Weekly Love Horoscope for August 14th – 20th

Hello Sweethearts and welcome to the reading for this week, which is an important reading as there’s a New Moon on the 16th of the month.

As you know, a New Moon is an exciting phase if you’re using astrological timing, because it’s an opportunity to begin brand new things and it is a more fortunate time for starting projects, dating, relationship agreements, career changes, or anything that you feel you should get started on.

So this is the time to set resolutions, to make lists, and to be proactive about improving your life, so whether you want to start a new relationship, improve a relationship or supercharge your life with positive thinking, this is the time.

However, there’s stax going on with the planets this week because the New Moon is conjunct Venus retrograde, which is also square Uranus, making this quite an exciting and unpredictable time in matters of the heart.

Cupid can strike, but on the other hand, nothing is straightforward and so if you like excitement, you’re going to get a big helping as this week can be a little bit of a roller coaster.

Mercury is conjunct Mars in Virgo which also means it’s a great time for getting organized, firing off communications, writing dating profiles, doing any admin, and also debating. This brings a renewed opportunity for vigorous conversation with your partner and also the inspiration to liven up everyday life with novel activities.

So let’s get to the individual signs readings right now.

Aries – Laughter is The Best Medicine

With the New Moon conjunct Venus, the ruler of your solar seventh house, and the New Moon happening in Leo, this is a wonderful time for brand-new and existing relationships, because romance is on the cards. This is a fantastic time to have date nights, go out with friends, enjoy trips to the theater and it’s also a wonderful time to hang out with colleagues and get to know them better or introduce your partner to your colleagues.

If you are single, the workplace could be a great place to start looking for love.

The pace of activity is quite high this week, life tends to be unpredictable and the key in all romance is to communicate with passion, don’t be bland, put a lot of energy into what you say and how you say it, as presentation is vital right now.

It’s important for you to understand what you want your partner to know about you, and to go above projecting that in a positive way. It’s a great time to clear up misconceptions. If you are in a relationship, this is a great time for reaching agreements and for setting a positive new tone to the relationship. So it’s ideal for generating new ideas that can help reboot the relationship, improve romance and improve communication, but remember to incorporate a sense of humor as it’s absolutely vital to keep things light-hearted and upbeat this week.

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Taurus – Putting it Right

With the New Moon in Leo, it’s a great time for you to do home decorating and renovation projects with your partner or your husband, often giving your home a fresh coat of paint or redecorating the bedroom can signal the intention to start a brand new chapter going ahead into the last few months of the year.

This is actually an ideal time for “housekeeping” and when I say “housekeeping”, I’m not just talking about household chores, “housekeeping” in this case means getting on the same page as your partner, clearing up misunderstandings and dealing with any promises that you may be have failed to keep, but still have the opportunity to follow through on.

Remember, right now details count, actually with Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo in your solar fifth house, your partner is paying attention to details and sometimes the grand romantic gestures fall flat, but little, yet thoughtful and unexpected indications of love are gold.

It’s vital for Taurus to remember that love is to be found in the simple things, and that can mean cooking special meals, candlelit dinners, sitting out in the late summer evenings watching the sunset etc. Don’t underestimate the joy to be had with close family members and in your own home.

This is an excellent time for dating, for double dating, and also for being introduced by friends and family. The pace of communication in new dates can be quite frenetic, you may spend your first evening absolutely engrossed in conversation for hours on end.

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Gemini – Open All Hours

For Gemini, the triggering of Venus retrograde by the New Moon means it’s a good time to have a talk with your partner about where the relationship is going. If you are dating, you may want to set your man an ultimatum or alternatively a target, it’s always important to recognize relationship milestones as with anything in life, things can drift if we don’t have specific goals.

To keep a new relationship on track, it’s really good if you are both are looking at timescales and working towards something. Now some partners don’t like the pressure of actually working towards something really big, like a marriage, but there’s always something you could be working towards, like your next big trip away or your next weekend getaway to a concert, or perhaps a party you are planning.

For married Gemini, this is a very busy time in terms of the home environment. Your home should be a hub of activity with lots of comings and goings, it may be a time when you entertain more friends and family or have guests to stay, but you hate being lonely right now, you want to be surrounded by people and this helps you to feel positive. So whether you’re married or single, company in general helps get you into a good frame of mind.

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Cancer – Clicking Together

The New Moon in Leo conjunct Venus retrograde square Uranus indicates a time when you have to be careful with money, it’s important to stick to your budgets and not to become spendthrift. I know that Cancer in general are very sensible with the finances and this will be helpful now, however, peer group pressure or lots of events to attend can mean that it’s harder for you to stay disciplined when it comes to money.

Sudden romances can certainly come about this month, but there may be dilemmas as the new person that comes into your life may either be older, from a different culture or perhaps he’s a lot younger, but there will be some barrier that makes the relationship not seem so ideal, and yet it can be incredibly appealing and you may get on really well with the new person.

This is definitely a time when a dating app could deliver results or a long-distance relationship could arise. In any new relationship, the friendship and the camaraderie along with the interests you share tend to dominate, rather than affection and tenderness.

In all relationships, whether you’re married or single, the physical side of the relationship takes a lot more work as you are simply a little bit tired, stressed and perhaps too distracted for significant intimacy. So unless you can grab yourself a really quiet moment, this may not be the best week for physical and tactile forms of romance.

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Leo – Champagne Is Popping

With the New Moon in your sign Leo conjunct Venus retrograde in Leo and square Uranus which is in Taurus, this is a time when Leo are full of bubble and sparkle, you are eager to entertain and are quite larger than life. However, relationships can feel a little bit unfulfilling and you may start to question the direction of your relationship.

This is certainly a time when you will wonder what the future holds for you and a loved one, but often a little bit of discontent or frustration can be the perfect catalyst for some important conversations about relationship values and priorities.

Another aspect of this week, with Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo, is reaching more understanding in a relationship. This may be a time when the relationship needs to adapt, perhaps you both need to be more flexible, to redraw your boundaries and to possibly consider new alternatives which are different from the way you would have handled things before.

It’s important that you see your relationship as something that is unfolding, rather than stagnant. Leo who feel that their relationship is incapable of creative change will tend to feel a little less engaged in the relationship and more likely to seek attention elsewhere.

This is a fantastic week for entertaining, for debuts and for him making an excellent impression as it’s a marvelous time for first dates.

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Virgo – ESP and Passion

Virgo are impatient and very decisive this week with Mars conjunct your ruler mercury in Virgo. This is a wonderful time to make decisions, to be a little bit aggressive and to go right after what you want in a relationships. It’s a good thing for you to be assertive and to establish some new paradigms.

You are the ideas person in the relationship, the one that comes up with the solutions, the direction and who has the opportunity right now to forge a brand new path ahead for you and your partner. However, in all walks of your life, this is a great time for getting your own way and for breaking out of the people pleasing, adaptable mode that you are often in. This is a time to put your foot down and feel the difference, and very often a partner can be a little bit thrown, but also excited because you are showing so much passion.

With the New Moon in Leo conjunct Venus retrograde, it’s important for you to be mindful in relationships as while this is an excellent time for making decisions, you shouldn’t do it out of impatience or impulsiveness, you should do it with a good holistic strategy, where your head and your heart are on the same page.

Your intuition is a wonderful guide right now, so don’t ignore it, because it can help you tap into the best way forward for a relationship.

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Libra – Destiny’s Child

This is a fantastic time for having fun, hanging out with friends, being more sociable and also going to events connected to your wider professional community. Many Librans may find love when attending concerts, trade fairs and large events where there are loads of people. This is really an exciting time to be going on retreats, but also a great time to be going to festivals – so either huge events that are very busy or events that are totally quiet and serene both kinda ring your bells in different ways.

During this week, you are incredibly idealistic and you want to get swept away in a wave of euphoria, it’s a time when you connect more strongly to the universal consciousness, you can be more affected by the mood of other people in your town, in your culture, or in the world in general and you enjoy going to these large group events simply because they help you to draw from that energy.

In relationships both new and old, you enjoy them a lot more when you have a partner who shares your ideals in life, this can be a tough week for couples who have very different beliefs, both political and spiritual. In general, if you’re looking for a new relationship, find someone who aligns with you spiritually and shares your sense of destiny and purpose.

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Scorpio – I feel like, I’m alive

This is a week when Scorpio are highly motivated, less is definitely not more, you have a big appetite for life and while Scorpios can sometimes be private and reclusive, this is a great time to be out in the public eye. So if you need to be doing any public appearances or take a leadership role in your work, you can absolutely shine.

It’s vital that if you’re in any relationship you do not play second fiddle, you want to be the one who radiates, who sets the room a light and so if a partner is making you feel that you have to suppress your natural charisma or be a little bit less self-expressive, then you may want to question that relationship or alternatively spend more time by yourself doing things that help you to feel alive.

If you are looking for love, this can be a time when you’re drawn to people who are slightly older or in authority. While you are looking to enjoy yourself, you also want to take your future love life seriously and therefore you go about dating with a lot of discernment.

This week, only the best will do, and that’s the way to go! This is a good time to expand your social circles and meet up more with friends as, whether you are single or in a relationship, new friends can bring new perspectives and one should always be looking to meet like-minded people, not only for new romance, but to enhance your relationships.

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Sagittarius – Queen for a Day

With the New Moon in Leo conjunct Venus retrograde, Sagittarius definitely have a desire for adventure, you are looking for fun and you are quite daring. The message is, if you’re single, go for it and cast the net as wide as possible.

This is certainly a good time for a holiday romance, but alternatively, even if you aren’t on vacation, if you meet up with someone who is totally different in terms of culture, language or ethnicity can be the person who captures your heart and an exciting new relationship can begin.

The key for Sagittarius now is, forget the routine and grab life by the scruff of neck. This is not a good time to be passive, you should be more ambitious both in terms of your career and what you expect from life. Don’t let life pass you by!

This is a great time to do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time, either by yourself or with your partner. Now Sagittarius do believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so it’s not a good idea for you and your partner to be living in each other’s pockets, allow each other the freedom to so wild oats and come back together with stories to tell about your adventures.

Remember that in all relationships, it’s important for you to maintain a strong identity, to follow your heart and to do what you think is right even in the face of criticism. So remember to take on board constructive criticism but in terms of anyone telling you what to do, reject it.

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Capricorn – Red Hot

The New Moon in Leo conjunct Venus retrograde is an absolutely fantastic time to reassess your intimate life, this is a time to let that Capricorn passion flow. You are, after all, a very sensual, earthy sign with an awful lot of desire bubbling under that rather reserved surface, so this is a wonderful time to explore, experiment and help your sexual life to get to a new level.

This is also a wonderful time for being more thoughtful about romance, you are a creative person, but sometimes romance is last on the list. So forget anything clichéd, as this is a time to really put effort into making memories by doing things that are exciting and which really move the dial in terms of the way you relate to each other

In terms of new relationships, this can be a fantastic time to open up, explore secrets, and in a new relationship you may uncharacteristically want to share much more about yourself than you normally would.

The free flow of ideas is vital in all relationships, you shouldn’t be self-censoring and you shouldn’t be scared that to say things in case it’s used against you, if you do feel that way, that’s a red flag.

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Aquarius – If I could turn back time

The key words for Aquarius this week are: never say never. It’s a wonderful time to be getting married or engaged, but it’s also an important time to give relationships another chance. There’s always the possibility of turning over a new leaf, changing or restoring a relationship, so even if you were considering breaking up, or if you have broken up and are hoping that the relationship can be restored, now is the time to make moves to get back on track in your relationship.

However, remember to be patient, be diplomatic and be considerate, because depending on what’s gone before, people will take different lengths of time to either forgive or to reconcile, so the key is a consistent and determined approach to make relationships work or to get back together.

This is also an important phase for more honesty in relationships, it’s a time to be brave in tackling any taboo subjects or thorny issues with a sincere attempt to resolve them. It’s amazing what can be achieved this week, so don’t be afraid to open a Pandora’s Box, but always remember to be looking for solutions, not arguments.

This is a time when you guys should both be little bit cautious in terms of taking on more loans or debt, it’s generally a good time for money, but there does need to be adequate planning and analysis.

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Pisces – Hot and Cold

During this week, it’s important for Pisces to be expressive, your partner wants to hear the words “I love you,” and they also want to see that backed up by deeds, so it’s vital for you to be proactive in relationships.

Be more ardent romantically, encourage vibrant communication and take the lead in terms of debate, discussion or even joke telling. It’s amazing what you can do to enhance a relationship if you are energetic and positive in the way you communicate

It’s also important for you to show leadership in the relationship, tell your partner where you want to go, how you think the relationship is developing and how things can improve. This is also a wonderful time to for you to introduce romance, to come on a little bit stronger and to just give more of a warm and vibrant response to his advances. Look for new opportunities to do creative things as a team.

Often relationships become bland but since you are such an imaginative sign, who is quite flamboyant and creative, it’s certainly possible for you to inject some spontaneity, surprise and to revamp the way you approach the relationship.

Shock your partner and give them something to think “wow” about.

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A brilliant, sparkling week for fun and romance, but don’t be vanilla, be ambitious about what and where your relationship can go. Honesty is important and so is clarity, so don’t beat about the bush.

It’s an excellent week for new friendships, new interests and also enjoying the pleasure of pets. All relationships from family, to love to animals are important as interactions with others make life worthwhile. Shock your partner and give them something to think “wow” about.

The themes for this week are:

  • Fun
  • Affection
  • Honesty
  • Self-expression
  • Communication
  • Boldness and creativity

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

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