Weekly Love Horoscope for October 23rd – 29th

Hello Sweethearts and welcome to the last week of October!

This week the Sun enters Scorpio, the moon is gibbous, and Mercury in Scorpio nears an opposition to Jupiter in Taurus after its conjunction with Mars. The moon begins the week conjunct Saturn in Pisces.

Early in the week, your responsibilities can be demanding and certain needs require attention, especially family or personal matters.

You should be quite selective about what you do and whom you associate with. Good judgment and emotional maturity are required.

It’s important to take things seriously and focus on problems systematically. Mars and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio indicate that you need an incisive and perceptive approach using reason and also deeper wisdom to navigate life and relationships. Caution is important as is moderation in action.

As Mercury nears opposition to Jupiter travel is on the cards as you will feel restless and eager for knowledge and new experiences. This is an excellent time to travel for study or research.

This week can offer many profitable opportunities and the chase to access valuable knowledge. A new partner may have a strong influence upon you.

In love find new ways to express yourself and explore the breadth of your relationship.

Remember to check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Let the Fire of Desire Get Higher

Sometimes with Sun entering Scorpio and Mars opposite Jupiter, Aries can be overwhelmed by the complex and powerful emotions which can engulf you this week, you will not be ignoring those emotions, but embracing and confronting them in a way that can take you forward in all your relationships. Aries need to look for the answers to why you react so explosively to certain things. What are your triggers? Why do you need to control certain things or situations?

Aries tend to feel first, react and never ask, why? This week ask, why? Find out where your red lines are, and why you react as you do. Seek to understand yourself, and from there you can address issues or talk to your confidantes about how to deal with these emotions you have – in this way you can be less stressed and more comfortable with yourself

With Mercury conjunct your ruler opposite Jupiter, your sunny outlook will bring luck your way and problems should be resolved with little difficulty. With moderation and consistent effort, your achievements will really surprise you, and you can count on support and help from those around you when you need it.

There is a sense of justice prevailing and good winning over bad in your life, and along with that you are inspired to be fairer and just in all your decisions and actions. This is not a week of vindictive or spiteful actions by you or towards you – it is a time to smooth over ill-feeling and to have a forgiving, forward-looking attitude.

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Taurus – Fun in the Sunshine of True Love

With Mars in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus, in new love relationships may find the romance very distracting and all-consuming, and you may struggle to think of anything else – in this way, matters of the heart may interrupt work and study. But often this kind of romantic distraction is just what we all need from time to time and it can be a great deal of fun. Sex and love life are favoured this week as you are feeling spontaneous and up for fun and laughter – you will do your best to spark your partner into a similar frame of mind.

In brand new relationships be more closed and resist projecting vulnerability, with moon conjunct Saturn, you must recognize why you are over compensating or possibly being too conciliatory when more assertiveness is needed. You must learn to love yourself and live for yourself according to your own unique values and destiny. Shun comparisons to others and revel in being your own special person with your own divine path in life.

Fulfillment comes from within and not from material things or even from being loved. Be the hero in your own movie not the bit part extra in someone else’s.

In ongoing relationships, you will be the one to initiate changes that can enhance your love life and also help you both to overcome difficulties in the relationship. This is an ideal time where your own positivity can change the course of the marriage/partnership and get it back on track to a happier and more fulfilling place for you both.

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Gemini – Dreams Are For Those Who Sleep, Life Is For Us To Keep

You and your partner need to talk about your future together, your aims, dreams, and ambitions, and then you need to talk about how to work towards those. Do not drift along, bogged down in routine and drudgery – think big, think about where you both want to be as a couple in the future. Create joint goals that can re-inspire the way you work together.

With Jupiter activated in Taurus by Mercury in Scorpio, pay close attention to your dreams this week as they may hold clues about your future, your subconscious or what you should be paying attention to in your life. Sometimes, dreams are just a product of indigestion and are pure nonsense, but often they hold meaning, especially if they reoccur, and they are worth investigating. There may also be coincidences or feelings of déjà vu – it is a very psychic week when you are drawn to interpret the unseen and the hidden meanings in relationships.

Mercury conjunction Mars in Scorpio means have a keen imagination this week and can apply this to all your artistic pursuits. In any walk of life, your power to think beyond the obvious and the practical can be very helpful.

This can be a tender and romantic time when you can get close to your partner with little notes, surprise presents, candlelit dinners, musical gifts etc. – you are very thoughtful right now and can really enhance your love life with meaningful gestures and kind words. Kindness is actually a keyword in love – a little understanding goes a very long way. What your loved one needs now is a hug, a reassuring smile and a supportive hand on the arm; what he does not need is criticism and detailed advice.

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Cancer – Friendship Sustains a Relationship While You Seek Deeper Understanding

This week, with Mars opposite Jupiter in your solar 11th, you may be introduced to someone new via a friend; blind dates are also possible. On the flipside, do be careful that a close friend does not get the wrong idea and think that you want more; it can be hard to resume the friendship once a certain line has been crossed.

Moon conjunct Saturn indicates you should avoid taking yourself too seriously as this can hamper relations with your partner – you are torn between the need to have fun and move on, and yet nagging doubts, fears and resentments keep surfacing and you cannot shake them off.

Deeper issues in the relationship are troubling you even though on the surface everything is rolling along nicely; this can translate as an unwillingness to experience intimacy and a certain coolness and detachment when you are alone with your partner. The key is some reflection alone about what you need to totally connect with confidence to your partner again.

Friendships are important to you and yet keeping the peace among your friends can be hard. You may have to play go-between, and even this role could be complicated due to misunderstandings – encourage direct communication and try not to be the messenger or you will get caught in crossfire.

This week you have courage, decisiveness and willpower – you can make very good decisions as you can see all sides and can weigh options with clear judgment. You can get a lot done as you have mental energy and stamina.

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Leo – Chill and Enjoy the Moment

As Sun enters Scorpio to join Mercury and Mars, in’ is the new ‘out’ for you both, and cozy nights together at home or even quiet glasses of wine on a chilly night in front of the fire are preferable to spending the week rushing about on the town. While this is a week when you will entertain in your home, you will be equally glad when you kick the guests out and have the house to yourself to experience a romantic moment.

In marriages, it is certainly a period where you will look back and reminisce about good times and how far you have come together.

Moon conjunct Saturn means intellectualizing emotions and trying to eliminate feelings from relationships can be the wrong way to improve communications. Emotions have a life of their own and cannot always be rationalized. Leo are uncomfortable with excessive emotion this week, and that can lead to this over rationalizing and explaining way of feelings – it can indeed make you come across as a little unsympathetic. It may be better for you to chat about positive ways forward rather than trying to put a positive spin on negative things from the past.

Be more compassionate and patient in relationships and use your positivity to lighten the mood, not to lecture. They say that to change your life you have to change your thinking, and this is very true this week – a new insight, a changed attitude or new information can transform your life direction. Like-wise a PMA (positive mental attitude) can be the key to success in new relationships, what you envision, you materialize – do beware though as thinking about negative things can also result in them materializing.

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Virgo – Don’t Fence Me In

With Mercury opposite Jupiter, eagerness and expectations which are unrealistic can be a problem in all relationships both new and old. There is a mismatch of desire this month with you wanting one thing and your partner, being in a totally different mindset, will be wanting another. It can be hard to coordinate yourselves to experience romance and to click physically.

You may feel that you are doing all the loving and giving, and your partner may feel that he is giving in a slightly different way. It can be hard for you both to appreciate or place value on what the other is doing, even if you are both doing most things right.

This is a very good month for marriages and partnerships as long as you do not feel controlled or inhibited – this is a time when you are free to give love and support generously. However, as soon as you feel curtailed or bossed around in any way, you will get your back up and could react quite dramatically. Virgo are not interested in routine and in living a boxed-in life right now: you want to be impulsive and follow whims and dreams, you want to be imaginative and spontaneous – a partner who goes with this will have a great time, but a stick-in-the-mud who does not want anything new will get left behind.

New relationships are almost too emotional, so don’t overreact, take one day at time and be zen.

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Libra – Navigating New Challenges

During this week, you may feel a touch insecure. It is a time where the pace is fast and the events are sometimes confusing; there is not always a lot of concrete data or solid information that you can fall back on. You must rely on your wits and trust your instincts. In your heart, you feel positive and buoyant and yet your head is sometimes a little bewildered and craving of more stability and consistency from your partner.

Advice and past experiences may not be very useful in helping you make the decisions you need to make, either at work or personally; this week it’s all new and you will have to navigate some unchartered territory, and while this can be very exciting, it can also be a challenge.

This week with the Scorpio planets opposite Jupiter in Taurus, is certainly full of change and variety. What there is a lack of, however, is routine and routine no matter how much we hate it can be a vital structure for us, which can give us an emotional or psychological anchor. This month and this week especially, you may feel as if you are on a ship trying to get your sea legs; you may even feel a little ‘rootless’ i.e. you need to get back to your roots, but they are not there, and there does not seem to be much to fall back on. Being self-reliant and going with the decisions you make without looking back and without self-criticism is vital – hold your breath, close your eyes and jump.

Libra are rather enigmatic in new love relationships this week – internally you are feeling rather vague and disconnected and, as a result, you are giving out mixed signals that are very confusing. In fact, your internal state of confusion can be projected onto the relationship, creating intrigue.

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Scorpio – Paving the Way Forward

The Sun is finally in your sign and this is the time to make an impression on others; it is also a very good time to make new starts or to change direction. Your health and vitality are good, and this is a great week to start a new diet or to try out new diets or new health kicks, i.e. smoothies, green smoothies, kicking carbs for a week, no alcohol this month, etc.

With Mercury and Mars opposite Jupiter, you are very spontaneous this week and may on impulse do something that will actually create an opportunity for you; something you would not have expected.

Be observant and take note of the new people you meet as opportunities for both romance, business ventures, and new friends are everywhere. This is a very positive week for those who need to make public appearances: you may have to give a talk, do an interview, a presentation or a performance; you can give a very good account of yourself, but that does not mean you can wing it, you must be well-prepared and have all bases covered.

This is a good week for love as you are self-assured and confident, and thus able to express yourself and your needs in a positive way. Hit problems on the head by speaking about anything that is niggling immediately and getting it out the way. There is a slight inclination to make too much of insignificant things, thus keep things in proportion, and if you do raise an issue, make sure that it is important to you rather than merely a minor passing irritation.

Single Scorpio must be cautious as someone who seems wonderful this week may not be all that. Your perceptions right now tend to swing from too positive to too negative and back again and so judgments on people and relationship issues right now are impaired.

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Sagittarius – Love, Understanding and Intuition

With Mercury Mars opposite your ruler Jupiter, you can be rather indecisive this week and may chop and change between ideas and plans, you are having a week of last minute dot com, with 11th hour changes of mind. It is actually a difficult period to make important decisions, and that is why you are procrastinating – the information is vague and unclear, and so it is hard to make a rational decision, no matter how you weigh up the pros and cons.

Your best friend may have very important love advice for you this week – listen carefully to what he/she says as he/she may have an entirely different perspective.

You are very imaginative and creative right now, and music will play a very important part in your life. Dreams, déjà vu and sudden insights can leave you confused, and you will have to gather all your esoteric brainwaves to decipher the information. The universe often gives us clues and hints to help us make relationship decisions; however, they are often very subtle and even vague, and one must either meditate or allow your intuition to speak to you to help you decipher. The clues and the answers to your questions are there; be alert to the signs and use your heart to interpret.

A strong desire to understand your partner and take their opinions into consideration will help both new and older relationships. Single Sagittarians are spoilt for choice in love and may have love interests at work as well as within your social circle – you are playing the field right now and are not in the mood to commit to anything serious that will limit your freedom. This is the best way to go actually as this is not a good time to marry, move in with a partner or commit relationship-wise.

If you are in a relationship, do not take it to the next level.

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Capricorn – Learning to Fly

As Mercury is conjunct Mars in your solar 3rd, pleasure is actually in the little things this week– you may have many big plans, but you may just find that the best times come out of unexpectedly good moments which take no planning and don’t cost the earth. If you are on a budget, fear not, as a fabulous family break or romantic trip can be had this week for a fraction of what a fancy, expensive holiday could cost. It’s all about finding out what really counts and realizing that there are wonderful things to learn about and enjoy under your nose, which you may just be taking for granted.

With Jupiter activated in Taurus you may find that you are putting a lot of energy into things that no longer matter to you – you will have to review your life and make adjustments for who you are now. You want the people you associate with to reflect who you are, and if certain people or a lover has evolved in a different direction to you, maybe you should cut ties.

Single Capricorns will be attracted to new lovers who have an air of sophistication about them or who are well travelled or well read – you want to learn from your lover, and the more he can introduce you to new ideas, new places and new concepts, the more intriguing and fulfilling you will find the new relationship.

Space to grow and appreciation of differences is what really contributes to relationship growth and to excitement. This is not about gelling and becoming reflections of each other, it is about reveling in what is very different about you and how those differences make life both exciting and challenging.

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Aquarius – Fun and Games

Jupiter in your solar 4th activated by Mars means you can be very willful and dramatic in love; you may make too much of an issue in order to make a point or to show that you have taken a stand. However, you must ask yourself – are you guilty of double standards? Do you expect your partner to abide by your guidelines or else, when you are not that keen on any restrictions or limitations on your own behavior and freedom?

It is possible that in close relationships and marriages you have slipped into a mindset where you can only see what affects you and you react to that strongly, but you have lost the ability to see things through your partner’s eyes. Are you too wrapped up in your own perspectives, do you need to seek more balance in relationships?

You may be getting what you want in relationships, but are you getting what you need? Are you perhaps reacting out of fear because the trust element is not as strong as it should be? Have you unconsciously set a script that you expect your partner to follow?

Take a step back and look at yourself, try hard to think about what your partner is saying and how he may be feeling. This can be a very good time for relationships if you are objective and take positive steps forward instead of just scoring points. It’s about listening and assessing the cause and effect factor in your love life.

New relationships often involve a sense of karma ie meeting someone from the past or rekindling an old flame.

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Pisces – Truly Madly Deeply

With Jupiter activated in Taurus opposite the Scorpio planets, you can achieve a high degree of emotional satisfaction and also fulfilment by feeling you are contributing to something bigger than yourself, and you can gain emotionally by sharing that experience with new friends or bonding with current friends more strongly through this shared purpose. Things will tend to flow again this week, and it is a good phase for decisions with your partner about money, finances and future plans.

True love can blossom for single Pisces s who are pro-active in love – you are all set to meet a new partner and are up for blind dates, speed dating or joining clubs to meet like-minded people. Meeting people via mutual friends on Facebook may lead to love, or you may reconnect with an old school friend to find love. Take things slowly and do not be over-eager.

Your feelings are deep and intense this week, and your passionate reactions may often overwhelm you. You are very protective of your loved ones and may enter conflicts on behalf of your partner. Honesty and loyalty are key issues for you, and any feeling that your partner is not being as honest or loyal as he should be, will draw a fiery response from you.

For you, love means putting your money where your mouth is – deeds and not words are what count, weasel words and poor excuses will make you very angry.

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If you have something to say, this is a week to express that, especially if it’s going to improve understanding, clear the air or create reconsolidation. You tend to have many ideas that demand an outlet.

Through sheer strength of will, you can achieve your objectives-though you may encounter ideological resistance to your efforts. If you have not found a burning passion in your life, this time of year can awaken your deepest drives and give you the impetus to take on different challenges.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Willpower
  • Passion
  • Good judgement
  • Perceptive power
  • Planning
  • Deeper understanding
  • Deep levels of desire

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See you again next week.

Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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