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November’s Full Moon In Taurus: How To Approach This Lunar Eclipse


Eclipse season is here, my lovelies, and it seems like it is going to be quite a ride! It is that time of year where sudden, radical changes take place in our lives. They are the planetary events that cause dramatic turning points in our lives. And this year sees an end to the eclipse axis in Gemini and Sagittarius, and a new one starting in Taurus and Scorpio.

This Full Moon in Taurus on November 19th is the first eclipse on this axis since it has moved signs. Think about what Taurus represents in the Zodiac – it is the planet of commitment, beauty, sensuality, reliability, and creativity. We can expect a lot of changes to happen in our lives around these themes. 

Eclipses often bring up some challenging stuff we need to deal with. So don’t be shocked when your shadow self comes out to play. Give yourself the support, love, and attention you need to move through this somewhat challenging time because everything is about to change… for the better

Eclipses also tend to bring up hidden information unexpectedly, so you might find out something that is bound to rock your world and change your life in an instant. I think this is going to be a particularly impressive time when it comes to relationships. 

Everyone is going to become really aware of who and what they want sticking around for a long time, especially considering that Venus is spending an extended time in Capricorn until March 2022. And if there is one thing Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn have in common is their shared love for commitment and longevity. 

This isn’t a bad time for finances either, and as we all know, the money we have in our pocket can often reflect what is going on within ourselves with our self-worth and self-esteem and the health of the relationships we have with our partners. 

You can expect some shifts in your financial situation that can really improve the quality of your life. Although the changes may come as a shock and unexpected, just realize that all these changes are for the greater good of your growth and healing. 

And just remember that Full Moons are always about letting go of things, putting your faith in the Universe, and surrendering to what is happening in your life. It is all about being in the flow and allowing yourself to just be. Full Moons encourage you to accept where you are at in your life. 

If you want to find out more about what this Full Moon Eclipse has in store for you, please keep on reading! Make sure to check out your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign for the most accurate reading. Just keep in mind that I have written these horoscopes from the perspective of your Rising sign. 

Also, keep an eye out for your partner’s horoscope, this can give you a good idea about what is going on with him to help you navigate through any bumps that might come your way with grace and ease.


Big changes are coming for you over this Lunar Eclipse period, especially in regards to your self-worth and the financial stories you have playing in your life. Are you someone who spends on an impulse or do you save for that rainy day? 

Your spending habits can say a lot about you as a person because money is so often a reflection of your relationship with yourself. You might be one of those types who enjoys a bit of passion and drama and probably think the money you earn needs to be enjoyed RIGHT NOW. 

Or are you more drawn in by reliability and dependability? Because this likely means that you are good at investing and saving your money. Can you see how this dynamic may also play out in your romantic relationships?


Well, this Eclipse season is going to shake things up for you and really help you come to terms with your self-worth. This period can help you kick any bad habits you have and help you see that you are more worthy of happiness, abundance, and prosperity than you could ever imagine.

Embrace these changes because they are for the better.


This Full Moon Eclipse is going to be huge for you! It is in your sign after all, and this means that all of the energy is focused on you and who you are. This is a time for you to rebalance the energy you put out in the world and realize how others perceive you. 

This is a time of change, and you need to realize that you do not have to stick to old habits and patterns. You can grow and change who you are. Think about the person you desire to be in the world and realize that there is nothing that is stopping you from being the ideal version of yourself.

Having a Full Moon Eclipse in your sign means that the energy for relationships is rather auspicious and a lot of changes are about to occur. This could be that you suddenly break up with your partner or that your current relationship takes a turn into something more serious. You singletons may also bump into someone life-changing.

No matter what happens, you can expect it to be quite transformative. This Eclipse is encouraging you to be 100% yourself and no one else. Radical self-acceptance is what you need to work on over this period. 

When you can be fully present with yourself, you can attract more people who are buying what you are selling. 


This happens to be a particularly healing Lunar Eclipse for you, my dear Gemini. This is the perfect opportunity for you to surrender control and just go with the flow. This is a time for you to shed light on the things within yourself that you would much rather hide. 

This process might be uncomfortable at times, but you need to do the healing work for yourself to experience greater growth. It is important to remember that there is real beauty in being vulnerable and dropping your defenses. 

This is such a vital aspect to finding love and the relationship you truly desire, but it can be scary being so open and honest with yourself, but it is especially terrifying showing your heart to someone else. It takes real bravery. 

This Eclipse is going to support you to be okay with stepping into the softer side of yourself. The side of you that wants to be more authentic and gentler in the world. It is time for you to say goodbye to the old parts of yourself, and to embrace something new. 

Be open to the healing, recognize the lessons in the blessings and the hardships, but make sure to leave your baggage in the past and be open to a new way of moving through the world.


This Lunar Eclipse has the potential to light a passionate fire under your belly. This is a time of relationship awakening and a moment for you to embrace your romantic nature. The way you show up in your relationships is about to change forever. 

You need to be real with yourself and have a moment of self-discovery. It is so important to know who you are so you can express your needs to your partner with confidence and clarity, but before you can do it you need to know what your needs are exactly. 

This is a time of massive growth for you, a time for you to let go of old patterns and show up to your relationships with more maturity and self-respect. You need to honor your boundaries and know when you aren’t being treated with the utmost love and care. 

Whoever isn’t treating you the way you deserve has no space in your life any longer, be that a friend or a romantic partner. This is a time for you to let go of any toxic connections or bad patterns from your past, and welcome new, fresh, and loving energy in your future. 

Remember that you are an amazing woman worthy of whatever you desire, but you need to do the inner work to see the desirable results on the outside. 


Big things are about to happen for you and your career! Whatever hard work you have been putting into your goals and ambitions is about to pay off, or you may decide that you’re in desperate need of a career overhaul. Whatever happens to you over this period, it is bound to be extraordinary. 

A big plot twist is about to unfold in the story of your life, you could decide to change careers, decide to change homes, and you even can become a parent over this period. Like I mentioned before: big things are happening!

You may become ultra-aware of your mission in life and realize that you are either headed in the right direction or not. This is an amazing time of awakening for you to realize what your big picture is. 

What is the vision you have for your life and are you headed that way? Life is too short to be involved with things that don’t fill you with joy and happiness. You are worth so much more than living a mediocre life.

It is time for you to dream big and believe in yourself and the possibilities of your dreams. Anything is possible, so stop living in fear and just go for what you know you deserve because there is nothing worse than living with regret!


The truth will set you free with this Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. It is time for you to be brutally honest and face the facts of where you are at in your life and your relationships. You can no longer ignore the things that just don’t feel right! 

It takes a lot of vulnerability to be able to be so open and honest with what you have to say. Being heart-centered sounds lovely, but sometimes it can be rather difficult in theory. This Eclipse season is going to teach you a lot about communication and the way you relate to your relationships. 

The foundation for any good partnership is the ability the two parties have to be able to communicate with clarity and honesty and this takes an immense amount of work. Sometimes, it is a lot easier to sweep something under the rug when it bothers you, but over time it will grow and grow into quite a big mess. 

It is so important to learn to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner. It’s impossible to always pretend that everything is okay when it isn’t because all relationships have ups and downs and there is nothing wrong with it. 

Over this Full Moon, vow to yourself to speak with greater integrity and honesty when speaking to your partner. It might be a little difficult at first, but eventually, the two of you should be able to ease into it and see how beneficial it is for your relationship. 


The intensity in your life is about to go up a notch, Libra. The Lunar Eclipse brings great transformation and changes into your life, which may have you welcoming a powerful and brilliant version of yourself into the world. 

It can be terrifying hiding away your power because it feels so intense, but to fully be yourself and be accepted by the right people, you need to be brave and okay with stepping into your power. The right people would want you to be this version of yourself. 

It is time for you to put your own needs first, and stop being so concerned with taking care of everyone else. You deserve to experience the ecstasy of pleasure and to feel excited about being alive, amidst all the growing pains. 

You can expect a lot of things from your past to come up for you over this period, but recognize this is a beautiful opportunity for you to heal and grow into the best version of yourself. Don’t be afraid of the transformation, embrace it! 

You are a butterfly waiting to spread her wings. The process isn’t very pretty, but it is in fact an illuminating one. This is your opportunity to do away with all the baggage of the past and start a fresh new chapter in your life. 


There is no greater time for relationships than over this Lunar Eclipse. This is going to cause a massive shift in your romantic life, so don’t be surprised when the trajectory of your life takes a turn after this period. 

This is the perfect time for you to solidify your commitments to that special someone, or to realize that the relationship situation you are currently in is no longer working for you. There might be some tension, and a push and pull feeling going on. 

So be keenly aware of whatever themes keep popping up for you over this week and realize that these are the kinks you need to work out before you can move on and step into the newest version of yourself.

Some things may not feel like they fit into your life any longer, and this is just a wake-up call from the Universe that it is never too late to change. Nothing is set in stone and there is still time for you to want something better for yourself. 

Don’t let anyone else tell you what you do and don’t deserve. Only you should ever determine your worth and the relationships you have to need to reflect this. Don’t be afraid to close the door on people who don’t see your magnificence. 


Big changes around your health and wellbeing are about to take place with this Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, and you must focus on prioritizing your health. The way you take care of your body says a lot about who you are as a person.  

These shake-ups are so important, as it is the Universe’s way of nudging you in the right direction. The more pride you take in your body, the more confidence you will have within yourself, and after all, attracting the right man is all about confidence. 

This isn’t about being slim or skinny for a man’s approval – it is about you feeling like you are the best, healthiest version of yourself. This is going to completely change the way you carry yourself in the world. 

Over this Eclipse season, be sure to keep an eye on any aches and pains you may be feeling, and set up a lifestyle overhaul for yourself to follow. Commit to eating healthier and getting more exercise. It is all about making the small changes that you can carry on with forever. 

Just take things slow and soon you will start to feel a lot better, and it will show in the way you walk and in the way you stand. The benefits of a healthier life are endless, but who knew what an impact it could make on your relationship status?


This month’s Lunar Eclipse is about to get hot and heavy in your romantic life. The Universe is about to make some drastic changes to the way you experience and accept pleasure in your life, and this can have a big impact on your relationship status.

You deserve a life where you can experience joy and pleasure, it doesn’t always have to be so focused on work all of the time, my dear Capricorn. This is the perfect opportunity for you to figure out what you need in your life to experience more pleasure. 

Don’t be afraid of expressing your desires to that special someone. It is really sexy when a woman knows what she wants from a man. This is you taking control of the pleasure you experience in your life, and this is inspiring!

Have a little fun, and indulge in some self-care. It might be the perfect opportunity for you to go to the spa for some R&R, or to have a little makeover with your hair and makeup. Do whatever makes you feel sexy and on top of the world.

Show the world that you are someone who knows how to let her hair down and who can have some fun. This Eclipse is going to remind you how important it is to feel good and what brings you happiness in your life. 


Aquarius, this Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is going to be a heartfelt experience for you. If it feels like there has been a certain amount of intimacy lacking in your life, then this is the opportunity for it all to change around. 

But this brings up the question: are you okay with being intimate with yourself? Do you have moments of deep reflection? And how well do you truly know yourself? This takes brutal honesty, and it isn’t always the easiest thing to do. 

However, if you’re looking for a deep, intimate bond with a man, then you are going to have to get comfortable with this kind of honesty within yourself first. This means spending time by yourself and your own thoughts. 

Being okay with being alone is such an integral step you need to take before you can fully be intimate with someone else because this is such a deep reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. 

Experiment with this by putting off your phone and disconnecting from everyone else, but connect with yourself. Something really beautiful may come out of this experience, you just need to be okay with letting go. 


Pisces, this Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus is really going to shake up the way you communicate with the world. There is no more hiding and being shy about expressing your desires – it is time for you to find your voice. 

As women, we can sometimes find it rather challenging to express our needs and our desires to the world, but it can be especially challenging speaking up when someone has hurt you or overstepped a boundary. 

And this can lead to a lot of resentment from the build-up of continuously keeping quiet and not speaking your mind. Whoever you are in a relationship with, be that a friend or a romantic partner should give you the space and freedom to be heard. 

What exactly is the point in being involved with people who aren’t willing to listen to what you have to say? This Eclipse is going to teach you that your opinion matters and you have the right to be heard. 

This is all about having clarity and learning how to communicate openly. It is a tough thing to learn, but when you know your boundaries, you won’t settle for anything less than what you know you deserve. This is going to be an amazing time for you!

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My Final Thoughts

This is going to be a crazy time for us all, my dear ones! This Eclipse is about to change our lives for the better. It might feel tough at times, but just know that this is the Universe’s way of sorting out any kinks and making a way for a better future for us all. 

There is nothing to be afraid of, and you are bound to be better off than where you first started. Just be patient with yourself and everyone around you, because everyone is going through a challenging time and the best thing you can do is to have compassion. 

I really look forward to hearing what stories you have to tell me over this period, so please don’t hesitate to send me a message in the comment section below. It means so much to me when I get to hear from all of you special ladies.

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I am wishing you the very best, and good luck over this period! 

All the love in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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