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The Secret Connection Between Your Sun And Venus Sign

Astrology is full of wonderful little secrets and nuggets of information to help you in life, but especially when it comes to your relationships. Everyone knows what their Sun sign is, and if you don’t – it is the sign on which your birthday falls on. 

The Sun is very important in your chart, it shows you what your drives and motivations are in life, and who you are at your absolute core. It is your ego and the purpose given to you and at the end of the day it is the reason you are alive.

But do you know anything about Venus? Venus is the planet of romance, beauty, love, pleasure, and everything relationships. This planet will show you exactly how you love and how you want to be loved. It also has a really special relationship with the Sun. 

Venus has an orbit that is always close to the Sun. Venus is never more than two signs away from the Sun. The position in which the Sun and Venus are in can tell you a lot about how you act in your relationships. 

It is very possible that you’re a slow and steady Taurus Sun who loves commitment, stability, and security in life, but your Venus might be in Aries which will make you quite a bold, daring, and adventurous lover.

Knowing the relationship Venus has to your Sun sign is very powerful knowledge to have and can help you to know how to make the most out of your romances. 

There are many different combinations for the position of the Sun and Venus, and all these combinations can say a lot about the way you act in a partnership. So, let us explore that a little deeper and see what secrets we can discover to unlock your perfect relationship potential.

What Is The Connection If My Sun And Venus Are In The Same Sign?

Essentially your Sun sign is who you are at your core. It is the drives and motivations you have in your life and who you are when everything else is stripped away. So, when your Sun and Venus are in the same sign, who you are and how you love are basically the same. 

Expressing your love to someone comes naturally to you. You are an inherent charmer and care deeply about the way others see you. It is important for you to be liked and accepted by others. 

Your self-esteem is quite tightly connected to your lovability and you tend to put a great deal of emphasis on your love life throughout your life. You might think that your life is more successful when you’re involved in a relationship. 

Peace and harmony are extremely important in your life, thus there might be a bit of a tendency for you to want to people please and keep others happy just so that you don’t rock the boat. People will often be drawn in by your natural charm and charisma. 

This position is quite favorable when it comes to love, and ancient Astrologers believed that having Venus in the same sign as the Sun describes your husband as someone friendly, pleasant, and very good-looking.  

What Is The Connection If My Sun And Venus Are One Sign Apart From Each Other?

When the Sun and Venus are one sign apart, there is usually little to nothing they have in common. This is because signs right next to each other are always classified in different categories like the elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water or modality which is Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable, as well as the orientation of Masculine(extroverted) or Feminine(introverted).

For two signs to be compatible with each other, they have to have at least one of these aspects in common, and when they are right next to each other, none of these aspects are in common at all! 

So, there is bound to be some frustration and friction between the Sun and Venus when they are only one sign apart from each other, they are completely different from each other after all!

Your pursuit of love and affection may be completely different from your inner drives and personal developments with this position. You might want one thing from life but then go against it completely in your relationships.

This can often feel quite stressful and confusing, because when you give in to one of these aspects, it may feel like you’re going against yourself completely. An example of this might be is that you want to feel stable and secure in your life, but then often end up going for the bad boy who keeps causing chaos in your life.

It is your mission to become aware of these different parts of yourself and see how you can fulfill both these parts of your personality and it might be good for you to figure out which part is more important for you in your relationships and to focus on that when you are looking for a partner. 

This combo might sound tricky and confusing at times, and it can be, but it also allows you to adapt to many different personalities which just broadens the pool of men from which you get to choose.

You have greater acceptance of people and can find the positive in every person you date because there is part of them that will always appeal to either your Sun’s or Venus’ version of ideal love.

What Is The Connection If My Sun And Venus Are Two Signs Away From Each Other?

When two signs are away from each other they usually share the same kind of orientation, either Masculine or Feminine. Did you know that the Fire and Air signs fall under Masculine signs and that Earth and Water signs are Feminine? 

When two signs are the same orientation, they usually get along fantastically. This is because there are enough similarities between the signs to get along, but also enough differences to keep things interesting.

When your Sun and Venus are two signs away from each other you usually definitely have a “type.” You know exactly what you want and need from your relationships, thus romances should come pretty easily to you. 

There is no inner conflict you need to struggle with to get the love you are looking for. It is easy for you to distinguish what you want from a partner and how to ask for it. You’re not the type of gal to settle for anything less than what you deserve.

The energy between your Sun and Venus just flows really naturally between the two signs. People are drawn to you and find you highly likable because you’re such a charmer, full of confidence and self-esteem. You know who you are!

Your inner values and expression of love are in harmony with one another. You know just how to create the perfect environment for you to show your love to the world. You have the very strong potential to be able to sustain really deep and lasting relationships in your life. 

You can always listen to your inner voice to guide you when it comes to your relationships because more often than not, she is going to be right. 

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Which Of These Sun And Venus Combos Do You Have?

By having this knowledge of your Sun and Venus combination, your pattern of relationships should slowly start to make sense. We all have the unique stamp we put on our romances, and the Sun and Venus is just one of them.

Having this information can give you a lot of insight into why you choose the partners you do, and empower you to make better decisions for yourself in your future romances. And especially when understanding how to use your unique style of love to get exactly what you want out of your relationships. 

Which of these is your combo and what is your Sun and Venus sign? What did you learn about yourself from this article?  Please send me a comment in the section below, I’m really curious to see if my findings run true for you! Is there something from this article you are going to take into your dating game? Please let me know! 

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Wishing you all the love and romance you desire!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

15 thoughts on “The Secret Connection Between Your Sun And Venus Sign

  1. I have a sun sign in Pisces, my Venus is at 29 degrees 59 Aries. I have been married 4 times the last one with a Scorpio for over 25 years. Now after being a widow for 3.5 years I have been dating an Aquarius man for 2 years off and on. My ascendant, moon and mars is aquarius. I have recently met a Capricorn who interests me and we’ve had 5 dates in one month. I really like and care about the Aquarius man however I don’t think he ever wants to make a commitment. I was curious about my Venus being a moment away from an earth sign and if that would fit with a Capricorn. Am I wasting my time?

  2. My boyfriend is a Leo, I’m also a Leo. He vanished without saying a word, gone without a warning. I’m kind of sad, bc I really loved him. Idk what I did wrong, now I’m curious about my Leo sign.

    1. Sharon (Aug 4), I am a Leo, my dad was a Leo and my first husband was a Leo. My dad was hurtful to the family and my husband took me for granted. I no longer have patience for Leo men in relationships as they have nothing to teach me. I suggest you move on to another sign that can appreciate you and treat you better. Leo men can be very arrogant.

    2. He sounds like a narcissist. Ghosting your girlfriend is, at least, cowardly, cruel, inexcusable. Unless he’s laying in a ditch somewhere, there is no excuse for disappearing without a word.

  3. I’m have an Aries sun and Taurus in Venus. Its a life struggle and my Scorpio moon does not help things

  4. I am Aries & my husband is Cancer. My long-lost-sweetheart is a Gemini. I don’t know what to do. My husband is 30 years younger than I. I do love him very much. My sweetheart, ever-since we were 13, wants me to divorce and marry him. IDK what to do, bc I don’t want to hurt either one. I love them both, but I can only have one. Which one is my life-long partner? Thanks.

  5. I have a Taurus sun sign, and Venus in Taurus. Most of this article is pretty accurate! I am who I am!

  6. My sun sign is Sagittarius..and I’m a venus in Scorpio… ITS A CURSE …A HORRIBLE PAINFUL CURSE…in my few love affairs guys bolted from me…because Im an passionate deep intense lover… And guys run from this type of feeling because its a feeling they never experienced before… So yea my love and sex is a dame CURSE… I never understood why such a great sexual feeling would make men run away…
    But now these days guys don’t want to be LOVED…??? that confuses the hell out of me??!! Also people who have venus in Scorpio are known in astrology that we are the best LOVERS…
    I enjoy giving my love to someone special…

  7. Hi Anna,
    I live reading all your articles & keeping up to date. Astrology has always fascinated me since young.
    I am Aquarius sun sign & Venus is in Aquarius too as well as my moon & mercury (4 planets in total) your article does make sense. Most of what I have read in the past states me to be unemotional or detached which I find the opposite to be true.
    I have been dating an Aquarian man but not sure where his venus is placed. I just know his rising sign/ascendant is Capricorn & mine Aries.
    Any insight to my comment is greatly appreciated.

  8. Pisces sun with Venus in Aquarius. Relationships are hard for me. Can’t seem to find one who makes me feel secure, but excites me at the same time.

    1. Sun in Pisces, Venus in Aquarius, which means they are one sign apart. I have so much love to give, but am also ready to bolt at the first sign of incompatibility. Interested in a man who is Capricorn-Aquarius cusp sun, Venus in Aquarius, moon in Gemini. Am I wasting my time?

  9. I have Sun in Cancer and Venus in Gemini; also rising Gemini. I have more planets in air signs then in water signs, my emotions are very strong and I’m also very opinionated :)))
    I connect easily with people but I can’t have a relationship if the feelings or the dialogue is missing, I need both, communication and emotions to be expressed, to bond :))
    Is an interesting article 🙂

  10. Both mine are Aries, I been married twice all my relationships were to abusive men I dont think I will ever find true love

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