Weekly Tarotscope for January 15th – 21st

Hello Sweethearts,

As we stand on the threshold of the mystical and unexplored, the cards come alive, whispering secrets of the future in a language only they comprehend. This collection of tarot readings is a journey into the realm of anticipation, where every drawn card is a spark, igniting the flames of curiosity and unraveling the threads of fate.

Anticipation is a dance with the unknown, a waltz with possibilities yet to manifest. Each shuffle of the cards is a step closer to the revelation, an unveiling of the cosmic script written just for you. The tarot, as our guide, beckons us to embrace the excitement of the unseen, to eagerly await the narratives that will unfold in the chapters ahead.

In these readings, the cards become our companions on this anticipatory quest, illuminating the shadows and casting light on the mysterious paths that lie ahead. So, let the enchantment of anticipation guide you through this tarot odyssey, where every turn of the card is a chapter in the grand story of your destiny, waiting to be told.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – King of Cups Reversed

A reversed King of Cups represents a mature and loving period where you exude warmth and let your emotions influence your life. However it’s important not to be too dependent on others and to see yourself through the eyes of others. You may fall into delusions or seek bizarre forms of escapism to keep emotional pain at bay.

This alerts you to any aspect of life where you feel trapped or co-dependent. The most important thing right now is to see yourself and others as they actually are, with clarity and empathy but not with any sense of dependence or weakness.

In a relationships, the reversed King of Cups suggests that you may feel confused about your love life and you and your partner’s emotions are out of sync. You are uncertain about your true feelings, and may feel restless but you need to ensure you don’t overshare. Find creative and artistic outlets until you feel more settled emotionally.

Take new relationships very slowly as the state of emotional flux means nothing is certain.

Taurus – The Empress Reversed

In terms of relationships, the Empress Reversed indicates that you are feeling a little frustrated because you do not have an avenue within your relationship to express your true thoughts and feelings and you are obliged to bottle up. This is a time when you realize the full value of good friends and family with whom you can confide and vent.

It’s also important to meditate and write down your feelings in a journal in order to make sense of your emotions and separate these from your partner’s. Reflection is an important way to create boundaries.

This card could suggest a waiting game where you are dependence on a new partner finishing a relationship or getting themselves sorted before they can commit to, or make an effort in your relationship with them.

Whenever you are struggling in a relationship, the first move is to take some time to yourself in order to reflect and reboot your energy levels and your belief in yourself.

Unravel how past relationships have impacted your perspectives and reflex reactions thus impacting your ability to truly love and trust another person.

Gemini – High Priestess

This card asks you to acknowledge your gut feel, so if a relationship no longer feels right, then it probably is not. You should trust your inner voice to guide you to what the best path forward is.

When the High Priestess appears it represents the potential to find a perfect partner, a person who’s empathetic but who can be mysterious, secretive but incredibly enticing!

In committed relationships, your emotional reactions are more intense as you are attuned to your heart, your feelings and these are linked to unconscious motivations, meaning your approach to love is often non-logical, but it’s authentic all the same and so don’t resist spontaneous expressions of emotion and feeling.

Pay attention to your dreams and intuition and seek to discover aspects of your relationship which could require greater foresight and wisdom in order to avoid potential pitfalls down the road. Solutions are definitely developing but not through logic or intellect but through your intuition so listen to your inner voice.

Cancer – Hierophant

This is an important card for stability, loyalty and commitment.

If you are looking for love, the Hierophant increases certainty and you and a partner may have constructive conversations about the relationship’s future and the aspirations you share. This is also a highly favorable card for engagement or wedding planning.

You have a strong desire to be in a committed and structured relationship, this means you will reject flirtatious and fickle people and seek potential partners who show ambition, resolve or even strong religious convictions.

Conventional ways of finding a partner are likely to be successful, rather than taking an alternative path i.e. apps and speed dating.

If your relationship is struggling, the Hierophant suggests that you are committed to the relationship because it feels like the right thing to do and you have the strength to soldier on with the belief that it will turn the corner.

Spirituality, the Hierophant is quite important as it represents traditional ways of accessing the other realms IE prayer, religion and rituals or your spiritual heritage through your culture and how that’s shaped you and impacts your relationship.

Leo – The Emperor

Now this is a sign of self-control and exercising authority, it’s important to take control of your life, your environment and your relationships. It’s important for you to feel like you have the power, but the only way you can understand what power really is, is by exercising it and that’s by pushing boundaries, opening up new opportunities and starting discussions with your partner.

This is a time for tough love, you need to take a firm hand with both your partner and those people you love, let them know that NO means NO and that when you say, YES, you are going to go for it, so it’s time to show everybody your intention, your decisiveness and to mean business.

If you are looking for love, this may well be a time when you fall in love with your boss or someone in the business world. You will be drawn to people who are established and who exude a more mature persona.

You are looking for someone who may not express their feelings, but who gives over a vibe of strength which you find comforting and reassuring. You’re less likely to be attracted to the kind of artistic, romantic and emotional yet incapable men because you want to sense their power and strength.

Virgo – Ace of Cups

Now this is a time of focusing on spiritual and emotional well-being, it’s important that your relationship is not making you feel distressed, anxious or undermined, so it’s time to take a step back from relationships that are stressing you out and find your safe space so that you can regain strength and reenter the relationship with a renewed perspective and a desire to tackle those problems and get the relationship back on the right track.

This is not necessarily a time of wading in and being very proactive, as understanding must come first, so whether you are trying to improve a relationship or seeking a relationship, you have to first connect with your inner voice and wisdom so that you can establish the right way forward.

Once you’ve have a clear sense of what you want, then it’s time to step back into the dating game with a plan, or to re-engage with your partner with a clear strategy.

Libra – Queen of Swords

This card suggests a period of complexity, so what’s important right now is not to gloss over details or assume that anything is simple, because this card reveals hidden motivations, vested interests and people within your friendship groups can be playing games which could undermine your relationship.

This is definitely a time to steer clear of those friends with benefits relationships or even dating someone in your existing dating circle, however it is a great time to step away from your comfort zone socially and meet totally different types of people who can re-inspire, invigorate you and imbue you with a sense of the possibilities for your future.

Whether you are dating or married, this is a time to tell people how it is, to get your point across and make sure you clear up any confusion. Try to get to the truth of the matter, do it in a way that is direct but still a little bit diplomatic, because people are quite sensitive right now.

Remember to set a tone of frankness in relationships, because when you are frank that encourages other people to be frank and forthright, which is what you need in relationships right now.

Scorpio – King of Wands

This is a powerful card indicating a time of creativity, ideas and the willingness to take a few chances. This is a time to be your capable Scorpio self, don’t let anything stand in your way, whatever state of mind your partner is in, it’s important to detach from his anxieties, insecurities and worries, and don’t let that be a reflection on yourself.

Don’t let anyone rain on your parade, even if the partner you are dating or you are committed to is a bit of a Danny Downer, that mustn’t impact your thought process or your positivity, because this is your time to shine. In relationships you can set a good example by being positive and proactive.

Right now there’s never a dull moment, it’s an energetic time for you and you should try and associate with other people who mirror your energy, so this is a great time to meet new people who share your passions. So key to dating is connecting with someone who’s as fired up about the same things as you are, as that’s the best start.

Sagittarius – Page of Swords

Now the appearance of this card indicates that you are eager to follow through on ideas, so if there’s anything that you’ve been thinking about doing or contemplating, now is the time to take action and to either experiment with the ideas or follow through on a plan.

However, it’s also important to bring others around to your way of thinking, so it’s important to communicate your intention with your partner or your family and do your best to inspire them. You do best when everyone is on board.

This is a passionate time in love, you’re more likely to speak with your heart and to express with what’s on your mind, so the best relationships right now are those where your partner is up for debate and in a robust and healthy frame of mind.

You struggle right now with a partner with whom you have to walk on eggshells because of their sensitivities, if your partner is rather blue or melancholy you definitely need your space from that vibe.

You aren’t really keen on emotional confrontations right now, so you want to be avoiding new partners who tend towards drama and who can be a little bit too sensitive, you want to go for someone a little bit thick skinned with a good sense of humor, who sees the cup as half full.

Capricorn – Death

I always have to caveat this card by saying, please don’t worry, this is very unlikely to mean a literal death, the death card simply means the end of a cycle and a transfer to new beginnings. So it signifies the need for closure or perhaps detoxifying, so this can be a great incentive to do a detox, diet, dry January etc. or to separate yourself from any unhealthy relationships.

The death card also means facing up to realities and being totally honest with yourself. Transformations are absolutely possible now and these can be within the love sphere, so you have to be positive and open to different possibilities so that the new era is welcomed in. The motto for this card is, a door closes but windows open.

This is definitely a time of shedding: so the positive development of your relationships is all about shedding point of view, beliefs or attitudes that are no longer appropriate and developing more positive attitudes which will lead to healthier and stronger relationships.

New relationships can be formed when you step out of comfort zones.

Aquarius – Six of Pentacles

This is a time when sharing is really important, so those of you who are single will feel a strong need to embark on a new relationship.

You should be in a position right now where a positive new union is within your grasp, but remember, it’s important to gravitate people who you already have a good knowledge of: for example, people within your friendship circle or that you know through work or networking. It’s not a good time to jump into a brand new relationship with someone who you have no knowledge of or have met online.

This card suggests a period where you can benefit from the generosity of others, it may be that your husband or romantic partner has good advice, is able to help you out financially or it may be a sense of karma, where a kindness that you’ve done for a partner is now returned to you.

This is definitely a period where the beauty of receiving and the gratitude and appreciation you experience has a special spiritual value.

While this is not a time to be submissive, it is a time to be conciliatory and easy going in relationships, a certain amount of give and take is absolutely vital.

Pisces – Five of Pentacles Reversed

The reversed five of pentacles symbolizes a positive vibe representing light at the end of the tunnel and a shining star which you are about to follow. This particular card symbolizes that a period of either difficulty, striving or hard work is passing through and you’re ready to reap the rewards.

In terms of relationships, even if you have struggled, this indicates the worst is now over and while changes won’t happen overnight, you are definitely on the way up. In the modern parlance, you may have hit rock bottom and the only way is up, so there’s every reason to be positive.

If you have felt lonely or depressed, this is a time where you will begin to find more stable relationships and you will reap a lot of emotional healing through new people coming your life.

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Summing up

As we traverse the third week of January 2024, allow the enduring wisdom of the Tarot to be your unwavering guide. Whether you find yourself exploring the expansive landscapes of Sagittarius or navigating the transformative path unveiled by Capricorn, the Tarot remains your steadfast companion.

Consistently, it mirrors your journey, revealing concealed truths and casting a guiding light onto the unfolding path.

Should this week’s Tarot revelations kindle a spark of curiosity, inviting you to plunge deeper into the profound realm of Tarot readings, hesitate no more. Embark on a personal journey into the mysteries that await and claim your complimentary Tarot reading by clicking the link below:

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May the Tarot cards continue to animate your imagination, offering unwavering guidance and empowerment as you navigate your unique passage through the ever-shifting energies of life. Until our paths intertwine once more, may your journey be illuminated by the radiance of wisdom and the warmth of love.

In the spirit of the season,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,


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