Weekly Love Horoscope for May 20th – 26th

Hello everybody and welcome to another fairly significant but also fun week.

There is a high-spirited, outgoing, and pleasure-seeking vibe running throughout this week. We have Sun and Venus entering Gemini, a full moon, and a really significant Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus just before Venus enters Gemini.

Venus conjunct Taurus is a very lucky, creative, enjoyable transit, and when it’s in Taurus, it brings events and luck with money and the ability to increase prosperity. It’s also about the power of positive thinking and developing an attitude of abundance. It’s time to appreciate yourself and those around you and to share good times.

This is also a time to be really generous, welcoming, and kind. Jupiter is benevolent, Venus is loving and warm, and so what a wonderful time to reach out, give olive branches, make amends, and spread goodwill.

With two planets moving into Gemini, there’s also a rather quirky and indecisive mood which, along with the full moon, means it’s a good week to put your feet up, relax, have fun, and not stress about work too much.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Good lovin’

With Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, this is a particularly good time for money and finances, so it’s an excellent time to treat yourself or make purchases to improve your home. This is also a great time for pampering and spoiling.

If you are single, treat yourself by getting a new haircut, something new for your wardrobe, or some sexy underwear and if you’re married, it’s a great time for you and your partner to indulge in champagne, strawberries, and massage oil and make time to reconnect physically. Essentially, this is a time to be playful in love. Love right now should have a light touch; it should be warm, friendly, forgiving, and full of surprises.

With the full moon straddling Gemini and Sagittarius, as well as Venus entering Gemini, those of you who are single should definitely be going out with colleagues, perhaps trying a dating app, or increasing your presence on social media as a way of increasing the chance of Cupid striking.

You could well be lucky in love right now, but before you enter the frame, make sure that you have a healthy ego, that you love yourself, and know exactly what your potential is so you aim high in love.

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Taurus – Celebrating yourself 

Now, this is a very exciting week for Taurus because it’s the last time Venus will be conjunct Jupiter in Taurus for another 12 years, so it’s vital that you embrace opportunities, whether it comes to creativity, love, or even a business opportunity.

This is definitely not a time to undersell yourself in love, life, or business. Know your true worth and make sure that your relationships and your employment are shaping up. Never accept less than best right now; learning to love yourself really is the greatest love of all, because appreciating yourself, spoiling yourself, and expecting a partner to step up to the plate are really important.

This is also a time when you can be a little bit self-centered. You need to do things that have value to you, that take your life forward. This isn’t a time when you should be weighed down by obligations or feel obligated to people-pleasing. You have my permission to be indulgent, selfish, and have a really good time.

In new relationships, it’s really important for you and a new partner to have similar values and priorities, especially when it comes to money and morals.

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Gemini – Relationship Vision 

With the Sun in Gemini opposite moon in Sagittarius for the full moon, this is a decisive, indecisive time for Gemini. It’s a time when you can feel that things are on a knife edge; there’s a sense of anticipation and also some dissatisfaction.

Now, the sun and Venus move into Gemini, making this an ideal time for you to reassess your life, to think about what you really want, and what are the most important needs you have in love.

It’s important to prioritize in relationships, so don’t waste your time doing things that really don’t enhance your life or the relationship. It’s time to cut out the nonsense and focus on good communication, bringing enjoyment and spontaneity back into your love life, and also meaningful debate so that you guys can identify problems on the horizon as well as the visions that are important, and make a move in the right direction.

So while this particular week is not good for decisions as such, it’s really good for understanding the options.

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Cancer – Space to Chill

Now, this is an interesting week as with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus, there are interesting developments in your friendship circles. You may suddenly develop a more intense interest in a friend, which may turn sexual. This is also a time when friends-with-benefits relationships can be an avenue you want to go down or explore. Sometimes, right now, you just wanna have company, hang out, and have a good time, and you can do that, but it’s important not to take yourself or anyone else too seriously.

With the full moon and sun and Venus entering Gemini, it’s very important to stay aloof emotionally.

This is not a time to get drawn into anything which is particularly dramatic or convoluted. You need to adopt a light, bright, and breezy approach to the people in your life, and even if your partner is having difficulties in their life or has emotional needs that are quite complex, it’s very important for you to have fun with people who have a more cheerful, positive attitude and who are not too serious.

So while there may be aspects of your life that are quite serious, it’s very important now for you to find a safe space to chill and relax and have fun.

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Leo – In full flight 

Now, the Jupiter-Venus conjunction in your solar 10th house of career means this is an excellent time to shine. I know Leos love to lead; you’re attracted to the arts and creative careers. So whether it’s a hobby or your career, it’s a wonderful time to impress the public or people in power. So, grab this week as an opportunity to strongly develop and portray those flamboyant and colorful Leo traits that you have.

This is also a really exciting time for dating and romance; you could be lucky in love, and Cupid could strike. However, it’s important to be mobile, as with the Sun and Venus entering Gemini, it’s helpful for you not to stay too close to home.

Travel with friends, go out to concerts, travel to another city, or do a road trip. Get out of your comfort zones because this is when it’s more likely that you will be meeting new people. Now, new relationships are off to a very warm, friendly, cordial start. If a new relationship is jarring, awkward, or you feel judged or criticized, it’s the wrong one; leave it be, you don’t need it.

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Virgo – Added Punch

Now that the Jupiter-Venus conjunction is absolutely ideal for changing mindsets and positive thinking. So what you want to be doing is creating vision boards, writing down your intentions on pieces of paper, and creating positive affirmations around anything that you want to achieve right now, whether it’s in love, your career, your hobbies, or just your social life in general.

You can be a person with the X factor, someone who really stands out, but it’s so important to just develop the right mindset when it comes to your relationship.

It’s also vital to be holistic; successful relationships now are a combination of good morals, high ethical standards, and positivity. So make sure that whatever you do, you do it for the right reasons.

It’s also essential to keep promises and be a little bit daring too as what a lot of relationships, whether new or existing, need right now is a bit of extra punch, so don’t be afraid to take things to the next level, sexually, or in terms of intimate conversations.

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Libra – Things are looking up

Now, this is an interesting week for Libra! On one hand, you can benefit from financial luck through either the generosity of others or good karma when it comes to money. So you may be the recipient of a prize, a tip, or a donation. Or, on the other hand, if you have done a good deed, you may now be the recipient of a favor or a treat.

However what’s more, this week is also supercharged sexually. It’s an excellent time for the exotic and intimate side of your relationship to become more rewarding. So what a great time to work on sexual relating and understanding.

The wonderful thing is, even for those relationships that have been incredibly rocky or trying, don’t give up right now. If you dig deep, work hard at psychological understanding, and address both of your fears, anxieties, or past relationship concerns, anything can be healed.

Sun and Venus going into Gemini also represent a time of increasing positivity, and a proactive approach to anything in life should bring results.

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Scorpio – Love Jackpot 

Like Taurus, the fact that Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Taurus for the last time in 12 years is very significant for Scorpio, as for you guys, it represents a once in 12-year opportunity in relationships. So what an awesome week to be getting married, engaged, or entering an important phase of a brand new relationship.

It’s so vital now to be optimistic and to approach your love life with an open mind and a forward-looking attitude. It’s awesome to let bygones be bygones and turn a fresh page.

Sometimes in relationships, it’s important to work through things and understand exactly what’s going on, but at other times, it’s great just to start afresh, leave everything in the past, and renew your attitudes. When it comes to love right now, you have the magic touch that can bring out the best in your partner.

So see everything in the relationship as in your hands; your attitude can really shift the dial. So remember to be mindful about your energy, your vibe, and your thought process because this all influences outcomes in love.

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Sagittarius – Working on Love 

Now, this is a great week for starting a new job, and you should develop great relationships with your new colleagues. However, it’s also a good time to be socializing with the people you work with or going to events related to your work as a way of meeting new people, and this could lead to romance. 

Right now, it’s very important that your partner is supportive of your work and understands the effort you are putting in. Relationships where your partner gives you a great deal of encouragement and understands your work do well. While, alternatively, where your partner is perhaps a little bit more disengaged, aloof, or disinterested in your job, you may feel slightly detached from the relationship and needing more independence and space.

So, the first part of the week, you and your partner may need to have your own interests, go your own ways, and be a little bit emotionally self-sufficient.

However, as you go into the end of the week, with the sun and Venus entering Gemini, it’s a great time to turn the focus back on your relationship and start planning for the month ahead, but doing exciting things and creating goals that you both share and both invest in as a way to bond.

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Capricorn – Love, life and creativity 

Now, the great news for Capricorn is that Venus conjunct Jupiter in Taurus is outstanding for date nights, romance, new relationships, and fun in general. So clear the calendar; what a fantastic week to have a holiday, a break away, or to just reward yourself by going out to events, concerts, and comedy nights.

The key right now is unleashing the child within, whether you are doing things with your own children that help bring out happy memories of your childhood and allow you to reconnect with your youthful spirit, or you’re just hanging out with people having a good time and a good laugh where you’re able to let your hair down, both are great.

However, there’s more to this week than that because it can also be a great time for getting recognition. You are lucky in terms of other people wanting to support your efforts, work with you, and help take any of your business ideas, hobbies or other ventures to the next level.

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Aquarius – Soul searching 

This is an awesome week for you to nourish and replenish yourself emotionally. It’s an excellent time to spend a little bit of time alone, perhaps reading, writing a journal, and connecting with your true, authentic self. What’s important right now is greater understanding and closure on recent issues and just getting to a point where you feel that you are clear to move on and free of baggage.

It’s also a time when you can focus on even the most painful aspects of your past and gain some added insight that will help you to find a positive even in the most negative event.

The key to your power right now is living with more authenticity as success is peace at a deep level. So what you should be striving for right now is that Zen sense of calm within you and that’s why it’s important to try and reach a resolution on anything in your life where there is upheaval or discontent.

On another level, what an awesome week for you and your partner to be entertaining, throwing your home open to friends, or having family over. You don’t want to be lonely, but you don’t want to be spending every minute with friends, so there needs to be a good combination of company and soul.

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Pisces – The best things in life

I’m expecting a really interesting and exciting but somewhat surprising week for Pisces. This is an awesome week if you’re on holiday, planning outings with friends, or you never know, you might be making a spontaneous journey that you haven’t even planned yet.

But the key right now in love and in life, in general, is to grab opportunities, don’t think too much about them, and enjoy yourself. Venus conjunct Jupiter in your third solar house means this is an awesome time for online relationships and long-distance relationships as well. But what’s so important is just being free and easy and going with the flow. This is not a time when things should be strictly planned or when you want to follow a rule book.

In love, the best things in life right now are surprising, so embrace new situations, random conversations, and interesting new hobbies as a way of opening your mind to what’s possible, not only in terms of love but even in terms of your career or long-term relationships.

It’s an awesome time to be house hunting, renovating, or shopping around for things that can make your home more conducive to work or having children. There should be a sense of future plans and adapting your home.

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This is a wonderful week for social events and breaks away, but even if you are working, it’s a wonderful time to be generous and improve all your relationships.

This can be a time when we should all shine and must explore our talents and do things that make us feel happy and enhance our well-being.

Whatever your star sign, remember that this week is powerful for:

  • Romance
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Money decisions
  • Fun
  • Enjoying life

See you again next week.

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