Weekly Tarotscope for April 24th – 30th

Hello Sweethearts,

How has last week treated you? Have your previous week’s card resonated with you or gave you the guidance you needed? Let me know in the comments, but only after you finish reading your weekly tarotscope for April 24th to 30th aka last week of April.

We already entered the Taurus season on April 20th that is now going to be felt on a deeper level. Things get more stability now – which is great for almost any area of your life.

If you’re looking for clarity, than this week might be it! Focus on what’s bothering you the most, and the answers will come.

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Now, let’s get going. As always, remember to read your Sun sign, Rising and Moon sign’s tarot card for a higher accuracy.

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Aries – The Fool Reversed

This week can be quite liberating for you, Darling. Your impetuous, impulsive Aries nature is stimulated, and you like to live in the spur of the moment rather than planning ahead, but you can be a little bit of a headache for a partner who is slightly more cautious and risk-averse. If your partner is also a fire sign, then it’s all systems go as the passions are around, and the sexual side of the relationship will definitely be stimulated with a lot of excitement.

This could be a rather nerve-wracking week where events are quite tense, and things are up in the air or get left until the last moment. It’s very important to maintain a positive attitude and to hang in there because it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

While it’s excellent for you as an Aries to release this spontaneous energy in the sporting area arena, within romance, hobbies or in your sex life, when it comes to financial transactions, please be careful of being taken advantage of because you can be inclined to rush headlong into things that you don’t quite understand and your needs to heed any words of advice a partner offers.

When it comes to your finances, you need to do your due diligence, don’t be excessively cautious but certainly be armed with all information necessary.

In new romance, don’t hold back, go for it and make your move.

Taurus – The Sun

This is a great time to be positive and proactive because, as a hardworking Taurus, you can achieve a lot of success and get the recognition you desire. This is a fairly lucky week for you, and so it’s important for you to go all out when it comes to your work and allow your positive radiant energy to flow

You are particularly charming right now, and people are drawn to you because you are positive and you radiate warmth and good vibes. This can mean that you are a little bit of a flirt, but that doesn’t mean to say you’re disloyal; you are just enjoying the kind of influence you have over men right now and the positive reactions you are getting from your social circles.

This is an excellent time to be dating, especially within your workplace, because you are a lot more alluring and romantic. You are especially drawn to guys who work in your industry and with whom you can share trade secrets and encourage each other in your ambitions.

You are more likely to rack up achievements, and you will experience a renewed sense of pride in your work, so it’s very important to take a work your work to the next level.

In marriage, you will get a lot of certainty from your partner, but this is in part because you are projecting a lot or strength. The more you know what you want and understand what you stand for, the better relationships progress.

Gemini – Eight of Wands

This is a fantastic time for Gemini and your partner to jet off on a mini-break or to an exciting destination. This card is very favorable for air travel in particular, and if you are travelling for business, or if you guys are travelling for pleasure, it should be a lucky and enjoyable trip.

This card represents an atmosphere of high energy and enthusiasm for Gemini. You are always fun to be with because you are a live wire, but during this phase, you are particularly excitable. Thus, if you’re in a new relationship, you want things to move really quickly, and you are very expressive. However, you are just as interested in your ambitions as you are in the relationship sphere, and so your partner has to share you with your work.

In regular relationships, you can be quite impatient. Your motto right now is, “Strike while the iron is hot,” and so if there’s any opportunity that you have gotten a whiff of, you’re going to want to race after it. This can make you quite unpredictable because you don’t want to allow anything to slip from your grasp; on the other hand, this is a great time for you to grab an opportunity that could change your and your partner’s lives.

This is an awesome time for dating because you are in a really sparky mood, and you are able to ‘wow’ a partner through your ability to grab a partner or potential partner’s attention and generate interesting ideas for dates and new activities.

Cancer – Nine of Wands

The message right now is that you are almost at the pinnacle, but there are still a few hurdles to go, so there’s no time to slacken the pace, stay hyper-vigilant and focused.

The meaning of this card, is to stay the pace and don’t give up, because you will achieve your goals. It’s important in your love relationships to be resilient: relationships are full of ups and downs, people are unpredictable and moody, and they lose their temper, but we can’t control what other people do; we can only control the way we react! It’s important for you right now to react in a measured way and to maintain an inner sense of contentment that is unshakable.

Remember, you are fabulous, and you should not allow anyone else’s criticism to impact your self-esteem because it may not be founded on reality. So, even if you are feeling bruised, just give yourself a break and stay self-assured and confident in your recent decisions.

In marriage and long-term relationships, trust is an issue, and it’s hard to feel totally secure with your partner, and you tend to be slightly more cynical and sceptical of other people’s motivations. This is why it’s important for you to maintain your boundaries and develop a strong sense of your own self-worth, irrespective of other people’s behavior.

Leo – King of Pentacles

The key right now is to maintain discipline and use that Leo determination to drive through and get the result you want.

This can be a very fortunate time in business; it’s also a time when the law of attraction holds firm. Thus whatever you want to draw into your life: be it the perfect relationship, an improved relationship, better sex or money etc., focusing strongly on the desired outcome, envisaging the end goal and devising some helpful mantras to encourage you is really important.

Any issues in relationships right now could be caused by a little bit of jealousy, and so if you feel your partner has backed off, it may be that they are just a tad envious of your recent successes.

A positive way to enhance love right now is through generosity and sharing. So whether it’s sharing your joy at your achievements, your money or your property, sharing shows caring. So don’t have strict boundaries when it comes to material things as if you share more liberally, relationships are enhanced.

Virgo – The Wheel of Fortune

The great thing about luck is it’s always changing, and you never know when a bad situation could suddenly turn into a blessing in disguise, and that is the attitude with which Virgo should approach love and life this week.

Recent good karma you’ve generated through kind and thoughtful deeds return to reward you.

On the other hand, it’s also sensible to be aware of all your actions because any mean or selfish actions can also come back to bite you; this is what the wheel of fortune is all about. Every action had a reaction.

Relationships are full of contrasts right now, there are ups and downs, rough and smooth, but within that, there is beauty and the potential for growth. Often when things in a relationship are one-tone, we don’t work as hard to develop a better understanding, but challenges in relationships are the catalyst for a deeper and more satisfying love to develop. So the important question in all your love relationships, both new and old, is: what can this teach me about myself and how I can improve the way I behave in relationships?

Libra – Two of pentacles

This is a wonderful card for Libra because it plays to your strengths, and that means achieving balance and being adaptable and conciliatory in love. However, it also brings another key element to the fore, which is knowing how to prioritize. So the key to success in your relationships and in balancing work and home life, is cutting out the nonsense and honing in on the key issues to make sure that you resolve these first.

It’s very important, when having discussions with your partner, not to get sidetracked into tangential issues. Make sure that you focus your concentration on the core points so that you can be productive when you have conversations, because this can help strengthen the relationship and generate a lot more respect for yourself.

In new relationships, this is definitely the time to avoid any gossip or any inclination to share things with a new partner that are not particularly relevant. When dating, it’s really important to be honest and get right to the point, so don’t mess around. This is a time to let a new partner know exactly what you want from life, where you are going and what you expect from a relationship.

Scorpio – Seven of Wands Reversed

This is a very competitive week, and it’s good to set the bar high and challenge yourself. It’s a wonderful time to do things that you haven’t done before, either by yourself or with a partner. This could be an excellent time to reinvigorate the relationship via you and your partner setting yourselves a goal that will be quite difficult yet incredibly rewarding and then starting working at this goal with a lot of enthusiasm.

During this week, you are more likely to gain attention from people who are important and have a greater feeling of success and that you achieving status in your life. You are likely to feel quite important but remember that pride comes before a fall.

In relationships, ego and pride can be stumbling blocks, so it’s important to remain humble and to stay laid back. The important thing in love and in your career, right now is don’t get ahead of yourself. Sometimes it feels like we can fly, but we haven’t actually learned to run yet, so everything in its time. Be patient.

Sagittarius – Five of Wands Reversed

This card suggests you are really conflict avoiding this week, and you will tend to brush things under the carpet. This is not a time when you deal particularly well with tension and drama, it makes you feel really uneasy, and you have a desire to make it go away. However, you should be careful that you don’t agree to things that your heart isn’t really in, or go along with things just for the sake of it. It’s important that you don’t compromise your self-respect or your boundaries, so while you should definitely avoid conflict because that will be wise, you should do so by being mindful of any future precedent you may set.

This is an excellent time for established relationships because there is a far more easy-going, laid-back attitude, and you tend to feel comfortable and safe with a regular partner. This is definitely a time when you are very appreciative of what you have, and you have the desire to do things that will create more harmony and enjoyment in your relationship. You have a very positive, warm attitude and you can bring a lot of joy to your partner, and if he is suffering in any way, you are sure to have the right advice on tap to help the situation or make him feel better.

You are a very comforting, good listener right now, especially in marriage and long-term relationships.

Capricorn – King of Cups

The key theme in life and love this week is to be considerate and wise in your dealings with other people. It’s so important not to jump the gun, everything will be revealed in its time, and some situations cannot be rushed. So the best thing you can do when it comes to both your job and dealing with your partner is to encourage rationality and a cool head.

The key to succeeding in your love relationships right now is graciousness and retaining emotional maturity. I know that I’m preaching to the converted, as I recognize that my Capricorn sweethearts are naturally women who have a grounded, common sense approach, but certain circumstances right now may encourage you to become a little bit more emotional and overwrought, so remember to be your level headed self. Stay in control of your emotions and make smart decisions, don’t let any circumstances, or the whims of other people, disconcert you or make you doubt yourself.

As the famous Kipling poem goes, when all about you are doubting you, make allowance for their doubting but don’t let them make you doubt yourself.

If you are looking for love, this is an excellent time to keep your eyes open because someone may be coming your way, although they could be playing their cards quite close to their chest at the moment, so you may not yet know of their feelings.

Aquarius – Nine of Pentacles

You are exuding self-confidence, and you are quite self-assured, however, because you Aquarius sweethearts are feeling rather self-sufficient and not needy, you may not be as inclined to seek out a relationship. If you are in a relationship, you may want to spend a little bit of time doing things independently. This is a great week to go off by yourself and do something that is immensely satisfying but really personal, something that you don’t necessarily want to share with others.

In terms of your work, it’s an ideal time to strike out alone, start your own business, become self-employed or go freelance because there’s an enormous amount of satisfaction to be gained from solo pursuits. Even if you are in employment, you could get the buzz from doing something yourself or by having a little bit of a side hustle.

During this phase, you can benefit from the increased level of trust that you have worked on with a partner. If you and your partner have excellent communication, you should find it easy to get the space you need. However, if you find that your partner is reticent about you doing your own thing, it is a big indication that there’s something lacking in terms of trust and communication, so it’s a good signal in terms of what you can work on in the coming weeks.

Pisces – Queen of Wands

This is the time to give things your heart and soul, so whether it is a new relationship or a personal project, the more you throw yourself into it with all your might, the more you will achieve the results you want. This is certainly not a time when any half-hearted or lackluster attempt bears fruit.

If your relationships just aren’t working out as you’d hoped, this is a chance for one last major effort to get things to work, or you walk away. So the attitude is: it’s all or nothing at all and you’re gonna give it one last shot.

This is a wonderful time for Pisces who are dating because you are naturally more extroverted, and you should seek out situations where you are center of attention. Whether you are hosting events, getting up to do karaoke, or just being more outgoing, dating opportunities arise when you show your talents and demonstrate that you have a lot of flare and self-confidence.

Sudden notoriety and attention can also come your way, and this can give you a big boost in terms of self-esteem and may help you make important connections with people that will help advance your career or facilitate a dating opportunity.

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Wrapping Up

Thank you, my dears; I wish you all a wonderful week ahead. Remember to consult our excellent love and relationship guidance tarot reader to gain clarity and insights into your partner’s emotions.

Please let me know what your sign is and if the card I pulled for your sign resonates with you this week. I would really appreciate it if you left me a comment in the section below. You have no idea how much it means to me to hear your comments every week.

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A three-card love draw is available here to add additional romantic clarity to your reading.

Wishing you all the happiness, love, and joy in the world.

Your friend and relationship astrologer

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