your finances, you can be a little bit spendthrift and impulsive with money. It’s also important, in terms of career projects, not to throw good money after bad, you should stick to budgets and be careful that you have a clear strategy when you invest or spend on any promotional activities.

With Mars in Virgo and Mercury Square Jupiter, this is a really exciting time in romance, it’s certainly a period where the butterflies are fluttering around, you feel really enlivened and optimistic about romantic prospects and you definitely should be enjoying yourself. However, always make sure that everything is what it seems, keep your feet on the ground, and be pragmatic. One of the problems right now in romance is ignoring reality and focusing on the dream, so while you should definitely be positive about the direction of your romantic life, you should also be cautious about any warning notes and nip problems in the butt.

In terms of marriage, spontaneity, and humor are vital, it’s important that you and your partner have banter and lighthearted conversations. It’s probably not the best time to try and focus on anything that is particularly contentious, try and stay open to hearing different points of view, be a good listener and stay cool.

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Gemini – Behind the eyes

This is a good week for taking a relationship to the next level, you’re tending to feel more comfortable in your romantic relationships, more eager to commit, and thus you are beginning to open up. While Gemini are very chatty people, they often don’t like to talk about emotional matters and can be a little bit shy about showing affection and physical demonstrations of love, however this week it’s very important for you and your partner to be sensual and very romantic physically by pampering each other with massages or enjoying beautiful foods and wines. So it’s not so much about conversation right now, it’s about feeling a connection at an emotional and physical level.

This is a great time in business for capitalizing on Goodwill so exploit your current customer or client base use upselling and reward your customers to encourage repeat buying it’s a great time to grow your business through word of mouth and organically so be quite ambitious in terms of your financial goals

In marriage and long-term relationships, it’s important to be broad-minded and also to show your partner support. It’s often easier to get people on board when you encourage them rather than criticizing them, so while there may be times when some of your partner’s actions conflict with your own viewpoints, try to be subtle and diplomatic. Don’t present your objections to a partner in a very direct manner, try to pick on the positives and reinforce those and then gently review the negatives.

This week pragmatism and being logical is very important in relationships, so work through things on a daily basis and don’t get too far ahead of yourself.

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Cancer – The power is in your hands

With the New Moon happening in Cancer and Mercury Square Jupiter, this is an excellent time for a fresh new perspective. So while for some people a New Year’s resolution is important, for Cancer, this week is a time to redo your New Year’s resolutions and commit to things that will really open doors for you.

It’s time to say ‘enough is enough’, there’s no need to put up with situations that make you frustrated or unfulfilled, it’s time for a fresh new outlook, new activities, new hobbies, and a brand new you. This is a wonderful week to get a makeover, new haircut, spray tan and to do something to revolutionize your image so you can present a whole new impression of vibrant energy to the world.

With Mars in Virgo opposite Saturn, this is a very important time to be assertive in relationships, don’t let things pass you by, if there’s something you believe could make your relationship better or put it on a better track, this is the time to do it.

It’s an action phase, and while you should put new steps in motion to either improve your love life or improve your chances of finding the right person, you shouldn’t necessarily expect overnight results. Now is the time for you to create a brand new intention and a relationship goal, and then you can work on that for the rest of the year.

This is definitely a time when you must recognize your own power, don’t be fatalistic, or leave things to chance, your fate is in your hands.

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Leo – Clearing the deck for love

This is a really sociable time for Leo, but it’s very important for you to exhibit some awareness as sometimes you inadvertently give off the wrong signal to potential partners. So be more conscious of the impression you’re giving and choose your words wisely.

This week words have power and words can either alienate or create romantic opportunities, so make sure that you hit the right notes and are thoughtful in terms of what you say. Sometimes less is more, so in dating, try to be a good listener.

If you are married, sometimes boundaries and issues around finances can be bones of contention. It’s very important for you and your partner to work through any stresses, commitments, or obligations that you have to do with budgeting, finances or a business because once that’s out of the way, there’s time for love. However, anything hanging over your head can really dampen the mood, so the key to romance in love is to deal with the tricky stuff first and get it out the way.

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Virgo – New perspectives for you and your partner

This is a really fantastic, outgoing, exciting, and sociable phase. This is certainly the time to embrace your adventurous spirit by joining new groups, organizations and meeting new people with whom you share either interests or a passion, as this is a wonderful way to reinvigorate your life and find love.

This is definitely not a time to be shy, life is happening right now, there’s no time like the present and therefore you need to get acting on all the hopes and dreams that you normally put on the back burner.

The New Moon in Cancer indicates that this is a wonderful time to form new friendships, and it’s also important for you and your marriage partner to be making new friends with different people who can bring novel perspectives and ideas into your life, as that can help spark passion.

It’s important to keep all problems in perspective, they are always going to be excuses and concerns that stop us from living life, but we have to learn to compartmentalize, be assertive, and hardworking in terms of the work commitments or other obligations you have, but don’t let that dominate your life, this is definitely a time to be outgoing and to have fun.

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Libra – Money Luck

With Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus, this can be a lucky week with money. It’s important to exploit your networks and also listen for new information on the grapevine, often adopting new technology or being the first to act on a piece of emerging news or a trend can help you to capitalize financially.

This week it’s really important that your partner supports your goals, however, good communication is essential in getting your partner on board. It may be important for you to give your partner a little bit of background on why certain things are a priority, people will generally be more supportive if they have things fully explained to them. So take the time to have important discussions with your partner about your priorities and needs this week or your goals in general and they are likely to come around to your way of thinking.

This can be a good time for your sex life, but literature and information is absolutely vital, so the more you discuss your sex life, watch sexy films, or read erotic literature together, the better your sex life.

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Scorpio – Bucket List

This week it’s really important to have a game plan, the year is speeding by and you still have plenty of time to make this year memorable, but in order for it to be so you need to think ahead to what will really excite you and add value to your life. So right now is a great time for making plans and arrangements for the rest of the year to make sure this is one where you made important progress in terms of your personal growth and taking items off The Bucket List.

In relationships, it’s really important for you and your partner to be tolerant and open-minded, you have to be able to distinguish red-line issues from issues that are ephemeral and only matter for a brief period. Ephemeral issues are not make or break, whereas there are other fundamental issues that can be more of a challenge, and you need to know the difference.

This is a positive time for extending an olive branch, improving understanding, and having fun with your partner, but as always, it’s very important to see your problems in perspective and to learn to laugh about things. Having fun, laughter and stimulating conversation are absolutely vital in relationships, what you don’t want now is too much emotion or anything that smacks of control or prying. So even if something’s bugging you, sometimes it’s best to just let it be.

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Sagittarius – Fit for love

During this week, workplace romances can be very successful, so if you have had your eye on a colleague, this is a great time to make a move and let them know how you feel.

This might also be a week when you travel or attend conferences or training related to your work, and this may also be a fantastic opportunity to meet someone. However, another amazing way to meet a new partner is through fitness and health goals, so it could be through your pursuit of better health and fulfilling health targets that you also meet a new beau.

In marriages, it’s important to encourage your partner to improve their diet as sometimes embarking on a healthy regime together can be what you need to connect again

This is a good time to improve your sex life by using aphrodisiac foods and also avoiding alcohol and caffeine, so good diet can also lead to more amorousness in the bedroom.

It’s very important to be thoughtful in marriage, and one way to be thoughtful is to care about your partner’s health because that speaks volumes. So share tips, make an effort to cook healthier meals or cook in a healthier way and make lifestyle changes with your partner as this can be important for bonding.

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Capricorn – Start as you mean to go on

With the New Moon in Cancer, this is an excellent time for a positive change in direction in terms of your relationship. If you guys are generally happy and satisfied it’s a terrific time for date nights, for more affection, and for setting relationship goals that can inspire you both and help you to bond over mutual concerns.

Even if your relationship has been a little bit rocky, this is certainly a time to turn over a new page. It’s important to set out your stall and to resolve to do things differently, it may be a good time to begin marriage counseling, but whatever’s gone before, it’s important to start with a fresh mindset and a new perspective, because whatever you start now can make a huge impression.

In terms of dating, this is not a great time to be internet dating, meeting someone who lives very far away or entering a long distance relationship. Those relationships are not going to work out as they are far too complicated and there can be more questions than answers, resulting in a lot of self-doubt, confusion and always looking for the truth which seems to be elusive.

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Aquarius – Web of Fantasy

This week Aquarius are lucky in love, and if you happen to meet someone at a party, double dating or even through a dating app, this relationship can be particularly successful.
The best relationships are with people who you share common interests and hobbies with, or where you are introduced through mutual friends.

In general, this is a great time for new romantic relationships, this is also a really good time for rebooting your sex life. So if you and your partner have felt disinterested, very tired or you just feel the passion has gone away, this is an excellent time to think about ideas and then to take practical steps to get your sex life back on track. Practical steps can be finding more time for relaxation, eating a better diet, and clearing the diary so that there are guaranteed days of the week when you can allow a little bit of an ambience to build and you can create an enticing web of fantasy

You do need to be a little bit cautious in terms of romantic communication, you relate better to people ‘face to face’, sometimes problems in relationships set in if you’re using WhatsApp or text message. Thus whether it comes to new relationships or in your marriage, try and sit down at the table and have a good old-fashioned conversation with the television and the devices in another room, because that’s the best way to properly understand each other. It’s important in terms of relationships to do mirroring and eye contact, otherwise, things can get distorted and it can lead to miscommunication.

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Pisces – Youth Dew

With the New Moon in Cancer, this is a really positive month for romance, so it’s a good time for you and your partner (or if you’re dating) to be doing things that are carefree, it’s important to be playful, and you need to tap into the child within. It’s an excellent time for you and your partner to do things with your children or attend their activities, particularly if you are proud of them because that also creates a sense of shared achievement, even nostalgia and this all feeds into romance. Sometimes hanging out with young people helps remind you of what it’s like to be young and this could actually make you feel a little bit romantic.

Youthfulness is the key to romance for you Piscean ladies looking for love. It’s a very good month to be dating and out on the party scene, so whatever’s gone before, cast aside preconceptions and date with confidence.

This is actually an ideal week for marriage, so congratulations if you are getting married or if you’ve planned an engagement as it’s off to a very auspicious start.

Do be careful financially, this is not a good week to be splashing out, so be careful when you are dating that you and your partner have some good ground rules in terms of who pays for what, because sometimes dating can leave you a little bit out of pocket, especially if your partner is splashing out.

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This is a wonderful week for new opportunities, embracing fun and making sure you enjoy life.

Don’t make excuses, there’s no time like the present for positive change in relationships.

The themes for this week are:

  • New projects
  • Enjoying life
  • Dating and date nights
  • Forgiveness
  • Family events
  • Emotional growth

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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