Weekly Love Horoscope for November 20th – 26th

Hello Sweethearts, another rollercoaster week awaits and welcome to the reading for the week beginning the 20th of November.

I’m happy to tell you that it should be a far more harmonious week, whereas last week we had the New Moon with conjunctions and oppositions, this week we have the first quarter and gibbous Moon and we have planets trining and sextiling each other. Sun and Mars are trining Neptune and sextile Pluto and this means that the energy is far more romantic, creative and sensual, so this is a wonderful time to be having date nights, reigniting passion, watching movies together, going to the cinema and having cozy nights in. This is not necessarily a week to plan for hectic hobnobbing with friends or going to parties, it’s a wonderful time to chill, spoil yourself, give your partner a shoulder rub and enjoy life.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s a passive time where you have to just let things go and put them off to another day, a lot of important things can take place but remember to use a combination of compassion and self-directed energy.

Go with the flow but take advantage of the sensitivity and heightened awareness to enact improvements to your relationships.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – A touch of magic, a beautiful spell

With Sun in Scorpio trining Neptune in Pisces, this is a fantastic time for retreats, meditation and recharging your energy. If you and your partner can get away from it all, even if it’s for an evening to the movies or a night away to a spa, that’s absolutely ideal. What’s key right now in relationships is dropping your guard, letting yourself wear your heart on your sleeve, and allowing your partner to see your vulnerable side.

Open up about emotions and clear some time to talk about issues that are close to your heart, but which you may feel a little bit sensitive or tender about, and then giving your partner a chance to console you, be compassionate towards you and give you some good advice.

This is certainly a time when empathy and compassion go a long way in relationships, so the more that you can relate to each other in an intuitive and emotionally intelligent way, the better. Relationships, with Mars also in Scorpio sextile Pluto and also trining Neptune, are growing and becoming more meaningful.

This can be a very good time for your finances and you may be very effective in your work at developing powerful new relationships and negotiating with a lot of zeal, so this can be a time to exert influence, and to gain more power through being determined but also being smart.

New relationships that come about of right now seem a little bit of magical, but there’s a long way to go and an awful lot to learn. You may feel that you’re getting an insight into your partner, but there are still going to be many twists along the road, so stay in the game, and don’t make assumptions.

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Taurus – Tuning into each other

Now with the Sun and Mars still your seventh house, there is still an excellent opportunity for improving communication and relating better to your partner, however this week, because of the trine and the sextile to Pluto and Neptune, it should be easier to get a grip of each other’s intention and emotion, and get on the same wavelengths.

This is an ideal time to show appreciation and make more of an effort to be good listeners, couples who are there for each other and who support each other, not only in practical ways but by showing a reassuring attitude and being warm emotionally do really well.

This is also a great time for those couples who work together, very often the things which are happening at work are particularly interesting and even intricate and that means talking shop and discussing your experiences at the office create interest and help fuel the fires of passion because you both begin to get quite excited as you delve into interesting information.

This can also be a great time for hanging out with mutual friends and colleagues. If you’re single, you definitely want to be attending parties and engaging in your networking events because this is an area ripe for finding a partner, but watch out, he’s probably going to be shy, so he’s not going to come on strong.

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Gemini – Timing it right

Now this is a busy time for you Gemini women in terms of work and also social interactions at the workplace, but you can achieve an awful lot, in fact this is the week to make hay while the sun shines. So while I know you guys like to work hard and play hard, this is possibly a week to work hard while the going is good and then you’ll find that as the month ends there’s a lot more time for pleasure.

So the key right now is perhaps some delayed gratification and making a few sacrifices in order to get things done so that you will later be able to have a lot more time your relationship for date nights and social life.

What’s vital in relationships, to keep them strong, is putting your money where your mouth is, be consistent i.e. if you make arrangements, be punctual and specific. What a partner likes right now is when you keep promises and take relationship rituals or dates set, seriously. These don’t have to be romantic dates, even if you’ve made a day to do shopping or to attend a PTA meeting, make sure that you prioritize these set arrangements.

This can be a very good time for your sex life, particularly for couples who enjoy working out and gym together. So even though you’re working hard, make time for your sporting goals, particularly if you share them with a partner and that should help the relationship gel. Those of you looking for love may well find it at a location like the gym and social sports are particularly fortunate for Cupid striking.

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Cancer – Putting on the red light

This is another very good week for romance, affection and date nights, but the key in relationships is ‘do it now” – if there are any issues which you and your partner need to grapple with, get it out the way as soon as you can in the week, and then leave time open for the more enjoyable and fulfilling activities as it nears weekend.

With Pluto activated by the Sun, this can be a good time to have constructive discussions with your partner about what turns you on, where you feel lacking in a relationship and how you would like to have your needs met.

This is also a good time to redraw boundaries or draw boundaries in new relationships as even if things are going well, this is an ideal time to allow a partner to see that there are certain things, which for you are sensitive areas or red lines and where you don’t compromise. So while this is a time to be spontaneous, to enjoy social events with your partner to maybe initiate sex and romance, it’s not a time to be people pleasing and too accommodating.

The magic ingredient in relationships right now is being encouraging and tolerant, we don’t always have to love everything our partner is doing but if it’s something that means a great deal to them, we should at least be encouraging and not stand in their way. It’s always good to wish people success, the little things count in relationships right now, so little supportive texts, messages or instagrams can make the world of difference.

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Leo – Your love is pumping through your veins, driving you insane

This week, for Leo, the key is self-understanding and self-awareness. It’s very important right now not to be projecting any internal anger or frustration onto a partner, sometimes with Mars in Scorpio, it’s all too easy to get heated, to become over emotional and to misjudge a situation.

So what is important right now in new and old relationships is just being able to count to 10 and let situation calm down. If there’s been a little bit of unpleasantness or debate in your relationship, it’s much more important to let the dust settle, because the problem will either resolve of its own accord or when you come back to it, you will both feel very differently in a less heated moment.

However, the positive part, in both new and committed relationships, is there’s a lot of desire and passion, so even if you and your partner lock horns, there is still an opportunity to cultivate a better sex life, to come together affectionately and experience some excitement, because the petrol of love is pumping through your veins.

This can be quite a nostalgic time of year, so this is a wonderful time for celebrating a memory, watching a special film you watched years ago, listening to music that brings back happy memories etc. It’s also a great time to hook up with a partner at a retro event as well.

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Virgo – Spirit of togetherness

During this week, you and your partner should be taking journeys and trips together. It may well be business trips you’re on or possibly visiting friends and family, but it’s a good time to schedule a period where you are out, away from the house and remaking acquaintance with people who are important to you both, like mutual friends or family members whom you both get on with really well.

With the Scorpio planets trine Neptune, this is a time of year when it’s important for you both to have a support network around you and that means you can use the festive spirit to encourage better relationships with friends, family and neighbors.

This can be a confusing and bewildering but quite captivating time. In new relationships, this is certainly a week when someone can come into your life, sweep you off your feet but can also leave you a little bit spun around, not quite sure what the person really wants or what their intentions are.

Long distance and cyber relationships are very common right now and they are promising, but it’s so important to keep your emotions in check and not make not a judge a book by its cover, so treat new love like a little bit of a magical mystery tour.

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Libra – Telling him he’s got the look

With Sun and Mars sextile Pluto, what’s really important right now is self-respect and boundaries, so even in good relationships it’s important for you to do a little bit of self-care, that means taking time out to pamper and spoil yourself and to do the things that are most fulfilling and rewarding to you.

However, to nurture the relationship, it’s very important to make your partner feel good about his physique and sexually, so it’s a wonderful time to purchase a partner a gift which will make him feel great about him himself, his looks or his body. It could be underwear, fragrances or a special piece of jewelry, if that’s what he is into, but showing your care in practical, material ways it’s actually quite important in love right now. So the power of gifting tends to work very strongly.

In terms of new relationships, they’re off to a rather slow start, simply because you’re in a much more conservative frame of mind and it really is about taking one day at a time. If you meet anyone round about this time, it’s more likely to be someone you’ve known in the past or from your family circle. So while love is definitely on the cards, it could be reigniting an old love or turning a friendship into love rather than a brand new love experience.

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Scorpio – Personality Power

Scorpio are very reactive to the energy of other people and circumstances, you are more aware of the needs of others and more willing to help out. With Sun and Mars trine Neptune, this definitely helps brand new relationships to develop, especially in situations where you are almost playing a mothering role in the group.

During this time your ego is taking a backseat and this makes you a lot more receptive to the needs of other people, helping them to respond to you positively.

However, you also have a great deal of charisma and are emanating a rather mystical and magical vibe which will draw both men and women towards you simply because they are captivated by your personality. You may play the role of caregiver, or storyteller and entertainer, but you are central to activities within your work, friends and family which makes it a wonderful time to make a really good impression on a potential new partner.

In relationships right now, it’s all down to sheer force of will and with a determined attitude, you can steer the relationship in a brand new direction, you can mend broken emotions and you can offer positive solutions. So the power is in your hands.

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Sagittarius – Seeking Replenishment through Relationships and Freedom too.

This is a marvelous time for escapism and fantasy life, it’s also good for doing things that give you a sense of peace of mind. With Mars square Neptune, what’s a vital right now is pursuing activities where you can feel at one with nature or totally free.

Remember freedom is a key instinct for Sagittarians and therefore, even in really good, committed relationships, absence makes the heart grow fonder and it’s important for you and your partner to do things together as well as in individuals.

This is very good time for cozy night in with the family watching a film together or perhaps having your parents over for an evening, but everything should really be chilled, you don’t want to go overboard with entertaining prep, so pop a few things in the microwave or get a takeaway and enjoy the warmth of strong bonds with people who you care deeply about. What’s so important right now is reveling in the support of trusting, nurturing relationships with your partner or with family.

In terms of new relationships, these often come about through a situation where you and another person are working hard at a project, so either relationships with colleagues or relationships with business partners can become passionate. A relationship that begins right now has a very good chance of being a very rewarding relationship that contributes to your self-worth.

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Capricorn – Getting back to you

Now with the Sun and Mars trining Neptune, this certainly arouses your idealism and gives you a powerful desire to understand a deeper more spiritual level of reality, both in your relationships and in terms of your own emotions. So this is a perfect time to be going off on your own, meditating or even going on a retreat or winter break with some friends, whether the idea is writing, being creative or possibly recharging your energy by getting back to nature.

Sometimes what you need right now is just a little bit of space to get a perspective on your relationships. When you are in something, you stop seeing the wood from the trees, so what’s great right now is spending more time with your own friends, reconnecting with your unique spirit and then going back into the relationships with a stronger sense of your own identity and your unique needs.

The magic touch in committed relationships right now is inspiring your partner and giving them faith in the relationship’s future, so instead of being highly pragmatic, nagging or being too focused on ticking boxes, it’s important to focus on the core essence of what your relationship means.

Sense the magic between you, the unfolding journey you are on and to let your partner know that you trust that things will work out, because you’re meant to be together and because your love is stronger than adversity.

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Aquarius – Somewhere down the road, your paths are gonna cross again

This is an awesome week to be alone with your partner and to be able to use little games and perhaps even some props or introducing some exciting new textures to the bedroom to work on the sexual pleasures of your life. This maybe a time where you want to splash out on a bottle of champagne, some strawberries and cream, perhaps some aphrodisiac foods as it’s all about stimulating the flavors of life and love and indulging yourself in some treats that make life exciting.

Now for those in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s getting really cold and crisp, and it’s a wonderful time to incorporate those rich autumn textures and colors into o the bedroom to create a spicy new feel and maybe hide some little treats there to create the element of surprise.

In terms of new relationships, you are sometimes drawn to what is unobtainable, in the short run, so this is the week when you may be attracted to someone who lives far away, who’s already in a relationship or perhaps is totally in the friend zone, but there’s something within you that gives you a sense that there’s is still potential in this relationship, and that somewhere down the line that person is going to change their mind and you guys are going to become a couple, as your paths will cross again.

So the key right now, is understanding that while a certain person may not be ripe for the picking, somewhere down the road Cupid could strike.

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Pisces – All the world’s a stage

The key phrase for you right now is: there’s no time like the present! This is a week to enjoy yourself, to step out of comfort zones and to improve your relationship by adding novelty and being spontaneous.

For many of the star signs, it will be kind of a laid-back week, enjoying romance or renewing affection and increasing understanding, but for Pisces, it’s a lot more active! This is definitely a time to be attending concerts, getting out into the outdoors and refreshing your soul with some challenging activities that you can do with your partner or alone.

You’re more likely to feel confident and good about yourself and that’s the magic in both committed a new relationships, as you are radiating a magnetic vibe that’s self-assured and vibrant. So this is the time to shine, be that flamboyant, artistic Pisces Goddess and wow a partner or potential partner with your vivacious personality.

The one problem you need do need to be alert to, whether you’re in a relationship that’s just starting or committed to a partner, is don’t be too casual! Sometimes you may feel a little bit blasé, as if you’re taking the relationship for granted, this is not the case but your energies are just strong and therefore you are expressing your personality with more aplomb and are more freedom orientated. It shouldn’t cause problems, but at the same time, remember to judge the mood of your partner.

This is also a time to impress a partner with your humor, remember all the world’s a stage and you are a player, so play your best part.

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Discovering satisfaction involves clarity in your desires and persistent effort until your goals materialize. Your current strength is more accessible, and when harnessed effectively, it leads to favorable outcomes. While there’s a capacity to manipulate situations for desired results, you can also achieve success through sheer willpower. Feel the heightened resolve within you, a strength beyond the ordinary. Now is the time to breathe life into neglected aspects or bid farewell to completed chapters. Seize this opportunity to declutter, shedding the nonessential and outdated.

Approach your love life without a rigid agenda, allowing its natural flow to guide you towards your destination. Embrace the unpredictability of the journey, relishing the discoveries along the way. Acts of kindness come effortlessly in this period of openness. Follow your fantasies and intuitive nudges; they might just lead you to the perfect path.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Compassion
  • Determination
  • Resolve
  • Escapism
  • Kindness
  • Sensuality
  • Romance

See you again next week.

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  1. Hi Anna
    The “cleaning out of the old” had definitely begun even a day before reading the weekly horoscope! Wow!
    However, I’m working on the other aspects of the horoscope, but my love situation is a bit different right now. I’m in the States and he is in Europe for awhile, so it’s hard to follow all of the suggestions mentioned. But I am still jotting them down as Notes, and thinking on each one and what the impact it could be. But for now that’s about all I can do.
    I love to receive your gems in my inbox and they are always so helpful and enlightening. I even feel a good vibration when reading your information, like a kindred spirit! Thanks Anna! You’re the greatest!!

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