Weekly Love Horoscope for March 11th – 17th

Hello Sweethearts, welcome it’s the week of the Ides of March.

With Mercury entering Aries communication is supercharged and people are generally in a competitive mood and disagreements can arise as the ego energies heightened and opinions are more readily expressed.

Reactions are immediate and often feisty, and you may not be aware of the power of your words, especially your ability to inspire or provoke others. You may also be involved in discussions that demand that you defend your ideas, and if you avoid taking other opinions personally, you can bring about a truth explosion.

Work on channeling the enormous mental energy into activities with courage and determination. This is a good week to engage in competitive challenges or be impassioned.

With Venus conjunction Saturn in Pisces there is undercurrent to this period that can interfere with your relationship rituals while making it a challenge to recognize what is perhaps more important at a subtle level. By honestly understanding your strengths and weaknesses, you likely will notice what needs work in your relationship. Adjustments you make now can facilitate smoother relations for the long run while creating more empathy.

Take some time to consider your partner’s motives as well as your own before making any judgments or knee jerk decisions. You tend to be idealistic in financial matters, which may have positive or negative effects; you may initiate a charitable quest and use money to help other people, or get caught in something a little too good to be true.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Sexual Healing

Mercury entering your sign indicates that you can have a great effect on your partner with your words – you will know the right words to say to comfort, to romance or to show your compassion. Your ability to both understand deeper emotions and broach them in a rational way can help relationships resolve issues and run more smoothly. 

Sexual problems can also be discussed in a dispassionate and helpful way. Everyone wants to be understood, and your ability to listen and understand even without someone explaining to you in words of one syllable will enhance love and the bond you have together.

Driving factors that you have not been aware of, but which are dictating the course of the relationship can come to light now and be recognized and dealt with. The sexual side of both new and old relationships is important as there is an increased intensity and desire.

Sexual healing is possible where if the sex is going well it can actually bring you together and help you move beyond other issues. With Venus in Pisces, sex is more than just sex this month – it is an avenue for self-transformation and self-expression as it can relax you and help you to open up. 

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Taurus – The ins and outs of love

Now with Mercury in your 12th solar house, you are very good at making sense of subtle and almost unperceivable emotions and tensions in the environment, especially within relationships (marriage and personal); your ability to understand what is being said between the lines can give you an advantage in both dealing with difficult people or coming to solutions to interpersonal problems.

You can use your highly attuned sixth sense to suss out situations and people and act more appropriately or timeously than others, giving you an advantage. Your ability to tap into the undercurrents in social thought can enable you to write very powerful literature or speeches. 

Uncertainty and an inability to verbalize and share deeper emotions can hamper love and relationships. You may follow your partner’s lead and do everything they want in exchange for an expectation that you will be center of their attention – but be careful as this can lead you to giving away your power in exchange for something that you cannot guarantee, and which could actually be self-defeating in the long term.

Love yourself and do not be dependent on your partner’s unconditional acceptance for your own self-worth.

Events in relationships this week can alert you to the fact that your love life has become unbalanced with you giving too much, and with your partner expecting too much at your expense. In new relationships, a sudden shyness can take over, and the relationship can go backwards a few paces.

This need not be a bad thing, and you must remember that relationships are dynamic, and they have a certain unpredictability to them which makes them a great mystery, and also the source of wonderful excitement and self-discovery.

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Gemini – High Society

Venus in Pisces is an indication that this is a time when you and your partner will enjoy the company of your mutual friends, and there will be many fun get-togethers with couples with whom you have been friends for many years. This can also be a period when you and your partner enjoy hobnobbing with the in-crowd or going to the HOT places where the ‘beautiful people’ hang out – do not delude yourself, these are not your friends, remember who your real friends are.

You are feeling very amorous, and sex should be exciting, fun and spontaneous. You are very generous and giving in love and will be highly responsive to your partner’s needs.

As Mercury enters Aries, you will have to pay careful attention to how you project yourself and how you communicate in order to ensure that the right message hammers home. Complacency about the level of understanding of others or haste in the way you explain things can lead to miscommunications and thus failures and hiccoughs in your business and personal life. Be clear and be calm; you tend to be a little jumpy and presumptuous this week, and you really do have to take a step back and have a good look over things.

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Cancer – Shout to the Top

In existing relationships and marriages, you may stir things up quite unconsciously in order to take things to a new level by disrupting the equilibrium. You may be accused by your partner of looking for arguments, but you are really eager to get deeper conversation going as Venus entering Pisces is provocative.

You need to find constructive ways of engaging with your partner about deeper and more sensitive subjects – don’t be argumentative or create tension in order to get around to saying what is on your mind: perhaps read books or see movies that are about the topic you want to talk about and use that as a springboard.

Love is complex for Cancer this week but also very rewarding. The more complicated and passionate a relationship is, even if it’s a rocky road, the better as you will be fascinated and very involved.

With Mercury in Aries, you are working very hard now to prove your worth: it is vital for you to show that you have the ability and you can take on any intellectual or creative challenge. You will work hard and be quite ingenious when it comes to making sure that you reach targets, get the grades or make the right impression. There is an ‘in your face, that’ll show you’ attitude where you want to show your doubters that they have underestimated you. Often they say that the best revenge is success, and that is the theme this month.

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Leo – It’s all about soul

There is a strong sense of rediscovery this week with Mercury in your 9th solar house– it is as if you have found yourself and reconnected with your core values and needs. This can make you an awesome partner to be with as you are radiating a glow of self-assurance.

Other people respond to strength – nothing wishy-washy inspires or motivates – your strength of mind and soul is good to be around. It may well be that a new relationship or something that you are doing to help your partner has actually reawakened a part of you and has brought you a sense of purpose again.

Ego and financial status or material wealth are very much connected this week, and you do not want to make a bad financial decision because your ego got in the way – which is why caution is needed as some decisions may be ego not fact driven.

Often your impulsive reactions to a situation are in contrast to what you consciously aimed to do, and the result can mean you taking a different direction quite suddenly. Emotions and irritations can flare up quite quickly from nowhere, and it will be hard for you to keep a lid on them.

You can be rather defensive and touchy right now, and this is not a good time for cool-headed decision-making. This is, however, a good week for dealing with things which have actually been bugging you for a while.

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Virgo – Leading light in love

Relationships are very important to you this week, and you are eager to chat and engage intellectually with your loved one. Intellectual stimulation and loyalty are the most important things to a Virgo, and in March you really want to get that banter and witty conversation going. You will be the one to take the lead in your relationship whether that is deciding on what you do on the weekend or initiating lovemaking.

As Mercury enters Aries, you are feeling able to talk to your partner about more serious matters as well, i.e. money and the household finances – this is an ideal time to agree on a budget or talk about how to save. You are very persuasive right now, and that is ideal if you are eager to convince your partner to do or buy something. You may have discussions about your mutual friends or your social groups, and you may decide to distance yourselves from certain people you were both once close to.

As Venus enters Pisces, a very promising week for new relationships as you are so perky, charming and willing to engage about romantic matters. Virgo are very receptive to love, and that creates the ideal atmosphere for Cupid to strike. You have quite an air self-confidence and warmth about you which is very attractive.

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Libra – Space for Tranquility

With Mercury entering Aries one-to-one relationships are important to you this week, and you will prefer to spend time alone with your partner or spouse rather than socializing with friends – you are not in the mood for hubbub or bickering, you just want a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere. 

You may just agree or go along with things being as flexible as you can to ensure you get the sense of tranquility you require. If your partner is hell-bent on arguing, you are best avoiding him and going off quietly by yourself to think. Nothing can be achieved by arguing or even debating right now as you may complicate things unnecessarily.

As Venus enters Pisces conjunct Saturn, this has the potential to be a wonderful time in love partnerships if you can just switch off from the mundane hassles and escape to a bubble of calm where romance and love can thrive. This is definitely a week where you and your partner need to say, “OK what is important here and what isn’t; let’s cut the garbage out of our lives, blow some people off, take off the phone and have each other all to ourselves!”

We often get bogged down in obligations and engagements that offer us nothing – focus on what you both really enjoy doing, and please each other, not anyone else. 

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Scorpio – Fun with a dose of mindful caution

Mercury in Aries indicates that relationships can be tricky this week as you are giving mixed signals – you are saying one thing, but you are projecting something different and your loved one or those close to you may be reacting to what you are projecting rather than what you are saying and that can add to your confusion. We all underestimate the amount of animal intuition we use to interpret the actions of others, especially those close to us.

Sometimes we are almost unaware that we are picking up vibes or giving them out – this week you are giving out some rather intense vibes without realizing it, and you can be conveying a certain hostility, even if you are saying something positive. Be more aware of what you are thinking when you are speaking – if you are thinking about something that is troubling you at work while you compliment your partner’s outfit – he may pick up the negative thoughts instead of the positive comment.

This is a week however when the Pisces Venus herald things coming together for friendship and fun – if you have been trying to get your friends all together for a good time out and everyone has been busy or occupied, now is the time when all your plans for fun, recreation and entertainment come together. You may manage to nab those tickets for a hot concert or perhaps a sporting event which you have been itching to attend.

The creative juices are flowing, which will also assist you in completing any creative or arty projects which you have. You may travel to compete in sport, and you are very strategically minded, which is great for sports that have a strong mental element.

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Sagittarius – Exotic Top Notes of Love

Striking a home life balance is far easier this week with Venus in Pisces and everyone is a winner. Some of the things you chose to do with your children will be driven by your need to re-live your own childhood and can bring you much closer to your family.

There is a strong need to feel that your relationship is growing and evolving – if you are in a relationship where you feel that nothing can change, nothing can get better and that there is nothing towards which you are both striving, then maybe you will have to question the future for you both.

You may have recently moved home to somewhere new to you (new town or country), and the sense of adventure may be just what you need to bring you and your partner closer together in a sense of discovery.

This is the week for a new page in all relationships, and it is very exciting. Love in a foreign land is very much a theme, which means that relationships could bloom on holiday or while working abroad, or an old relationship could flourish in a different country.

Relationships between couples of different religions or cultures can be especially rewarding. If you have been together for a long time, you may suddenly decide that you would like to make your relationship formal with a religious ceremony. 

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Capricorn – The tonic of togetherness

As Venus enters your solar third house, flattery will get you everywhere this week if you use it advisedly. You are very keen to spend quality time with your partner, and you are showing that you appreciate him, and this will get the romantic juices flowing.

You are idealistic in relationships now and will be overlooking the trivial matters to focus on what really counts deep down. It is the fundamental togetherness and the quirks and nuances of the relationship which are exciting you this March – the way you interact, compliment and act as foils to each other’s personality is especially relevant to you.

You can really benefit and learn from the differences and different strengths your partner has as opposed to you. This is not a period when you will want to be alone or go off on your own to do things; you want to be with your partner or lover as much as possible and share experiences together.

If your partner is away or you are single, you will feel rather lonely and may be constantly texting or Skyping him and if you are single you will be ringing up friends to go out socially. 

For single Capricorn, this is a wonderful time to start a promising new romance. Although you are feeling rather empty when you are alone, you have a strong need to be part of a pair and to have someone with you to relate to and bounce ideas off – if alone you may feel isolated and moody. Relationships and doing things with your partner (new or old) is the tonic you need right now.

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Aquarius – Art of discretion

With Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces, keeping promises and being discreet is very important this week. You have to know when the truth is actually not what is needed, and you must respect the deeper issues at stake. 

You may have to be rather controlled and disciplined now and getting what you want will need some sacrifice and hard work – you may have to forgo something you really would love to buy in order to save money, or perhaps you will need to pass up an opportunity to socialize in order to put in more work at the office. Finances will tend to dictate your life somewhat, but you need to stay focused on the goal as you can make some excellent progress workwise.

 Loyalty and being able to count on the support of your partner is vital to you – the more he understands your needs and stresses, the better the relationship will be. However, if your partner is unwilling to be cooperative and understanding, this can lead to frostiness in the bedroom and long periods of silence.

As Mercury enters Aries, this week is a challenge in terms of how you both communicate and express yourselves emotionally – strong relationships will come through, and you will feel even closer, while shaky relationships with no depth of feeling or mutual compassion will suffer.

This month will test your commitment and how much you both care. It will also test whether you can work as a team or whether you are both selfish and in it for the good times only. New relationships that are based on superficial feelings will flounder right now while relationships with potential will become more committed.

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Pisces – Deep Velvet Emotion

As Venus enters your sign, strong emotions and intensity of feeling can make relationships both passionate and rocky this week. However as Mercury enters Aries as well, you are not in a compromising mood, and you will not let things lie, which can lead to heated debates especially when it comes to money issues and matters of principle. However, much of your passion is driven by strength of feeling and commitment to making the relationship work.

You are very protective and will react strongly to any perceived threat to your happiness or your family. You may subconsciously try and stir things up in the relationship as a way of gaging the depth of feeling of your partner. Jealousy from both sides is an issue this week, so is control and subtle mind games – once in a while we all play these, but it is not your style, and it makes you uncomfortable. 

This is, however, a passing phase and is merely a result of the strong emotions that have arisen, and which are not easy to understand. Changes in your life in general are impacting on the more intimate parts of your life, and a desire to protect this part from the changes can bring out this controlling urge. Even new relationships can be profound in the effect they have on you: Pisces are private people, but you will want to open up quickly to your new love interest, and you can develop a deeper bond because of this.

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This is also a week of turnarounds – someone you once trusted and cared about may disappoint you, and you may part ways, alternatively, you may develop a close bond with a person you had previously hated. What lies beneath is very important right now – the hidden motivations and desires. What makes you hate someone may also be what could ultimately attract you to them. 

You may have an odd feeling that something is missing: something that you used to enjoy has been lost. Perhaps keeping up with commitments and routines has led you to neglect doing something you really cared about, something that made you feel fulfilled – you must get back to that activity as perhaps some of the confrontation is driven by an inner frustration that you are losing part of yourself in the hubbub of modern life.

The themes for this week are:

  • Excitement
  • Honesty
  • Vibrant Communication
  • Deeper understanding
  • Compassion
  • Creative Conflict

See you again next week.

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