Weekly Tarotscope for August 7th – 13th

Hello my lovelies,

Stepping into a new week from August 7th to 13th, we’re greeted with the promise of tarot insights and cosmic mysteries waiting to unfold. Let’s warmly welcome the spiritual currents that beckon us forward during these days. A spellbinding journey lies ahead, filled with universe-inspired revelations and celestial wonders. The cosmos sets the stage with a breathtaking symphony of stars, harmonizing energies that aim to enlighten our paths and guide us towards deeper connections, insights, and abundant blessings. (Click here for my Weekly Love Horoscope for this week).

Submerge yourself in the awaiting magic. With hearts wide open and minds eager to understand, let’s sync with the universe’s rhythmic whispers that carry the tales of the week to come. Together, we’ll traverse this divine narrative, uncovering love, destiny, and the intricate dance of the cosmos.

For a fuller understanding, remember to check your sun, rising, and moon signs.

Aries – Temperance Reversed

The reversed Temperance card indicates that there might be a lack of balance and harmony in your current relationship. It’s possible that there may be conflicts arising from differences in values, needs, or love languages. It’s important to seek compromise and look for the middle ground in order to restore equilibrium. Temperance reversed often brings about impulsive actions and rash behavior.

Take time to reflect, communicate openly, and seek a middle ground to bring back the harmony and balance in your love life.

If you’re single, the reversed Temperance card suggests that you’re struggling to find that sense of equilibrium and peace of mind within yourself to successfully begin a new relationship. Use this week for self-care and achieving closure from previous relationships as well as a clear sense of what would really make you happy, rather than following the crows. It’s time for personal growth and self-reflection, working on any emotional imbalances or insecurities you may be carrying.

While the reversed Temperance card can signal lack of progress in love, it’s important to remember that every relationship has its twists and turns. By addressing any issues courageously and working towards finding common ground, you have the opportunity to restore respect, understanding and create a stronger, more harmonious connection with your partner and more confidence in your ability to navigate a relationship. Remember that patience, understanding, and a willingness to make necessary adjustments will be key during this time.

Taurus – Ten of Cups

This is a really positive card for harmony and happiness within marriage and relationships. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy yourself with family members and to strengthen family bonds within your immediate family unit or the extended family.

It’s a time when you also enjoy enhancing your home, maybe entertaining and enjoying activities around the home rather than perhaps travelling.

This is an excellent time to chill, relax and have quality time with your partner without distractions. Right now your home is your castle; it’s where good things happen. It’s time to put the career, the social life and all the stresses aside and to create an oasis of tranquility within the home where everyone can come down a few notches and begin to enjoy each other’s company again.

If you are in a relationship, it’s time to focus on traditional things because they often bring the greatest sense of completion and harmony and can be more fulfilling than you would imagine.

Gemini – Four of Cups

Right now, you should not seek solutions as the time may not be ripe for action. You don’t have all the information you need, and you must wait patiently for the next puzzle pieces to fall into place.

This is a week where you should evaluate your beliefs and mindsets for negativity or incorrect assumptions. It’s amazing what can be done by shifting your assumptions as they underpin so much of what you believe about our own possibilities and your relationships. Challenge your assumption, and the dial will shift.

This week analyze your motives, desires and prevailing thoughts so that you can hone in on your true passions. The Four of Cups is all about becoming authentic again and identifying a true purpose in love relationships and life. It’s easy to lose sight of the meaning of life within the hassles and routines, but we should never lose sight of what really makes us tick and stay focused on that.

When you are true to yourself and your true nature, relationships have meaning and come alive again. If you are single, you will find true love, if you are truly in love with life.

Cancer – Queen of Pentacles

This is a very earthy grounding card. The key in love right now is to use your practical and down-to-earth skills in order to bring security and balance to the family. You are the anchor right now, so it’s important for you to keep everyone on the straight and narrow. You should be a voice of wisdom and also a sensible influence that doesn’t get involved in drama and it’s not overly emotional. Both your partner and other members of the family may need you to be a bit mothering, so this is quite a demanding time in your family and relationships because people need your guidance and your support, and they can sap your energy.

So while this can be a month which helps you to feel really needed and appreciated within the family sphere, it’s also important for you to have downtime and relaxation, because, as I say, it’s demanding and you can end up a little bit depleted and exhausted. So make sure you get right away from family and your partner and have some fun with people with whom you can let your hair down and don’t have to be in the mother role all the time.

Leo – Page of Pentacles

This is actually a fabulous time to write a love diary and put in your hopes, dreams and aspirations when it comes to either dating or relationship goals. Written goals have an amazing way of focusing our attention, and this can transform ideals into realities. So, sometimes when you have a clear strategy and you write it down, it manifests.

It’s very important to be positive, whether you’re looking for love or in a relationship that you hope will improve or grow stronger, as that can definitely happen as long as you have a clear idea of what the ideal will look like. Often in life, we feel dissatisfied, but it’s very hard to improve things when we haven’t clarified the source of our dissatisfaction. So it’s time to look at what’s wrong with your relationship or your previous relationships and then develop a clear strategy to avoid those same hurdles and to move forward using mindfulness and meditation.

Virgo – Wheel of Fortune

This card encourages Virgo to take the rough with the smooth and remember that there is beauty and joy in contrast.

It’s vital to always see the flipside of events, as anything can quickly turn on its head.

It’s important to stay flexible and relaxed as there are forces outside of your control at work. Embrace the unexpected, whether it comes through your partner or close associates, and learn from these as they can serve to show you where you’ve become set in your ways.

This week you are more aware of the important changes happening in your relationship, perhaps some that you didn’t even see coming. You should remain impartial, don’t see these as good or bad things, but rather as a sign that you are entering a new phase of awareness and growth in your relationships.

Commitment in new and existing relationships is tested, and it cuts both ways as both of you have to put in some effort or sacrifice in order to take the relationship forward.

Tolerance is key in love because you will find out things that shock you about your partner, but this could be the key to the excitement you were lacking.

Libra – Five of Swords

Five of Swords is an indication that there is some tension in your relationships right now, and there may be some conflict. So the message is that you need to get busy communicating, compromising and working through the challenges. This is not a time to back away or to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich; the issues that are rearing their heads now need to be dealt with now, otherwise, they can mushroom into other areas of your life.

It’s important, whether you are dating or in a relationship, not to see conflict as being a negative, in fact, conflict is highly creative because it means that you and a partner can generate new ideas and through your disagreements, can gain a better understanding of how situations should be handled.

It’s highly likely that your finances and family life will experience certain challenges that need to be dealt with, and instead of feeling concerned or tense (and thus getting irritable with one another), it’s good to set aside time to thoroughly debate and discuss these problems, and then start working on a way forward. Do not be deterred if you don’t have a solution overnight; as long as positive communication is ongoing, you will get there.

Scorpio – Queen of Swords

This card in a love reading foretells of a period of intellectual insight and a focus on communication within your romantic life. If you’re in a relationship, the Queen of Swords indicates that you or your partner may be quite analytical and pragmatic in your ability to take a logical and rational approach to any issues or decisions you guys are facing. This card certainly encourages a cerebral, not an emotional response, and can facilitate honesty and directness, it’s important to remember that emotions play a crucial role in love, but sometimes you just have to clear away the fog of feelings and embrace analytical thinking to maintain a healthy balance between head and heart.

If you are in the dating game, the Queen of Swords suggests that you may be attracting men who value intellect, wit, and effective communication. A winning strategy in love is to prioritize mental compatibility and shared interests in your search for a meaningful relationship. However, be cautious not to let being critical or too fussy hinder the potential for emotional intimacy.

On a deeper level, this card can sometimes trigger past emotional wounds that may have led you to adopt a guarded or suspicious approach to love. It’s important to acknowledge any lingering fears and anxieties from past relationships and heal from these experiences in order to fully open up to new connections.

Embrace curiosity in your romantic life and show a willingness to learn about a new partner and develop camaraderie.

Sagittarius – Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is all about romance and nostalgia. It’s a great time for you and your partner to relive fond memories and a sense of emotional connection that’s like a threat running through your life and tying you together. This week you may want to escape a little and return to more innocent and carefree times, where you and your partner are reminded of the initial stages of your relationship or past experiences that brought you happiness and pleasure.

If you are in a relationship, the Six of Cups encourages you to celebrate this week and cherish the bond you share. Take time out to reflect on the positive aspects of your partnership and the experiences on your journey that have brought you closer together. Remembering shared memories and engaging in activities that bring out your playful and affectionate sides can strengthen your connection even further.

If you’re currently looking for love, this card could indicate the potential for a new romantic interest from your past or someone who feels like a kindred spirit. Going to things like school reunions or visiting your hometown could be the key to finding love. By embracing your genuine self and showing authenticity, you’ll attract relationships that are built on a foundation of mutual understanding and emotional resonance.

However, do bear in mind that it’s important to maintain a sense of balance, don’t idealize or over glamourize the past in a way that the present can never live up to. While nostalgia is beautiful, it’s essential to also focus on the present and future of your relationship. Keep communication positive and aspirational and explore new experiences together to continue nurturing your connection.

Capricorn – Two of Swords

This week there is a delicate balance between vulnerability and self-preservation, indicating the need for some introspection and also some negotiation in love to address power imbalance.

In love, the two of Swords calls for a moment of pause, where recent choices and emotions are carefully evaluated and clarity is sought to quieten your inner conflicts.

New relationships are at a crossroads, and so you can’t run from the issues, things must be addressed in a gentle way, this isn’t a time for confrontation. While there is a mismatch of emotion right now, it’s merely an indication that your budding relationship needs more clarity and this is a moment of truth.

In marriage, this card encourages communication and open dialogue and it emphasizes the importance of expressing your concerns, hopes, and quandaries with honesty and tenderness, it’s not a boardroom meeting, so don’t be cool and detached.

The theme of this week is finding balance and seeking harmony even though emotionally things are quite febrile. Turn down the external noise and seek inward, trusting your intuition and your faith in the relationship to guide the way.

Aquarius – The Sun Reversed

This card indicates a temporary period of uncertainty or upheaval within your romantic life. While the Sun card upright denotes joy, positivity, and a radiant connection, its reversal suggests that there might be some clouds gathering and a need for a more sober response to events.

In a long-term relationship, doubts or insecurities are casting a shadow over the happiness you and your partner usually share and it’s time to be honest with yourself and begin to unpack underlying concerns openly and honestly, rather than avoiding them. Clear and sincere communication and a willingness to work together can help dissolve the gloom and restore the positive energy that the Sun radiates

If you are in the market for a new relationship, the reversed Sun card might indicate a period of self-doubt or practical barriers in your search for a partner. It could be a time to focus on getting organized and putting your own house in order before fully embracing the demands of new relationship. It’s possible that you are keeping a new love at bay as you are not really ready for the commitment or the emotional responsibility of a relationship.

Be patient and remember that the tests you face right now are a natural part of any relationship unfolding. By addressing issues head-on and seeking solutions, you can bring back the warmth and optimism that the Sun represents. Cultivate a positive mindset as you navigate through any setbacks, as these are temporary.

Pisces – Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is a great card as it’s positive and promising, especially for love. It represents new destinations, fresh starts, and the potential for long-term stability and prosperity to develop between you and your partner.

If you are single or recently dating, a significant and meaningful connection is emerging, bringing with it an abundance of positive emotions and greater satisfaction. This card is really promising for single Pisces as it implies the start of a new romantic relationship or the renewal of an existing one. Be alert as you may encounter someone special with whom you feel an immediate and strong connection.

This card not only represents abundance in a material sense but also enhanced emotional richness in your relationship. In terms of marriage, there is now an opportunity to build upon a strong foundation and improve the long-term potential of your relationship.

The key to the success of a new relationship is aligned values, interests, and life goals which help promote harmony and camaraderie. In all relationships, express your care through practical actions and gestures. Your partner or potential partner may also be more inclined to demonstrate their affection through acts of kindness, support, and gifting.

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Summing up

I warmly invite you to continue your journey of discovery within the endless treasures that the tarot offers. Step into the mystical world of your personal readings, and let the remarkable insights shared by Angel Adams grab your curiosity. Harness the deep knowledge radiating from these sacred cards and allow their guidance to chart your course towards plentiful love and immense satisfaction.

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As we approach the upcoming week, may the cosmic energies align harmoniously in your favor, setting a backdrop for significant changes and delightful surprises on your love path. Remain open to the mesmerizing magic that surrounds you, for the cosmos’ loving intentions are ceaselessly at play, arranging wonderful moments and auspicious meetings to materialize in your life.

Until we meet again for another thrilling week of tarot love readings, may affection and blessings gracefully guide your every step. Relish the exciting journey that lies ahead, cherishing the infinite love that envelops and lifts you. Have faith in the celestial forces that steer your course and embrace the remarkable future that lies before you.

Love and light,

Your friend and relationship astrologer,


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