Sagittarius Season 2023, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If Scorpio season is a descending tunnel, then Sagittarius season is a raucous party, and everyone is invited! You come out blinking into the light, and you just know that it’s time to lose the smoke and mirrors and say your truth with conviction.

Hello, darling, I’m Anna Kovach. I’ve been a Relationship Astrologer for a hot minute, so I’ve been able to notice people’s reactions to energetic changes. As it turns out, your Sun sign is essential to find out how you process a transition into Sagittarius.

Being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is honest, just, and open-minded. This time of the year activates the part of us that wants to speed off to an unknown destination without telling anyone – just for the experience.

I’m excited to get into how every sign processes this energy, so let’s not wait. Here’s how to get the most out of this year’s Sagittarius season, based on your Zodiac sign.

Read your Sun & Rising sign horoscopes for Sagittarius season 2023:


Aries is always going to go into Sagittarius season with a smile. You’re a brave fire sign, meaning you like the feeling that fellow fire sign Sagittarius offers. You’re feeling at ease around this time – like good things happen effortlessly.

With Sagittarius right in your house of travel and philosophy, you might feel like speeding off into the sunset with a good book and maybe a good friend.

Mind-opening experiences are going to hit different around this time. It’s easier to appreciate the good things in life and dream about a future that makes you happy.

Your Aries energy is going to thrive in Sagittarius season as long as you’re open to being open.


Sagittarius season creeps in for you, Taurus. Sagittarius season is bringing you the sort of intensity that perhaps you weren’t aware of or haven’t experienced in a long time.

You might find that the themes of your life include some kind of rising phoenix-type story. Parts of you that you no longer need are dying and being recycled into better energy. You can’t enjoy true freedom until you let go of what is weighing you down, Taurus.

This can be a particularly off-putting time for you because your nature would prefer a stable, unchanging environment. Sagittarius season is challenging you to make waves within yourself by diving into the real issues that linger beneath the surface that keep your wings clipped.


Dear Gemini, you’re in for an especially social Sagittarius season, due to Sagittarius ruling your house of one-on-one relationships. Gemini, partnerships and working together is the theme for this Sagittarius season.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, then this is your prime opportunity to make it into something serious. You might decide to get married during this transit, or perhaps you make your relationship official online.

You might also have increased run-ins with enemies, and believe me, you’ll know if they’re not a fan of you! Be cautious with who you partner with and to those of whom you give your energy.

Play up the positive relationships and downplay the unimportant ones at this time. Engage with your supporters and snub the haters, Gemini.


Cancer, Sagittarius season is bringing you opportunities for health and wellness, as well as to set up a kick-ass routine that makes you the most productive person in the room every time. It’s time to get to work, but this is joyful work, Cancer.

It’s a good time for checkups and going to the gym. Starting new daily routines is a solid plan during this time.

In addition, your workplace is your primary focus. You and your coworkers are experiencing changes. Perhaps the place where you work is being expanded or upgraded.

If you’ve been looking for a new job (especially one far away) then you’re in luck. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is a lucky sign, and thus, this season can bring positive change and divine assistance, even in the workplace.


Leo, this is your time to shine. Okay, every day you shine like the Sun, but this time, you are being supported by Sagittarius. As a fellow fire sign, Sagittarius is bound to bring you added ease in life.

This time activates your house of parties, love, flirting, and dating. As you might have gathered, this period is essentially a load of fun. On top of everything else, this transit activates your creativity.

This is a great time to try for a baby or to have a project that you tend to like a child. This is a period where you can make anything new. You might find yourself delving into hobbies more than usual around this time.


Virgo, this Sagittarius season, you can expect activation of your deepest self. The one that you may have thought to be left behind in childhood.

This transit activates your fourth house of roots, home, and old parts of you that you gathered from your younger days. This is a period to look deeply into your past to find what you must let go of, as well as what you need to nurture.

This can feel like a heavy transit, which it is. You are working out old issues in a philosophical way. Perhaps your ethics are different now than they were, and it’s time to reconcile the old you and the new you.


Sagittarius falls into your house of communication, Libra. You’re looking at the ideal time to talk it all out with those around you. This is a time that is ideal for making new connections with others.

Your local area where you live may become important in some way. Perhaps you and your neighbors end up having dinner together, or your town has some sort of gathering or festival.

You have opportunities to lay on the charm these days. You can talk to anyone and others like you for what you say. Just ensure the honesty that Sagittarius brings to the table doesn’t get you into trouble.  


Scorpio, Sagittarius rules the area of your chart associated with money and resources, as well as what you value personally. When Sagittarius season rolls in, it’s all about the dollar signs for you, Scorpio.

Scorpio, you could make a big purchase during this time. You might find that long car rides are what soothes your soul at this time. Long trips in your car make your heart sing.

Since this house rules self-worth, you might find that your self-esteem towers through the roof while the Sun is in Sagittarius. You can find new things about yourself that are of value to yourself and others.


This season is all about you, baby. You’re on top of the world because the Sun is in your sign, lighting you up for all the world to see!

The attention is on you, and you feel radiant from the inside out. You are the Sun on planet Earth right now, so considering the ways in which you can act like the Sun is important.

Shine a light on the accomplishments of others. Don’t turn down your own volume for anyone right now. And remember that you’re the star!  

Others can be inspired by your confidence right now. Don’t let them down – get out there and turn up the heat.


Capricorn, you’re more than ready for a nap when Sagittarius season rolls in. Going into your own fantasy world is starting to sound like the best idea ever. It’s a period of inner contemplation.

You might not be feeling like going out, having a blast, or even pursuing love right now. This is a time when you should be listening to the stirrings within you. Find out what you’ve been putting on your internal back-burner.

You might feel subdued during this time. As if you just don’t have the energy to fight. And that’s okay. Sometimes just existing and being alive in the world is enough.


Aquarius, this Sagittarius season, you’re feeling like a societal leader. Or at least, you feel like you could become one. You are more concerned about the state of the world at large than your own issues.

This is a time of community. You’re the catalyst for bringing friends together for like-minded reasons. You’re using your connections within your chosen tribe to make noticeable differences in the world around you.

You might find that being more charitable suits you during this time. You are empowered to give blessings to others which, in turn, brings good things back to you.

It’s an excellent time to be around friends since they’re likely to expand your worldview and motivate you to dream bigger during this time.


Pisces, Sagittarius season is bringing you opportunities for advancement. You’re not very into participating in the rat race, but you may make an exception when this energy comes in.

Sagittarius season is asking you to get what you deserve. If you’ve been at a company for a long time and they’re not appreciating you, then it’s time to demand that they do.

This is a great time to ask for promotions and raises. They could even flow to you naturally as the energy settles in.

You’re being seen by those in power right now, and that’s both good and bad. Making sure you put forth your best foot is the key to coming out squeaky clean.

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Wrapping Up

Sagittarius being the sign of expansion, joy, and philosophy is sure to bring you opportunities to grow anything that you are interested in. Some may grow their wealth, but others could easily grow their family, relationship, or work life.

Being open to accepting blessings is the theme here. The Universe can’t give to you if you aren’t easy and open. Sagittarius season asks you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the unfolding of the cosmic blessings surrounding you.

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