Weekly Love Horoscope for July 31st – August 6th

Hi Sweethearts and welcome to the first reading covering August 2023.

This is a fascinating week with the full moon and both Mars and the Sun triggering Jupiter.

However, with Mercury opposite Saturn in Pisces, it’s important not to take anything for granted as things can quickly slip away if you aren’t taking notes and keeping track. While it may be a testing period for communication and decision-making, Mercury opposite Saturn encourages you to be patient, responsible, and persistent. By applying caution and embracing the lessons, you can gain valuable insights and develop a stronger sense of self-discipline in the face of challenges.

The Full Moon energies generate an excellent opportunity for releasing what no longer serves you. It’s a period of letting go, forgiving, and shedding hackneyed habits or beliefs that hinder your growth. Embrace the notion of change, make necessary adjustments, and open yourselves to new possibilities.

Mars trine Jupiter suggests a time of increasing confidence, enthusiasm, and energy. It empowers all of us with the ability to take decisive action and pursue goals with a sense of positivity and courage. This aspect promotes a can-do attitude, facilitating the smashing of obstacles and challenges. It also favors taking risks and expanding horizons, as it instills a belief in your unique destiny.

Aries – Ghost hunting

While things in the love department flowed last month, this first week of August you may begin to feel that things developed a little fast, and you may want to re-wind and perhaps spend more time getting to know the person a little better. You may already intuitively feel a connection, but at some stage, you do need to delve a little deeper to find out the person’s past, their problems, their previous relationships, and this can burst some bubbles somewhat – this is, however, short term, and you soon adjust to new information.

Another issue in love stemming from Saturn in Pisces being triggered by Mercury is an unnerving insecurity creeping up on you – however, much of this is down to previous relationships and how they turned out. You need to set the ghosts of relationships past to bed and not allow doubts stemming from that to make you paranoid and over-analytical about your current romance.

The full moon indicates that friendships, social connections, and aspirations become emotionally significant during this week. You may seek emotional satisfaction and fulfilment through a sense of belonging within a community or group of friends. This is a time to nurture and strengthen your social bonds.

This is an excellent week for couples on holiday, especially holidays involving adventure and physical activity. Couples who are getting the energy flowing physically are empowered.

With the powerful full moon illuminating your relationships, it’s a potent time for transformative connections. Embrace the lunar energies and unlock your lunar potential with “Moon Magic Book,” “Lunar Zodiac Secrets,” and “Moon Power Journal” for free when you subscribe to Aries Daily Secrets. Harness the lunar power of transformation for profound growth in love and life.

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Taurus – Summer Dreaming

Mercury in Virgo opposite Saturn causes mixed messages in romance – you can easily misconstrue information or pay too much too attention to something trivial. New love interests can start up rather quickly, and there can also be short-lived affairs and also much flirtatious behavior. While it is very interesting in terms of love, it can be hard to make head or tail of the real emotions at play – is it all about having some fun and banter, or is there more to it? This week is one where you need to keep your emotions on the leash and not commit mentally or emotionally to anyone until it is more clear how you both feel.

You are probably more attracted to the feeling of being in love than the actual person right now; which is why anything that starts this week will probably fizzle out.

Your emotional fulfillment is linked to professional recognition and achievements. This week’s full moon urges you to explore the emotional aspects of your career choices and how bonds with you colleagues make your life meaningful.

This period is better served by you and your partner relaxing and unwinding than engaging in anything strenuous physically or taxing mentally. It’s not conducive to routine, restriction or being under the control of authority. Ideally, it’s a time to explore your inner world, connect with what inspires you and to understand the deeper meaning in your marriage or long-term relationship. You may be drawn to charitable activities as you enjoy doing things which have a wider significance and which are selfless and helpful.

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Gemini – The meaning and the inspiration

Saturn opposite his ruler Mercury, indicates a great chance for transformation and the accessing of deeply buried needs and desires; the realizations you have this week can shape the course of the year ahead.

There is a strong sense that events this week are portentous and almost fated, and you may take events or information as a sign that you are either on the right course or the wrong course, and this can give you a shove in the right direction or the oomph to put energy into your chosen direction.

Mars trine Jupiter right now indicates that it is important to put an end to any lingering disputes or disagreements from July. You do not want the bad energy from those problems to be a drag on further and so leave the negativity or toxic people in July. Lingering anger is pervasive and can block creativity and progress. However, reviewing any old issues in a new and more philosophical way can actually fuel growth and add context to your creative and romantic endeavors.

Relationships may have a temporary break or short separation during this week as you need space and time to think and collect your thoughts. This transit can help you break out of oppressive and controlling patterns in relationships – whether these are love relationships or work-related relationships.

This week awakens an individualistic streak and it serves you well if you need to be original and daring within your work – this is especially useful for artists and inventors as you are more inspired.

The full moon highlights your creative expression and romance. Embrace the lunar vibes and explore your artistic side with “Moon Magic Book,” “Lunar Zodiac Secrets,” and “Moon Power Journal” offered for free when you subscribe to Gemini Daily Secrets. Harness the lunar power of transformation to enhance your creativity and love life.

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Cancer – Snakes and Ladders

Excellent news as it’s all systems go for a romantic week, although as the adage goes, the course of true love never runs smooth, and so there could be bizarre and unexpected hiccoughs.

With Mercury opposite Saturn, both you and your partner should beware of unreliable or dishonest friends who may spread gossip or behave in a spiteful or unhelpful way. Jealous exes may rear their heads. Selfishness is a game changer this week – if your partner shows a selfish, ungrateful, or narcissistic streak, this can create serious disappointment for you and you could go cold, either ignoring or avoiding the person to make your point.

With the full moon, you may experience déjà vu or weird flashes of insight more so than usual. Those of you who work in astrology, mystical fields, or even the sciences where often gut feel and a hunch help you make a breakthrough, can be very successful. Much of your work is led by intuition, and you may take a risk to follow a hunch.

You can enhance relationships by being more attentive and intense and finding opportunities for private moments and space to reflect and unite rather than scattering energy on activities that actually dilute intimacy and create more confusion in the relationship.

The key in love this month is focus and attention to detail in order to increase understanding and make it clear that the relationship is a priority in his life, not just something you take for granted.

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Leo – Crime of passion

You have a great deal of persistence and deep reserves of emotional energy, and this can help you endure storms and keep you focused on relationship goals. You are very single-minded and not in the mood to let things get on top of you, which means that no matter what you will achieve better relationships and success in life this week, even though it will not come easily.

Your energy is high and yet can be hard to control as you tend to erupt, burst forward then retreat; you do not always judge the situation well as you get hot-headed. You may overreact to issues in relationships (and that means all relationships), say things that can be damaging and then decide when you calm down that you may have gone too far – so hold back and don’t write that email or tweet that angry tweet. Step away from the situation and spend at least one night contemplating whether it is worth the anger you feel.

You are not always measured this month; however, you do have passion, and that passion can help you achieve great feats against the odds. Sometimes a ‘what the heck’ attitude can be quite liberating, but be sure you assess what the fallout could be before you act, and make sure you can handle the consequences.

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Virgo – Englishman in New York

With Mercury in Virgo opposite Saturn, if you do ask the right questions, you can get fast to the route of problems and increase the degree of honesty. Honesty should be diplomatic; you are usually very rational, but this week you are inclined to be a little too critical or even abrupt. Take more care about how you frame your comments and concerns with respect to your partner.

This is an excellent week for couples who work together as colleagues, and it is also a time when you can meet a new lover at work (mainly if you work for a very big corporation or government).

Virgo looking for love are indeed judging the book by the cover, but that is not necessarily a bad thing as there is much we can deduce from the way people present themselves, and it is often a good filtering process, especially as you are very observant right now. “Manner Maketh a Man,” this is a key element of dating; if he cannot treat you right or behave like a gentleman, they are history.

Health and your familiar rituals become emotionally significant during the full moon. You may find that your emotional well-being is closely tied to your ability to keep to healthy fitness and dietary routines in daily life. This period urges us to pay attention to your emotional health and adopt nurturing habits with respect to your partner, as this can help build trust as well as being really grounding.

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Libra – You sexy thing

You have strong sexual desires this week and your sex drive is powerful. In some cases, this desire can be expressed in terms of creativity, where you plough this sexual energy into writing, art, or enthusiasm for a cause. It is probably beneficial if you do have outlets for this sexual energy other than sex as your partner may find you too hot to handle.

You will be encouraged to understand which of your sexual desires are constructive and which are destructive. Destructive sexual energy is an increase of jealousy, exhibiting frustration by overreacting to small things or being unreasonable and attention seeking. Constructive uses of that energy are exploring new sexual options, being more eager to learn how to satisfy your partner sexually, and putting energy into creative and also practical ways to express love. For single Libra, intrigue can be a part of love – you may be keeping your romance secret from your parents; you may be having feelings for someone who is unattainable or just keeping your romance secret so friends do not interfere.

The full moon causes your emotions to find expression through creativity, romance, and self-expression, it’s time to ignite the inner child again. You should experience a heightened desire for fun, pleasure, and passionate connections, suddenly everything matters so much more and that can help you to make appropriate and timely changes.

This period encourages artistic endeavors and allows you to explore your emotional needs within romantic relationships and leisure activities.

The full moon heightens your sense of balance and relationships. Embrace the lunar vibes and seek harmony with “Moon Magic Book,” “Lunar Zodiac Secrets,” and “Moon Power Journal” available for free when you subscribe to Libra Daily Secrets. Harness the lunar power of transformation for flourishing relationships and inner peace.

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Scorpio – Good Vibrations

Mercury opposite Saturn means that there is quite a bit of tension this week, and you are taking life and love seriously; it is not a time of taking things with a pinch of salt. You will take decisions seriously and will mull over the facts for many days before reaching a conclusion.

Rest is important this week, and your digestion can suffer due to worry and stress. You are inclined to be conflicted, which is not like you at all, and so do not take these cautious and often pessimistic thoughts too seriously; it is a phase which is urging you to understand your relationships and friendships more completely.

With Jupiter double activated this is one of the best times of the year for romance: you could literally be swept off your feet or have a whirlwind romance. Love is exciting and inspiring and can invigorate you and make you feel young again.

Love affairs happen spontaneously and often spring from unusual situations; you will tend to be less conservative and more adventurous in love. You may fall for someone free spirited with whom you can let your hair down and take flights of fantasy.

This can be a period when you try new methods of meeting people, or it may be that changes in your work situation mean you are brought into contact with very creative or innovative types, who are the precise kind of person you are into right now.

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Sagittarius – Salt of the earth love

You are rather unpredictable this week with Mars trine and sun Square your ruler, and your partner will need to go with the flow. This is a time to inject relationships with a renewed spontaneity; if you have felt in a rut, now is the time to change attitudes and approaches and also routines so that you feel less stuck.

Often routines that once provided security can become shackles that stifle expression, and so you need to keep reevaluating relationships and seeing what works and what doesn’t. People change, and relationships need to adapt; this is the week when Sagittarius can see where that change needs to be made, and you can then initiate.

Excitement is important to all of us, and what with social media and technology, it can be easy to look for that excitement away from the relationship. It is very easy to ignore your partner and focus on your phone, your cyber connections or even political debates, and this can happen in new and older relationships.

The full moon urges you need to be more present in your relationship and not to neglect good old-fashioned conversation and joint activities. Leave the phone in another room, turn off the laptop, and focus on each other exclusively.

The full moon amplifies your aspirations and social connections. Embrace the lunar magic and expand your horizons with “Moon Magic Book,” “Lunar Zodiac Secrets,” and “Moon Power Journal” offered for free when you subscribe to Sagittarius Daily Secrets. Harness the lunar power of transformation for fulfilling adventures and enriching relationships.

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Capricorn – Love Revival

Love and romance cannot be mundane or ordinary as you need far more than that as the full moon appears. Capricorn are keen to experiment, to play out some fantasies and to be more open with their partner. It is a time when you are looking to take intimacy to a new level in both established and newer relationships. Superficial actions and words are not enough to keep the fires of love fueled – there must be intensity, honest, openness, and a revival of the spiritual connection.

Relationships where you have both drifted in different directions regarding hopes and dreams will suffer. You are entering a very idealistic and also a questioning phase in life where deeper meaning and significance is sought.

So if you are with someone who is very materialistic or concerned with the mundane, romance can falter. Of course, Capricorn value stability and security, and so if the partner is a good anchor, things can still rattle along, as long as you have friends or other family with whom to share your visions, dreams, and interesting new avenues of thought.

An important focus is mutual agreement on financial matters and material security as emotions are closely linked to your sense of self-worth and financial stability. You might feel compelled to seek comfort through possessions by buying items that have sentimental value.

The full moon influences your career and ambitions. Embrace the lunar energies and achieve your goals with “Moon Magic Book,” “Lunar Zodiac Secrets,” and “Moon Power Journal” available for free when you subscribe to Capricorn Daily Secrets. Harness the lunar power of transformation for career success and personal growth.

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Aquarius – Sexually Speaking

There is a relaxed and positive atmosphere in this first week of August and you may feel able to open up to your partner in ways which you have not been able to for some time, thanks to the full moon.

With Mercury opposite Saturn in Pisces approaching the more sensitive, intimate, or even taboo matters in your relationship can be done right now with greater logic and detachment. In every relationship, certain no-go areas develop, triggers which you know cause trouble every time they are mentioned, and which are almost ring-fenced for special avoidance.

However, like an infected wound, anything ignored tends to get worse or the contagion seeps into other areas of the relationship infecting them, and that is why weeks like this are a time where those no-go subjects should be delicately touched on while you are feeling positive and upbeat, and hopefully progress can be made.

Sex life is a subject which could be of particular interest, and this is a time to look at problems and even get some advice on how to overcome them. Not everything has to be such a big deal; when subjects get avoided, they tend to feel bigger than they are, and this is a good time to address that.

The full moon stimulates your spiritual growth and intuition. Embrace the lunar vibes and explore your spiritual path with “Moon Magic Book,” “Lunar Zodiac Secrets,” and “Moon Power Journal” provided for free when you subscribe to Aquarius Daily Secrets. Harness the lunar power of transformation for heightened intuition and spiritual enlightenment.

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Pisces – Empowering

Romance is not just about affection, it is about expansion and growth, and so with Mercury in Virgo opposite Saturn in your sign, Pisces will have an ambitious and intrepid attitude to love where you take the ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ approach. In marriages, it is you who holds up the morale, the ‘Gold Standard’ in love and who encourages progress and makes sure that your partner stays positive regarding his attitude and actions.

This is a period when you have to keep the perspective as your partner can be a little woolly minded and prone to paranoia; so you have to keep him on an even keel mentally and emotionally. This is a positive week for marriages and also for those who are going through divorces; as this can be a time of progress legally when both parties come to amicable agreements or at the very least are more constructive.

In love, it’s important to be supportive and constructive, use your heightened enthusiasm, and energy to empower your partner with the ability to take decisive action and pursue your relationship goals with a sense of optimism and courage.

The full moon enhances your connections and transformations. Embrace the lunar energies and dive deep within with “Moon Magic Book,” “Lunar Zodiac Secrets,” and “Moon Power Journal” offered for free when you subscribe to Pisces Daily Secrets. Harness the lunar power of transformation for nurturing connections and personal growth.

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This week’s planetary movements promote a resilient can-do attitude, making it easier to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Mars trine Jupiter encourages the pursuit of personal growth and generosity of spirit, as well as a willingness to help others and contribute positively to the community. 

This is a fortunate and dynamic phase in love that brings an infusion of energy and optimism, but patience is essential.

During this full moon you may feel more sensitive and should seek solitude to process your feelings deeply. This period encourages you to confront buried emotions, explore your subconscious, and find closure to emotional cycles.

The themes for this week are:

  • Patience
  • Faith
  • Forgiveness
  • Self exploration
  • Quite confidence
  • Shedding

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