To All of my Leo Sisters In Search of True Fulfillment in Love

 How You As A Leo Woman Can Transform Your Love Life In Just 3 Weeks

Today you will learn most important questions that Leo women NEED to ask themselves, 3 worst mistakes that Leo women make with men (and what to do instead) + The golden dating rule each Leo woman should live by for more fulfilling relationships

Do you constantly feel like something’s off in your (love) life?

Do you feel like… you’re not quite there? Like you’re not completely in tune with who you were supposed to be (with)?

If you have wandered from one dead-end relationship to the next…

If you ever let a true soulmate slip through your fingers and ended up with someone who’s not 100% right for you…

If you repel the right guys and keep attracting those who don’t deserve you…

You are meant to read this letter. 

Unfortunately, many women live their whole lives like this – never experiencing the true gifts of love and happiness.

What they experience is only a shadow of a love life… and they come to believe that the shadow is the real thing.

They suffocate that little voice in their heads that propels them to truly connect with their lover.

They convince themselves that what they’re already feeling is normal and that there’s nothing more to it. They settle.

Unfortunately, settling for less and being stuck in an emotionally stagnant relationship really is normal – it’s what most women do.

I know that you are here because you’re not one of those women that settle for less.

The very fact that you’re reading this means that you want to get to the heart of what only true love can offer.  

If that is so, I have a question for you:

How well do you know yourself?

How connected do you feel with your true potential and your true values?

The first delusion that keeps lovely Leo girls from a perfect relationship and a perfect marriage is this:

They think they know themselves...

You might read all about your love interest’s Sun Sign…

You might thoroughly inform yourself about all the ways to seduce your partner (and I suggest that you do this), BUT…

You’ll still miss one key piece you need to complete the Love puzzle.

If you keep yourself in the dark about who you really are, you’re actually just shooting in the dark.

Even if you manage to snag him, you’ll feel that something’s missing in your relationship. You won’t be completely fulfilled.

The simple truth is this:

You can’t connect with a man if you’re not connected to your true self!

As I’ve said, it’s simple, but you’d be surprised by how many women actually fail to realize it.

It’s not your fault if this happened to you.

I know that you’re very devoted to the idea of True Love and a deep bond with your soulmate.

I know that you’ve been searching for a way that leads to his heart…

But in that process, you may have missed an essential part of the journey. You forgot yourself.

You might have researched everything about his Sun sign, but you’re still in the dark about who you really are deep inside.

So let me ask you…

How well do you know your Sun sign?   

Luckily, now you’ll get a map that will lead you back to your true self… and straight into the arms of a loving Mr. Right.

The little-known truth is that there are three reasons why true love eludes lovely Leo women like yourself:

I want you to get the most out of your relationship and enjoy the blissful feeling of fulfillment that only true love can give.

That’s why I'll specifically address each of these problems that prevent your relationship from achieving its full potential.

3 Main Reasons Leo Women End Up In Unfulfilling Relationships

REASON #1 - Unrealistic Expectations

In today's world, we are bombarded with subconscious messages from television, social media, magazines, advertisements, and so on. While we all would like to think that we like what we like because we choose to like it, this is not entirely the case.

From the time we are born we are fed images of the perfect relationship, and while logically you know it is unrealistic, the imprint is still there in your subconscious. This can manifest as general dissatisfaction with the quality of your relationship because it doesn't measure up to what your subconscious is telling you that you want. Even when everything is going great.

As a Leo, you are hardwired to identify as the star of your own story. As a result you, more than other signs, identify strongly with the lead role in the stories and narratives fed to us from society. This gives you a greater level of responsibility to explore the unknown regions of your mind and find out where you are carrying unrealistic expectations.

REASON #2 - You Get Easily Bored

This isn't exactly your fault, but it can lead to losing out on what would otherwise be a wonderful relationship. As a Leo, you need excitement and drama. When life moves slowly and things become routine, you start to squirm.

This discomfort can sometimes be expressed in unexpected ways and you could find yourself wondering if there is something wrong with your relationship. The truth that many Leos don't want to face is that once the bells and whistles wear off, humans are all sort of boring. We aren't as different from one another as we often like to think.

You may start to think that maybe if you could just find that perfect partner who supplies you with never-ending excitement, then you could finally live happily ever after. While intellectually you know this is unrealistic, the emotion can remain. The key is to find excitement in other areas of your life.

REASON #3 - Jealousy 

Jealousy can ruin any relationship, and Leos are not the only ones who struggle with this. However, during my time as an astrologer, I have seen that Leos (and Scorpios) tend to run into this the most. The interesting thing about Leos is that they are often fully aware when they are acting in ways that are unbecoming but feel powerless to stop it.

Your sign is ruled by the sun, the bright, shining star at the center of our entire solar system. You do an amazing job of commanding the attention of others and people feel naturally drawn to you. Others like for you to be the center of attention just as much as you like it for yourself.

The trouble is that as soon as your partner pays the slightest attention to anyone else, you feel that little sting of jealousy. Remember that if a person stares into the sun for too long, they can go blind and lose their ability to appreciate its luminous beauty. Let them look away so they don't lose the ability to appreciate you.

Now this here is just the beginning of your journey to self-discovery and eternal love.

At the end of the road, your soulmate awaits you as a prize for your endeavors, BUT…

It all starts with you!

In order to enable help you approach your relationship with yourself AND your relationship with your Soul Mate in the best way possible, I will reveal to you:

Two most important questions that a Leo woman should ask herself and get relationship clarity 

Question n.1 - Do I Love Myself As Much As I Want Others To Love Me?

Leos are vibrant and fascinating people that seem to attract the attention of everyone around them. They are highly energized by being the center of attention.

An unfortunate side effect of desiring so much admiration from others can come in the form of feeling awful about themselves when no one is actively complimenting them or showing a desire to have them around.

This is why it is so important for a Leo to ask themselves how much of their self-love is currently dependent upon what others think of them. Getting the admiration of a partner is only a fix until you can get that deep, unending love from yourself.

Loving yourself will actually make you more open to accepting love from others. It’s only when you are open to loving yourself that it will make sense to you why others love you too.

A Leo is at their full potential when they are self-confident even when no one is around.

Question n.2 - What Am I Proud Of?

A Leo is nothing without their pride. They tend to have a strong ego and they don’t like to be caught in situations that would diminish their reputations, for example.

This question is meant to shift Leos into a reflective state so they can ensure that what they keep close to them is what makes them feel their best.

Leos should have many things in their life that make them feel good and valued to be associated with. They should especially take a lot of pride in their partner, because the partner can act as an extension of us. As a result, not being proud of being with your partner can feel like not being proud of yourself.

This fire sign needs to be, well, fired up about the things and people they associate with. They enjoy the presence of people who also have great taste, since that would say a lot about who a Leo is!

Leos, you will feel most fulfilled over a lifetime if you have many reasons to feel proud of who you are. You should have no problem saying no to anything that doesn’t meet your standards!

There are zodiac signs that never fall out of tune with who they are… For example, Aries. Aries doesn’t need to do much self-discovery and that’s why these women have a certain advantage, BUT…

Other, more perplexing signs like Leo, have to do a little soul-search of their own.

Once they do that, they are able to fully align themselves with their celestial potentials and connect to their unique self.

Only then they can attract the best kind of love and the exact kind of love they really need in life.

Through my career as a relationship astrologer, I must have guided thousands of women into perfect relationships and marriages.

Some of them were looking for their true love.

Others already were in relationships and they sought to increase intimacy with their counterparts, reignite their interest, and keep them in love for good… and I’ve helped them.

My unique knowledge of Leos comes not only from the 4000-year-old science of astrology, but also from on-the-field situations with myriads of women that I’ve consulted.

I can tell you with certainty that the depth of your emotional life, as a Leo, presents you with some very unique challenges BUT…

I’ve already helped many Leo ladies re-discover themselves and achieve their full potential.

Be sure of this – when a Leo unlocks her true potential, it’s a glorious sight to see.

You can radiate energy so mysterious and serene that the puzzle of your love life completes itself without you having to do anything. It’s enthralling!

What happens when a Leo awakens to her true potential

It looks like the chain of events works in your favor all the time.

It’s like “random” occurrences connect in your life as though they were guided by a higher power,

If you ever felt like you’ve outperformed yourself, like your intuition and gut feelings work impeccably and just can’t go wrong…

If you ever felt like your heart orients you like a perfect compass as if you’re guided and protected by a mysterious, never before seen wisdom…

If you attained that graceful flow in movement, thought, speech and appearance so that you’ve become more appealing to everyone in your surroundings (especially men)…

You have surely experienced this mysterious phenomenon.

If you think back, you will surely be able to remember a time in your life when everything would work out perfectly… seemingly on its own.

Well, it wasn’t on its own. It was because of what you radiated.

Your energy was at its peak and you achieved a state of optimum performance in everything, especially romance…

Some people call it synchronicity, some call it being
in the zone, others call it the Flow

This is what it looks like:

  • Everything falls in place of its own,
  • Everything you do seems flawless and with ease…
  • Chains of events work in your favor
  • You’re constantly reminded how valuable you are by your loved ones (including your soulmate)
  • You can just feel the power of attraction and you can almost touch the never-before-seen bond with your love interest
  • Men keep their eyes glued to you and only you
  • Your lover can’t stand being away from you
  • You feel as though you’re in harmony with all the cosmos and the stellar workings
  • You feel both happy, lucky, AND blessed… and most of all… you feel LOVED.

Do you know how to tap into this power? 

It awakens only when you’re in deep synch with who you were meant to be.

It all starts with getting to know your sun sign.

If you want to thrive in all fields of life, ESPECIALLY in love, relationships, and marriage, you absolutely NEED to “know yourself.”

When you gain a deeper understanding of your sun sign, aligning with your stars and awakening your true potential comes as easily as flipping a switch and turning the light on.

That’s exactly how it feels. Like you wandered in the dark your whole life, but now you can see clearly and you marvel at the sights you unravel.

It feels as though you’ve finally stopped moving against the grain… as if you’re finally unstuck.

That ever-persisting feeling that something is wrong… that you are somehow wrong… completely vanishes.

You finally feel free.

Free to breathe in, live and shower your surroundings with love and gratitude so ample that everyone wants to be in your presence... especially your love interest.

The truth is that Leo is one of the most mysterious and powerful signs in the zodiac, but…

You, as a delicate Leo, sometimes might need just a little push to help you get where you need to be.

You’re in luck today because I won’t just give you a little push.

I’ll give you a detailed map to a perfect equilibrium with yourself AND your lover.

I’ve compiled all of my knowledge of Leo into a guide the likes of which you’ve never seen before. 

The insights that it will give you will awaken you to your true potential and show you the way to an intimate, deep, romantic relationship with your true soulmate.

Let me introduce you to my special guide
How to Find and Keep Love as a Leo Woman

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This is just a tiny bit of what you’ll learn inside of my book:

  • Proven ways to make yourself known as the uniquely dignified, charismatic, and attractive Leo lady you are and find love in no time
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  • 6 essential traits that you, as a fire sign, must embody, and how to actualize your full potential in love and relationships
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  • A dangerous side of Leo’s ego and how to cater to it so that your façade doesn’t repel your soulmate
  • Trauma that may have occurred in the past and Leo ladies are sensitive to – this can put you at a disadvantage and severely jeopardize your relationships if you don’t recognize it in time
  • The single most important fuel for Leo’s fiery passion in love and relationships
  • How to address possessiveness and jealousy and turn them to your advantage, instead of having these traits completely ruin your odds of success in love
  • The staggering line of business in which lovely Leo ladies are likely to succeed, and how to wield your astral power so that you become as successful as you can be
  • A little-known way in which Leo women disrupt their own charisma and how to do the opposite and be the best version of yourself
  • Make your love survive and thrive – find out how not to fall into the most dangerous love trap that may prematurely end romance for you
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  • The most ambiguous personality trait of Leo ladies that either makes you irresistible or repulsive… learn how to moderate this trait and harness its benefits in love so that your love interest worships you
  • The biggest passion killer for Leo and how never to let your insecurities get the best of you and make your lover pull away 
  • The best way a lover can boost your confidence and turn you on as the hot lioness of his dreams
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  • 3 things that a sensitive lioness needs even more than mind-blowing orgasms… and how to get what you need quickly and easily
  • Your dark side and your darkest demons which you need to keep under control if you want the relationship to succeed
  • What makes a Leo lady susceptible to manipulation and how to be sure that you’ll avoid toxic partners that would do this to you
  • Guaranteed ways to avoid co-dependency but still have a totally honest and open relationship that many women would envy you for 
  • Find out about a sneaky habit of yours that is otherwise a virtue, but you often take it too far as a spouse or a mother, so it becomes a bit… obnoxious
  • A dangerous addiction that Leo ladies have in love and how to be stable, committed, and emotionally satisfied instead of deprived 
  • Why Leo ladies occasionally stir things up in love and how to do this to give your relationship a spark of attraction, deep intimacy, and mutual understanding
  • All the traits of your very own Mr. Right and how to recognize him and draw him into your loving embrace from a mile away 
  • The RIGHT way to engage in sexual fantasies and awaken the burning passion and deep appreciation in your lover’s heart
  • Did you know that there are 3 different Leo ladies with 3 different planets watching over them? These 3 types act very differently in love, so you need to find out which one you are ASAP 
  • An insidious habit of Leos that threatens even the most perfect relationships and that often ends the relationship before it even starts… learn how to flip the script and double your charm just by avoiding this habit and doing the opposite
  • All the secrets of a successful relationship – learn how to arrange things between you and your lover so that you overcome all hurdles and boost your intimacy, understanding, and odds of starting a family together  
  • All this and much, much more awaits for you inside…

Leo Love secrets will completely change your love life and the way you understand yourself while a New Romantic World emerges for you in all fields of life and relationships.

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I know that because all I do these days is consult and read…

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" I really enjoyed the Aquarius love secrets book! Especially the information on the decans. Turns out I am decan 2 and never knew that I had a natural tendency to be single... have been struggling for years bc it seems things are always unbalanced.. either they like me a lot and I don't or the other way around.  Helped me to see that I may have a natural tendency towards this lifestyle and not to be so hard on myself for being one of the only single ppl I know my age.  There were many other insights that rang true as well. Definitely a must read for any Aquarian woman!  Thank you Anna for helping us all on our journey! " - Cara

"I purchased the "Sagittarius Love Secrets" being cautiously optimistic, but then you know that about Sags! And to my surprise is was thoroughly revealing. There were parts of the book that I read, that I absolutely knew about myself and then there were parts that totally caught my off guard. A great book to have in your arsenal, especially if you're like me and on a transformation journey."  - April

"I found My Cancer Love Secrets very informative. I am truly a Cancer. I know I’m moody. I learned my strong traits & traits I need to work in. Thanks for giving me the tools to better myself. " - Barbara

"I found this ebook to be pretty interesting. It added deep introspection to aspects I’d never before thought about or related to astrology. Fascinating. Thank you!" - Allison

"Thank you Anna for the Leo love secrets. However it has really helped me to find myself. It has opened my eyes to love me first as well as to always put myself thank you so much " - Samantha

"I read the book Libra Love Secrets and I think that it is a great book ! I learned more about myself and it helped me to understand what partner I need  next to me .  I think that this book will be great for every Libra woman to read .  Great work !  Thank you so much for offering it to me !!!" - Daria

"The Taurus love secrets was very informative. You hit the nail on the head with all the traits of a Taurus. I am currently working on improving some of those habits." - Savi

"I really enjoyed reading your Sagittarius love secrets.. as a mature age woman there was a lot I already understood about myself but also some pretty useful advice on looking inward for a better understanding of what drives me in, and out, of relationships. I would definitely recommend it to all Sag ladies, young and old, time spent understanding yourself can only lead to a happier life all around.  I will also get a Capricorn one for my daughter . 

I find all your work an insightful, valuable asset, from daily advice to helping navigate astrological phases and their effect on my relationships, thank you." - Carolyn

"I have purchased and read many of your books. My cancer love secrets along with the Virgo man secrets have been very eye-opening and helpful to me. My cancer love secrets revealed information about myself that I never really paid attention to but once having read this was right on target about myself. The series of the  Virgo man and all related books you have written have opened my eyes and help me to understand this man that I have fallen in love with. To this day my love has grown even stronger for this man and your books have helped me to understand him and the way he thinks and feels. I can never thank you enough for the insightful information given me about myself and this man that I love very deeply to this day.

I will always look forward to reading your next book and I thank you from the bottom of my heart all that you’ve done for me!" - Laurie

"I did read my love secrets and you were spot on with personality and how i am in my relationships I will be re-reading all the information I have gotten from you just so I’m not missing anything I’m also learning a lot from your everyday emails you send me thank you for all that you do to help me to become a better version of myself my vibrations to the outside world has been the strongest I have ever had and I’m trying to keep it there so thank you again for all your support" - Kezzie 

"This book is awesome. At times being a Gemini with a Moon in Cancer I read both signs and other to really get a complete outlook on me.

This book helped me to deal with me.  I’m learning at this beautiful age of 55 and I don’t look it I look 30!  I’m learning how to appreciate me all my goodness and flaws.  I am at a place in my life it is ok to be me. This book help me realize that I am on the right path to have the love that I want...

This book shows me how I can love me! I’m special and I’m finally accepting that I’m ok being me and learning how to love others the way they are not how I imagine and it up to me if I decided to deal with it or no.  

Thank you for writing the book I will use it and read it often." - LaVon

"I love receiving your guides and always look forward to reading them. They make me realise things I may have done in past relationships and what I could be doing in the future." - Mary

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"Thank you so much for the Libra Guide. It helped a great deal to get to know myself and get answers to questions that I struggled with for years. It is worth every ZAR. Very useful, no, in fact, insightful and a must-have for someone who wants to get to know themselves. Thank you so much, you are awesome!" - Estelle

"Dear Anna, Thank you for your professional insights. You are my guiding star!! By following your blogs and reading My Virgo Love Secrets I am able to put things into perspective. Much love to all my fellow Virgo Ladies. A great read!" - Fionnuala

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A Golden rule of dating for Leo ladies:

Remember who you are and why you deserve respect.

A Leo who does not respect themselves is a shell of a human. A typical Leo is going to feel most alive when they feel empowered to be as big, bold, and dramatic as they want to be.

A Leo who forgets their own greatness is not going to be someone anyone wants to be around. When things are good, a Leo parties it up in a big way, and when things are bad they throw just as big of a pity party.

The most powerful Leos are the Leos whose partners deeply respect them. They need to feel like powerhouses at home and in the world.

Leos, you are the mountain, and everything around you is just the weather. It can’t wear you down that easily, so keep your light and power close to you, and don’t forget you have it.

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Your friend and relationship astrologer,

P.P.S. Your Moon Sign and Ascendant can also tell you a great deal about who you are and why you’re like that, but it all starts with your Sun Sign.

Be warned that knowing yourself is not an easy thing to do. You might read some things that you don’t like.

That’s why I urge you to continue only if you’ve mustered enough courage to face yourself.

P.P.P.S. You can try to bypass the ancient science of astrology. Perhaps you can know yourself even if you don’t know anything about the planets and your stars…

But it will take you decades of hard work and diligence to get there…

It requires years of careful analysis of your thoughts, actions, feelings, and emotions… and you can still make a mistake!

Why would you waste all that time and beat around the bush when you can pierce through the heart of the problem in just a few days?

Don’t try to bypass your stars. Waging war against the stars is waging a war against yourself and that’s not a war we can win.

We are but stardust. So shine with your stars and emanate your own natural light bestowed upon you at birth.

It’s the only way to avoid completely failing in life and romance…

You Pay Only $17


“You can have the relationship you want!”

Anna Kovach is known as the most sought after relationships Astrologer and advisor to commitment-seeking women across the globe. Anna's guidance and astrological insights have helped countless women get the relationship they desire.

She is famous for saving 'failed' relationships, helping women secure their 'One' and showing seemingly incompatible couples “how to speak the same language.” 

She uses her gift and knowledge of Astrology & relationship psychology to help couples connect and gain an intense understanding of each other. All through the power of practical and accurate astrological advice that anyone can apply to their relationship — just without the hype, overcomplicated professional terminology or vague and confusing astro-speak.

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