The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card – Your Complete Guide

Looking at this card, you can tell that someone is up to something that they shouldn’t be doing. That’s only part of the actual meaning for the Seven of Swords. There is more!

How does it impact your life or readings? Well, the Seven of Swords Tarot card has plenty of information to give you. Are you ready to learn how to read this card?

Perfect! Keep going so that you’ll get to know as much as you can about the Seven of Swords.

The Brief History Of The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card

Back in the 1430s, the first Tarot deck was created in Italy. People were bored with playing regular card games. They decided to up the ante by making a bigger deck.

Not only does it have amazing-looking trump cards for the Tarot game, but it also has the four suits just as the playing cards do. The trump cards are known in Tarot now as the Major Arcana. The four suits are known as the Minor Arcana.

The suits coincide like this… Hearts are Cups, Diamonds are Pentacles/Coins, Clubs are Wands, and of course, the Spades are Swords. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

While many European countries still play the Tarot game, many have adapted to a modern-day approach. In fact, in the 1800s the spiritualists were looking for different ways to practice divination and speak with those who have crossed over.

The Tarot became a way to read for other people to find out their future or even to get a message from their loved ones.

Some readers like to keep track of what is going on in their own lives so they pull a card of the day if not a quick Tarot spread to get a heads up.

The Seven of Swords Tarot card is similar to the Seven of Spades. In divination, it’s a card to describe a dishonest person or someone that wants to evade you. There is more, so keep reading!

1. The Basic Definition Of The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card

Seven Of Swords Tarot Card

The Seven of Swords Tarot card means that someone is being dishonest with you. They may try to steal from you or hide important information from you. In other words, they are lying to you.

This person is trying to get away with something at your expense. It may be someone you have to watch out for that you didn’t realize was so dishonest.

An omission is still virtually the same as a lie, so if someone is leaving out something important, then you should ask them about it. You can typically tell something is up when they try to avoid certain topics.

This sneaky individual is up to something. If you’ve asked about someone specific, then this is what the card is telling you. Keep your intuition sharp and learn to trust it so that you don’t get tricked.

Another way to look at it is that you are not being honest with someone else. The Seven of Swords Tarot card meaning takes on a different approach here. It’s saying be honest with yourself and with others.

If you’ve thought of taking a shortcut or doing something less than honest, you need to check yourself. It’s often best to be truthful and do what is right, even if it takes you longer.

2. The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card Definition (Reversed)

Since the Seven of Swords is a warning or heads up, what does it mean when it’s in reverse? Well, let me tell you… it truly is the opposite of the upright meaning.

The reversed Seven of Wands Tarot card means that someone is finally starting to take some responsibility. They’ve learned that sneaking around doesn’t pay. Learning from mistakes is something everyone does.

Someone may actually decide to fess up about a lie they told or something they did that was dishonorable. They’re coming clean to you.

If this is not about another person, then it may be you, yourself coming clean with someone else. You’re ready to admit to what you’ve done or said so you can clear the air and work at gaining trust.

The truth must come out some time, so how about now?

3. Love And The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card (Upright)

The Seven of Swords Tarot card meaning is not pleasant when you are asking about love… If you may have pulled the card for the day for yourself, it may be suggesting that you’re not being honest with yourself.

You may be thinking about having an affair if you’re already in a relationship. Even just talking to someone else and flirting can bring this card out. It’s almost like a warning for you to be careful with what you’re thinking.

Surely if you’re being dishonest in any way when it comes to love, this card comes up to show you that karma is well aware, so don’t do anything stupid.

If you’re asking about someone else, then it could be that your lover is a cheater, liar, or simply is hiding something from you. It really could be anything.

There is dishonesty and possibly theft going on when the Seven of Swords comes up. Look at all the things you may have missed. Red flags are very important.

Love can be blind but your intuition sees and knows all. Pay close attention to the things you feel deep inside. There is a reason for it.

Another way to look at this card is maybe there is someone else trying to steal your heart, or someone trying to steal your partner’s heart. Watch out!

4. Love And The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card (Reversed)

Seven Of Swords Tarot Card Reversed

Now, of course, it makes sense that the reverse would mean your partner or yourself is coming clean about something that happened. If nothing happened, then thoughts emerge that you two should discuss.

It’s time to clear the air of any dishonesty you two have had between each other so you can either heal your love relationship or move on.

If you’re single, then this card may be telling you that the person you’re asking about or wishing for is an honest partner.

Being honest with yourself is good so that you can avoid mistakes in love. If you’ve just met someone who you like, be honest with them. There is no need to hide who you are.

Remember that when two people decide to date, they get their first impressions early on. Be someone who will dazzle your partner. If they aren’t doing that with you, then you should wait for someone who will.

Honesty is the best way to go when it comes to love. Give it your all and be true to yourself and your person.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Seven Of Swords Card (Upright)

Since theft is a theme of this card you really should watch your money or personal possessions. There may be someone who knows enough about you that they could take advantage of that.

Be super aware and lock up your vehicle, home, or anything else that needs to be protected. Another thing is theft happening via unexpected bills via cramming or slamming that some third-party companies do.

They appear on one of your regular services so if you notice your bill suddenly went higher, look at it! You might find a third-party charge you didn’t agree to.

Watch out for your identity as well. Identity theft is huge these days and it seems nearly no one is immune to it. Do your best to stay safe when shopping online.

Be aware of “too good to be true” offers as well. Those could be scams. When you see this card when you’re asking about money, the Seven of Swords Tarot card means that you need to be careful as you could get ripped off in some way.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Seven Of Swords Card (Reversed)

If you have been ripped off or screwed over with money somehow, this card showing up may be saying that the information is all coming to light so you will get some sort of justice.

It may be telling you not to worry as things are getting taken care of. There is also a suggestion to make sure you get your taxes done as soon as possible. I know that has nothing to do with theft but receiving funds is always good!

Now if it comes to your job, you may find that someone who has been untruthful gets discovered and those affected will see justice. If you’ve told a lie at work, then this card says you’re busted.

If it’s someone else who lied to you, you’re going to find out what really happened and things will be lined up accordingly so that it can be handled properly by the right people.

Always be as honest as you can at your job because if you aren’t, it will come out in due time and karma will pay you back. That’s how it works. Others around you will experience the same.

Good comes to you when you’re good. Lies and things will go sideways impacting your future with the company or with the people you work with.

7. The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

The Seven of Swords Tarot card as a person is unflattering. This person probably isn’t truthful, is sketchy, and hides things. They are also someone who gets into everyone’s business.

It’s like a snake that is learning what they can about others to use that information to their advantage somehow. It’s definitely a person you cannot trust.

I’d say that if you’re asking about someone, this card is telling you that they cannot be trusted and they just generally aren’t good to be around so be very careful of the involvement you have with them.

Yes, this person can also be a cheater if you happen to be asking about someone you are interested in or are already in a relationship with. It’s not good news, I’ll tell you.

I sure hope this isn’t describing you but if the card does come up when you ask about yourself, it may be saying you have to look at your own behavior before it’s too late.

Be careful who you befriend and give you trust to. Not everyone is as good as they may seem.

8. The Seven Of Swords Card As A Person (Reversed)

The Seven of Swords card reversed describing a person is a bit different than the upright position. This person has learned from their mistakes or errors.

This is a person you can probably trust because they have been through some things and now they know the value of doing things the right way. They’ve learned lying doesn’t pay.

If it’s descriptive of you, then it’s saying you’ve learned your lesson through some recent events and now you’re heading in a better direction.

You are someone that is trustworthy and so is the other person if you’ve asked about another person.

There is a feeling of being open with this person and then returning the favor. It may also mean that this person decided to go ahead and tell the truth about something they’ve done or said.

Whatever person this is referring to, the truth will be unwrapped and things will change. If there are positive cards after this one, it’s definitely saying that good is coming.

9. Advice From The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card In A Reading

The advice you get from the Seven of Swords is to watch yourself. Watch out for your belongings, your money, and your identity. Watch out for a cheater or liar in your midst.

There is someone that could be slivering around you that you aren’t aware of. If you are, then this is a head’s up to avoid this person.

It doesn’t matter if it’s regarding finances, work, or love… something shady may be going on and you need to stay aware so you don’t get screwed over in some form.

Now, if the card is about you, then it’s telling you that you need to wake up and start doing or saying the right thing. Be honest with other people as well as with yourself.

You may need to open up and share your feelings with someone who you’ve been walling off. If you’re avoiding a breakup… do it now! Don’t wait and put it off. Be open enough to let the person go.

Give and accept the truth. Lies will only lead down a very dark road with some pretty nasty karmic retribution!

10. The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card As Feelings

When it comes to feelings, the Seven of Swords Tarot card meaning isn’t pleasant in the upright position. You may not have feelings for someone with whom you are involved.

Maybe that person doesn’t feel love for you. Look at actions that should tell you everything you need to know.

You might be feeling something for someone else and aren’t sure what to do with it. If you’re hiding this, then you need to come clean as soon as possible.

If this is about someone else, then they may need to open up and tell you how they feel because their intentions are not true when the Seven of Swords card pops up.

The feelings are sneaky, underhanded, and dishonest. This can be you or it can be someone else you’re asking about.

In reverse, the Seven of Swords means that feelings are exposed either intentionally or unintentionally. You find out how someone else feels about you or they’re finding out about how you feel about them.

The truth is getting exposed and you will need to figure out how you feel. Remember to tell yourself the absolute truth!

11. The Seven Of Swords Card Meaning Regarding Children

The Seven of Swords Tarot card is not a good card to see when you’re asking about your children or future children. For future kids you want to have, this card may be saying maybe your partner isn’t honest with you.

It can also indicate that something you cannot see or feel could be going on with your body which you need to have yourself looked at before you try to have kids.

Now back to children you might already have. This could be telling you that your child is lying to you or being sneaky about something behind your back. If you notice odd behavior, then you should look closer.

This child may be hiding feelings that they have about school, such as bullies. They’re afraid no one will believe them or listen. Find out what is going on!

If you get this card in reverse, you may be getting a report card with not-so-good grades, a lie coming to light, or something dishonest your child did without your knowing.

It’s all unfolding and you’ll have to figure out what that means. It will, at last, be revealed to you and you’ll have to deal with your child accordingly.

12. Health And The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card

Something is going on with your health that you either don’t know about or you’re ignoring. Do NOT ignore it any longer. Get treatment or do what the doctor recommends.

There may be some underlying issue that escapes you and it may hurt you in the long run. Don’t allow that to happen. Get a second opinion if you need to but putting it off will be the worst decision.

The Zodiac sign that goes with the Seven of Swords Tarot card is Aquarius. Health-wise, you may need to keep an eye on certain issues that this sign can develop.

Stay on top of it and get checkups as you should. Watch out for your ankles, lower legs, lymphatic system, and vein system. These are VERY important to your circulation and movement.

Be honest with yourself that you know something is amiss and get it fixed, diagnosed, and treated!

If you get the card reversed may be telling you that you’re pulling through an illness you weren’t sure about. Maybe you’re getting results now of what is going on.

The reversed Seven of Swords says you’re getting the information you need so that you can take care of the issue before it festers.

13. The Seven Of Swords Card Answer As “Yes” Or “No”

As you can tell, the upright position of the Seven of Swords Tarot card is rather bleak. That means when you see it this way after asking a question, it’s telling you no.

It’s pretty clear that it’s telling you whatever you’re asking about, you definitely shouldn’t do it.

It makes sense that when the card is reversed that it’s more of a yes because it’s the opposite of the upright meaning. It brings more optimism and hope when you see it reversed.

That’s the answer you get when you pull one card only. If you decide to pull more cards, then you can look at the ones around this card to figure out which way it’s leaning.

There may be a more negative card that adds to the no or there may be an extremely positive card that will solidify the yes. If it’s kind of a “maybe” type of card, then it’s a maybe to yes. I hope that makes sense.

14. The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card In Position

Seven Of Swords Tarot Card In Position

The position of every card is very important when you’re doing a layout. Pulling a single card usually will compel you to draw another just to get clarity.

However, if you do an actual spread, you get more of the story. It really does depend on whether you want a short answer or a more detailed one.

I recommend that when you’re starting to learn, the three-card spread seems to work the very best and is widely recommended by most Tarot card decks.

Let’s take a look now at what the Seven of Swords is like in each position:

The Seven of Swords in Past Position:

Someone has lied to you or kept something important from you. This person cannot be trusted and you should probably do away with them or walk away. They’re not good for you.

Also a job, an offer, or trial may not have worked well for you as it was likely fake or fraudulent.

Reversed says that the truth came out and now it’s time to look at where things are headed next. Things were set in the right motion and things are looking up or should be.

The Seven of Swords in Present Position:

In the present, the Seven of Swords shows someone dishonest in your presence. You cannot trust this person and should be very careful going forward with them.

Someone is tiptoeing or sneaking around right now. Be very aware that you may get ripped off, disappointed, or hurt. You should also watch your own actions or words as you could be thinking of doing something you should not.

Reversed, things are opening up and being set on the right path. Someone confesses their lies or what they’ve done. You may be the one bringing truth to light yourself.

Time to evaluate what you want to happen for the future based on what has happened as of late.

The Seven of Swords in Future Position:

The future position says that there will be someone that you’ll have to watch out for. This person may lie or they may do something underhanded that leaves you shocked.

If you know now that this is going to happen, you can be aware and avoid this person entirely!

The reversed card says that you’re going to be paid back if someone borrowed money, stole money, or ripped you off in some other way. Karma is going to push them to do what is right or they’ll get busted.

Naturally, that means it can be you that has to make things right if you’ve been less than honest with someone else.

15. The Lessons The Seven Of Swords Wants To Teach You

Lessons The Seven Of Swords Wants To Teach You

Yes, there are lessons to be learned from the Seven of Wands Tarot card. It teaches you to be aware, don’t blindly trust anyone, and not everyone that promises you their word is truthful.

This card is always more of a caution type of card. In the reverse, it’s a light being shed on the dark helping you to see what is going on around you. That being said, here are some lessons to keep in mind:

  • Always watch your back because you never know what may happen.
  • Be sure you’re always honest with yourself as well as with others.
  • Do your best in whatever you do. Shortcuts will bite you back.
  • Don’t blindly trust in everyone you meet. Some fall short of what you deserve.
  • Watch the actions of other people. This will show you their character.
  • If you know someone is lying or stealing, step up and set them straight.
  • Be careful about where you share your personal identity information online.
  • Make sure that people who claim to want to be in your life are showing you by their actions, not just their words.
  • Keep an eye on your finances at all times. Check your accounts daily!
  • Use your integrity wisely. Karma will come back around for you if not.
  • Tell the truth all the time, not just when you feel it suits you.
  • In your quest to find honest people, be honest as well. Show them why they can trust you.
  • Learn to be more adaptable to change in your life.
  • Avoid dubious activities like the plague.

As you can see, there are many lessons that come from seeing the Seven of Swords. Be as honest as this card!

16. Astrology And The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card

The Seven of Swords Tarot card is associated with the Zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarius people tend to not tell anyone anything unless they are asked. It doesn’t make them quite liars, but it does make people feel they’re hiding something.

You always wonder what is going on in their heads since they’re not speaking about it. They also tend to like lots of alone time doing things that they don’t feel necessary to tell you.

It’s not that they are necessarily being sketchy, but it seems that way. Aquarius is “it’s my business and not anyone else’s, I answer to no one” type of thing. That’s just who they are.

You can see how they might go hand in hand though with the Seven of Swords. Ironically, the Sun is the one who rules here. That means that no matter what, the light will always end up being shown in the dark.

You cannot hide forever; the truth catches up to you. If someone is pulling some stuff behind your back, it will come out one way or another.

It’s likewise if you’re not doing right or avoiding telling someone something. The light shows the truth and karma comes back around to you.

17. The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card In Numerology

The Seven of Swords Tarot card is the number seven. In Numerology, the number seven brings about determination; a desire to learn better spiritual information, and knowledge in other areas of life.

In this way, the number seven is more describing you as you want to know the truth – hence, why you’re reading Tarot cards. You yearn to find out all you can and become better for it.

The number seven requires you to really dig in and not accept no for an answer. You need to find out everything. That helps you to avoid someone who will ultimately destroy you in some way. You might beat them at their game.

If your Life Path Number happens to be the number seven, your purpose in life is most likely to experience spiritual growth and development. How better to do that than to learn and educate yourself?

Take some workshops or attend classes that get you closer to your inner spirit. It’s imperative for you to be involved in your belief system instead of just identifying.

There is work that needs to be done and you’ll need to be sure you’re doing what you can. You may be able to teach others. Sometimes the best way to learn is by teaching.

18. When You Keep Pulling The Seven Of Swords Card

It’s not a fun thing to keep pulling the Seven of Swords upright. That’s definitely a warning that you’re about to get stolen from or lied to. Some kind of fraud is going to happen.

The card is trying to get you to wake up and pay attention to what is happening and not trust everyone. If you don’t know what exactly it is or who, if you keep your eyes and ears open; you’ll figure it out.

The card could be warning you to tell the truth and do the right thing because if you don’t, you’ll get some nasty payback. Be very careful with what you do and who you talk to.

In reverse, the Seven of Swords card coming around repeatedly is telling you that if someone recently screwed you over, then it’s about to come to justice. Things are getting taken care of.

If you’re the wrongdoer, then you’re having to make things right. Either way, things will get fixed and move along in a better way.

Any Tarot card that keeps recurring, there is a huge message that the Universe is trying to get you to open your eyes to. Once you start paying attention, you’ll pick up on these things faster.

You may be able to avoid a nasty situation altogether if you know this is coming. Use this knowledge wisely.

19. Symbols For The Seven Of Swords Tarot Card

What better to symbolize trickery than someone trying to sneak away with their arms full of swords? I mean seriously, there is nothing better! In this picture, he’s leaving a couple of swords still standing.

He is taking the others and looking behind him to make sure no one is watching him. Yep, that clearly indicates some deception happening. There is a home in the distance with no one watching.

He thinks he’s sly and he’ll get away with it. This in truth represents this type of person. In reverse, this person is giving the swords back and making things right with a great apology.

Now, this can be you or it could be someone else that is pulling something shady around you.

The card reversed clears the air and all can be well with some honesty.

If you’re thinking of getting something like a Seven of Swords Tarot card tattoo, I would recommend someone stealing something and looking back.

Of course, the symbol of you being truthful and just would be a reversed symbol like someone taking stuff to the house in the back rather than being sneaky walking away.

It’s your choice which you get, so talk to a tattoo artist to find out more ideas of how you can spin the card in a way you’ll be happy about.

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20. Spirituality And The Seven Of Swords Card

The Seven of Swords Tarot Card meaning should teach you the importance of karma. It teaches you that honesty is always best but when you do tell lies, it will come back around to haunt you.

Sometimes karma is swift and sometimes it hides for a while, then gets you when you least expect it. Unless you want to spend your life worried about it, you had better live the right way.

Even if you’re asking about someone else, the card is teaching you not to place your trust in people who may not deserve it. You should always make people earn that trust.

Do not believe charlatans on the internet trying to make you “deals” or give out your financial information to people who may be trying to steal from you. Don’t believe those texts you get saying “someone charged your account, click now for more information.”

Those are absolutely the worst. Many elderly people fall for this thinking it’s really their bank when in fact, it’s people stealing their information. It’s sickening, but karma will get them.

There are plenty of things in this world to look out for when it comes to stealing, dishonesty, or people who ruin your life.

It’s a HUGE spiritual lesson to learn if you haven’t already. Please be careful with yourself and watch your bank account daily. It’s good to stay on top of your credit cards as well.

You can always catch it if someone got your number and charged something you didn’t. You can call the company and take care of it right away.

Don’t click on links in texts from someone you don’t know. A bank will never text you with crucial information. The IRS will also never text you. Stay aware and please get more in tune with your intuition.

This is part of the spiritual growth you’re getting by seeing this card. You are prompted to listen to your gut because it will tell you when something is wrong so you can fix it or avoid it.

There’s nothing like using Tarot cards to give you a heads up on important things like this. Teaching you spirituality is amazing as well. This is something I definitely rely on Astrology doubled with Tarot for.

When you dive in deeper, the doors in your mind open up. You become so much more aware and not only can you help yourself but you can help guide others. It’s a beautiful thing.

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and were able to learn valuable lessons from it. I also look forward to you reading all my Tarot guides so you can get the most out of your lessons.

Blessings to you darlings!

I wish you all the luck of the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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