Weekly Tarotscope for May 20th – 26th

Welcome, sweethearts, to our weekly tarot reading.

This week, I wonder what the cards will show us, because the sun and Venus are heading into Gemini. As you know, Gemini is an effervescent, bubbly, and communicative sign, generally inclined toward working hard and playing hard.

So, as I shuffle the deck and get ready to take us through this week’s journey, I’m anticipating the cards will bring us some surprises, with an emphasis on communication, new experiences, challenges, and the spirit of love and romance.

Now, while astrology can help us understand the themes and energies that the planets are emitting each week, the tarot gives us a deeper insight as we unlock the secrets of the universe and strive to understand the meaning of events and how our own destiny is unfolding each week via our star sign and the reading for our star sign.

So, let’s open our minds, our hearts, and use the logic and wisdom of Gemini to perceive the mysteries of the tarot.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Five of Pentacles Reversed

The reversed five of pentacles symbolizes a positive vibe representing light at the end of the tunnel and a shining star which you are about to follow. This particular card symbolizes that a period of either difficulty, striving or hard work is passing through and you’re ready to reap the rewards.

In terms of relationships, even if you have struggled, this indicates the worst is now over and while changes won’t happen overnight, you are definitely on the way up. In the modern parlance, you may have hit rock bottom and the only way is up, so there’s every reason to be positive.

If you have felt lonely or depressed, this is a time where you will begin to find more stable relationships and you will reap a lot of emotional healing through new people coming your life.

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Taurus – Hierophant

Now, this particular card suggests that you should take a pragmatic, step-by-step approach. It’s a time to stay within the bounds of what is conventional, so definitely be a little bit conservative and err on the side of caution whether it comes to love life or your career.

It’s important not to count your chickens before they hatch. Now, often, right now, the perfect person for you in terms of love is someone very sensible, with their feet on the ground, who can be a good anchor. This is not a great time for rushing into a love affair headlong and throwing caution to the wind.

In terms of marriage, it’s vital for you and your partner to take a systematic approach to working through any problems. Maybe not the best time for kinda heading out on a hectic date night and painting the town red.

Better time to stay home and have a good old heart to heart conversation. Confront what has recently been swept under the carpet or be more honest about nagging issues you are struggling to erase. Key to this week is honest communication, forgiveness, and a willingness to let go of the issue after you have some clarity.

Remember in love to have faith in the future of your relationship, we all live and learn.

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Gemini – Ten of Cups

This is a very favorable tarot card because it represents harmony, happiness and you and your love partner being able to align your wants and needs more easily. It’s important for you to draw strength from family bonds and also from the emotional connection you have with your partner.

The other lesson of this card is, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, so it’s important not to shoulder anything by yourself, you should open up and chat to your partner about your worries and concerns and be willing to listen to their advice.

This represents a more relaxed week, there’s a vibe of happiness and tranquility within the family arena. It’s a good time for chilling with your loved ones at home and simply enjoying the good things in life. What’s true this month is: the best things in life are free! So as long as you have a roof over your head and good friends and family around you, you can experience an amazing amount of contentment.

In marriage, it’s important to put the hassles, stresses and arguments on the back burner, and use this week to focus on the positives, your strengths and to re-bond as a family unit.

If you are single, this might actually be a good time to stay away from the dating game and to rather focus on family matters, and have a little bit of time out to think about what you really want from love relationships.

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Cancer – Judgement

This tarot card signifies a crucial time in the matter of love and relationships. It’s traditionally associated with rebirth, awakening, and spiritual transformation, and is also indicative of self-reflection, healing, and the power of forgiveness.

In terms of love, the Judgment card symbolises a pivotal moment of introspection and understanding. It suggests that a pause for a relationship audit and a degree of self-discovery is necessary for personal growth and healing within a love relationship. This week you and your partner should examine your past actions, behaviour, and habits in order to release any lingering regrets, guilt, or resentment that may be hampering understanding and emotional closeness.

The Judgment is also about second chances, as it urges you to let go of past hurts and angers and to embrace a fresh start with renewed empathy.

Be humble, acknowledge your mistakes, and be willing to learn from them, mistakes aren’t the problem, not learning from them is.

In relationships, be authentic and communicate honestly with your partner; have open and heartfelt conversations, to express your true feelings, and to be more conscious in relationships rather than just drifting along and hoping for the best.

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Leo – Queen of Cups

Now, this represents a really nurturing energy. It’s important to show the people in your life how much you care and to help other people in practical and also emotional ways. It’s also a time when you should try to intuitively understand what those closest to you are going through because they may not be spelling it out in words of one syllable.

So, it’s important to really be sensitive to the needs of others and to encourage them to discuss their problems and feelings with you.

If you are in a stable relationship, this is a good card because it represents that you will soon be achieving more fulfillment and emotional stability. However, you have to be really honest with yourself about your feelings.

If you don’t want to invest more in the relationship, this may be a time to walk away or even have a pause or a space break while you can reassess your feelings. So, in good relationships, it’s definitely all about caring and sharing, but if you have any doubts in your relationship, you definitely want to be taking a pause.

If you’re a single Leo, you may have many admirers right now, but you may be playing a mothering role to them. So, don’t confuse situations of mothering to romance.

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Virgo – Six of Swords

There come moments in life when the most prudent choice is to let go and start anew, even if it feels like a retreat. When all avenues have been explored and exhaustion sets in, embracing change becomes the only recourse. Mapping out a fresh path towards happiness becomes paramount.

The Six of Swords advises methodically planning your next steps with rationality, clarity, and a clear-eyed assessment of your present situation, past experiences, and desired destination. While intuition has its place, sound reasoning is essential for ensuring success.

In matters of love, the Six of Swords signals a period of easing tensions and overcoming obstacles in a relationship, paving the way for progress fueled by healing, stability, and honest communication. For singles, this card indicates a phase of emotional healing and readiness to move forward after past heartbreaks.

Despite any lingering disappointment from previous efforts, it’s crucial to resist dwelling on negativity and instead make space for healthier connections. 

This card may also symbolize the courage to break free from an abusive relationship, if applicable, marking a significant step towards healing and liberation. In love readings, its upright position suggests the resolution of conflicts or the conclusion of a challenging phase, whether through separation or reconciliation, as you strive to leave behind the past and embrace a hopeful future.

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Libra – Five of Cups

The key theme with this particular card is rolling with the punches, that means that even if you’ve made a mistake or recently had a setback or disappointment in terms of love, don’t look back in anger, try to learn the lessons and quickly move on.

This card is a Omen of encouragement, in other words, it’s always darkest before dawn, and no matter what is happening, it’s always important to keep up the momentum and keep moving, forward because often when we put our mind to the future the past disappears into the rear view mirror rather quickly, and we move on to greener pastures.

What’s really important now, is not to wallow or regret what has been lost, but to embrace the new opportunities. Often there is not really loss in a material sense, but a sense of a cycle ending and a new cycle beginning, but it’s important not to linger in nostalgia because that could lead you to miss a golden opportunity to move things in your relationship forward to a golden new level.

Remember, only a small amount of success dissolves the disappointment of a multitude of failure.

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Scorpio – Two of Pentacles

This is a wonderful card for Scorpio because it plays to your strengths, and that means achieving focus, better boundaries and clarity in love. However, it also brings another key element to the fore, which is knowing how to prioritize. So the key to success in your relationships and in balancing work and home life, is cutting out the nonsense and honing in on the key issues to make sure that you resolve these first.

It’s very important, when having discussions with your partner, not to get sidetracked into tangential issues. Make sure that you focus your concentration on the core points so that you can be productive when you have conversations, because this can help strengthen the relationship and generate a lot more respect for yourself.

In new relationships, this is definitely the time to avoid any gossip or any inclination to share things with a new partner that are not particularly relevant. When dating, it’s really important to be honest and get right to the point, so don’t mess around. This is a time to let a new partner know exactly what you want from life, where you are going and what you expect from a relationship.

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Sagittarius – Ace of Cups

Thoughtfulness is the magic ingredient in love this month. With the Ace of Cups, it’s all about being subtle; it’s having a little bit of mystery in the relationship and doing things that are quite intangible yet which show your love.

So key examples of this could be: a little bit of extra compassion, going out of your way to do something that you wouldn’t normally do, or just being an extra good listener. This is what really counts, and it’s what can improve and deepen a new relationship, or it could be make-or-break for an existing relationship in order to take it to a new level or to turn it around.

It’s also about being very aware of the subconscious signals you send or emit. Very often, if you have a negative thought or an angry thought about your partner, even if you bite your lip and say nothing, your body language or your demeanor can emit a certain vibe that you don’t realize, and your partner can indeed pick it up.

So sometimes, just thinking more positively about your partner and dealing with your anger in a productive way can help improve the relationship because you can avoid emitting negative vibes, and this is quite powerful. It’s a simple tool to improve relationships, but very effective.

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Capricorn – High Priestess

Capricorn don’t always listen to their intuition, but this week it’s more important than ever, especially in love. It’s refreshing to focus on the tender, touchy feely aspects of your relationship and place less emphasis on the cold, harsh realities. They say money can’t buy you love, and that’s appropriate for this week, depth of feeling is real gold.

Mindfulness and positive affirmations can help you to achieve the right mindset to improve a current relationship or attract a loving new romantic partner.

Night life is very enticing and it’s important romantically to have dates and outings planned in the evening, so you can tap into the music or comedy scene and have adult experiences, rather than being defined by the school run and patents evenings.

In terms of happiness, whether you are single or married, this week is all about delving within yourself for insight and reassurance, as the answers lie deep within and only you can access them.

Patience is vital in love, your calm exterior conceals an inner passion, but it’s important to bide your time in a new relationship because the very intimacy and openness that’s potentially there can’t be microwaved, it’s a slow cooker.

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Aquarius – Eight of Wands

This is a fantastic time for Aquarius and your partner to jet off on a mini-break or to an exciting destination. This card is very favorable for air travel in particular, and if you are travelling for business, or if you guys are travelling for pleasure, it should be a lucky and enjoyable trip.

This card represents an atmosphere of high energy and enthusiasm for Aquarius. You are always fun to be with because you are a live wire, but during this phase, you are particularly excitable. Thus, if you’re in a new relationship, you want things to move really quickly, and you are very expressive. However, you are just as interested in your ambitions as you are in the relationship sphere, and so your partner has to share you with your work.

In regular relationships, you can be quite impatient. Your motto right now is, “Strike while the iron is hot,” and so if there’s any opportunity that you have gotten a whiff of, you’re going to want to race after it. This can make you quite unpredictable because you don’t want to allow anything to slip from your grasp; on the other hand, this is a great time for you to grab an opportunity that could change your and your partner’s lives.

This is an awesome time for dating because you are in a really sparky mood, and you are able to ‘wow’ a partner through your ability to grab a partner or potential partner’s attention and generate interesting ideas for dates and new activities.

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Pisces – The Tower Reversed

You may find yourself grappling with existential doubts and questioning the purpose of your existence. While this can be a disconcerting phase, trust in the eventual outcome and have faith that things will align for the better. Embracing change and transformation is essential for transitioning into a more evolved version of yourself.

However, The Tower (reversed) suggests that you might be hesitating to initiate necessary upheaval and turmoil due to a fear of change.

It’s possible that you’re resisting acknowledging the shifts occurring in your life or clinging to outdated beliefs despite knowing they no longer serve you. Despite your reluctance, confronting this challenging period is crucial for personal growth and progress.

Avoiding or suppressing change will only amplify its impact on your life, leading to greater disruption down the line.

In matters of the heart, The Tower reversed indicates a reluctance to end a failing relationship despite knowing its inevitable demise. Perhaps you’re attempting to patch up irreparable rifts, but doing so is akin to applying temporary fixes to deep wounds.

Accepting the truth and letting go of a broken connection is necessary to move forward and open yourself up to better opportunities. If your relationship has survived a significant upheaval, recognize that it has transformed irreversibly, and attempting to revert to its previous state is futile.

If you are single, The Tower reversed may signify dodging a potentially harmful union or avoiding confronting the aftermath of a painful breakup. While avoidance may seem like an easier route, it impedes your progress in forming healthy romantic connections.

Confront whatever you’re evading, glean lessons from the experience, and allow it to reside in the past where it belongs, enabling you to move forward with clarity and growth.

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Summing up

Should this week’s Tarot revelations kindle a spark of curiosity, inviting you to dive deeper into the profound realm of Tarot readings, hesitate no more. Embark on a personal journey into the mysteries that await, and claim your complimentary Tarot reading by clicking the link below:

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May the Tarot cards continue to spark your imagination, offering unwavering guidance and empowerment as you navigate your unique passage through the ever-shifting energies of life. Until our paths intertwine once more, may your journey be illuminated by the radiance of wisdom and the warmth of love.

In the spirit of the season,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,


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