Weekly Tarotscope for March 20th – 26th

Hello, Beautiful Souls,

As we welcome yet another week, it’s time for our cherished tarot love readings. But before we delve into the magical messages of the cards, have you had the chance to explore the free three-card Tarot reading that my dear friend Angel Adams graciously allowed me to share with you all?

The remarkable accuracy of these readings has garnered awe-inspiring feedback, so don’t hesitate to uncover what the cards reveal about your love journey.

This week, we’re in for a thrilling rollercoaster ride, courtesy of the celestial realm, as it showers us with transformative events that deeply impact our lives. First up, we have the breathtaking equinox, when day and night dance in perfect harmony across the globe. This symphony of balance presents us with the perfect opportunity to hit the reset button, recalibrate our lives and relationships, and embrace the duality within us to achieve a sense of completeness.

Next, as spring unfurls its vibrant tapestry, it breathes new life into our surroundings and our very souls. The blossoming of nature mirrors the awakening of our hearts, inviting us to explore uncharted territories in love and life.

Finally, the cosmic stage is set for the new moon to align with the Aries point, while Ceres makes a grand debut in Aries. This electrifying blend of energies ushers in a period of incredible fertility, where we can cultivate fresh ideas, embark on family planning journeys, spark new romances, and nurture growth in our existing relationships like never before.

So, ladies, buckle up for an extraordinary week ahead as we unravel the insights of the Tarot to guide us on our love-filled journey. And always remember to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign for the most accurate and comprehensive message.

Sending you all love and light!

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Aries – King of Swords

This is a week for clear thinking and truthful communication in love, as you feel most confident when you can be totally authentic and don’t have to tread on eggshells.

It’s also important for you to take responsibility for your communications, words have power and inappropriate use of words or timing could potentially create problems, and you have to own that.

In marriage, your partner is highly likely to be
interested in what you have to say, and will be affected by your words, which means you have to show good judgement and choose your words wisely and kindly.

In all relationships it’s important to remain objective and to be a little bit detached, look to follow the truth where ever it might take you, this is far more important than proving your point.

In love, it’s vital to detach from your opinions as the truth should always be impartial and based on the facts, and your partner will be respectful of you no matter what the stage of the relationship, if you follow this truth

It’s possible that someone has their eye on you, but they have been rather clumsy or ineffective in communicating their attraction. So even if you are feeling like your love life has stalled, it’s really a communication problem which can be worked through

Taurus – Ace of Pentacles

In terms of the household finances, money and investments, it’s time to turn ideas into something tangible. Thus any plans you have regarding investment, money saving or side hustles should come off the table, and you and your partner should make an effort to turn these plans into concrete reality.

The key phrase this week is ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’. Don’t be afraid to fail, it’s better to try an idea out and see if it works or if it doesn’t, because at least you will then be able to move onto newer and better ideas.

In terms of marriage, it’s important that you and your partner have action plans and to-do lists. This is a time to be proactive, don’t sit back and let life happen to you. Think of all the things that make your life unsatisfying or create problems, and get your heads together as a team and work to sort that out. See problems as a challenge, and you could really move your life and your relationship forward now.

For single Taurus, don’t let things remain as they are and be satisfied or semi-satisfied, and don’t just hope that things will work out by themselves. Join new groups and forge initiatives that will help get you where you want to be in terms of your perfect relationship.

Gemini – Page of Wands

This week it is very important to be the free spirit that you are. It’s essential to take a rain check on or decline any responsibilities or commitments that are not core, or totally essential to what you want. This week it’s ideal if you can be spontaneous, do as you please and use this week as a catalyst to inspire changes rather than further tying yourself down with unnecessary commitments.

This is a very creative and restless time within you, your desire to express yourself is paramount and thus it’s important to work on communication and also dynamic change in relationships.

This can be quite an impatient time and if you are working on anything, you’re impatient for results and that includes relationship communication. So if things aren’t going the way you want in relationships, it’s best to take time out and have some space, rather than to ruin good work by getting irritable and angry just because you don’t feel you and your partner have a true mental connection, or are reaching understanding.

This week should be all about you, so be assertive and don’t be afraid to follow your heart.

Cancer – Four of Pentacles

This week in relationships there are both positive and negative trends, but these are both based on perceptions rather than reality. Thus it’s very important to make sure that anything that you are thinking or reacting to is based on fact, rather than misinformation or assumptions. It’s important to be proud and confident of the goals you have achieved as a couple and of how far you’ve come, but on the other hand, you shouldn’t underestimate the challenges which remain and you should tackle these in a positive way.

Financially things are looking a lot better this week, however you should still be cautious and conservative about money and shouldn’t take any gambles.

For Cancer who are in the dating game, it’s important to avoid people who come on really strong but who are intensely materialistic. Values matter and you should be looking for a partner who has values to do with family, emotional closeness and caring, rather than an attitude of extreme attachment to the material world, as this is the sort of person who may attract this week.

Leo – King of Swords

This week the key in love is clarity and truth. It’s very important to get to the bottom of things and wipe away any confusion or misunderstandings. This is a good period to get around the kitchen table and have important discussions with your partner, so that you can get things in your life moving in the right direction.

This is a week when you may have to seize the initiative, particularly in terms of analysis, planning and clear thinking. Leo have a lot of courage, but this week you have to have the courage of your convictions in order to forge a route ahead, because your partner may be more conflicted or emotional, and they may not be able to assess the truth.

In new and established relationships you may have to prove your point, or make a point. One of the issues this week can be boundaries or asserting your needs in relationships to ensure that they are met. Remember to set out your stall and make a strong case so that your partner knows where they stand.

Virgo – Page of Swords Reversed

This week the key is to stay quiet rather than to enter into arguments and debate. There is sometimes a risk that you can overplay your hand or say something at an inappropriate moment, even if unintended. So the key to the smooth sailing of relationships, is to be succinct, keep to the point and don’t throw your pennies worth in if it’s not necessary.

In terms of both dating and existing relationships, be very careful about making promises you can’t keep. It’s likely this week that you will feel quite a high level of enthusiasm, and you can be more overt and more talkative than usual, and it’s quite easy to lose track of what you have discussed with a partner. Sometimes it’s not a case that you have made promises that you don’t expect to keep, it’s more than a date has misinterpreted your intention, so it’s very important to be clear on how you are coming across.

This is not a good week to establish a commitment or to demand a commitment from a partner because, once again, intentions can be misunderstood.

Libra –  Nine of Cups Reversed

This is a week where it’s very important for you to be organized, but that can sometimes make you a little bit uncompromising, so it’s important to take everybody with you. Sometimes the challenge or the goal ends up clouding your short term judgement, and you can end up being rather insensitive to other people’s feelings. So don’t get so caught up in your goals that you don’t realize that you may be burning bridges in love.

This can be a tricky week for new relationships that is because even if things start really well or have been going well, there’s a nagging feeling that something is missing deep down, or fulfilment is lacking and you may already be thinking that you need to move on. However, it’s important to be patient and keep working at this relationship, because there may be a lot of hidden elements which, when they do come to light, will ease the emotional bonding.

In relationships, it is important not to let the ghosts of the past impinge on a current relationship. Past disappointments are in the past, and as long as you’ve learnt from them, you need not repeat them. So don’t overestimate any imperfections or mistakes in your current relationship, it’s not necessarily a sign that you are repeating the mistakes of a past relationship, it’s actually a sign of progress and a deepening bond.

Scorpio – Four of Cups Reversed

This is a good week to chill out and give yourself a total break, it’s important to avoid pressure, and in your relationships and you must encourage your partner to take care of their own needs and take responsibility for their own emotions, because it’s very important to have boundaries.

This may be a week when you’re feeling that you have slightly less energy, or less willpower, and so it’s not a great week to be forcing yourself to go to the gym or to be arranging unnecessary work events, social nights or anything which you feel will be quite demanding.

This may be a great time for a love affair, especially if being with a certain person – with whom you have a spiritual connection – enables you to relax and feel totally at ease with yourself. However, if dating is still rather tentative and hard work it’s probably best avoided.

This is definitely a week to enjoy a night by yourself with a lovely glass of wine, a candlelight bubble bath or alternatively a hot chocolate – whatever turns you on.

Sagittarius – Seven of Cups

This week is a good time to take your plans off the drawing board and put them into action. There is the temptation for Sagittarius to sit back, dream or possibly use prayer and affirmations and to believe that everything is going to happen magically. However, you should not forget the element assertiveness and aggression. Grab life by the scruff of the neck and inspire your partner to do the same.

This week you are in a rather dreamy mood, you are not in the most competitive mood, even though I know you are competitive characters in general. Thus it’s important to summons up a little bit of extra energy and just force yourself to get out there and be assertive, to make sure that you really start the ball rolling in a positive way, rather than just overthinking your plans.

This can be a time of dilemmas, especially if you are dating. There may be too many options, too many fish in the sea (as they say), and you may feel torn between different romantic prospects, so it’s important to draw up a pro and con list to fully understand what everyone has to offer, and take your time to deliberate.

Capricorn – Six of Pentacles Reversed

This week it’s important to look after number 1, and while you shouldn’t display an overly selfish attitude in relationships, it’s quite important to make sure that you are not neglecting yourself or your needs, and that you attend to pressing personal concerns, whether you in a relationship or dating.

It’s very important to pay attention to the level of give and take, in both new and existing relationships. In some cases, you may have to take a step back, and make come to a realization that you are involved in a relationship that’s a one-way street. It’s time to step away from relationships that aren’t moving forward.

The key message in love is ‘abundance’, and the sooner you extricate yourself from an unfulfilling relationship, the sooner you can open the window of opportunity to a fantastic relationship with a person who is more generous and kind-spirited.

The important message this week is ‘charity starts at home’ and while being generous is a wonderful quality, you must be able to support yourself, because if you don’t look after yourself you are no help to others either.

Aquarius – Hierophant Reversed

What’s important this week in relationships is – shutting off distractions. It may be a great idea for you and your partner to take a break from your friends or your various networks, it may also be a time to take a break from social media, so that you can focus on what is important in your relationship.

What matters now in love is intimacy and privacy, so it’s vital that you can create a safe space to restore harmony and understanding in your relationship. This is an excellent week to have a heart-to-heart or just reestablish communication on an emotional level.

This could be an important week to celebrate a relationship milestone or an important event that is significant to you both. It’s helpful to pay attention to how your partner feels about events, both in their world or in the wider world, as a way of showing you care about your partner. Spontaneous gifts or romantic messages are very effective.

Pisces – Sun Reversed

This week you may feel like withdrawing and not having to be ON all the time. Pisces frequently feel the need to be the person who takes the flack, sorts out the problems and deals with everything. In many ways, you are the person who picks up the pieces, but this can leave you feeling rather depleted.

So this week it’s very important for you to focus on restoring in a sense of calm, having boundaries and having space where you can relax, wind down and indeed enjoy yourself, but the key is to replenish yourself and to repel the demands of others.

If there were any recent setbacks in terms of dating or your relationships, it’s now time to question your assumptions or your expectations, and to have a reset internally, and then to approach the relationship with a different mindset. It is important right now to be cognizant of any limitations your partner may have in relation to how willing they are to open up, or the pace at which they want to pursue a relationship, and to take that into account, rather than developing a defeatist attitude because not all is not lost, quite the opposite.

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My Final Wishes

My dear ladies, I wholeheartedly wish you all an enchanting week ahead, filled with love and joy. Remember that by consulting our outstanding love and relationship tarot reader, you can gain unparalleled clarity and insights into the depths of your partner’s emotions.

I am endlessly grateful to each one of you who trusts me and returns to this space time after time. I am here to serve you with all my heart, sharing the blessings and gifts I’ve received with you, and hoping to inspire you to do the same. 🙂

You possess boundless potential, so never doubt your worth for even a moment! Embrace your inner strength, and watch as your life blossoms from one triumph to the next.

Be sure to explore my friend’s delightful offering: A Three Card tarot reading tailored just for you! I would be thrilled if you took a moment to check it out.

I’d also love to hear about your zodiac sign and the happenings in your life right now. Your stories and experiences bring immense meaning to my life, and your continued love and support mean the world to me.

Sending you all abundant love and happiness,

Your friend and relationship Astrologer,


2 thoughts on “Weekly Tarotscope for March 20th – 26th

  1. Mine says to be assertive forge forward take charge. He’s a pices. We’ve never met face to face. I don’t know how I’ve fallen so far in love with this person? I have a unbelievable pulling to this person as if souls are entwined. How cruel I’m 10 years older. It’s like I have to meet this person in life. I know that I’m not forever for him but I feel like I’m a small intricate piece of his future? I want to drive 700 Miles this week just to see him. Then I can be ok and drive back home. I’m afraid. I’m moved to tears wanting to meet him. In head my heart every second of every day for months. He says he’s going to have me come for a visit sometime? I can’t wait and want to just go.

    1. Hi Karen,
      The Pisces man is one that is very deep, emotional, and is looking for the woman he can settle down with and live for each other. He doesn’t mind a woman with a career but he wants to be a huge portion of her attention.
      As much as he pours himself into a relationship, he needs a woman that will do the same thing. Even apart, he isn’t afraid to work and try to make his dreams come true but he’ll try to balance his life out with fantasy as well.
      Sending Love!

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