Weekly Love Horoscope For August 22nd – 28th

Hello, my dears, and welcome back to the Weekly Love Horoscope, this time for the week of August 22nd through the 28th. Hopefully, the relative ease of last week went over well for you… because this week the Universe has lessons for us all! No one is getting out of this week with nothing to say about it, that much I can promise.

Let’s address the planets switching signs first of all. This shift in energies can be fairly obvious for all signs, though some more than others. The Sun and Mercury are both switching signs this week. The Sun leaves luminous Leo for vigilant Virgo and Mercury leaves its natural sign, Virgo, for balanced Libra.

The Sun in Virgo focuses on the services we perform for ourselves, our bodies, and others. Our ability to show up selflessly will determine how well we get through it successfully. You may find it easier to go above and beyond to support your partner, but there is the risk of others reading helpful advice as criticism.

Mercury does well in Libra, allowing us to see the value in the aesthetic beauty of words. Ideas themselves can become beautiful and romantic at this time. You might choose to express your love in writing with sweet notes left in the car or on the table. We’re also more aware of what is fair and unfair, and this means that you and your partner may experience a rebalancing of roles.

The week begins with a trine from Mercury to Pluto. When the planet of thought and communication makes a positive alignment to Pluto, planet of evolution and chaos, it creates a positive breakdown of old ways of communicating and thinking. This is an ideal transit for understanding the point of view of others and allowing your ideas to be questioned peacefully.

All week long, the Sun and Mars form a square to one another, even as the Sun switches signs. This brings two fire planets into contention with one another, meaning tempers can fly as pressure builds. The tension that begins at the beginning of the week can reach a boiling point by the end. It’s important to take several deep breaths before diving head first into conversations that can turn into a brawl.

Venus forms a square to Uranus this week, eliciting a desire to break free of the confines of your relationship. Not to say everyone will break up – not at all. But those in partnerships may be triggered to stretch their legs within it, and if the partnership isn’t solid enough, it can rupture the foundation. Open-minded and flexible partnerships will hold steady while more strict ones are liable to disruption.

Saturn forming an opposition to Venus this week ends the week on a lower note for relationships and romance. It forms a distance from feelings of love. Relationships aren’t likely to thrive during this period. While you might not be outright brawling with one another, a sense of distance and isolation is often present. You may realize the role you’ve played resulting in the state of your relationships.

This week could be a total doozy if you’re unprepared for it… good thing you’re here learning how you can be ready for the energies about to manifest. There are lessons to be learned this week, so keep an open mind and stay humble to come out on the other side stronger as a person and within your partnership.

Find your Sun or rising sign below to get a closer look at how you personally may be affected by what’s coming up this week.


Aries, this week your planetary ruler (Mars) forms a tense square to the Sun in Virgo. For you, this brings noticeable conflict between your daily routine and what you’re obligated to do. You can be prone to sharp words when your schedule is disrupted, which it likely will be. Take it easy on others when your plans go awry, as it’s not your partner’s fault that you can’t perform the needed tasks as you want.

A trine between Mercury and Pluto brings awareness to how your current work will impact your long-term goals. As you focus on the direction your life goes into, don’t leave your partner out. The opposition between Saturn and Venus can create a sense of distance as it is, so make a point to incorporate your partner into your future plans.

If you’re actually not too sure if your partner is meant to stick around for the long haul then this week, you’ll be starkly aware of this. The square between Venus and Uranus is bound to remind you that lighthearted romance is fun and all, but stability and laying groundwork for your future are paramount. You may realize that it’s time to release those who you know aren’t meant to be long-term.


Taurus, Mercury, and Pluto forming a trine in fellow Earth signs can yield dramatically positive results for you. You are more empowered to talk to others and relate on a soul level. Those who you incorporate into your life this week are bound to stay on your mind long after the conversations wind down. Keep this in mind if you’re seeking a mentally stimulating lover.

Your planetary ruler (Venus) is forming a square to Uranus within your own sign, which places extra emphasis on this tumultuous transit. Instability is likely to rear its ugly head this week. If you’re not used to a stable partnership then you may sabotage a good thing. Doing inner work to ask why you’re kicking and screaming despite the emotional fulfillment your partner brings is necessary.

Venus also forms an opposition to Saturn this week, once again asking you to take accountability for your role in past relationships and your current one. Perhaps you’ve acted frivolously or taken someone’s love for granted. This is a transit to discover why you’re prone to this, and how to release unhelpful romantic patterns. These lessons are for you to learn alone though.


Gemini, your planetary ruler, Mercury, forms a trine to Pluto this week, which brings inner awareness of mental and emotional patterns that no longer serve you. You inherited fears from your younger years that are influencing how you perceive the world. This transit allows for the healthy disposal of the processes that are holding your relationships back!

Mars in your own sign forming a square to the Sun brings ego awareness and fragility. You are more exposed emotionally than you might like to be, and as a result, you can lash out at your partner if they push the wrong button. Ask yourself why the statements that your partner makes trigger you. Don’t be afraid to follow it all the way to the root of the issue. But mostly, don’t make this anyone else’s problem!

Venus opposing Saturn this week forces you to consider how you’ve been small-minded towards your partner. Perhaps you have a specific idea about what love should look like and struggle to understand it outside of this ideal. Remember, you’re in a relationship with another person with their own idea of romance. Ask yourself how you can transcend your small ideas of what love is ‘supposed’ to look like.


Cancer, Mercury forming a trine to Pluto creates an opportunity for a transformation of your mental attitude towards your partnership. You can release your thought patterns that can build up in long-term relationships. If you’ve developed habits of doubt, suspicion, or anxiety regarding your partner then this is the best time to clear out your fears and let them go for the betterment of your relationship.

Mars in Gemini forming a square to the Sun in Virgo can build up inner rage if you’re not careful. Your thoughts and words aren’t being understood by your partner which creates inner tension due to feeling unheard. This impacts your self-esteem as well as you wonder whether you’re just meant to be alone. The key is to ride the waves of emotion and self-doubt as they come, at least for now.

Venus in Leo forming an opposition to Saturn challenges how secure you feel within your partnership. You crave financial and emotional stability, but you fear that it can all just slip through your grasp as powers that be and past choices catch up to you. Romantically, you may not feel adequate. You are enough, but that realization feels far away. Lay low for now and hold back on large purchases with your partner.


Leo, this week your ruler, the Sun, forms a square to Mars in the sign of Gemini. This creates mental tension that manifests in your communication with social groups. Don’t count on peace and serenity within the group chat! You may find online activity influencing your relationship. You may be tempted to peek at your partner’s phone. Consider the pros and cons and be prepared for potential backlash.

Venus in opposition with Saturn affects you especially, Leo. You’re feeling distant from your partner. You feel you’ve been giving love, but they’re simply not open to it. You’ve been given the cold shoulder. Your partner is asking you to mature in some way which really kills the mood between you. Despite this, give their requests the consideration they deserve. Don’t be afraid to ask them to do some growing up too.

Venus squaring Uranus creates inner tension, perhaps due to your partner’s stiff attitude as of late. You wonder if they’re really the right one for you. Can you stand the pressure they’re putting on you? There is no right or wrong answer here. All I can advise is that you consider this from a detached viewpoint. Allowing your desire for connection to guide you can lead you to a shallow relationship.


Virgo, your planetary ruler (Mercury) in a trine to Pluto is an opportunity to evolve your approach to love. Your thought patterns and communication style work well in sexy and risqué scenarios during this time. Using your words and wit to pursue the individual you’re interested in would pay off. If you’re in a partnership, this is an ideal time to create some sexual tension, even in seasoned relationships.

Mars in a square to the Sun in your own sign adds a different sort of tension. You could feel greatly affected by your perception of your trajectory in life. Perhaps you feel that you’re not achieving your potential. Your ego can suffer from the perception of failure you’re experiencing. Your partner can be put out by your complaints that life isn’t what you want, wondering where your relationship fits into this perception.

Mercury moving into Libra this week switches emphasis to more practical concerns. A common association with this transit is a change in your mode of travel. Your sense of self-esteem and security is a strong focus at this time. Building a future with another person by investing in physical objects or joining finances with them can become topics of conversation between you and your partner.


Libra, Venus within the sign of Leo forming a square to Uranus in Taurus puts your sense of comfort and friendship with your partner at odds with an inevitable change. You fear that your partnership’s good times are at risk of coming to an end. Something hidden could come to light within your partnership, but this doesn’t have to mean the end. Opening up about your fear is the first step to clearing the air in the aftermath.

Mercury moves into your own sign this week, which adds sharpness and mental acuity to you. You are more communicative. Due to more opportunities to talk to others in various ways, you are made acutely aware of how your thought processes and mental patterns define how you’re perceived by others. You may be motivated to make some changes to how you think and speak.

Your planetary ruler, Venus, forms an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius this week, which puts special emphasis on your romantic pursuits. You may be feeling lonely in your friendships and your love life. You desire romance but it feels especially out of reach this week. A friendship that you were hoping would become more could be thrown back in your face, putting you out in the cold.


Scorpio, this week Mercury forms a trine to Pluto (your planetary co-ruler) right before switching signs to Libra, which creates opportunities for a deep mental transformation. Allowing yourself to discard old mental patterns heightens your mental acuity and communication skills drastically. Your relationships are sure to benefit when you let go of a negative headspace.

Mars (your planetary co-ruler) is forming a square to the Sun this week, giving a sense of internal pressure. Your fears of being embarrassed or abandoned by others can make you act from a place of insecurity instead of confidence. Allowing your anger to take over when you feel backed into a corner could have you hurting the feelings of others without meaning to.

Mercury moving into Libra signals a period where you feel you aren’t being heard. Your partner in particular can feel deaf to your words and thoughts. You could feel that you’re bending over backwards to be accommodating, but in reality, you’re doing yourself no favors by this method. Allowing both parties to pull their weight is important.


Sagittarius, a trine between Mercury and Pluto allows the evolution that your relationship needs to take place naturally. Allowing for your old approach to relationships to die leaves room for new growth within your partnership. Don’t be afraid to let go of your former ways! You and your partner can discuss together how the two of you can create something special from the ground up.

Mars forming a square to the Sun brings miscommunication and embarrassment if your pursuit of love is too vigorous. It doesn’t pay to be a wallflower but being too zealous can put you in the doghouse this week. Monitor how you pursue and express love this week as there is such a thing as being too flagrant in your approach.

Sagittarius, Mercury moving into Libra enhances your social life. If you’ve been single and are ready to mingle, then it’s a good call to reach out to your friends to set you up. Also, one of your friends themselves might be interested in pursuing something more with you! This transit ultimately adds to your overall charm and romantic potential.


Capricorn, your planetary ruler, Saturn, is forming an opposition to Venus in Leo. Keeping your heart open to love might feel like the world’s biggest hurdle this week. Staying grounded in what you know feels at odds with your deepest fears regarding love and romance. You may, in fact, feel that your concerns are being validated this week.

Mars in square aspect to the Sun reminds you that optimism is all good and well, but only if it serves to motivate your actions towards productivity. You can be a bit righteous at work, holding up moral pillars so fervently that your co-workers find themselves rolling their eyes. There could be some new sexual themes on the work front as well, so keep your eyes open for a co-worker who shows interest.

Mercury moving into Libra this week puts emphasis on your reputation. Since Libra is a sign of partnership, this can also cause your relationship to be highly talked about (Mercury relating heavily to speech). You might actually find yourself falling for someone who does mail, communication, or commerce for a living.


Aquarius, Mercury moves into fellow air sign Libra this week, bringing spirituality to the mental forefront. When you’re looking to connect with others, you may connect first and foremost on more esoteric matters. It’s easier to connect on a soul level with others, which you can use to your advantage by striking up conversations with like-minded individuals that you can see yourself vibing with on multiple levels.

Your planetary co-ruler (Saturn) forms a tense opposition to Venus in Leo this week. Your partnership can feel intensely strained during this time. You may desire distance or a reallocation of responsibility within the relationship. Your partner may not share your concerns, which not only makes you feel separated from them but also misunderstood.

Mars forming a square to the Sun (ruler of your house of partnership) also adds fuel to the fire between you and your partner. One or both of you may desire a more lighthearted connection, but with the baggage of other issues lingering in the background, it may be unattainable at this time. Addressing underlying issues will free up room for relaxed love in the future.


Pisces, Mercury (the ruler of your house of partnership) moves into Libra this week, which puts focus on working together for a common goal. This can expose some of the more tender spots that you have, activating a fear reaction. Perhaps you’ve been with those who only act like they want to work towards collaboration but have ulterior motives. Realizing that this is not always the case is your current challenge.

Mars in Gemini forms a square to the Sun in Virgo, which brings raw emotions to the forefront of your relationship. Past anger and resentment towards family can rear their ugly head in your current partnership. Despite a desire to be your best in your partnership, old patterns can create some distinct challenges. Addressing these issues has rarely been more prudent. Look to release what’s not serving your loving relationships.

Saturn forming an opposition to Venus this week can mark the end of a less stable relationship. If you and your partner are solid and have a long history of successful problem solving then there is nothing to fear. However, this can also mark a time when one or both parties decide that extra effort just isn’t worth it anymore. Being open to surrendering what isn’t working is the key to moving on.

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Wrapping Up

This week is scarcely easy for anyone, my darlings. The tense aspects and sign changes combined can create turbulence that dramatically shifts the ground under our feet. It’s no surprise that this is a testing period for relationships. Only the strongest will come out unscathed.

However, if you find your partnership arriving on the other side no worse for wear then consider yourself blessed! This could mean that you’ve found the best possible partnership that there is for you at this time. Cherish this relationship and celebrate your strong foundation.

If you’ve struggled to make it through this week, then don’t despair. Next week is another opportunity to make things right or to begin again.

If you were totally freaked out reading about the transits upcoming this week, I definitely don’t blame you. But I also don’t know your personal chart… yet. These transits could mean something completely different, and perhaps beneficial, depending on your personal Astrological makeup.

I’d love to take a look at your Birth Chart to tell you more about this week’s energies and how well they play with you, your love potential, your compatibility with your partner, and more… The options are nearly endless.

Reach out to me here to decipher the upcoming energies as well as what I can do to best assist you.

I’ll see you next week, my loves.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Thanks Anna for your input about this week coming. I have a couple of friendships that I’m not sure about and this week will show it’s true colors. Thanks again

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