Weekly Love Horoscope for March 4th – 10th

Hello Sweethearts, this is an astrologically busy week with lots of energies to ponder.

I am very excited because this is the first reading for a full week in March, so we are officially in a new month and that means exciting potentials and as we approach the equinox and a great feeling of anticipation. Now I think ‘anticipation’ and impatience are to be key this week, because we are heading for a New Moon on the Sunday and so the opportunities are not ripe for the picking yet, however Mars is also squaring Uranus and therefore there is a huge desire to get onto the starting blocks.

So what this week is all about is preparedness and readiness for action, don’t jump the gun and don’t snatch at any opportunities, use this week to get into the right frame of mind, develop a really positive proactive attitude and I’m giving you the green light from Sunday to go after what you want.

In terms of your love life, the energies are very much the same, there’s a desire for changes, improvements and some novelty but you could make a false start if you force the issue, so it’s certainly an ideal time for brainstorming, better communication, reinforcing the friendship factor in relationships and then sparking up the magic as you go into the weekend by doing things that are totally out of the box and making March a month to really remember.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – You got the look, the look of love

With Mercury sextile Uranus in Taurus, this is a wonderful week for organizing your finances and capitalizing on brand-new opportunities. It’s so important to think ahead and use your time wisely to generate ideas that may catch others off guard. By the same token, in your relationships, it’s also important to communicate in a multiple of different ways, you don’t want to be conventional.

This is a time when what works in love is something that takes your partner by surprise, you don’t always have to shock them or do anything radical like jumping out a cake (lol) but what you do have to do is to approach any problems, issues or even your romantic life with a fresh attitude so that they are surprised by your creativity and your genius.

In terms of new dating, using your mind, because being an effervescent and entertaining communicator is your secret weapon. So in love, to succeed right now, it’s all about ideas, being ingenious, witty and seeing things in a way that gains you respect and a look of awe from your partner.

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Taurus – Getting into your stride

Now Uranus in Taurus is stimulated by Mercury, Venus and Mars meaning this is a week where you have to be on your toes, there can be surprise communications which require a quick and nimble response, there may be sudden romantic messages that you receive which give you a whole new slant on the way a relationship could possibly develop, and there’s a need to grab opportunities and be highly proactive.

So as you go into this week, make sure you get a good night sleep and are raring to go because you can need to be at your most energetic. Life can be quite demanding this week, but at the same time it’s a wonderful week for you to assert your power, to create opportunities for yourself and enter either a brand new relationship, or a new phase in your established relationship. The key message here is, don’t accept the status quo, understand your needs, develop an action plan and make sure that you get it done and all areas of your life can improve.

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Gemini – Developing Situations

With the New Moon coming in Pisces at the end of this week and Uranus activated several times in your twelfth house, it’s very important for you to understand your power. Sometimes you can feel like a cog in a wheel or you may feel that you are being tossed about by fate with very little say or control over what happens in your life, so while there are a lot of things developing at the moment which you may have to accept and adapt to.

It’s very important not to be fatalistic, you must recognize where you have control and don’t be shy about asserting your willpower. 

In terms of developing romance and your committed relationships or marriage, if you’re in one, it’s very important to be compassionate and retain an open mind. Try not to have a knee jerk reaction to anything that your partner may present to you, step back, understand their point of view and go with what they want in the short term.

Cut them some slack and let them know that even if you don’t agree, you want to support them and you want them to be happy because that makes a big difference to your relationship.

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Cancer – Closure, pinnacles and questions

Now Uranus is being aspected by Venus and Mars which are both in Aquarius, in your solar eighth house. This creates a lot of volatility and some unexpected change in your life. This is a very karmic week, it’s a time when things you’ve done in the past culminate and other things draw to a close and it’s very important right now that you understand what in your life has meaning and should be preserved, and what really has to go.

So this is an important time of change and purging, and it’s also a time to restructure your life in a way that you can make changes that are becoming pressing and that need to be made for improvements to happen.

A key area in relationships is sex and intimacy, the understanding you have at a deep level and the way your sex life operates is important and if you can solve the sexual problems you’re on your way to creating a stronger relationship, however if there are too many secrets or even lies, there are big question marks.

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Leo – The ‘T’ in Team

Now with Venus and Mars in your solar seventh house of relationship square Uranus in Taurus, there can be quite a lot of friction between your professional life and your relationships, so it may be that your partner is not totally on board with your career decisions, or perhaps the demands your boss is placing on you is putting a strain on your relationship. So it’s all about balancing the needs of competing forces in your life. 

Sometimes it’s very important to be able to draw that boundary so that your boss understands that he can’t encroach on your personal life, but that your partner also understands the way in which career is very important to you right now. So the key to relationships is that they have to be flexible and that teamwork is absolutely essential.

If you have a partner who supports you, encourages you and who treats the relationship as a team effort, that is wonderful and your relationship will thrive, but you will really struggle with a needy partner and that relationship will need a lot more attention and adjustment.

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Virgo – Your journey begins again

With Mercury sextile Uranus and Venus and Mars in Aquarius, this is a really good week for work and focusing on your needs, so self-care is absolutely vital right now and in any relationship, you can actually strengthen that relationship if you know who you are and what you really want from life, and you don’t compromise on those core aims you have. If you have become too self-sacrificing, relationships can be really brittle right now as you begin to feel quite restless and you perhaps feel as if life is passing you by.

So it’s very important to recognize any feelings where there’s a lack of fulfilment and understand that if a relationship is holding you back, it’s time now for that relationship to adapt, and this is a week to work on that.

This is a great time for new relationships that you develop through travelling, especially if it’s in relation to a work event, also work training because those can be off to an excellent start.

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Libra – Passion runs high

Now with the stimulation of Venus and Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus, this is an extremely passionate week, things in romance have the potential to be quite explosive and feelings are running high.

On the downside, you may have to tackle feelings of jealousy, possessiveness and power struggles in relationships, but on the positive side, this can indicate a depth of feeling and a potential for new and existing relationships to evolve in a very different and interesting way.

In marriages, money can be a thorny issue, so try to be constructive, but once that’s out the way, the search of powerful feelings of desire can help your sex life and date nights to really take off. So pay attention to problem solving and finances and then get down, make love.

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Scorpio – Renewing Ties

Now this is a really great week for family events and celebrations, you are generally focused on relationships and those are: your marriage or committed relationship and also relationships with other family members, and these can become a lot more fulfilling, but in some cases they’re also hard work, but it’s totally worth it. What is so important right now, is to improve the levels of attachment, and how you can do that is show the people who mean the most to you how much they mean, show appreciation, put effort into those relationships and you will reap the rewards. 

Sometimes there are events this week which challenge perceptions, but it’s always important to use this as an impetus for personal growth and for emotional release. If you are single, it’s very important to let go and get ready for the next exciting phase of your love life.

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Sagittarius – Refreshment and Rebooting

Now this should be an interesting week, but it’s also a week where you sometimes feel quite overpowered by the pace of events, however as a Sagittarius you’re a restless soul, you love it when you have to tackle surprises and race around doing a lot of things in a short time, so in that way it’s really going to play to that spontaneous, restless side within you. So it’s important to jump out of ruts, try new things and address any manner in which you feel your life or your relationships are restrictive.

It’s also great for internet dating and those of you in long distance relationships because these are particularly exciting and there may be an opportunity to meet up.

Alternatively, if you’re in a committed relationship, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so if you and your partner spend time apart, welcome it as an opportunity to refresh and reboot the relationship and to develop an exciting, stimulating communication through text.

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Capricorn – Quality Street

The Venus and Mars square to Uranus in Taurus as they travel through Aquarius is rather inspiring for your love life, particularly established relationships, so this is an excellent time to invigorate passion but particularly by working on affection.

Love is far more about the physicality of the relationship and how you respond to each other through the sensations of touch and doing enjoyable things together like eating, massages or listening to music. Communication should be secondary and communication should be used to give each other complements and to reinforce each other’s ego.

Now while this is an awesome time for both new and old relationships, it is a time where you have to be slightly sensitive to his ego needs, so go lightly on any criticism try not to be harsh, indifferent or offhand. What’s key in relationships right now is quality and quantity time together.

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Aquarius – Arrest the initiative

Well with the planet of love Venus and the planet of action Mars both in Aquarius, there’s no time like the present, so whatever you want in life or love, I encourage you to go for it. This is also an excellent time to express that eccentric and flamboyant Aquarius character, so the way to impress someone you love is by being your spontaneous, ingenious self, don’t be afraid to be different. Right now being unique is your absolute advantage.

In terms of ongoing romances, you need to take the lead in love, it’s a time for you to make decisions and be proactive, so whether the relationship is fairly okay, in the doldrums or struggling, through positive use of will you can put things back on the right track so don’t let anything slide, deal with it now.

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Pisces – Cat and Mouse

This can be a slightly more confusing week in terms of love, so tread carefully. What’s key right now is to be patient, it may even be one of those times where you need to go off on your own to have some thinking time to really understand what it is that you want next in your relationship.

You could be feeling a little bit trapped or boxed in by the current situation and that’s absolutely fine, that is just a clue that there are things in your relationships that need adjusting and changing, and you possibly need to spend this week being mindful and doing a little bit of meditating about what’s next, so that during the New Moon the following week you can put it into action.

In terms of new romance, it’s a time of cat and mouse, there may be someone on the radar but he’s giving you rather confusing signals and you just have to wait it out. It’s a particularly confusing time for long distance relationships and dating websites, so be really cautious if you’re using those.

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This is a wonderful week for love, but it’s important to work hard on your relationships, not to take anything for granted, and continue to be creative about the way you live your lives. This is not a time for simply having a quiet romantic time, it should be purposeful, where you are working on relationship goals, improving understanding or learning more about your partner’s boundaries and triggers.

So it’s a time when relationships should be dynamic, so don’t try and stay in a box, it’s important to expand, to be able to express yourselves as individuals, but still to grow in terms of your relationship.

The themes for this week are:

  • Excitement in love
  • Enjoying life
  • Relationship goals
  • New directions
  • Brainstorming
  • Affection

See you again next week.

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