Weekly Love Horoscope for January 15th – 21st

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This month it’s like the temperature dial is rising, so even if it’s really cold where you live, the intensity in terms of relationships, desire and ambition is on the up. So while the week starts quietly, by the end of the week you are feeling a lot more motivated, your desires are stimulated and it’s a great time to go after what you want particularly as it is still in the waxing moon period.

The Sun is sextile Neptune and then conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, which is why it’s quite intense, but it’s also a time when you are very wise and intuition is heightened. Mercury is heading into Capricorn sex style Saturn in Pisces which brings a lot of structure and analytical ability to the week, so a good time for logical thinking and reasonable discussions in relationships.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Show ’em what you got

Sun sextile Neptune in Pisces is a fantastic indicator that your intuition is a great guiding force right now, it’s an ambitious time, but it’s very important for you to go with your heart because things that you are emotionally involved in tend to be very successful.

This is an awesome time for your public life, so whether it’s in terms of career or your social life, it’s a great time to make a good impression on other people, so you really want to be stepping out and showing others what you’ve got.

You are more radiant and charismatic right now, which suits single Aries perfectly in the dating sphere, because you are projecting a very powerful energy and there’s nothing more attractive than confidence and power. So it’s certainly a time to express that forthright, energized and positive Aries persona because that is when you are strong.

The week days of this week are excellent for discussions in terms of your marriage and for making decisions as a couple, or even raising important issues about what the priorities should be for the year ahead.

It’s a good time for organizing your finances and also for discussing each other’s careers and how that might impact the marriage, but the weekend is awesome for romance, quiet little candlelit dinners and a small break away, even if it’s a road trip.

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Taurus – A Word to the Wise

With the Sun in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces, other people are really important to you, so this is a time to reconnect with friends, to hang out and maybe attend events or gatherings with other people. It’s a good time to be more social, but any social activity should be quite relaxed as this is not a great time for any really stressful activities or gatherings which tend to be hectic.

This is a perfect week for meeting up with friends to go on a trip or hang out by the pool or the fire. Depending where you’re at in terms of your relationships, if you are dating, it’s a great time for you and a partner to be exploring, trying new things and meeting each other’s friends.

It’s time to get really comfortable with a new partner as that level of ease between you is a gateway to romance, so romance is not something you can dive into, it’s more something that has to be cultivated in a slow and steady way by first engaging in activities that are really relaxing and which bring you a lot of joy.

In terms of marriage, with Sun conjunct Pluto, it’s very important to be a supportive and positive influence to your partner, however don’t just be a people pleaser, what your partner really benefits from right now is good advice and for you to sometimes play devil’s advocate.

Help your partner to see things from all angles and together you should maintain an open mind, the biggest problem in relationships right now is being narrow-minded or thinking too small, couples who tend to see things from multiple perspectives thrive.

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Gemini – Decisive and Determined

With Sun conjunct Pluto and Mercury entering Capricorn sextile Saturn, this is a very intense, yet also a serious week. It’s time to get down to business and to be really honest with yourself, this can be a time when those of you who have worked on yourselves and who are really in tune with your true needs can meet a partner who could be a soulmate, and you could form a really lasting fulfilling attachment.

Any new relationship right now should have a lot of chemistry the hormones should be buzzing, and you should feel really excited on both a sexual and spiritual level about the new person. There will be no question right now will you meet the right person, you will know it, if you don’t feel it, it’s not going to happen.

This week, with your ruler Mercury sextile Saturn and Sun conjunct Pluto, relationships need a great deal of thought as this is not a time to be complacent or superficial. If you are wise, any emerging problems can now be nipped in the bud by being decisive and showing leadership in the relationship, however if you’re inclined to make excuses and hide away from difficult decisions, these can escalate.

So the message in relationships now, is be brave, be confident as this is a time of problem-solving, but you’ve got to start somewhere, so get started.

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Cancer – Turning Point

The Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is a pivotal time for relationships, particularly ongoing relationships or marriages. This is a time when important decisions need to be made and you can cross the Rubicon right now, the power is in your hands, but to the extent that you recognize your power and use it wisely, it will determine how the relationship goes from here on out.

This may be a time when you walk away from a relationship because you realize it has become toxic, but it can also be a time when you and a partner make a radical decision to put the past behind you and move forward in a totally new way.

However whichever way it works out, this is a time when the same old same old no longer suffices and you have to step bravely into new territory.

For new relationships, the important thing is communication, being on the same wavelength and being good listeners.

Communication right now is not necessarily free flowing but it should be interesting and constructive, so a new mate and yourself may not entirely click, but there’s certainly enough curiosity to keep you digging and you should stick with it, don’t expect a new relationship to go from 0 to 100 in a week.

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Leo – Digging Deep

Sun sextile Neptune in Pisces and Mercury in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces indicate a very reflective time for Leo a time when you need to be both logical and rational, but also to tune in to what your subconscious is telling you. Right now you cannot rule out gut feel and it should be part of any relationship or financial decision.

This is certainly a time to tread carefully as what is in essential is invisible to the eye and what you don’t want to be doing right now in any relationship, new or old, is taking a superficial view, always dig deeper, don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do and see what messages are being replayed you in subconsciously or inadvertently.

Really good relationships should be supportive and your partner thoughtful, if you’re with a partner who seems cold and disinterested in your needs or your emotions then it’s definitely a time to take a step back.

In a good relationship be nurturing but keep your boundaries, in a relationship that’s struggling, take a big step back and reassess.

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Virgo – Sensitive Soulmate

Now this week there are many interesting things going on, even if you are involved in a fairly new romance, suddenly it’s got deeper, but also a lot more complicated.

So right now the approach in new relationships is slow and steady, be observant and pay attention to your partner’s love language, everyone expresses their emotions and their desires in a different way and right now it’s important not to become disconcerted because a new partner isn’t showing you the signs that you want to see, keep with it and be patient and persevering.

In terms of commitment and ongoing relationships, be patient and compassionate right now as your partner may be struggling or they may be withdrawn. It’s possible that they are experiencing things they don’t necessarily want to talk about, so use your powers of intuition to second guess them and be more sensitive.

This is definitely not a time when you should be critical in a relationship and it’s probably a good idea to avoid any really important decisions because they’ll be probably have too much emotion saturated into those decisions which could just disrupt logic.

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Libra – Handle with Care

This 3rd week of January is another good week for organizing property, it also is a great time for ongoing arrangements, repairs or renovations that you’re doing to your property.

Family matters are a little bit complicated right now, but it’s important for you and your partner to work on these constructively and not to allow them to drag you down. The key when dealing with things, even if they are tricky, is taking one thing at a time, the details matter and while sometimes it’s good to take a broad view, at other times you really just have to focus on getting the small things right because that can get the ball rolling.

It’s vital to remember whether you are dating or in a committed relationship, there’s lots of hidden tensions and vested interests in the family sphere, so tread really carefully when it comes to dealing with his parents or siblings because there may be things that you really don’t understand and therefore you don’t want to weigh in heavy handed.

For those of you who are single, you should be quite careful of workplace romance as right now, although there may be a potential for a relationship that works out over the long term, it definitely needs to be taken slowly.

The weekend is great for all types of romance, but definitely go for activities that are quite relaxing and comforting rather than anything that forces you to go beyond what you are comfortable with.

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Scorpio – Emotional Engagement

Scorpio are really restless this week, it is a great time for those of you who are looking for more dating opportunities and who are perhaps thinking of joining an app , starting a new activity or hanging out with some new friends as a way of broadening your social circles and connecting with a prospective partner.

Remember, although this is a good time for meeting someone new, you should work on the friendship first, because right now the gateway to love is through friendship rather than embarking on something really intense and involving right from the get-go.

In love, it’s so important to keep your options open, so don’t back yourself into a corner.

With Sun conjunct Pluto and Mercury entering Capricorn, it’s really important in a relationship, particularly committed relationships and marriage, that you feel able to express yourself as if you feel a partner is disinterested in what you have to say or if they are very authoritarian and dogmatic in terms of their own opinions, you can begin to detach and you will seek other outlets.

You may even lose interest in a distant relationship, but if your partner is willing to hear you out and takes you seriously, that really counts and helps your cement the relationship because you feel valued.

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Sagittarius – Urgent

With Sun conjunction Pluto and Mercury sextile Saturn in Pisces, emotional matters come to a head this week.

This is a time where anything that is either bothering you or exciting you becomes more urgent, you feel a high level of desire, you can be quite impulsive and you have low impulse control, so this is a great spur to action to deal with anything that represents an opportunity or to do with problems solving.

However, sometimes when it comes to relationships, you can be a little bit too blunt and not diplomatic, so remember that although you are feeling a lot of intensity, sometimes you have to walk on eggshells with other people particularly family members who are feeling a lot more sensitive and touchy right now.

In terms of a romance, sometimes you can feel really captivated by someone and it may feel to you that this relationship has an awesome amount of potential, but it’s too early to tell yet, so it’s important not to jump the gun.

In a relatively new relationship, if you’ve been dating a while, this is a time where you really want to see commitment and it could be a good time for an ultimatum if the relationship is moving too slowly or not moving.

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Capricorn – Better Boundaries

Now this is a really interesting week, we have Mercury entering your sign of Capricorn sextile Saturn and Sun conjunct Pluto also in Capricorn, this is definitely a time to think big, to be strategic and to generate ideas. This is certainly a time to seek inspiration and to tackle life in an ingenious way.

Communication and also variety are really important for you in new relationships and existing relationships, so don’t be shy. This is a time to express yourself and make plans for you and a partner, but it’s important to be unafraid of new challenges, this should be an ambitious time when you are expansive and look to break down barriers.

Even though boundaries are really important in relationships, this is a time when you must set appropriate boundaries, in some cases all boundaries should be reviewed so the relationships can grow, and there may need to be slightly new boundaries too to account for changing circumstances.

So in a relationships, be more daring, express yourself, be a little bit revealing, and the magical will happen.

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Aquarius – Hammer to Fall

Sun is conjunct Pluto very close to the cusp of Aquarius indicating very many powerful emotions are aroused, this is a time when you tend to experience strong feelings of ESP and intuition and yet you may not be sure how to act on them, yet this is definitely a time for you to prepare for something big to happen and it’s essential to be well prepared when it comes to dating and new relationships.

This is definitely a time when you need to be a good listener and learn to understand your partner, but it’s also an awesome time for discussing fantasies and exploring together when it comes to brainstorming your intimate life. So this can be rather a tender and delicate phase in relationships where you broach new ideas and get really excited.

In terms of committed relationships it’s very important that you show your partner a lot of commitment and reassurance, often during this stage communication is fragile which can easily lead to mistrust, but if you make sure you are clear and straightforward you can avoid these problems.

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Pisces – Communication Camaraderie

This is a really important week in terms of work and employment, you can get a lot of job satisfaction and you can also make a good impression on your colleagues.

Now because your work is a focus this week, relationships involving a colleagues tend to fair very well and it’s also a great time to be attending work related events whether conferences, work travel or training because this is an excellent place to meet people with whom you have a lot in common.

In terms of all relationships, intellectual compatibility is very important, so even if a relationship is struggling, if you can work on conversing on mutual interests or developing new interests together this should strengthen the relationship.

In terms of marriage and committed relationships, it’s important to be flexible and go with the flow, it’s also vital to have a strong sense of priorities aa there will be many distractions this week and you don’t want to make too much of inconsequential details, so always look at the broader picture and don’t allow yourself to be flustered or confused by the small things that are generally ephemeral and will fade into insignificance in the coming weeks.

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This is a potentially powerful week but some of the effects are quite subtle, it’s important to be intuitive and mindful, observation is key. This is also a time when communication should be constructive and not over the top, it’s vital to keep promises and be consistent and it’s important to pay attention and be a good listener. This is definitely a time to focus on what is substantial and to not make assumptions.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • ESP
  • Intensity
  • Money Plans
  • Ideas
  • Understanding
  • Consistency
  • Honesty

See you again next week.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope for January 15th – 21st

  1. As an Aquarius I make friends easily and keep them. This time with Taurus/Steve I want it ‘all’ romance and friendship. 2024 is a transformative
    year for him. He is no ordinary man. How do I let go of my feelings and become his trusted friend? Since he has no relationship experience at age 71, I have done the chasing. He responds but now I know he has to want me and initiate contact. I am 71.
    There is a mutual project we can work on together.
    What should my role be?
    Seven months ago I wanted a relationship and he said friends. I went no contact for 5 weeks and then death brought us in contact.
    I have learned patience.
    Friendship is the best part of me. I feel a deep primal side of him exists but he keeps it hidden. We have talked about it.
    I feel his dominance but he has made his way in the world by being kind.
    I was married twice. Once ended in divorce after 9 years. The other ended in death 3 years ago after 21 years married to another Taurus! I annulled my first marriage last year.
    I moved to a new community 2 + years ago. I made friends and support Art and Civic issues. My life activities are ongoing. It is my feelings which keep me
    attached. I am not used to feeling this way. I gave him a Christmas card that said transformation is challenging and that I would be beside him every step of the way. I know he likes his routines and does not embrace change. Do I remain a steady influence or back off entirely?

    1. Dear Desera,

      Your Taurus man Steve probably needs quite a bit of affection from your end to feel loved.
      Whenever you can make sure to touch his arm, give him a hug or offer him a massage. Trust me, he’s going to respond super positively to your touch. When a Taurus man feels like he’s getting enough affection, his heart starts to open up.
      This is because he feels relaxed and it’s a good sign that you’re into him, because sometimes he can be rather insecure and unsure if a woman is interested in him or not. That is why he keeps such a high wall; he’s afraid of being humiliated through rejection.
      So, if you can show him little physical gestures that you like him more than most, he’s guaranteed to be more willing to open up to you emotionally. Honestly, being sensual with him is the way to his heart.
      I hope all goes well for you both!

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