Weekly Tarotscope for October 23rd – 29th

Welcome, brave seekers of the mystical and curious wanderers of the unknown, to a realm where the veil between reality and the supernatural grows thin.

It’s time to embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery and enlightenment through the fascinating art of tarot card reading.

Imagine for a moment that you’re in a dimly lit room, where incense dances in the air, and the soft murmur of distant whispers hints at the secrets of the universe. A deck of cards, rich in symbolism, sits before you, each card bearing a unique story, a piece of wisdom, and a glimpse into the enigmatic future. It’s like having a conversation with the universe itself.

As the cards shuffle, the world outside fades away, and you’re transported to a place where time and space intertwine. The cards fall, and each one tells a tale that’s uniquely yours. In these intricate patterns and mysterious symbols, we find the keys to unlock the secrets of your past, present, and future.

Today, we’ll dive headfirst into the cosmic river, where tarot reveals the hidden truths, ignites your intuition, and empowers your choices. Whether you seek answers, clarity, or simply a touch of whimsical magic in your life, this tarot card reading promises to be an unforgettable journey through the mystical and the extraordinary. So, sit back, relax, and let the cards whisper their secrets to you.

Aries – Two of Swords

This week there is a delicate balance between vulnerability and self-preservation, indicating the need for some introspection and also some negotiation in love to address power imbalance. In love, the two of Swords calls for a moment of pause, where recent choices and emotions are carefully evaluated and clarity is sought to quieten your inner conflicts.

New relationships are at a crossroads, and so you can’t run from the issues, things must be addressed in a gentle way, this isn’t a time for confrontation. While there is a mismatch of emotion right now, it’s merely an indication that your budding relationship needs more clarity and this is a moment of truth.

In marriage, this card encourages communication and open dialogue and it emphasizes the importance of expressing your concerns, hopes, and quandaries with honesty and tenderness, it’s not a boardroom meeting, so don’t be cool and detached.

The theme of this week is finding balance and seeking harmony even though emotionally things are quite febrile. Turn down the external noise and seek inward, trusting your intuition and your faith in the relationship to guide the way.

Taurus – Page of Wands

This card stimulates your creative spark and brings about a certain restlessness within you that is just itching for authentic expression of your individual spirit. Get excited and revel in the anticipation as you are on the verge of a of discovery or new phase of life. Ideas and inspiration germinate within you often quite suddenly and unexpectedly, and that sets you down a path of a new creative journey.

This card encourages you to express yourself and your individuality and to welcome light-hearted banter and a happy atmosphere into your relationship. Listen to your unconscious mind and follow your instinctive urges, even if you are worried about being the odd one out.

Page of Wands indicates that you need to be positive and spontaneous in love but not overly impulsive, as while enthusiasm impresses men, if you become impatient or quick to anger you will put a potential partner on the back foot.

This is an excellent card to draw if you are eager to make a new start with a new relationship. A new love you encounter now is likely to be inspiring and uplifting, one that will bring you a renewed sense of optimism and vitality and that will continue to grow and develop you personally.

If you feel that your relationships in the past have not served you well, this is an opportunity to try something completely different. Be open to exploring novel avenues to finding love, and be willing to try new options to improve existing relationships.

A sudden event, which you may not necessarily be expecting, can be extremely fortunate and could disrupt negative patterns in your existing long-term relationship leading to a brighter path forward with a renewed sense of potential.

Gemini – Six of Wands

This week teamwork gives you a lot of satisfaction and can also improve your confidence, so if there’s anything that you are struggling with, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask your partner for a little bit of practical support or at least encouragement as you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you share, you are far more likely to get a good reaction, and a problem shared certainly will be a problem solved.

You’re more likely right now to doubt yourself and have negative thoughts; that’s why it’s a very important to be able to express these to your partner because they will be able to set you straight and help you to see yourself in a much more positive frame of light.

It’s easy to feel discouraged in new romances this week; you may think that you have failed to fulfil the expectations of a new date, you may feel that it isn’t going well, or you could feel that you’ve put your foot in it, but this is all highly unlikely. You are just having a small crisis of confidence, and you probably need a little bit of rest, so take a step back as everything your relationship is sure to go well if you have a bit of patience.

Cancer – Knight of Swords

They say there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come, and that’s very apt for this card. However, if you become obsessed with an idea, you can be so blinded by the growing desire to achieve it, that you fail to see the pitfalls. So the message here is to follow your passion, but not to get so engrossed that you no longer see the wood from the trees.

While this card represents a period full of vitality and passion, this energy must be balanced with a realization of responsibility and compassion. There is a big warning not to be single-minded and that can lead to you becoming blindsided.

In terms of your dating ventures, you will be hitting the singles scene with great energy and ambition. You can boldly walk up to someone new and introduce yourself. You are able to set nerves aside, and instead, you can bravely initiate and open doors for yourself romantically. However, do take heed not to grab the first opportunity that comes along just because you want a result, try not to sacrifice discernment. Mr Right is charismatic and also intelligent.

If you are in a relationship, this card is a cue to move the relationship into new territory as quickly as possible. Even if the relationship is fairly fresh, it’s ripe for conversations about moving in together, meeting the parents, getting engaged, or even having children. Discussions about the future are par for the course, even if you are not yet fully committed.

What about the BUT? Be mindful that you are not rushing into things without fully understanding the consequences. It might be fun to progress things quickly but what is the rush?

Leo – Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune advises against mere passivity when life’s challenges arise. Instead, it encourages proactive engagement to stay on the favorable side of the wheel. So this week take active measures to improve your situation, thereby expediting your success. The Wheel reminds you that adversity is a natural facet of life, nothing to fear. Accept it as a part of life’s ebb and flow, not necessarily indicative of inherent problems. Seek creative ways to confront and overcome adversity. If it’s beyond your control, consider it a signal that something might require a different approach.

In matters of love, the Wheel of Fortune forecasts a positive turn of events, implying a fortunate phase where you’re likely to meet more compatible, potential partners. Embrace novel experiences and let destiny lead you down fresh avenues.

Within an established relationship, the Wheel of Fortune signifies a cyclical nature characterized by ups and downs. You’re kept on your toes, never certain of what to expect next. It may feel a bit taxing unless, of course, you relish spontaneity and an unpredictable future. If your relationship is struggling, this card indicates a pivotal turning point. It may be time to reevaluate your relationship, as it might no longer align with your needs.

Engage in an open conversation with your partner to discuss possible changes. If you’ve recently experienced a breakup, the Wheel of Fortune suggests a sequence of events leading to the relationship’s end. What may have appeared as unrelated occurrences at the time are now seen as interrelated events. External factors beyond your control may have also contributed to the separation.

Virgo – Tower

The message for Virgo this month is – pride comes before a fall, so bear that in mind when it comes to your love life and also your career.

For Virgo, one of the things that you’re excellent at is letting go, but sometimes you need a little bit of a prompt to let go. So you should see any events which occur this week, even if on the surface they are a bit of a disaster or rather chaotic, as an essential nudge that you need to be moving in a slightly different direction and letting go of an attachment to something that is in effect holding you back.

Remember that often breakdown comes before breakthrough, so it’s important to see everything that happens this week, both good and bad, as a big opportunity and a potential for moving in a slightly different but much more fulfilling direction.

Your subconscious is drawing you towards what is good for you and for your relationship life, and your conscious mind has yet to catch up. That’s why it’s important to remain open-minded and impartial about what happens this week, as everything is a clue to the next opportunity.

Libra – Hanged Man

The Hanged Man in terms of matters of the heart is a little paradoxical, as it is quite self-sufficient, and yet it is also a transformative force that defies the conventional understanding of love. This is the card of lovers who enjoy time apart but whose time together is quite passionate and revealing for their personal development.

In relationships, you may feel like you are walking a tightrope suspended between the known and the unknown, where you may have to expose your own vulnerability and make sacrifices to achieve profound connection and growth in your relationship.

With this card, true love means a choice to let go of ego and preconceived notions, and rather to see your relationship through your unique lens. Make a choice not to be bound by chains, but by the threads of empathy, compassion, and understanding, weaving a tapestry of shared experiences together.

Love and romance require patience and acceptance. It is the essential recognition that sometimes, to truly understand and appreciate another’s soul, we must release our attachment to the familiar, allowing the mysteries of the heart to unravel in their own time.

Scorpio – Ten of Wands

This week should bring relief and a welcome upturn after a period of struggle. Suddenly there’s light at the end of the tunnel and you feel hard work in love, career and family life is paying off.

It’s important to develop a mindset of abundance and also to reward yourself and so, don’t wait for approval and recognition, give yourself a pat on the back now. In relationships, resentment often stems from not getting you dues, that’s why you must always work on self-care and not be afraid to make your fun and have your indulgences.

Take responsibility and be the ideas leader and problem solver, but keep leading as this is not a time to take your foot off the gas, you have to press home your advantage.

While compromise is important in love and relationships, too much compromise is a hole that you dig yourself into and that’s what you need to address right now.

In new relationships, you may walk away if a new partner has a lot of baggage. Don’t feel guilty about wanting better because this is a time to be aspirational in love.

Sagittarius – Six of Swords reversed

The key message with this card is perseverance! This card indicates that you may be trying your best to move on from a relationship transition. So it could be that you have ended a relationship, or you and your partner have just made a big decision, you may be having a few regrets or cold feet about this decision, but you are keeping them to yourself.

This indecision is physically and mentally draining because somewhere within your soul you are dragging your feet and you don’t necessarily want to take the next step forward, but you know you really have to. So it’s a little bit of a spiritual and emotional challenge to keep yourself moving forward and leave the past behind you.

It’s always easier to leave the past behind when we engage in forgiveness, and we understand the lessons of the past. It’s vitally important to remember that this life is about moving forward and keeping learning, and we should never allow ourselves to be dragged back into old habits or relationships that clearly weren’t working. So this is a time for moving forward, but do it slowly, do it at your own pace and be kind to yourself.

Capricorn – Four of Pentacles

This is a good card for success in the material world, and many of your projects should now be nearing a successful and financially rewarding conclusion. There may be good news in the pipeline about money, and that can help your relationship and encourage you to make decisions with your partner that involve investing for your future.

No matter what’s happening in your life, you’re more likely to be able to appreciate what you have and feel satisfied and fulfilled. However, it’s very important not to settle; you should remain quite positive about searching for new opportunities, as this is not a time when you should rest on your laurels, even though there is the temptation to do so.

This is definitely a week to examine the true nature of your relationship with your partner; often, a focus on the financial side or on material things could mean that your relationship is not particularly satisfying and you’re looking for other things to fill the gap. So right now, you have an opportunity to reconnect with your partner in more meaningful ways or alternatively change the way you go about dating so that you meet someone who can fulfil you on an emotional and spiritual level.

Aquarius – Eight of Pentacles Reversed

This suggests a few challenges and issues surrounding the perceived levels of dedication, effort, and focus in your romantic relationships. You may feel that there is a lack of progress and you might feel a tough dissatisfied in your relationship. 

This represents a tricky time for conversations about commitment, however, possibly due to work and other stresses, you and your partner may not putting in the necessary work to nurture the connection or may not be fully invested in the partnership.

It’s important to work on appreciation or alternatively to draw back from relationships where you feel unappreciated.

It’s important to recognize repeating patterns in your relationships and work on changing stalemates by doing things more spontaneously. The element of surprise is very important in order to shake things up and get some forward momentum going.

Try to bring back focus and direction into the relationship. Understand how you may have both neglected the relationship and attempt to resolve to turn a new leaf.

Open and honest dialogue is essential to address any issues or feelings that the relationship is drifting, and resolve to work together towards improvement.

Pisces – King of Pentacles

This week it’s time to use your deeper intuitive powers to reach your partner, so it’s important to show compassion and understanding and to be a good listener. You want to show your partner that you are able to understand him and provide solace to him in a way no one else can.

This is an excellent time for your creative pursuits, and you can find great fulfilment through art and culture. It’s very important to pay attention to the finer details in terms of projects involving things that are creative in nature because the devil is in the detail.

Right now, there’s a sense that the pressure is off, and therefore, you’re able to throw yourself into activities connected to romance and pleasure. This is a very important phase in relationships as there’s a sense of quiet and calm, and you are able to connect in a way that you don’t usually do when life is more hectic and demanding.

In romance, it’s very important to be patient as, like a good wine, the best romances take time to develop.

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Summing up

As we gracefully welcome Scorpio season and bid adieu to the vibrant landscapes of autumn’s inception, always remember that the wisdom of the Tarot flows ceaselessly, akin to a tranquil river, ready to envelop you when you seek its guiding light. The universe’s mysteries are endless, and these cards serve as portals into the cosmic choreography that weaves our destinies.

Whether you’re gently swaying within the depths of Scorpio’s enigmatic waters or embarking on your own autumn transformation, take comfort in the Tarot’s steadfast companionship. It reliably mirrors your path, unveiling hidden truths, and illuminating the road ahead.

If this week’s tarot revelations have inspired you and you desire to explore the profound realm of tarot readings further, hesitate not. Embark on your own journey into the mysteries that await with a complimentary tarot reading by simply clicking the link below.

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May the cards continue to spark your imagination, offer unwavering guidance, and empower you as you navigate your unique journey through life’s ever-shifting seasons. Until we meet again, may your path be illuminated by the radiance of wisdom and the warmth of love.

Love and light,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,


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