Weekly Tarotscope for June 26th – July 2nd

Hello, Beloveds,

With open arms and a heart full of warmth, I invite you to embark on another enchanting week of tarot love readings! As we set sail into the cosmic journey of the upcoming week, be prepared for a universe of opportunities to unfold in the realm of love. The period from June 26th to July 2nd holds the promise of transformative moments and delightful surprises on your path to love. (Click here for my Weekly Love Horoscope for this week).

In these precious moments, I wholeheartedly encourage you to dive deeper into the boundless wonders that the tarot has in store for you. Allow the cards to guide you, reveal the hidden truths, and illuminate the path to the love you seek.

Aries – Knight of Pentacles

The key in love this week is patience, loyalty, and renewed commitment within relationships. Aries have the potential to ground yourself within the relationship and encourage your partner to dedicate himself to the long-term aspiration of building a solid and stable union.

It’s important to be active and nurturing in love, prioritize practicality and security, ensuring that your partner feels safe and supported within the partnership and that you project your own strength into the relationship, so that you can control things by controlling your own emotions.

Be patient because new love can take a while to settle down and establish a basis of trust and security, recognize that lasting love is built on trust, consistency, and mutual respect. If a new partner is willing to invest their time and energy into cultivating a relationship with you that is both enjoyable and supportive, that’s an excellent sign.

In any relationship, ask yourself if your partner comes to your assistance when needed and backs you up – if he does that’s a great sign, however, if not, you should review the emphasis you place on this relationship.

Be present in your relationship and pay attention to the details. Being a good listener is key. 

Taurus – Three of Wands Reversed

This card represents a pause or a persistent feeling in love that things aren’t going anywhere. You may feel like you missed an opportunity or even put your foot in it. Uncertainty in love is reflective of mixed feelings within yourself that you haven’t acknowledged. However, it can also be the case that you are slowly entering a new phase in love and it’s not yet clear what the new phase will look like.

While there may not be much momentum in romantic relationships, it’s a great time to assess and ponder what’s really happening on an emotional level. Are you pleased with everything that’s happened so far and if not, what can you do to improve things as they progress.

This card serves to remind you that relationships require active participation, they are a work in progress and continual effort and understanding is needed to extract the gold from the rock.

Don’t rely on chance or hope for the best, use this week for introspection and reevaluation of your actions and expectations within the relationship. Don’t see any obstacles right now as a threat, see them rather as an opportunity to mold the relationship and have a dynamic communication about your future with your partner

Gemini – Two of Pentacles

This is a wonderful card for Gemini because it plays to your strengths, and that means achieving better understanding and being adaptable and conciliatory in love. However, it also brings another key element to the fore, which is knowing how to prioritize. So the key to success in your relationships and in balancing work and home life, is cutting out the nonsense and honing in on the key issues to make sure that you resolve these first.

It’s very important, when having discussions with your partner, not to get sidetracked into tangential issues. Make sure that you focus your concentration on the core points so that you can be productive when you have conversations, because this can help strengthen the relationship and generate a lot more respect for yourself.

In new relationships, this is definitely the time to avoid any gossip or any inclination to share things with a new partner that are not particularly relevant. When dating, it’s really important to be honest and get right to the point, so don’t mess around. This is a time to let a new partner know exactly what you want from life, where you are going and what you expect from a relationship.

Cancer – Seven of Cups

This week Cancer are the kings of wishful thinking, but you have to be careful of not building castles in the air when it comes to love. There’s a need to ground yourself and focus on reality and facts, sometimes you are a little bit dreamy, and while a slight bit of imagination and fantasy certainly enhances romance, and can help you and a partner to rekindle something that was lost, it’s important not to devote all your time to getting lost in these rather sentimental attachments, as you have to deal with cold harsh realities as well.

So the key ingredients in both new and old relationships this month is having an understanding of the realities of the situation, but not getting bogged down by the realities, as you have to see the bigger picture. You need to be positive about the potential of the relationship, but it’s definitely a good idea to have downtime and inject a little bit of fantasy and romance into the sexual side of your relationship.

Leo – Four of Pentacles

This is a good card for success in the material world, and many of your projects should now be nearing a successful and financially rewarding conclusion. There may be good news in the pipeline about money, and that can help your relationship and encourage you to make decisions with your partner that involve investing for your future.

No matter what’s happening in your life, you’re more likely to be able to appreciate what you have and feel satisfied and fulfilled. However, it’s very important not to settle; you should remain quite positive about searching for new opportunities, as this is not a time when you should rest on your laurels, even though there is the temptation to do so.

This is definitely a week to examine the true nature of your relationship with your partner; often, a focus on the financial side or on material things could mean that your relationship is not particularly satisfying and you’re looking for other things to fill the gap. So right now, you have an opportunity to reconnect with your partner in more meaningful ways or alternatively change the way you go about dating so that you meet someone who can fulfil you on an emotional and spiritual level.

Virgo – Eight of Swords

This week it’s important to deal with feelings of entrapment, limitation, and understand whether these are self-imposed through any mindsets that are persistent.

Expect a complex and challenging situation in your love life, but embrace the difficulties, as there are insights to be gained about the true nature of your relationship.

The eight of Swords signifies a possible new relationship that may be characterized by obstacles, misunderstandings, or emotional barriers. Progress in terms of communication in love is slow, there’s a feeling of being stuck or unable to progress, possibly due to fear, insecurity, or past experiences. However, the key to success in this situation is for you and your partner to understand how the feeling of being restricted or bound is down to your own perceptions rather than external circumstances.

Despite the apparent negativity associated with this card, there is a bright glimmer of hope and potential for deepening the relationship. This card serves as a reminder that the limitations and restrictions within a relationship are often self-imposed or based on limiting beliefs. It encourages you to analyse your fears, insecurities, and self-imposed barriers and work on these in order to revolutionize your relationship.

The key to love success is some introspection, self-reflection, and after that open communication and embracing vulnerability. By addressing these obstacles head-on, you can learn valuable lessons about trust, authenticity, and the power of inner liberation.

Libra – Two of Swords

 This week there is a delicate balance between vulnerability and self-preservation, indicating the need for some introspection and also some negotiation in love to address power imbalance.

In love, the two of Swords calls for a moment of pause, where recent choices and emotions are carefully evaluated and clarity is sought to quieten your inner conflicts.

New relationships are at a crossroads, and so you can’t run from the issues, things must be addressed in a gentle way, this isn’t a time for confrontation. While there is a mismatch of emotion right now, it’s merely an indication that your budding relationship needs more clarity and this is a moment of truth.

In marriage, this card encourages communication and open dialogue and it emphasizes the importance of expressing your concerns, hopes, and quandaries with honesty and tenderness, it’s not a boardroom meeting, so don’t be cool and detached.

The theme of this week is finding balance and seeking harmony even though emotionally things are quite febrile. Turn down the external noise and seek inward, trusting your intuition and your faith in the relationship to guide the way.

Scorpio –  Ten of Swords

This is a rather challenging energy, representing a difficult or painful situation coming to a head. In the realm of love, this can herald a roadblock in a relationship. While it may initially seem disheartening, it carries an important lesson about acceptance, healing, and the potential for new beginnings.

A relationship can reach a turning breaking point. Difficulties in relationships have to be faced with courage and decisiveness. This card represents the end of a chapter and suggests that the relationship may end or enter a brand new phase.

This card brings with it a bittersweet taste as while it’s partially painful, it also carries the seeds of transformation. It serves as a wake-up call, urging you to acknowledge the truth of the situation and let go of what no longer serves you. It encourages embracing the pain as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

It’s important to embrace lessons about boundaries, trust, and self-worth. This week, reassess your own role in and contribution to the relationship, as well as the patterns and dynamics that led to the tipping point. It signifies a time for self-reflection and introspection, allowing for personal healing and the chance to learn from past mistakes.

Relationships sap energy this month, but this paves the way for new beginnings and the possibility of finding a healthier and more fulfilling path in love. It serves as a reminder that endings are often necessary for growth and that healing is possible through time and self-care.

Sagittarius – Page of Cups

The Page of Cups in Tarot is often associated with fun, playfulness and a youthful energy. There’s some emotional sensitivity, and the emergence of love is a little like the first buds of May.

New love is quite innocent and pure, and it’s ok to be a little naive in love. This card signifies the start of a new emotional connection, or the rekindling of childlike love within an existing relationship. It brings with it a sense of potential, curiosity, and the willingness to explore the depths of one’s emotions alongside a cherished partner. It’s an idealistic time in love when you want to believe the very best and put of any concerns for another time as you don’t want to burst the bubble.

Be open-hearted, compassionate, and express a genuine desire to understand your partner. This encourages you to be vulnerable, to wear your heart on your sleeve, and to approach love with a childlike enjoyment and purity of intention.

In marriage, it’s important to be nurturing, express yourself through small acts of kindness and heartfelt gestures. Cultivate the emotional connection and be gentle with your words

Improve intimacy through loving gazes, and understanding touches or consoling back rubs and massages.

Capricorn – Nine of Swords

This week Capricorn can be quite preoccupied, there’s a mixture between shyness, reticence, and this tends to drive your indecision. It’s very important right now to be careful of living out self-fulfilling prophecies, so try and cultivate a positive mindset as often right now; thinking the very best about your relationship or your partner leads to better results than being suspicious or fearful of the worst outcome.

If you fail to keep moving forward by keeping current romances going or by communicating in a positive way with your partner, you can actually miss an opportunity because all is not lost. In fact a mixture of tiredness and possibly social stress is causing a cloud over your relationship, but it’s not really your relationship that’s the problem; it’s simply a case that your batteries are a little bit low right now, and you need a rest and recuperation.

This is an ideal week for you to get away by yourself one day to do something thoroughly escapist and relaxing. Maybe you should quit work early and go and sit in the movies with a big bag of popcorn and have a good cry or a mighty good laugh because it can get a lot of emotions out of your system and you’ll come out with a new perspective on love.

Aquarius – The Moon

The Moon is a rather suitable card for Aquarius because it taps into many of your innate characteristics, like right brain thinking. It’s important right now not to be paranoid and not to be overly worried; however, it can be important for you to understand the true emotional machinations going on in any situation. The Moon indicates that it’s time for you to step back, assess and understand, so be an observer, see how people are reacting to different situations and judge the different agendas at play.

It can be important to analyze the themes in your dreams for clues about the mental blocks and anxiety that may be lurking below the subconscious and subtly undermining your more proactive and positive goals.

Move cautiously in new love because everything may not be as it appears, sometimes, there are illusions and delusions within the romantic sphere, and it’s important to be totally honest with yourself about your expectations for the relationship and your partner’s expectations.

In marriage, reserve judgement until next week because right now, you are a little bit more prone to seeing the glass as half empty.

Pisces – Nine of Pentacles

You are exuding self-confidence, and you are quite self-assured; however, because you Pisces sweethearts are feeling rather self-sufficient and not needy, you may not be as inclined to seek out a relationship. If you are in a relationship, you may want to spend a little bit of time doing things independently. This is a great week to go off by yourself and do something that is immensely satisfying but really personal, something that you don’t necessarily want to share with others.

In terms of your work, it’s an ideal time to strike out alone, start your own business, become self-employed or go freelance because there’s an enormous amount of satisfaction to be gained from solo pursuits. Even if you are in employment, you could get the buzz from doing something yourself or by having a little bit of a side hustle.

During this phase, you can benefit from the increased level of trust that you have worked on with a partner. If you and your partner have excellent communication, you should find it easy to get the space you need. However, if you find that your partner is reticent about you doing your own thing, it is a big indication that there’s something lacking in terms of trust and communication, so it’s a good signal in terms of what you can work on in the coming weeks.

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Summing up

I extend a warm invitation to continue your journey of discovery through the boundless treasures that the tarot holds. Step into the mystical realm of your personal readings and allow the captivating insights shared by Angel Adams to ignite your curiosity. Embrace the profound wisdom emanating from these sacred cards and let their guidance pave the way to abundant love and immense satisfaction.

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As we approach the upcoming week, may the celestial energies align harmoniously in your favor, creating a backdrop for significant shifts and delightful surprises on your path of love. Keep your heart open to the mesmerizing magic that surrounds you, as the universe’s loving intentions tirelessly orchestrate wonderful moments and auspicious encounters to manifest in your life.

Until we reunite for another exhilarating week of tarot love readings, may love and blessings gracefully guide each step you take. Embrace the exciting journey that lies ahead, cherishing the infinite love that envelops and uplifts you. Trust in the cosmic forces that guide your path and embrace the extraordinary future that awaits you.

Love and light,

Your friend and relationship astrologer,


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  1. Iam a scorpion and the cards say are right ,.I love my son , and now is the time to back off. My relationship with my friend , is still shaky .

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