Weekly Tarotscope for November 20th – 26th

Hello Sweethearts, and welcome!

 As we gather around the metaphorical table of life during this season of gratitude, we embark on a journey of introspection and insight. Just as we express thanks for the blessings that grace our lives, the tarot cards unfold before us, offering a unique perspective on the chapters of our personal stories.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we delve into the cosmic tapestry woven by the cards, seeking guidance, understanding, and perhaps a touch of divinely inspired wisdom. Just as we express gratitude for the abundance around us, these readings become a moment of reflection, allowing us to appreciate the intricate dance of fate and free will.

As the autumnal hues paint the world with warmth, let the tarot guide us through the rich landscapes of our experiences. Whether seeking clarity on our paths or discovering hidden blessings, may these readings serve as a reminder of the beauty found in the journey of self-discovery.

So, with hearts full of thanks and a curiosity for what the cards may reveal, let us begin this Thanksgiving-themed tarot exploration, eager to uncover the treasures that await within the folds of the unknown.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Ace of Swords

This can be an exciting week where you make a breakthrough or get good news. So there’s lightly to be something happening that will lift your spirits and bring you a lot more clarity. There may be an a-ha moment where suddenly your understanding of your relationship or career can suddenly increase, and you are able to make a decision which will result in you feeling a weight off your mind.

This is definitely a week of change in a positive direction and you have a sense of moving forward as the fog lifts. You feel as if you are on your way on a bright sunny day, and this can be quite an inspiring time, it’s great for original thinking, and it favors you in all new ventures.

If you are looking for love, this is certainly a great time to begin a relationship with a lot of potential. It’s because you feel freer in your mind that you are likely to begin a new relationship with a fresh slate.

Alternatively, there’s also an opportunity to turn a page with your established partner and begin to reach new understandings and suddenly find compromises that seemed impossible before, enabling you to have more an honest, open dialogue about your future.

Taurus – The Moon

The key right now for feeling more secure and gaining more control in both your relationships and life in general is understanding the difference between illusion and truth.

It’s important to examine your perceptions because from perceptions come your reality, but very often, we focus on perceptions that are not actually based on truth. So right now, it’s time to take a step back, fully understand how you are perceiving your marriage or your romantic prospects, and see if this is clouded by past experience, fears, anxieties or negative messaging which you may have received in a previous relationship. Tackle these emotions head-on.

It’s very important in love that you are playing the ball and you aren’t stuck in the last point. I find that a tennis analogy fits the situation perfectly i.e. sometimes players lose a point by missing up a shot that was an absolute doddle, and they go on to lose the next 3 points because they have still got their mind on that sitter of a ball that they missed.

So I want to say to Taurus, fight the battles that are in front of you, and don’t focus on the battles that were in the past, because otherwise, you will have much more difficulty problem-solving or creating the harmony that you really need in relationships.

Gemini – Nine of Cups

This month it’s very important to have a positive mental attitude, because often when you envisage a ideal outcome and focus on it, these wishes are fulfilled.

However, it’s also a time when you will experience a lot more satisfaction and contentment, so it’s not necessarily about just getting what you want in a greedy way, it’s about being able to get yourself into a position where you are able to just breathe a sigh of relief and feel on top of things. So this should be a time of smooth sailing with the wind in your sails, as you have a clear ocean ahead of you on a sunny day and you feel that things are going your way

In love, this is an excellent time to get the spark of romance back by doing something that encourages you both to get into a really dreamy and fanciful frame of mind. You guys may rather enjoy a bit of roleplay or discussing fantasies, but whatever you do, it’s important to get beyond the identities that the world has put on you and explore different parts of your personality with your partner.

The more you are able to freely express the hidden side of yourself, in a new or older relationship, the better the relationship can be and that’s why this is also quite a good week for your sex life.

Cancer – Eight of Cups Reversed

This week you may be slightly confused about which path to take. It’s important to take a step back and make sure that you understand everything going on in your life from a psychological point of view.

It’s also important to understand that confusion in relationships often stems from a conflict within you: part of you is really keen to explore, to establish some new possibilities and seek new horizons, but there’s a lot of fear going on as well as you don’t want to let go and you aren’t quite ready to make a break from things which currently provides you with security.

It’s likely that your partner is more gung ho about making changes than you are, and it’s important for you right now to work on yourself in terms of your own fears and reticence. Everyone moves at their own pace, and it’s important for you not to be rushed into things, so establish boundaries in terms of the pace of change, and if your partner is more ready to take risks that’s great, but being in a relationship also means they have to respect your emotional indecisiveness and fears.

In terms of relationships, some issues cannot be resolved, they can only be outgrown, so you need to take a mature attitude and understand that in the short run, certain things may not change. Even if it’s frustrating, some matters should now be put on the back burner, so that at least you can move forward in other areas.

If a partner is showing no sign of commitment, walk away.

Leo –  Ace of Wands Reversed

This represents a time of some emotional flux and confusion, you are less likely to be in your typical state of Leo decisiveness and nothing is really fulfilling you at the moment. It’s a time when you want to dabble in a little bit of this, a little bit of that, but you don’t want to be pushed into committing to anything long-term, and that includes being pushed into a relationship or any sort of commitment to an activity. The key for you this week, is keeping your options open.

It’s also rather important to maintain your energy levels, you don’t necessarily have a high amount of resolve and motivation, so you want to be organizing your life so that you don’t have to do anything particularly demanding, or that you aren’t put on the spot or forced to do anything under pressure.

Given the choice, you may not really want to go on a first date or meet someone that you’ve met online for the first time in person, because that represents something that can potentially be a little bit stressful and you may feel exposed. So it’s important to hang out with good friends and family members who you feel really comfortable with and able to talk sincerely to.

In terms of marriage, this is a great time to get back to basics. You and your partner shouldn’t be wasting time with people or activities that don’t really add value, so consolidate and make time for each other to cultivate more understanding in your special intimate relationship.

Virgo – Eight of Cups

This is an excellent card for those aiming at self-improvement. It’s important to not be disconcerted by a feeling of loneliness or emptiness. What the card signifies is that something is about to come into your life – your love life or your career life and this will be an important relationship, that will fill the gap and shape your journey going forward. However, before this relationship begins, it’s important to work on self-improvement and greater inner understanding.

This is also an excellent time for a transition, to walk away from something that you feel is no longer beneficial to yourself. If you are feeling exhausted, this can also be a message that you need a life audit and it’s a wonderful time to think about what you really want and need in your life and your relationships. 

This is an excellent time to ask yourself if you are indeed happy and if your partnership fulfils you, can you imagine spending the rest of your life with this person? And are they encouraging you to be your better self? Are they holding you back? Are you indeed in a relationship because you’re scared of being alone? This is certainly a time to double down and to recommit to authentic satisfying relationships, but to perhaps pull back and reconsider relationships that aren’t looking like they belong in your future.

Libra – Three of Swords

This is a time to take a step back in love and reassess. It is important to see things for what they are. In some cases, you may have to make the difficult decision to move on, but this is a good time to do it.

In a long-term committed relationship, this card indicated that you may be going through a challenging time. There might be conflicts, misunderstandings, or and growing sense of disappointment in your partnership. However, it’s important not to be defeatist as the three of swords urges you to confront these difficult emotions and communicate openly with your partner about your feelings.

Healing and reconciliation are possible, but they require honest dialogue and a willingness to work through the pain together. The first step is identifying and accepting that there is a problem.

If single, it’s time to reflect upon past emotional scars or unresolved heartbreaks as you begin to go on a new love journey. Understand that you may be required to heal and resolve any lingering pain before fully launching yourself into a new relationship. Take this week for self-reflection and self-care, allowing yourself to grieve, forgive and release the past. It’s crucial to be compassionate with yourself and seek support from friends, loved ones, or vlogs and groups as you heal and prepare for a healthier and more loving relationship in the future.

Scorpio – Seven of Cups

This can be an extremely satisfying time romantically and intimately; it’s a marvelous week for traveling with your loved one, going to see films or doing things which help you get out of yourselves and which facilitate fantasy and stimulate the imagination. The key in love right now is being spontaneous and imbuing your relationship with escapist themes. So this is not a great time to be thinking about practical matters; this is a time when you and your partner should just indulge yourselves by organizing more free time, putting off onerous chores and staying away from people who drain you or drag you back to a mundane reality.

If you’re looking for love, you have to be a little bit careful because you can have rose colored glasses on. An intense desire for romance can lead you to jump into relationships that are not going anywhere but which fill a gap in the short term. So do be careful in new romance because there may be some delusion and illusion involved.

In marriages, it’s important not to confine yourselves, be sure to allow each other to express yourselves spontaneously. Don’t be judgmental or critical, this should be an experimental time when you and your partner are open to new things that could potentially bring you more pleasure or satisfaction, either intimately or in your life in general.

Sagittarius – Page of Pentacles

This is actually a fabulous time to write a love diary and put in your hopes, dreams and aspirations when it comes to either dating or relationship goals. Written goals have an amazing way of focusing our attention, and this can transform ideals into realities. So, sometimes when you have a clear strategy, and you write it down it manifests.

It’s very important to be positive, whether you’re looking for love or in a relationship that you hope will improve or grow stronger, as that can definitely happen as long as you have a clear idea of what the ideal will look like. Often in life, we feel dissatisfied, but it’s very hard to improve things when we haven’t clarified the source of our dissatisfaction.

So it’s time to look at what’s wrong with your relationship, or your previous relationships, and then develop a clear strategy to avoid those same hurdles and to move forward using mindfulness and meditation.

Capricorn – King of Wands

This is an excellent card for love as it portends a period of passion, charisma, and dynamic energy entering your romantic life. You may meet a partner who exudes confidence and enthusiasm, someone who is a natural leader and full of creative ideas.

If you’re in an ongoing relationship, this King is symbolic of a period of greater passion and excitement. Your partner, or perhaps you, finds it easier to express qualities of boldness, charm, and inspiration, which results in sparks flying and new adventures because you both embrace the fiery spirit of this card. Together, you guys feel unstoppable, and your love life is infused with vitality and a youthful spirit.

If you’re single, this week there’s a chance to encounter a charismatic and magnetic individual. This person is self-assured, vibrant, and knows how to make an impression. So look out for a guy with a zest for life is infectious, and who can bring a dynamic and electric energy into your life.

In all relationships, it’s essential to be open to high energy experiences, even it it feels a little risky as it may lead to a passionate and adventurous romance.

Embrace your own inner fire, to be bold and take the initiative in love, and to let your creativity and enthusiasm shine. Your love life is destined to be an exhilarating journey full of inspiration and intense connections this week.

Aquarius – Ten of Cups

This is a very favorable tarot card because it represents harmony, happiness and you and your love partner being able to align your wants and needs more easily. It’s important for you to draw strength from family bonds and also from the emotional connection you have with your partner. The other lesson of this card is, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, so it’s important not to shoulder anything by yourself, you should open up and chat to your partner about your worries and concerns and be willing to listen to their advice.

This represents a more relaxed week, there’s a vibe of happiness and tranquility within the family arena. It’s a good time for chilling with your loved ones at home and simply enjoying the good things in life. What’s true this month is: the best things in life are free! So as long as you have a roof over your head and good friends and family around you, you can experience an amazing amount of contentment.

In marriage, it’s important to put the hassles, stresses and arguments on the back burner, and use this week to focus on the positives, your strengths and to re-bond as a family unit.

If you are single, this might actually be a good time to stay away from the dating game and to rather focus on family matters, and have a little bit of time out to think about what you really want from love relationships.

Pisces – Four of Cups

Right now, you should not seek solutions as the time may not be ripe for action. You don’t have all the information you need, and you must wait patiently for the next puzzle pieces to fall into place.

This is a week where you should evaluate your beliefs and mindsets for negativity or incorrect assumptions. It’s amazing what can be done by shifting your assumptions as they underpin so much of what you believe about our own possibilities and your relationships. Challenge your assumption, and the dial will shift.

This week analyze your motives, desires and prevailing thoughts so that you can hone in on your true passions. The Four of Cups is all about becoming authentic again and identifying a true purpose in love relationships and life. It’s easy to lose sight of the meaning of life within the hassles and routines, but we should never lose sight of what really makes us tick and stay focused on that.

When you are true to yourself and your true nature, relationships have meaning and come alive again. If you are single, you will find true love, if you are truly in love with life.

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Summing up

Whether you find yourself gently submerged in the depths of Scorpio’s enigmatic waters or embarking on your own autumnal transformation, take solace in the Tarot’s unwavering companionship. It consistently mirrors your path, unveiling concealed truths and illuminating the road ahead.

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May the Tarot cards continue to kindle your imagination, provide steadfast guidance, and empower you as you navigate your distinct journey through life’s ever-shifting seasons. Until our paths cross again, may your journey be illuminated by the brilliance of wisdom and the warmth of love.

Love and light,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,


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