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Anniversary Gifts for Him (Based on His Sign)

When you want to impress the special man in your life with an anniversary gift that will blow him away, look no further than his star sign. Astrology can help you pick the best anniversary gift for a guy. I’ve tested this theory many times throughout my career as a Relationship Astrologer, and I can honestly say that Astrology plays a big role when it comes to picking up the perfect gift for your significant other. My clients who’ve sought my help when it came to buying presents for their boyfriends/husbands managed to impress their men on a much higher level than before.

Each Sun sign desires something different. When you know his sign, you can plan the perfect anniversary surprise for the man in your life.



Men born under the sign of the ram are athletic and strong. Their ideal gifts reflect their individual interests. Yet people born under this sign are athletic. They love being recognized for their strength and agility. They are often gym buffs as well.

You may want to do something cute and romantic for your anniversary, but when it comes to surprising your Aries man, treat him to something just for him. Aries loves to challenge himself with sessions with a personal trainer.

He appreciates passes to a gym or even a combination gym membership and passes to a spa. Men born under this sign are strong and masculine, yet they also love to be pampered.

They know relaxing is important, especially considering they work and play hard. Massage and other treatments to restore their strength and flexibility are ideal for Aries men. They also love nutritional supplements and shakes that help them pile on the muscles.


Taurus men need gifts that provide comfort and security. Their favorite anniversary gifts are gourmet food baskets or subscriptions to monthly coffee or wine clubs. They are known for their appetite for delicious food and beverages.

They also enjoy gifts that make them physically warm, comfortable, and healthy. Soft sweaters, cozy gloves, and even warm, stylish jackets are ideal. They also enjoy sturdy workboots or fashionable shoes that are high quality.

People born under the sign of Taurus can also enjoy anniversary gifts for their homes. They love art, decorations that are tasteful and practical, or classy features like a record player and some albums or kitchen appliances.


Gemini men are intellectual, playful, and flirty. Their favorite anniversary gifts take them back to their childhood days. They love collections of their favorite comic books, movies, or television shows. The sign of the twins enjoys receiving multiple gifts at once.

So book series or combinations of favorite snacks are a treat for people born under this sign. They also love gift certificates to their favorite movie theaters. They enjoy seeing films on the big screen.

People born under this sign also enjoy communicating with others. An anniversary gift that makes it easier for others to connect with them is ideal for Gemini. Get him a new phone or laptop, or the latest tablet.


Cancer men are homebodies who love to nurture their family and enjoy being pampered in love. Their ideal anniversary gift should be sentimental. Put together a home-crafted gift that adds to the beauty and comfort of their home or office.

Make their favorite foods. Give them a gift they can enjoy with their children, pets, or family members. Cancers love showing off their homes, so gifts that help them host parties at home are also ideal.

Cancers love anniversary gifts that speak to their history with you. A vacation at their favorite oceanside resort where you spent your honeymoon is an example of a memorable gift for this sign.


Leos love personalized anniversary gifts. They enjoy gifts with their initials or name, such as personalized clothing, mugs, or jewelry. Quality is always an important factor for Leo. They love gifts that show you splurged.

They enjoy being surprised with jewelry, art, tickets to a concert or show, or the gift of a surprise vacation away at their favorite luxury resort. People born under this sign enjoy being pampered and may go for a gift certificate at a spa or a massage as an ideal gift.


Virgo men love practical surprises. Photo albums or framed photos of the two of you are a great surprise because it crystallizes a memory but also give a creative way to display your photo together. They also love gifts that help them clean, organize, and keep track of their budget or records.

Virgos are down-to-earth and sensible. They don’t like opulent gifts. They enjoy being surprised with a gift of soothing lotion, high-quality shoes or jackets, and healthy foods.

They also enjoy anniversary gifts that help them grow their gardens. They work hard and need time in nature to soothe their nerves. A gift of time away or high-quality gardening tools are perfect for them.


Men born under the charming sign of Libra have sentimental tastes. They love receiving mementos of your past holidays and vacations as anniversary gifts. They also enjoy sharing pleasurable dates together as a gift to each other.

You can surprise a Libra guy with a gift of art, or a night out to listen to his favorite band as part of your anniversary gift to your Libra loved one. People born under this sign enjoy experiences as much as material items for gifts.


You can have fun shopping for a perfect anniversary gift for the Scorpio man in your life. People born under this sign enjoy a good mystery. Their ideal anniversary gift needs to be a riddle, puzzle, or game that leads them from one clue to another to the surprise you have waiting.

They love gifts related to their metaphysical interests and have numerous edgy hobbies and obsessions. They often collect things and love gifts that add to their collections.

They also enjoy gifts that convey prestige and power. A new suit, jewelry, or watch is ideal for Scorpio. People born under this sign also enjoy gifts that are unique to your relationship, such as a gift related to a personal joke only the two of you know.


People born under the sign of Sagittarius are adventurers who love to go exploring. Sagittarius men love receiving their favorite gourmet treats from different cultures, they enjoy worldwide cuisine.

For major anniversaries, set sail on a cruise and travel together. Explore the world with your Sagittarius guy and he’ll be elated. When you can’t take off to distant lands, create the feeling of exploration with a gift of music, art, or food from different cultures.

Sagittarius men also love gifts that are educational. Get him a set of books about his favorite subject or sign him up for an app that teaches him to become fluent in different languages.


Capricorn men love quality gifts that are practical and sensible but don’t break the budget. High-quality shoes, a watch, or cufflinks are perfect for a Capricorn guy. He also loves anniversary gifts related to special memories you share.

Memorialize your wedding day or special trips you’ve taken. Give him a gift related to his work or a gadget that makes it easier to do his work more efficiently.

Capricorn men don’t like frivolous gifts. His favorite surprises have a practical purpose. You can give him an organizer for his office or a planner and he’s perfectly happy.


Surprise an Aquarius man with an anniversary gift related to his unique and unconventional interests and obsessions. He has bizarre and quirky hobbies. His ideal gift relates to his interests in the occult, UFOs and conspiracy theories.

Aquarius men also love new electronics and the latest devices. They are on the cutting edge, so get them a gift that is unlike what anyone else has. He loves gifts that reflect his unique individuality.


People born under the sign of Pisces are sentimental and emotional. Their favorite anniversary gifts are tailored to their special memories with you. Get them a personalized shirt or mug with an image of the two of you on your wedding day.

You can also thrill your Pisces love by surprising him with an artistic gift. Commission a portrait to be done by a local artist of your family or the two of you as a couple.

Pisces also love romantic gifts. Surprise him with a weekend away at a seaside resort complete with pool and hot tub. Pisces men love to escape into a fantasy world with you.

What To Do Next?

As you can see, there are so many nuances to finding the right gift for your guy on his anniversary. The signs differ so much that not even finding the right surprise to celebrate your special bond is simple.

If finding the right gift for him requires extensive knowledge of astrology, you can imagine how important understanding his personality is. Your relationship survives because you understand what works and what doesn’t.

But there may be more than you ever imagined to keeping your love alive. Knowing his astrological nature helps. I’ve assisted women around the world to find the perfect romance based on guiding them to understand their love’s astrological profile.

If just finding the right gift for him is so involved, you definitely don’t want to leave the bigger decisions to mere chance.

Let me know what you think about these gifts in the comments below. 🙂

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