Weekly Love Horoscope for October 30th – November 5th

Welcome Sweethearts and Happy Halloween!

This is a rather enticing prediction for the last few days of October going into November and we have a full moon which is absolutely perfect for Halloween, as in many senses Halloween represents a closure, followed by a rebirth.

Now as you know, the theme of Scorpio is the phoenix rising from the flames of its own destruction and on Halloween we have All Hallows Eve followed by All Saints Day, so this is a time to cast off our shadows, our sins and embrace a more spiritual journey of light. So in that vein, the week should start off with some reflection, cleansing, and purging.

This is a wonderful time for Full Moon rituals where you take a hot soaking bath, you drink herbal teas, engage in cleansing or possibly even give yourself a facial or alternatively have a sauna or an ice-cold dip in the chilly sea. So think of this as a time to refresh your senses and to emerge at the end of the week with a slightly different viewpoint and perspective.

Also this week, we have Mercury conjunct Mars in Scorpio indicating it’s a very busy, intensive week which is great for using your psychic and perceptive power to understand what is mysterious and hidden. Mars in Scorpio is opposite Jupiter which encourages bravery but also warns of over-exertion, so it’s important to paste yourself and to quit when you’re on top.

Venus is opposite Neptune which brings a really compassionate and empathetic vibe to relationships.

Remember to check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – “You can’t stop the spirits when they need you, this life is more than just a read-through.”

With Mercury conjunct your ruler Mars in Scorpio, this is the time when you can really use your ESP.

Now Aries is a very intuitive, perceptive sign, you have excellent skills at understanding the unseen and you rely on gut instinct, so this is a time to pay attention to when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up or to when you sense a certain atmosphere in a room. Take a moment to reflect, understand what these feelings are telling you.

This is also a time when you should be keenly alert in relationships, it’s best to be observant as Mercury in Scorpio indicates that you should hold your tongue as this is not a time to be your outspoken Aries self. On the contrary, this is a week when you communicate subtlety.

Play the long game, be a poker player, don’t reveal your hand too soon as a little bit of mystery goes a long way in love.

Now with Venus opposite Neptune, this is again an indication that you can create a greater mystique and also an exciting ambiance in your relationship by taking step back, being thoughtful, receptive, showing an understanding side of yourself and also not revealing everything all at once.

This is not necessarily a time of surprises or of intense conversation in love, this is a time for relaxing, enjoying each other’s company and improving the way you relate on a spiritual level.

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Taurus – “Burning love with a yearning that won’t let me be. Down I go, and I just can’t take it all alone. I really should be holding you, holding you”

This is a very busy time in relationships, you and your partner are in a creative, ideas-rich phase when you can find solutions to move your relationship forward and to tackle problems.

In new relationships, conversation is key! Conversation is stimulating, it’s energized and it can be great fun exchanging ideas and learning new things about a partner if you’re still looking in early dating.

What’s vital right now in marriages is a give-and-take an exchange of ideas, it’s important to bounce things off one another and to work at complimenting each other with your different skills. This is certainly a time where you should not allow your differences to drive you apart, differences in relationships are what make them that much more successful and powerful.

With Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, this is an excellent time for taking that important friendship to the next level, so if you have got your eye on someone in your friendship circle, this might be a time to get a little bit closer to him emotionally, get to know him a little bit better and then allow things to develop.

However, what’s important for you in love right now, is to respect the ebbs and flows of a relationship, nothing should be forced, and there should be no pressure. It should be a time of feeling each other out and just enjoying those early stages of a relationship where they are a lot of unknowns, but a great deal of anticipation and excitement to look forward to.

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Gemini – “Every thought is a dream, rushing by in a stream”

With Mars in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus, there are Great Expectations in your relationship, however, there are also a lot of unknowns, so this is a good time for you and your partner to embrace life with a totally open-minded attitude. It’s important to be adventurous, to do things in a different way, to take chances, and to be ready to grasp unusual opportunities.

This is also a time when the key in helping relationships to become stronger is saying what you mean, meaning what you say. So it’s not enough to be romantic and to say the right things, actions should always be there backing up every one of your words. So you must make an extra effort to keep promises and to go the extra mile, as what counts now in relationships, is doing over and above what your partner was expecting and coming through for them in a way that will give them a resounding thumbs up about your love for them.

With Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces, this is a tricky time for new relationships that involve an age gap or a difference in terms of power. So this is not an ideal time to be dating a boss, a supervisor or anyone you perceive as being in a position of authority over you, because that can be particularly tricky.

However, it’s a good week for workplace romances that involve a colleague, and you may fall in love while working on a tight deadline or an important project with a colleague.

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Cancer – Thriller, thriller night

The full moon, as well as the planetary aspects in Scorpio mean this is a supercharged week for romance. It’s a fantastic time for going out on dates, for double dates and meeting up with an exciting new flame.

This is also a time when you tend to feel more emotional, you are wearing your heart on your sleeve and you are quick to demonstrate your feelings and your passions to a prospective partner. You’re very impatient right now in love and that can actually be a good thing, because instead of waiting for things to happen, you’re out there making things happen! So this is a wonderful time for you to be proactive in love and seize the moment.

In terms of long-term relationships, don’t be passive! Arrange date nights, organize surprises, do something that will definitely make your partner’s evening a little special. So spontaneity is absolutely key, but what’s also important right now, is sensitive communication, so when you are thinking about texting, make it all about your partner. Ask him how he’s feeling, how his day’s going, did he get that promotion etc.

Show a keen interest in the things that matter to your partner, because nothing says ‘I love you,’ as much as someone who is paying attention. So this is a time to show how attentive and devoted you are as a partner and you can do that through the sensitive and understanding way in which you communicate.

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Leo – Night-time sharpens, heightens each sensation

This is certainly a week of turbulent emotions for Leo, both the Full Moon and the conjunction between Mercury and Mars in Scorpio is causing emotions, which have been suppressed, to fire up. You’re almost like a volcano and it’s very important for you to find that creative release valve.

This is certainly a time when you are more sensitive, you may feel a bit vulnerable and it’s absolutely essential for you to find a safe place where you can reflect, take time to understand and release your emotions in a way that doesn’t create a vulnerability, and where you preserve your privacy.

This is also an excellent time for rebuilding family bonds, so it’s important to work on the foundations of your life,
to understand what is most important to you and what brings security, and then to go and solidify those things. Now, these could be family relationships, it could be something financial or it could be to do with a property matter, but it’s definitely time to attend key personal needs with a strong emphasis on making yourself feel more settled and secure.

Even though Mars in Scorpio is opposite Jupiter in Taurus, this is not a phase where you feel particularly outgoing, in fact, home is where the heart is and while you might be very enthusiastic about projects around the home, these can fulfill you a lot more than ambitions.

Relationships right now thrive where there’s a sense of familiarity and respect and so that is what you want to be working on. In new relationships, avoid people who are threatening to your comfort zones because what you need now is consolation rather than stress.

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Virgo – There is movement all around

Mercury conjunct Mars and Mars opposite Jupiter represent a highly charged and very busy week for Virgo, however, moderation is key. It’s easy to become over-enthusiastic and to get ahead of yourself, so sometimes it’s quite good to just stop slow down, take a breath and just ask yourself – ‘what am I doing?’

In relationships, it’s very important right now to have a game plan, so any time spent trying to better understand what you really want or need from romantic or communication situations is important.

Remember right now that there is an impetus to overshare and to over-communicate, but the message can get lost, so whether you are in a long-term relationship or dating, focus on a core message and deliver it in a way that is quite succinct, because you will find that much more effective.

When it comes to dating or date nights, it’s ideal to take a road trip, to hang up with friends or to arrange dates that are fairly stimulating. Perhaps even going on a course together or spending an evening, over a glass of wine, discussing each other’s work would be ideal, because intellectual compatibility and friendship really drive romance right now, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve known your partner a long time or short time, it will still weave magic.

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Libra – There is magic all around you

This is quite an intoxicating week for Libra when it comes to love, because the passionate romantic juices are really flowing, so this is a wonderful time for the intimate and affectionate side of the relationship.

Thus whether you are married or dating, it’s important to work on showing your partner your care through physical affection, and that needn’t only be in terms of love, it could be in terms of reassuring gestures or even helping him to de-stress with a massage.

This is also a wonderful time to spoil yourselves with aphrodisiac foods and luxuries, and to get into a really indulgent frame of mind. This is not necessarily a good week for money because you’re more likely to impulse spend, but sometimes that’s just what you guys need to relax and get the creative juices flowing. However, this is also a time where you can be a little bit more territorial and so if they are any issues in the relationship these can definitely manifest in you feeling a little bit of envy and possessiveness towards your partner. However be alerted these vibes and take control over them, don’t let them control you and the relationship should become stronger this week via you using your power in a wise way.

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Scorpio – Where the beams of your love-light chase

With Mars in Scorpio opposite Jupiter this week as well as Mercury conduct Mars in Scorpio, this continues to be a very action packed time of year for Scorpio. There is loads to do and lots of progress can be made, however having lots to do really suits you because you are restless, easily bored and the best thing you can be doing is getting out and enjoying life. So the key right now is to seize the moment, grab opportunities and unleash your adventurous side.

This is an absolutely perfect week to be meeting new people, visiting new places and if you want to jump into the dating game it’s not a bad time to join a dating app and to maybe even take out a trial membership and use it to the max during the free period.

You’re likely to have some success in terms of ongoing relationships in terms of improving communication and camaraderie, but remember that teamwork now isn’t about compromise, it’s about combining your personalities for the betterment of the relationship.

It’s a great time to surprise your partner, to go on a journey together or to try brand new restaurants or a new activity that you haven’t tried before. So this is a marvelous time for personal firsts in relationships, but it’s also a time when you should be encouraging each other to live your best lives. So go out there and set your own world and that of your partner’s alight.

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Sagittarius – Man and mystery lay both in you and in this labyrinth where night is blind

Mars in Scorpio opposite your ruler Jupiter in Taurus indicate a time where you have to move forward carefully, there’s a building sense of anticipation and a desire for success and personal empowerment, but the timing is not quite right. So if you go at things full throttle right now, you may make a false start, so when it comes to your career or romance, remember to pace yourself – everything in its time.

It’s vital right now for Sagittarians to spend more time understanding themselves as success in love often comes from good internal conversations. This means being able to reflect on your actions, to continually heal yourself from disappointments and to continue working on developing more proactive and constructive mindsets.

People often think better relationships start with communicating with their partner, date nights or romance, however finding the perfect relationship or moving your marriage towards a better place often starts with you asking yourself the right questions, and making adjustments to your own thinking and that is so key this month.

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Capricorn – Don’t be afraid, just come along

This is certainly a fantastic time of year for you to be making new friends, engaging in different hobbies, exploring your world and being open to different sorts of personalities entering your life. So this is a marvelous time to meet a partner.

Jupiter is activated by Mars in your third house meaning that sporting interests or sporting activities are a fantastic way to spark a new romance, alternatively, if you’re dating, going to high energy events, for example sports, but it could also be festivals and trade fairs, is a wonderful way to get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

If you are in a committed relationship, this is a time when mutual friends and being able to hang out with people whose company you both enjoy is very important.
So if you’re in a relationship where you and your partner have separate friends and separate social lives, now’s time to develop more mutual friends and a stronger joint social life as a way of securing the relationship.

Even if you do have similar friends, one can ever have enough friends, and so it’s vital for you to explore the support system available via both business and friendship networks because this can help you make your relationship more satisfying.

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Aquarius – Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar

This is the time when Aquarians need to adjust to the reality of relationships, sometimes there’s a reality check right now, so that you understand your partner’s true feelings.

It’s really good right now to reflect on whether the relationship you are in truly reflects your higher purpose in life. If you’re in a relationship where you feel you have over compromised or you have lost yourself, this is a time to maybe step away from that relationship and spend more time doing things, or participating in activities that bring you back a sense of your own power, purpose and individuality.

It’s important for you to recognize this month that Aquarians often enjoy their own company, are slightly quirky and eccentric and should never be trying to be a round pig in a square hole. So if you feel that your relationship is somewhat of a mismatch to your true personality, then maybe you’re in wrong relationship.

However, if you feel your marriage is increasingly impinging on your unique identity, this is a time to make your mark on the relationship and make sure your partner understands that there has to be space for your authentic self-expression.

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Pisces – Sing once again with me, our strange duet, my power over you grows stronger yet.

This week, with Mercury conjunct Mars in Scorpio and Mars opposite Jupiter, your effervescent and outgoing side is stimulated, so this is a marvelous week to be entertaining, particularly for work, or participating more in social events and simply enjoying being out and about among big city life.

This is a really is a good week for attending parties and meeting new people, so it’s a fantastic time for new relationships to begin.

Venus is in Virgo opposite Neptune which is still in Pisces, so this is really an excellent time for a highly spiritual, fated relationship to begin, thus even if you meet someone and you don’t hit it off right away or the immediate circumstances of the relationship are shrouded in secrecy, stay positive because something really important could be about to develop.

In romance, this is a wonderful time for the higher philosophical aspects of love, thus it’s not necessarily about clichéd romance and date nights, it’s about compassion, empathy and showing your partner that you understand him at a very intuitive level and you know him almost better than he knows himself, and that is why your relationship is ultimately so beautiful.

So this is definitely a week of taking time to smell the roses and appreciate the abundance and the beauty in your relationship.

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An excellent week to utilise personal power and activate love potential.

Approach your life with flair and a sense of determination and you can be truly formidable.

You may initiate romantic relationships that are intense and magical in nature and you will strive to improve or reform your existing relationship.

You may not have much interest in activities that are superficial or unimportant.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Relationship wisdom
  • Passion
  • Inner guidance
  • Intuition
  • Regeneration
  • Self expression
  • The power of love

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See you again next week.

Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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