5 Reasons Why Leo Women End Up In The Wrong Relationships

Have you noticed that you always seem to date the ‘wrong’ people? Are you consistently uninspired, dispassionate, and underappreciated in relationships? This happens to a lot of women, but Leo women feel especially affected by this ‘bad relationship’ syndrome.

Why are these dynamic and attractive women suffering in relationships? What needs tweaking to change the Leo lady’s luck?

I’m Anna Kovach, Relationship Astrologer. I’ve had the privilege of observing relationship dynamics within innumerable relationships. I’ve learned a thing or two along the way, and I know how to address the issues that I have seen arise for Leo women specifically.

Leo women come with their own unique set of relationship conundrums, which is why I’m glad that you’ve made it here. Today I am going over the secret reasons why Leo women get into unsatisfying relationships.

5 Reasons Why Leo Women End Up In The Wrong Relationships

1. Leo Women Have A ‘Type’

Leo women are part of the fixed sign foursome in the Zodiac. In a nutshell, it means that Leos would prefer to stick with the status quo than change pace. Remaining steady is how Leos become leaders, but it can make them suffer in relationships.

If you’re too dedicated to a specific type of guy, then you’re severely limiting your options. Perhaps you’ve been into emotionally distant guys, but your soul mate is in his feelings 24/7! If you’re only looking at the ones who fit your mold, then you’re missing all the other eligible guys.

Leo women who want to improve their prospective partners should look beyond their normal brand of boyfriend. They should open their eyes to all kinds of people beyond their norm.

2. Leo Women Want To ‘Save’ Their Partner

Leo Woman In A Wrong Relationship

Leo women are represented by the brave lion, always looking to be the hero. They tend to swoop in and offer someone all of the love that Leo believes they are missing.

This urge to save a partner from self-destructive habits, their family, or their circumstances is a naturally Leonine urge. They want to be seen by this person as their one and only because they were the only one who came along and led them out of their ‘bad’ life hand in hand.

Leo women will only attract guys who are victims by thinking this way. We all need to ask for help sometimes, but when being in need is a criterion for finding a boyfriend, then there is a problem. You can’t be these guys’ missing piece! It’s up to them to find that out for themselves, like the rest of us.

3. Leo Women Think They Can Change Their Man

Leo women are forceful and commanding. While they are likely the friendliest fire sign, they are also pushy. They have a strong will and even stronger resolve.

This is why Leos get trapped in train wreck relationships. They think if they exert their will enough then the other person will have no choice but to improve themselves and be who Leo wants them to be.

The Leo isn’t consciously thinking this, of course. They simply believe they see a ‘better way’ and urge their partner to meet these high expectations.

Leo women need to learn that these guys can only change themselves. No amount of will within you will affect the will within them. You can’t make anyone do more work or love you more deeply just by bullying them into it. The desire must come from within them.

4. Leo Women Don’t Want To Appear Undesirable

Leo Women Wants To Save Her Partner

Leos are hyper-aware of what others are thinking of them all the time. They attract a crowd because they are constantly analyzing how they’re being perceived by the crowd and changing their approach based on their response.

When Leo has to go out into public without a partner, it’s easy for them to get self-conscious. They don’t want to look unlovable to others because, at the end of the day, all the Leo desires is love and validation.

Leo is more guilty than most signs of being in a relationship just for the clout. They like to either be seen as the ‘savior’ in relationships, or the trophy wife. Either way, they love being put on a pedestal.

Some Leos think that being single raises a red flag to others. After all, what if it makes others retract their love for Leo when they see that no one is partnered with her?

Leo needs to learn that she is worthy of love, whether single or in a relationship. She will still receive admiration and affection, just because she is her. It was never her man who made her great, and she’d do well to learn that.

5. Leo Women Are Proud

Finally, we get to the famous Leo pride. Leo women are ruled by the Sun. The Sun never turns down its brightness for anyone or anything. Leos are much the same way. Admitting defeat is not their style. They’ll fight to the end just to avoid admitting that they ‘lost.’

Because they’re stubborn as well as prideful, they will look for any excuse to milk a relationship just a little longer to see if it will work. Leo loves deeply and gets into a pattern in relationships, making it even more difficult for them to leave.

The Leo woman would rather do almost anything than call it quits. It’s a personal failure to the Leo woman if she can’t fix the relationship. In her mind, it means she didn’t fulfill her duty.

In reality, sometimes Leo women need to realize that pride sours relationships more than it helps them. Pride is the ego talking and no good relationship works well with ego in the driver’s seat.

When Leo can realize that leaving is not always a defeat but rather sometimes a victory, then she will be empowered enough to get out of it if the ship has sunk.

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Wrapping Up

We all engage in relationship faux pas, but sometimes they put us into a negative romance pattern. Before you know it, you’re in with the wrong dudes. Leo women suffer from this like many others, but for different reasons.

Their own reasons are unique, but many boil down to their stubbornness and pride. Leo won’t budge easily once their minds are set on someone. For this reason, they can get caught up in relationships that don’t serve their highest purpose.

Realizing this is what can assist them in more karmically aligned relationships.

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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