How Venus Placement Has Influence On A Gemini Woman’s Personality

My darling Gemini woman! You are such a special person – that is for sure. The love you give is out of this world and no one is quite like you. It is amazing to see how curious and fascinating you view the world and there is always something to learn from someone like you.

But did you know that not every Gemini loves and acts the same in a relationship? That is because every Gemini has a different Venus sign depending on which year she was born. Isn’t that amazing? 

Your Venus sign is the language you speak when you are in love and can really determine the way you show up in your relationship. Some Venus placements will make you more romantic and others will make you a little more non-committal. 

There is a lot you can learn by knowing what your Venus sign is, so keep on reading to find out what your unique imprint is in love.

How Do Sun Signs And Venus Signs Differ From One Another?

Well, both these signs are equally important in your chart. The Sun sign is the thing that governs your ego, your drive, and who you are at your core. It is the essence of your personality and the thing that motivates you to chase your dreams.

The Venus sign in your chart represents the way you love and relate to the world. It is your own personal love language. Venus is also the sign to govern your tastes in the world, why you like the things you like, what you find aesthetically pleasing, and what you think is beautiful. 

It is the planet that has your unique romantic imprint. It can show you what type of man you usually go for and what you find sexy. Knowing what your Venus sign means can be a game-changer in your relationships.

Knowing the connection Venus has to your Sun sign is very powerful knowledge to have and can help you to know how to make the most out of your romances. 

There are many different combinations for the position of the Sun and Venus, and all these combinations can say a lot about the way you act in a partnership. So, let us explore that a little deeper and see what secrets we can discover to unlock your perfect relationship potential.

What Is The Connection If My Sun And Venus Are In The Same Sign?

If your Sun sign is who you are at your core, and your Venus sign is the way you love, and if these two signs are the same, then who you are and how you love are basically the same. The energy is merged and you might find it easier to express your feelings.

Expressing your love to someone comes naturally to you. You are an inherent charmer and care deeply about the way others see you. It is important for you to be liked and accepted by others. 

Gemini Sun And Gemini Venus

Having both Venus in Gemini and Sun in Gemini, you’re probably one of the most interesting women around. The most important thing in a relationship for you is the mental connection you have with another person. More so than a physical or emotional connection, you care the most about what is going on in a man’s head.

You prefer casual connections as a starting point for a relationship. You don’t want to take it too seriously, too soon. Thus, you tend to keep things easy at first and take your time when it comes to making something more official. 

This makes you quite an easy-going lover and you’re really just out to have a good time. You want to see how much you can learn from the person you are with. So being with someone intelligent and curious is extremely important to you. 

You’re also quite turned off by too many emotions and feelings and wouldn’t want to be with someone who is closed-minded and boring. It is really important for you to feel excited by the relationship you are in because if you aren’t you will quickly become bored. 

You’re a social butterfly and a flirt, so being with a man who doesn’t get too jealous or threatened is also quite important. You need your freedom and a lot of excitement and a good amount of change to keep you happy in your relationships. 

What Is The Connection If My Sun And Venus Are One Sign Apart From Each Other?

When the Sun and Venus are one sign apart, there is usually little to nothing they have in common. This is because signs right next to each other are always classified in different categories like the elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water or modality which is Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable, as well as the orientation of Masculine (extroverted) or Feminine (introverted).

For two signs to be compatible with each other, they have to have at least one of these aspects in common, and when they are right next to each other, none of these aspects are in common at all! 

So, there is bound to be some frustration and friction between the Sun and Venus when they are only one sign apart from each other. Your pursuit of love and affection may be completely different from your inner drives and personal developments with this position. You might want one thing from life but then go against it completely in your relationships.

Gemini Sun And Taurus Venus

With your Venus placed in Taurus, you’re a woman of many talents and quite interesting. You know how to merge the sensual and romantic side with your analytical and logical side. You are the best of both worlds and a pleasure to be in a relationship with.

You need your guy to tick each and every one of your boxes to keep you satisfied. He needs to be stable and make you feel secure, while simultaneously keeping your mind active and interested.  You know what you want in a relationship and you’re not afraid to go for it. 

You’re quite easy-going and you are happy to support your man in whatever he endeavors to do. You’re a people person and enjoy being social – you’re definitely the hostess with the moistest! You know just how to keep everyone entertained with your wit, as well as your hospitality. 

As a lover, you are most attracted to a man who can stimulate your mind, someone who can teach you a thing or two about the world. You are the type of girl to be more interested in dating someone who first feels like a friend and then grows into something deeper. 

You tend to take things a bit slower than a typical Gemini would because the Taurus side of your personality will always be a little more cautious.

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Gemini Sun And Cancer Venus

You are a bit of a paradox, especially when it comes to dating. On the one hand, you are social and lively, but on the other hand, your Venus in Cancer makes you want an emotional connection and to be with someone who makes you feel safe and secure.

This can be quite confusing for you as well as your partners. They might meet you and think you are the life of the party, and then get confused when more often than not you can get quite needy and clingy in the relationship. 

You need to find a way to balance these two parts of your personality. You need both a mental AND an emotional connection within your love life. You want to be able to have stimulating conversations with your partner, but you also need emotional affection and care. 

You make a really good entertainer at home and know how to make the special person in your life feel loved and cared for.  You just need to watch out that you don’t become overly clingy and emotional all of the time. 

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What Is The Connection If My Sun And Venus Are Two Signs Away From Each Other?

When two signs are away from each other they usually share the same kind of orientation, either Masculine or Feminine. Did you know that the Fire signs and Air signs fall under Masculine signs and that Earth signs and Water signs are Feminine? 

Aries is one of the Masculine signs, which means it makes a positive connection to either Gemini or Aquarius. When two signs are of the same orientation, they usually get along fantastically. This is because there are enough similarities between the signs to get along, but also enough differences to keep things interesting.

There is no inner conflict you need to struggle with to get the love you are looking for; everything just flows quite naturally. It is easy for you to distinguish what you want from a partner and how to ask for it. You’re not the type of gal to settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Gemini Sun And Aries Venus

You are a firecracker and know how to have one hell of a good time. You are confident and direct and when it comes to relationships you go for what you want. You are a straight shooter and aren’t afraid of putting your cards on the table. 

You can get quite caught up in love and put all your attention into your love interest. Your Venus in Aries, along with your Gemini traits, makes you a conqueror, so you need to be with someone who knows how to play hard to get because you love going for the chase. 

You feel really excited when you experience a spark with someone and will go full force ahead and try to pursue your love interest until he is yours. You’re unlikely to give up quickly and see love as a sort of game you like to play. 

You are most attracted to interesting personalities, people who stand out from the crowd and live an interesting life. You can get quite bored easily so anyone who knows how to pique your interest is perfect for you and your personality. 

The worst partner for you is someone who is boring and loves routine. You wouldn’t be able to handle the sameness day in and day out. You need excitement and to feel the thrill to be completely taken in a relationship.

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Gemini Sun And Leo Venus

You’re one of those super enigmatic women. You have it all! The brains and an abundance of creativity. Life with you is super exciting and can be quite an adventure for you and your partners. 

You have a lot going on for you and this is the magic of why you are so attractive. Your Venus in Leo allows you to know how to make people feel special with your warmth and charisma, and men are taken by your energetic and exciting personality. You know how to make people feel good about themselves.

You’re mostly attracted to men who can keep up with you. You have a lot of ambition and drive to make a success out of your life and you need to be with someone who isn’t intimidated by your success. 

What you want is an equal partner, someone who can share in your adventurous and ambitious spirit. You love big gestures when it comes to love, and don’t mind some romance in your relationships. You need to impress and be impressed by your partners. 

You want a love that is out of this world and something truly beautiful you can share with someone. You’re looking for the real deal and won’t stop until you find this love that makes you feel weak at the knees. 

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Which Of These Combos Do You Have?

Hopefully, this knowledge might help you to understand yourself and the way you function in your relationships. This is your unique stamp and just shows how everyone is so different from each other. 

Which of these combinations do you have and do you agree with how you show up in your relationships? Please leave a comment in the section below, I am so interested to hear what your unique configuration is!

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Wishing you all the love and romance you desire!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach  

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