Weekly Love Horoscope for June 26th – July 2nd

Hello Sweethearts,

Welcome to the last week of June. This week, Mercury heads into Cancer to join the Sun, Mars in Leo squares Uranus, and Jupiter is still Sextile Saturn.

Jupiter sextile Saturn is conducive to self-development goals, business planning and also for understanding long-term goals of a financial and fitness nature. This brings balance and perspective to our mentality and encourages moral courage and brave leadership.

Mars in Leo is square Uranus, which brings a degree of rebelliousness and impatience, and it’s important to be cautious in travel and sports as lapses in concentration can cause accidents. Anger and frustration must be acknowledged and carefully channeled. However, this is a great aspect for providing that spark of enthusiasm needed to jump into a daunting activity and nail it.

Mercury Squares Neptune then enters Cancer, this favors some nostalgia to enhance relationships. It’s important to use your nurturing skills and understand the subtle needs and sensitivities of your partner.

Aries – Getting back on the Freeway of Love

With your ruler in Leo Square Uranus, if you do not take the opportunity to initiate changes and to foster more space and freedom in your relationship, then this week could be tricky with sudden arguments and unpleasantness. One or both of you can be irritable, and so you have to have other outlets, especially social and sporting.

Marriage and long-term relationships are problematic, especially when you guys are at feeling as if you are at dead end, so the key to improving your marriage is enlivening both your lives with inspiring goals and new projects that add variety to your life. Often joining new groups or causes is the key to a more fulfilling existence which feeds into a better relationship.

This is such an excitable month, Mercury and Sun are in your solar fourth house Sextile Jupiter in Taurus, indicating a high level of desire and a need for fast-moving, involving relationship with a lot of emotional interaction. You enjoy relationships which are loving and where your share a fundamental premise on life. Love life and romance will not stand still, if you have recently got involved in a relationship, then this could be a very fast-paced period where you do a lot of things together and learn a great deal about each other. You want to get closer, but this aim may be hard to achieve as your partner and yourself are very busy, and there are multiple distractions.

You may have an intuitive sense of the need for change and innovation within your career and financial affairs.

Key to success in your love life is a touch of individuality and unpredictability to your personality and communications.

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Taurus – Living your Life in your Way

Its important this week not to underestimate yourself, at an individual and personal level. You must feel entitled to be fulfilled or have your needs met in your marriage, don’t accept a status quo that’s not satisfactory just because you are reluctant to start pushing against the flow. The problem now is that you need harmony and support, you are emotionally in need of a good relationship, but that can make you too compromising, and you can accept getting less in exchange for stability.

Don’t put your partner on a pedestal, and don’t allow your relationship to become unequal, this is time to rebalance and understand properly the value you bring to the relationship and your vital contribution, don’t take nonsense because you are underselling yourself.

With Mars in Leo square Uranus in your first solar house, Taurus women are attracted to outgoing, original and exciting people who are rather flamboyant or even flashy. The warning is that ‘all which glitters is not gold’ in love, and you have to be careful not to get carried away with the superficial, make sure you understand the substance.

It’s easy to fall for a narcissistic personality type right now as these men have big personalities, are very impressive and often will sweep you off your feet, but they always set the agenda. Be careful when you enter a new relationship that you know a little about your partner’s past, and try and see beyond the facade.

With Sun and Mercury in Cancer, you need comfort and some consistency in love, and so if a partner is becoming more unreliable and erratic, you may need to pause the relationship for a break in order to reset the balance.

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Gemini – Do you know where you’re going to, do you like the things that life is showing you?

With Saturn Sextile your solar seventh house ruler, you should retain some detachment in love, it’s easy to get sucked into the intensity of the moment, and it can be hard to see anything but the immediate circumstance, but this gives the particular problem too much significance and thus power, and you need to pull back, see a bigger picture and suddenly the problem shrinks.

Sun and Mercury trine Neptune remind you that there is always a bigger picture, so make sure you are seeing it. Don’t let friction ruin your confidence in a fundamentally good and strong relationship as it can weather this storm, and the current crisis may just be a measure of changes and adjustments that must be made to strengthen the relationship and ensure its success going forward.

Self-honesty is very important and the question you should ask is, “What is this relationship making me become? Do I like where I am going in the relationship?” If the answer is NO, you know what you have to do.

You should reach out to people who are close to you and express your desire to support and comfort them. You may have more contact with women this week, or you may seek advice from your mother or a mother figure.

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Cancer – Center Stage and a leading role

With Sun and Mercury in your first house Sextile Jupiter, you have to be careful not to be too optimistic in love, this can be an excellent time for a budding romance, especially it’s your first romance after a break up or long break from the dating game, however, your initial feelings can be somewhat inflated.

New relationships tend to get deep very quickly this week, but you can lose control, and you may find yourself revealing more than you are very comfortable with. You can become compulsive, a little obsessed with a new person, and this may lead to some controlling and jealous behavior on your part.

You will take the lead in many relationship decisions and often you do not welcome input from your partner; you may listen with half an ear, and then you will go and do it your way anyway. Cancer will often test the norms and boundaries in terms of your relationship this week.

With Mars in Leo square Uranus, you can be very insightful when it comes to handling money, and you could discover unusual opportunities now, but even though you may feel lucky, you should be careful of risking money you can’t afford to lose.

This is a very creative time, and you’re more inclined to try new techniques or methods.

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Leo – Viva Las Vegas

With Mars in Leo square Uranus in Taurus, there is a rebellious and impetuous side to Leo this month, and you do not take well to being controlled or told what to do. This is an awesome time to be fearless when it comes to making your love and romantic life sizzling.

You are more likely to take risks this week, but be careful of trying to win at all costs, as this could damage goodwill in your professional and relationship life.

Be careful of situations involving speed and large crowds.

Even if you are pretty conservative this week, it is possible that a certain edginess will come to you when you have to deal with unexpected situations that require an immediate response. While unpredictable events can frustrate you, they can serve to alter your direction for the better.

You can be less present regarding your love relationship – your mind is elsewhere, and you may talk nonstop about work or issues around your home, and you may just ignore your partner’s attempts to get lovey-dovey or to change the mood from serious to playful. As a Leo woman, you want to talk to your partner about major decisions, but you sense he is just not as anxious or as concerned as you are and his level of response does not do much to console or put your mind at rest, so be patient.

Single Leo are more willing to make the first move in love – usually, Leo lady thinks it is beneath her to initiate, you often like to ooze your magnetic appeal and let others do the running, but right now, you are experiencing the joy of being the chaser and calling the shots.

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Virgo – The Future is Now

With Uranus and Neptune activated this month, long term relationships will be an aspect of life that needs to be addressed with respect to how you and your partner feel about changes afoot: is your partner on board, does he feel a similar impetus or indeed urgency to do something, does your vision of the future match his? Does he feel anxious about the same things as you? Are your priorities similar?

This is a week where you have to ask all these questions because the answers will tell you whether you and you partner have diverged, in terms of life path, and you need to decide if that divergence is temporary or permanent.

Right now the future feels closer and you have a strong compulsion to make important decisions. You have greater emotional intensity and stronger opinions on things, subjects that may not have mattered before now seem paramount and this changes the discourse in relationships. You demand focus from your partner, you are likely to press him on the issues, you will demand clarity. You are at a turning point and the relationship will have to adjust, for your partner, it’s now or never, he has to decide where he stands.

With Sun, Mercury and Jupiter influencing your house of romance, a significant new relationship could very well begin. A new partner could arouse such powerful feelings within you that you are surprised at yourself. A new relationship can cause positive transformation in your life and while a soul mate does not come along every day, this month you may indeed encounter one.

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Libra – Rule Breaker

With your seventh house ruler, Mars Square Uranus in Taurus this week , there is the potential for disconcerting disruption or creative change in marriage. It’s definitely not a week which is routine, you may both feel restless and you both need to acknowledge your desire for freedom, so don’t live in each other’s pockets.

This week requires an open minded approach, you must be willing to allow for a variety of modes of expression in each other. So, your partner must accommodate any new whims or requests you have and you must do the same. Don’t be wedded to old ways of doing things, throw away the rule book.

In your sex life, tackle the taboos. The reason many people have affairs is because sex with a partner becomes predictable, all these tacit rules develop and basically you stop talking about sex. So, this week is an ideal time to rejuvenate your sex life by throwing away the rituals you have developed and looking at sex with a fresh pair of eyes.

Read erotica together to stimulate the imagination, have sex in new places, at different times, be spontaneous and introduce props or even costumes. Often better sex is just about two things: putting in a touch more effort and the element of surprise.

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Scorpio – Fire, fire burning bright

With Mercury square your solar 5th house ruler, this is an excellent time for a new romance that’s spur of the moment is not a double date or anything contrived. A romantic encounter this week can be intellectually exciting, stimulating and enlightening. However, it may not become emotionally close, in fact it may be non-committal and you may question whether you are in a relationship or a friendship, as new romance is stronger on the mental plane, rather than on the intimate level.
However, this relationship could blossom into something that can become strong, stable and based heavily on mutual respect in the future.

Your interactions with your partner are more intense and passionate. On a sexual level he may be more lustful and keen for physical satisfaction, on an intellectual level he may be more obtuse or argumentative.

You must stand up for yourself in relationships, stand your ground, don’t be easy going, know your own mind and don’t be harangued. This month you are challenged to solidify your thoughts and ideas as you face opposition from you partner, but no only from him.

Your need for romantic love is powerful this month, Scorpio are drawn to love affairs that offer a great deal of escapism and affection. These relationships are not necessarily easy or rational, they may not even be sustainable, but they offer a lot of comfort and they fill a gap.

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Sagittarius – Charting a new course

Sun and Mercury Sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn this month brings better communication and a positive approach to problems in love. There is an opportunity to relax and unwind together and a rapport can be re-established. The pressure seems to be off temporarily and you have more quality time together, to talk about the future and discuss where you both see the relationship going.

With Sun and Mercury in Cancer you can learn a lot about yourself through your interactions with your partner and you are able to give each other good advice. It’s an opportune time to discuss money and do some budgeting together, however, you may both decide on very different investment decisions than you have considered in the past.

Things around you are changing and that brings you together like never before as you face external challenges as a couple, and are required to re-evaluate where you are, and what you want given the new circumstances.

If you have had a tough patch in your life, this is an excellent week to turn things around, forgive and move past the problems focusing on the future and what can be done to get your relationship on track. It’s definitely a time to see the bigger picture and not to waste time on old bones of contention. Sagittarius must realize that everything is changing, so forget the past it’s really not relevant, move on and keep moving.

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Capricorn – Holistic Love

In ongoing love relationships, you can be quite needy and you may become people pleasing just to ensure you get the continuity or closeness you desire. Too much compromise can lead to intimate problems and irrational worries. You must work hard on self-love and self-acceptance, do not look to relationships to fill every gap or solve every problem.

Recently formed relationships can become deeper and more committed this week, the communication and understanding deepens and yet you aren’t necessarily spending every second together, as you retain independence.

With Mars square the ruler of your eighth house a new relationship with someone a little exotic in terms of their background, or views is possible this month. You may be drawn to guys who are unattainable, but who you have a lot of respect for.

Make sure a new partner actually earns your respect, as you may be veering into hero worship territory, where you are inclined to think your new guy is the bee’s knees when in truth, he is just full of bluster. Manage your expectations, you can get carried away in new relationships, overestimating their potential.

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Aquarius – Pandora’s Box of Magic

With Mars square Uranus your ruler, It’s hard for you to remain neutral this month as feelings run high. Aquarius are experiencing greater emotional depth and that can help grant you the impetus to tackle difficult relationship issues.

You have the potential to reach significant realizations in relationships, either alone or with your partner, and from there you cross the Rubicon, and there is only one way ahead and that’s forward.

You are able to face fears, especially those which have been undermining you as they lurked under the surface. The most significant hurdle is dealing with insecurity and overcoming the way this insecurity causes you to cling to what is outdated in terms of your life and relationship.

This week can be a cathartic one in relationships, as long as you take brave steps to address the fundamental flaws and fissures that are preventing better cooperation. Steps you take now to renew your relationship can have a long term effect.

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Pisces – It’s no sacrifice at all

With Sun and Mercury in Cancer sextile Jupiter, you are rather impulsive and passionate in love right now, and when things do not go your way, you may not have the patience to resolve it. You may say something you regret as you can be careless with words right now, perhaps not anticipating how your partner will react to those words.

You are looking to take relationships forward right now, you are future orientated, and if you do not see a future or if you partner does not see the same future as you, you may actually want to walk away from the relationship – but you will regret it.

This is not a good time to make hasty decisions in any relationship as it will not get you what you want, and it may cost you. You are playful and fun-loving this month, and so the best way to make the most of your relationships is to do fun new activities together – these can be sports, adventure weekends, short breaks or anything that gets you both outdoors.

Important shifts of consciousness can occur which can improve the bond between you and your partner, however sacrifices must be made, and the extent of the sacrifice is a measure of true trust and commitment. You may have to make choices in love that are not straightforward and you may end up doing things which you later find hard to defend.

Your psychic sensitivity is high in relationships and this can cause you to pick up on subtle signals your partner or new date is giving off, however this can serve to complicate rather than deepen the relationship as you are inclined to be probing and you can easily trigger a highly dramatic response from this person.

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All relationships now are about opening you up and allowing you to experience emotional growth and a better understanding of the underlying emotions and dynamic at play in the relationship.

Psychological games can only limit understanding, and so for any relationship to grow and prosper further, these need to be eradicated and that requires maturity and self-honesty from you both.

These are the keywords for all star signs are:

  • Constrictive communication
  • Nurturing
  • Family
  • Truth
  • Independence
  • Rebellion
  • Self determination

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