Weekly Love Horoscope For July 18th – 24th

Hello dear readers, welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope, this time for July 18th through 24th of 2022. This week there are MANY alignments and planetary changes you’ll want to pay attention to. No matter what your sign is, you’ll feel shifts in your love life and beyond.

First off, the Sun, the planet representing the soul, our ego, and individuality, is moving out of emotional Cancer and into theatrical Leo. The Sun feels most comfortable in Leo since it’s Leo’s natural ruler. The perks of this include feeling like a star, opportunities to increase popularity, and lighthearted flirtation and romance. This can also lead to large, yet fragile egos in partnerships and otherwise.

Mercury, the planet of communication, intellect, and exchange of ideas, is also moving into the sign of the lion. This means that we speak more confidently and perhaps even a few decibels louder. Leo likes to be seen and heard, after all. Mercury in Leo can also indicate overconfidence in one’s speech which leads to being seen as ‘all talk.’

Venus is also switching signs from logical Gemini to intuitive Cancer. The planet of romance, money and our personal tastes in Cancer puts a spotlight on our inner world. We’re more concerned with relationships that touch our soul and that makes us feel safe. Many signs could find themselves working on emotional intimacy when Venus is in Cancer.

On top of all of these sign switches, we’ve got the factor of aspects that planets are making to each other as well.

First off, before the Sun moves out of Cancer, it extends the trine to Neptune that we got a taste of last week. This heightens our perception of emotional issues while fine-tuning our intuition. Go with your gut on the 18th especially.

Brainy Mercury opposing evolutionary Pluto puts out thought patterns on trial. Pluto does not operate gently in most cases, so the flaws in thinking and communication will be made clear to us all by circumstance or self-reflection. The best approach when Pluto is involved is to simply allow your old patterns to die in favor of what evolutionary progress of your experience on Earth calls for.

The Sun opposes Pluto as it exits Cancer as well, causing circumstances that call for dissolving our ego or modifying how we greet the world at large. The Sun at odds with Pluto indicates either an internal or external power struggle. Hidden activities like spying and subtle manipulation could be on your mind or the mind of your partner. While it’s hard to let go of control, this transit asks that we do just that.

Mercury in a trine to lucky Jupiter expands our minds drastically. Lofty goals and ideas feel more within reach. Motivation to pursue projects and new ventures is at an all-time high. This is an ideal time to nerd out with your partner and to try out one another’s interests. I also recommend turning the conversation to something more spiritual and less mundane. You’ll love bonding over something bigger than the two of you.

Venus forming a square to Jupiter doesn’t have effects that are too detrimental in most cases. Both of these planets are beneficial, but any square aspect can cause a bit of tension. Making light of serious topics is a risk at this time. Perhaps you call off work in favor of kicking your feet up or put off important projects despite their urgency. Avoid downplaying the concerns of your partner to keep the mood light.

The overview can play out for any sign, but your sign in particular will experience it in a unique way. How do all of these transits affect you personally? Find your Sun or Rising sign down below to find out what you should keep your eyes peeled for in the upcoming week.


Aries, this week the romantic scene is heating up for you as the Sun and Mercury move into fellow fire sign, Leo. But before the party starts, there is some emotional work yet to do before the Sun and Mercury wave goodbye to Cancer.

The Sun and Mercury opposing Pluto call for deep inner work. Your emotional state can feel challenged by outer demons. You may feel forced to let go of old coping mechanisms which make you feel exposed. You could find yourself lashing out in self-defense, but try to stay classy, Aries! Better times come along later in the week. Any turbulence you and your partner experience can be remedied with surrender.

Venus forming a square to Jupiter within your own sign can add some chill to your life, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. As Venus is now in Cancer, you can find yourself using distractions and vices to cover up deeper feelings that you don’t want to acknowledge regarding your partnership. Is there something that needs addressing that you’re looking for reasons to avoid?


Taurus, Venus crossing into the sign of Cancer is great for your social life and your mental/emotional pursuits. With your planetary ruler in Cancer, you can more effectively communicate your emotions with your partner. On top of that, it’s a perfect period to find the words to describe your inner state. Love and romance now require more intellectual stimulation.

The Sun forms a trine to Neptune right before it exits Cancer, bringing a strong intuition to your relationship. Your partnership will benefit from the subtle signals you receive from your higher self if you allow it. You won’t find a better time to empathize with your partner or to fall under a dizzy spell of love with one another.

The Sun and Mercury entering Leo bring focus to your inner life and where you place your roots. This begins a time when you could move house or have your living situation change in some way. Could you and your partner be able to move in together? With the Sun (authenticity) and Mercury (communication) in your house of home, it’s an ideal time to share your true desires with your loved one.


Gemini, this week your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Leo. This places it within your house of intellect giving you a double dose of mental energy. The sign of Leo brings a certain star quality to your communication and the ideas that you put out there. You can create some new romantic connections by taking advantage of the hard-to-ignore energy of Leo.

But before that, you’ll have to contend with a Mercury/Pluto opposition. This brings up feelings of insecurity from a physical and emotional standpoint. Be prepared for what you thought you could count on to be shaken up. Your partner may not be able to come through for you like usual. You might also find that things that you share with your partner (like a home or car) go under fire.

Luckily, there are benefits for you right after this unpredictable time. Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter that allows you to see the bright side even as tensions rise and fall. You may have your emotional resources threatened, but you’re also more able to see all of the paths of support right now. Your partner is a huge support as the two of you navigate this period together.


Cancer, Venus entering your own sign can breathe new life into your romantic sensibilities after a period of loneliness. Despite how private you can be, you’re learning once more how to open your heart up to others. If you have found yourself being emotionally or physically distant from your partner, then this is an ideal time to close the gap freely.

As Venus forms a square to Jupiter, you could rush headlong into this newfound sense of openness and ease. It feels so good to let go of the monkey on your back that you could trip and fall into the arms of the wrong person or in the wrong way. While it’s amazing to open, you absolutely should watch your step before you go outside!

Cancer, the Sun, and Mercury leaving your own sign and moving into Leo signals a time when your focus shifts to security and resources. You and your partner may move to buy a new piece of property or car together at this time. Make sure that you both keep your feet on the ground when you make big purchases together though. Leo’s energy can lead to extravagance that verges on unrealistic.


Leo, this week feels like coming back into the light after being stuck in a cave for a month! Your chart ruler is moving into your own sign, which flips the light back on. You’re remembering what a fabulous person you are and always have been. This allows you to feel more ‘you’ which entices more people into your energy.

If you’re in an established relationship then things could just be starting to get dicey, despite you feeling better about yourself overall. You may find that something about your partnership begins to unravel. This does not indicate that it’s all over. If your foundation has been otherwise solid up until now, then you’re going to be just fine. If one or both of you hasn’t been ‘in it’ then it may be time to say goodbye.

A square to Venus from Jupiter in your house of optimism can further complicate your love life due to blinders you may voluntarily wear. This alignment can keep you very optimistic even when the situation may call for seriousness. Don’t downplay the events in your relationship, even if the truths they shed aren’t comfortable.


Virgo, this week begins a period of introspection and isolation. Leo is a sign that for most signals ‘party time’ but as your planetary ruler enters Leo you may be dancing by yourself. Even though your support group is still there, it can feel like they’re far away. While your friends are incommunicado, this is an ideal time to lean more heavily on the support that your partner offers you.

Venus moving into Cancer indicates that you and your partner have jumped through a lot of hoops with one another, no matter the stage of your relationship. You both are becoming more intimate with one another as the realization sinks in that you’re both here for the long haul. You’ve both put in hard work, so celebrate this win.

You might not mind the space you’ve got to go into hermit mode these days. We all have periods where we need to just ‘be’ instead of engaging with the world too much. As it turns out, you might enjoy the solitude this week as Mercury trines Jupiter. Get right with yourself by meditating, praying, or otherwise surrendering yourself to something bigger. When you arrive on the other side, you’ll interact with others far more authentically.


Libra, this week your planetary ruler is entering your house of notoriety in the sign of Cancer. You aren’t always comfortable being in the spotlight, but your mission is to learn to make the best of it this week. The square between Venus and Jupiter can act as a façade that hides your anxieties from the outside world. Acting inauthentically will ultimately drive away those who seek the real you.

With the Sun and Mercury moving into Leo, you can expect a good time to come rolling in. You and your core group are really feeling each other, so it’s time to accept all the love you’re getting. Your friend group is connecting you to all kinds of people. If you’re looking for love, take note of the new individuals that you’re meeting.

Just before this period of good times, you might experience a public crisis of sorts. Something you’d rather keep hidden could become exposed. The way you want to be seen is at odds with the way that you feel inside and this oppositional energy shows. Owning up to any ways that you haven’t been consistent and letting them go is the quickest way to get over this hump.


Scorpio, Venus arriving in Cancer shifts your love life into a more comfortable spot from a period of evolution. You’ve gone through enough changes in your relationship and your approach to love in general that you’re open to new experiences. Being closed off was why the Universe had to shake you up in the first place. If you shed what wasn’t serving you, then you’re in for a happier time in love.

Your planetary co-ruler, Pluto, opposing Mercury before it moves out of Cancer zones in on any small-mindedness that you’ve unintentionally been engaging in within your thoughts and communication. If you’ve been too nitpicky to others as of late, then this will certainly be brought to your attention.

The Sun and Mercury arriving in the sign of Leo shortly after this puts you on the map as far as notoriety goes. You often prefer the sidelines, but you’re being asked to embrace your star quality this week, Scorpio. Go into your initiation period this week by getting comfortable with all eyes on you. Your partner can be your ultimate hype man while you learn to put yourself out there.


Sagittarius, this week Jupiter in your house of romance forms a square to Venus, which just entered Cancer. This could lead to a week where you let a little too much slide to the detriment of your relationship. While it’s easy to slip into complacency in partnerships, always remember that your relationship with yourself and your partner are top priorities in any healthy relationship.

Venus entering Cancer signals an evolutionary period in your love life. Anything that you haven’t given that was effectively ‘owed’ to your partner is now catching up with you. The desire to slip a thing under the rug here and there is strong right now. Being willing to release actions that provide fake comfort when there are real issues that need addressing will allow for the smoothest transition.

Sagittarius, this week’s fellow fire sign, Leo, is receiving the Sun and Mercury. This brings optimism back where before you felt only pressure. You can relax a little and allow any recent lessons that you’ve learned to take the lead. Faith in the direction you’ve been sent will always lead you to the highest love.


Capricorn, as the Sun and Mercury shift out of your house of partnerships, Venus enters. Your partnership is shifting into more serious territory beginning this week. Your joy is found when you’re shifting attention onto your one-and-only. This fosters a deeper sense of commitment between the two of you.

The Sun and Mercury entering Leo can strike up rather intense feelings for you. You’re not one for putting on airs, but you may find yourself being forced to ‘play the game.’ You don’t desire to draw a crowd, but one may seem like it’s gathering, putting you on edge. All eyes are on you. How willing you are to modify your approach as the world’s gaze lingers on you determines how well you cope.

As Venus and Jupiter form a square this week, you may seek to hide emotional damage that isn’t immediately obvious to others from your partner. You’d like to ride a wave of sweet harmony, but deeper issues beg to be addressed. Faking your way through a relationship simply creates a fake relationship. Avoid this by becoming vulnerable with your partner.


Aquarius, Venus arriving in Cancer and moving out of Gemini reminds you that real relationships take work. You may have to sacrifice having all of your efforts remarked upon in favor of building a lasting foundation together. While it’s important to be acknowledged, you’re learning that putting in work behind the scenes for the one you love is part of long-term partnerships.

The Sun and Mercury arriving in the sign of Leo are motivating factors in your partnership. You are really feeling your partner right now. They’re your pride and joy, in fact. You’ve done a lot of work in silence recently, so being open to pairing up with someone else could be a welcome change to the grind that the last month has been.

A square between Venus and Jupiter this week can have you making false promises to avoid drudgery within your partnership. You’re loving the vibe with your partner so much that you may make excuses to cut corners. This can feel good at the moment, but the tension that grows will need to be addressed sooner or later.


Pisces, a trine from the Sun to Neptune at the beginning of the week rounds out the Sun’s time in your house of romance in the sweetest way. Your soft and intuitive approach continues to exude in gentle yet obvious ways. Your love interest is really feeling your affection and it’s warming things up between the two of you.

Venus arrives in Cancer this week, which further sweetens the pot. While the Sun and Mercury leave for the sign of Leo, Venus brightens up your partnership and gives great camaraderie. You can have a lot of fun with this person that you’re with, and this allows you both to create a private world that doesn’t feel like you’re missing anything.

A square from Venus to Jupiter intensifies the desire to shut out all outside influence. The romance is your happy place and you don’t want anything killing the vibe. You can become more escapist than usual under this transit. While it’s tempting to stop the world with your partner, the world might have other ideas. Don’t be surprised if someone outside your bubble reminds you of this.

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Wrapping Up

Such a dynamic week coming up! Sometimes I think about how I’d struggle with these events without Astrology. Knowing what’s on the horizon allows you and I to prepare for it and be proactive. That’s why I love providing Horoscopes for my readers so much. It allows me to talk to you all about the ways Astrology manifests in the world, and there’s nothing better than that.

This Leo energy is so needed in my opinion. I’m ready to put my crown on at this point. But Venus in Cancer can be such an intimate transit that I’m not upset about it at all. With the sign ruling the Sun and the sign ruling the Moon both activated, we have both the light-providing bodies in play. Whether it’s the warm rays of the Sun or the cool glow of the Moon you need, you can get either energy this week.

My readers are always asking so many questions right after I post a Horoscope like this one. I get asked things like “How will the Sun in Leo affect our relationship if my boyfriend is a Scorpio?” or “Does Venus in Cancer work well with my Venus in Aquarius?”

This is on top of those seeking clarity and elaboration on what I’ve written for their Sun and Rising signs.

Interacting with you is my favorite part of the job. I’m a people person, so it brings me a lot of joy to get to know the personal charts and circumstances of my readers.

To make sure I’m able to get to your question about your Horoscope, personal Birth Chart, or relationship compatibility I have created a page just for that purpose.

It helps me keep my thoughts aligned and to ensure your query isn’t lost in the comments.

I’ll see you next week to focus on the last week of July, my loves.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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