Weekly Tarotscope for August 14th – 20th

Hello my lovelies,

As we venture into another captivating week of tarot insights and celestial revelations, embrace the mystical energies that weave through the week of August 14th to August 20th. Prepare for a transformative journey filled with cosmic wisdom and enchanted discoveries. The universe has choreographed a mesmerizing dance of stars, aligning energies that hold the key to unlocking profound insights and guiding you towards love, fulfillment, and boundless blessings. (Click here for my Weekly Love Horoscope for this week).

Immerse yourself in the magic that awaits you. Open your hearts, clear your minds, and listen closely to the whispers of the cosmos as they reveal profound messages that will shape your week. Together, let us embark on this sacred exploration, where the mysteries of love, destiny, and the interconnectedness of the universe shall unfold before us.

Check your sun, rising and moon sign for more accuracy. 

Aries – Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles indicates that this week is one where dedication is key, it’s important to nail things down and have a perfectionist approach.

In terms of love and relationships, it’s vital not to look for quick fixes or overnight success in relationships. Love should be seen as a work in progress, something you invest in and cultivate like a beautiful plant. Love requires ever increasing amounts of empathy, compassion, devotion patience and also a desire to enjoy the journey together rather than just looking at the destination ie marriage.

Curiously is extremely important in love and relationships, as is the desire for self-improvement. The more that you desire to improve yourself and embark on a course of personal development and discovery, the better your relationship will be as you can see a larger purpose.

Be proud of what you have accomplished as a couple, the difficulties you have overcome and the lessons that you have learned. If you’re in a relationship, you may revel in the fact that your lover is still able to surprise you, and you him, after all the time you have spent together.

It’s great to show your partner new facets of yourself that you may want to express. It’s also important to embrace new situations that give you both a chance to uncover new talents or passions. Self discovery is about always looking for challenges and this helps relationships thrive.

Taurus – Nine of Swords

This week Taurus can be quite preoccupied, there’s a mixture between shyness, reticence, and this tends to drive your indecision. It’s very important right now to be careful of living out self-fulfilling prophecies, so try and cultivate a positive mindset as often right now; thinking the very best about your relationship or your partner leads to better results than being suspicious or fearful of the worst outcome.

If you fail to keep moving forward by keeping current romances going or by communicating in a positive way with your partner, you can actually miss an opportunity because all is not lost. In fact a mixture of tiredness and possibly social stress is causing a cloud over your relationship, but it’s not really your relationship that’s the problem; it’s simply a case that your batteries are a little bit low right now, and you need a rest and recuperation.

This is an ideal week for you to get away by yourself one day to do something thoroughly escapist and relaxing. Maybe you should quit work early and go and sit in the movies with a big bag of popcorn and have a good cry or a mighty good laugh because it can get a lot of emotions out of your system and you’ll come out with a new perspective on love.

Gemini – Two of Pentacles

The key to love and good relationships right now is timing. It can be a big struggle having a successful relationship with the demands of work, children, responsibility for your parents and maybe your fitness routines and other hobbies, and that’s why scheduling can actually be key to romance. Thus disorganization and allowing a hectic lifestyle to control you rather than controlling it, is only going to lead to arguments, and frustration, and this will dampen any attempt at romance.

It’s important right now for Gemini to set romantic goals, don’t let life run away with you. We’re all looking at the calendar and thinking, “Oh my gosh it’s May already!” and what have we achieved? So don’t waste any more time, decide what you and your partner would really want to do, what would turn you on and make you feel great, then ruthlessly clear the calendar and set aside time in the diary. Make sure it happens!

The key right now is – NO more excuses, everyone has a right to have fun and have their needs met, but it can’t happen if you don’t make time for it, so that is the takeaway message.

Cancer – Three of Swords

This is a time to take a step back in love and reassess. It is important to see things for what they are. In some cases, you may have to make the difficult decision to move on, but this is a good time to do it.

In a long-term committed relationship, this card indicated that you may be going through a challenging time. There might be conflicts, misunderstandings, or and growing sense of disappointment in your partnership. However, it’s important not to be defeatist as the three of swords urges you to confront these difficult emotions and communicate openly with your partner about your feelings.

Healing and reconciliation are possible, but they require honest dialogue and a willingness to work through the pain together. The first step is identifying and accepting that there is a problem.

If single, it’s time to reflect upon past emotional scars or unresolved heartbreaks as you begin to go on a new love journey. Understand that you may be required to heal and resolve any lingering pain before fully launching yourself into a new relationship. Take this week for self-reflection and self-care, allowing yourself to grieve, forgive and release the past.

It’s crucial to be compassionate with yourself and seek support from friends, loved ones, or vlogs and groups as you heal and prepare for a healthier and more loving relationship in the future.

Leo – Two of Pentacles Reversed

This week Leo have to conduct a balancing act between your work and relationship life. There are many demands on you, and you will have conflicting priorities. You can’t please all the people all the time, so cut yourself some slack.

Be aware that your partner may be feeling neglected, even if they aren’t saying anything. Good communication is vital in order to buy yourself time, because, let’s be honest, relationships may not be your priority, and unless you articulate to your partner your work demands, there may be some resentment and they may feel taken for granted.

For those Leo who are single, this week you may have to make a choice between two potential lovers, or you may feel that there’s too much pressure and you need to buy yourself time in order to try and get to grips with what you want. Be careful of an intense partner who could be crowding you and pushing you in a direction that you don’t necessarily want.

The key right now is giving people a ‘definite maybe’, resist pressure from your boss, colleagues or partner, as there’s quite a lot on your plate and so know when to say, NO.

Virgo – Eight of Pentacles Reversed

This week you may be slightly confused about which path to take. It’s important to take a step back and make sure that you understand everything going on in your life from a psychological point of view. It’s also important to understand that confusion in relationships often stems from a conflict within you: part of you is really keen to explore, to establish some new possibilities and seek new horizons, but there’s a lot of fear going on as well as you don’t want to let go and you aren’t quite ready to make a break from things which currently provides you with security.

It’s likely that your partner is more gung ho about making changes than you are, and it’s important for you right now to work on yourself in terms of your own fears and reticence. Everyone moves at their own pace, and it’s important for you not to be rushed into things, so establish boundaries in terms of the pace of change, and if your partner is more ready to take risks that’s great, but being in a relationship also means they have to respect your emotional indecisiveness and fears.

In terms of relationships, some issues cannot be resolved, they can only be outgrown, so you need to take a mature attitude and understand that in the short run, certain things may not change. Even if it’s frustrating, some matters should now be put on the back burner, so that at least you can move forward in other areas.

If a partner is showing no sign of commitment, walk away.

Libra – King of Wands

The King of Wands indicates a distinct and dynamic period within the realm of your love life. In relationships, this card symbolizes a time for passion, charisma, leadership, and enthusiasm. This indicates that you may attract a partner who exudes confidence and energy, making them an attractive and captivating prospect.

The King of Wands foretells of a new partner who is not afraid to take charge and lead with their heart. This also points to being outgoing, full of life, and inspiring to enhance love magic.

Exhibiting your passion for life and love can be contagious, igniting a spark of excitement into your relationship.

In a romantic sense, the King of Wands can signal a time of adventurous exploration, as it encourages embracing new experiences and approaching love with a sense of adventure and daring. It signifies a phase where you guys are open to trying new things and stepping outside your comfort zones together.

However, there’s also a note of caution, as while your confidence and enthusiasm is appealing, this card can sometimes indicate a need for moderation. The competitiveness, assertiveness, or even dominance indicated could potentially create conflicts if not approached with understanding and compromise.

Scorpio – Ten of Wands

This week should bring relief and a welcome upturn after a period of struggle. Suddenly there’s light at the end of the tunnel and you feel hard work in love, career and family life is paying off.

It’s important to develop a mindset of abundance and also to reward yourself and so, don’t wait for approval and recognition, give yourself a pat on the back now. In relationships, resentment often stems from not getting your dues, that’s why Scorpio must always work on self-care and not be afraid to make your fun and have your indulgences.

Take responsibility and be the ideas leader and problem solver, but keep leading as this is not a time to take your foot off the gas, you have to press home your advantage. While compromise is important in love and relationships, too much compromise is a hole that you dig yourself into and that’s what you need to address right now.

In new relationships, you may walk away if a new partner has a lot of baggage. Don’t feel guilty about wanting better because this is a time to be aspirational in love.

Sagittarius – Six of Wands 

This week teamwork gives you a lot of satisfaction and can also improve your confidence, so if there’s anything that you are struggling with, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask your partner for a little bit of practical support or at least encouragement as you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you share, you are far more likely to get a good reaction, and a problem shared certainly will be a problem solved.

You’re more likely right now to doubt yourself and have negative thoughts; that’s why it’s a very important to be able to express these to your partner because they will be able to set you straight and help you to see yourself in a much more positive frame of light.

It’s easy to feel discouraged in new romances this week; you may think that you have failed to fulfil the expectations of a new date, you may feel that it isn’t going well, or you could feel that you’ve put your foot in it, but this is all highly unlikely. You are just having a small crisis of confidence, and you probably need a little bit of rest, so take a step back as everything your relationship is sure to go well if you have a bit of patience.

Capricorn – Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles cards signifies a week of evaluation, reflection, and patience. In matters of the heart, drawing the energy of this card suggests that you may be at a point where you need to evaluate the progress and direction of your current partnership or romantic situation.

If you’re in a committed relationship, it’s time of reflection and emotional audit. You may find yourself questioning the growth and fulfilment within your relationship. It’s important to take a step back and assess whether the effort and investment you have put into the relationship has yielded the desired results. It’s essential for you to have honest and open conversations with your partner about your shared goals, values, and expectations. It’s crucial to make adjustments or put in extra effort to rejuvenate the connection and move forward together.

If single, this is a time to reflect on your past relationships and learn from them. Take a pause to understand what you truly require in a partner and what has worked or not worked in the past. This is an opportunity to focus on personal growth and self-improvement. Patience is key during this period, as you may need to wait for the right person to enter your life. 

Avoid rushing into decisions or making impulsive choices. Take the time to nurture and invest in your romantic connection, whether it’s with your current partner or in preparing yourself for a future relationship.

Aquarius – Queen of Swords

This card in a love reading foretells of a period of intellectual insight and a focus on communication within your romantic life. If you’re in a relationship, the Queen of Swords indicates that you or your partner may be quite analytical and pragmatic in your ability to take a logical and rational approach to any issues or decisions you guys are facing. This card certainly encourages a cerebral, not an emotional response, and can facilitate honesty and directness, it’s important to remember that emotions play a crucial role in love, but sometimes you just have to clear away the fog of feelings and embrace analytical thinking to maintain a healthy balance between head and heart.

If you are in the dating game, the Queen of Swords suggests that you may be attracting men who value intellect, wit, and effective communication. A winning strategy in love is to prioritize mental compatibility and shared interests in your search for a meaningful relationship. However, be cautious not to let being critical or too fussy hinder the potential for emotional intimacy.

On a deeper level, this card can sometimes trigger past emotional wounds that may have led you to adopt a guarded or suspicious approach to love. It’s important to acknowledge any lingering fears and anxieties from past relationships and heal from these experiences in order to fully open up to new connections.

Embrace curiosity in your romantic life and show a willingness to learn about a new partner and develop camaraderie.

Pisces – Two of Cups

The Two of Cups card is significant in terms of love and relationships. In terms of romance and dating, this card emphasizes the importance of emotional connection, unity, and harmony between you and a partner. It symbolizes the unity between of two souls, and it could herald the meeting of a soulmate or the realization that you and your current partner have reached a level of esoteric and spiritual understanding. It can make relationships that are inadequate

When this card appears it suggests a deep and profound connection between two people. This connection is not purely based on physical attraction, but rather on an esoteric emotional understanding and shared values. It signifies that a strong bond built on trust, mutual respect, and a willingness to support and nurture each other can develop. Alternatively, it suggests that you keep faith with a difficult relationship despite problems because something important is growing between you and it’s all part of your journey.

The Two of Cups encourages direct and honest communication. It implores you guys to listen to each other, empathize with one another’s feelings, and find common ground. This card indicates a potential for harmony and emotional fulfillment within the relationship. However, it also emphasizes the need to continue investing time and effort into maintaining the connection.

If single, the Two of Cups indicates that a purposeful partnership is on the horizon and that you should remain open to new relationships and to seek connections that go beyond the surface level.

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Summing up

I warmly invite you to continue your journey of discovery within the endless treasures that the tarot offers. Step into the mystical world of your personal readings, and let the remarkable insights shared by Angel Adams grab your curiosity. Harness the deep knowledge radiating from these sacred cards and allow their guidance to chart your course towards plentiful love and immense satisfaction.

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As we approach the upcoming week, may the cosmic energies align harmoniously in your favor, setting a backdrop for significant changes and delightful surprises on your love path. Remain open to the mesmerizing magic that surrounds you, for the cosmos’ loving intentions are ceaselessly at play, arranging wonderful moments and auspicious meetings to materialize in your life.

Until we meet again for another thrilling week of tarot love readings, may affection and blessings gracefully guide your every step. Relish the exciting journey that lies ahead, cherishing the infinite love that envelops and lifts you. Have faith in the celestial forces that steer your course and embrace the remarkable future that lies before you.

Love and light,

Your friend and relationship astrologer,


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