Weekly Tarotscope for August 21st – 27th

Hello my lovelies,

As we step into yet another captivating week of tarot revelations and celestial wonders, let’s welcome the mystical energies that weave their enchantment from August 21st to August 27th. Get ready for a journey of transformation, where cosmic insights and magical discoveries await your embrace.

The universe has choreographed a celestial symphony, aligning energies that hold the key to unlocking profound wisdom and guiding you towards love, fulfillment, and blessings beyond measure. (Explore my Weekly Love Horoscope for this week by clicking here).

Take a deep dive into the enchantment that lies ahead. Open your hearts, clear your minds, and attune your senses to the whispers of the cosmos. These whispers carry messages that hold the power to shape your week. Together, let’s embark on this sacred exploration, where the mysteries of love, destiny, and the universe’s interconnected threads shall gracefully unfurl before us.

Check your sun, rising and moon sign for more accuracy. 

Aries – Knight of Pentacles

This card represents that a steadfast and practical form of love is growing. A new or existing relationship is more likely to be rooted in stability, reliability, and a deep commitment to nurturing and building a lasting connection. Knight of Pentacles signifies a relationship that is patient, deliberate, and focused on what’s tangible and achievable

If you are looking for love you are more likely to find a partner who is dependable, loyal, and dedicated to creating a solid foundation of trust. Success in love is all about having a genuine desire to invest time, effort, and energy into building a future together.

During this phase, love isn’t rip-roaring and red hot, it’s about carefully and diligently caring for each other and cultivating an atmosphere of security.

The key to marriage is being practical and grounded, for the time being you need to prioritize the material and emotional well-being of yourself and your partner over things like fun and spontaneity.

To show your love and make an impression on a potential partner, acts of kindness, thoughtful gestures, and a focus on providing useful advice or being a helpful friend is key.

Although reliability and consistency is important in relationships, do guard against becoming too cautious or stagnant. Don’t let routine and predictability totally destroy the spark.

Taurus – Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is all about romance and nostalgia. It’s a great time for you and your partner to relive fond memories and a sense of emotional connection that’s like a threat running through your life and tying you together. This week you may want to escape a little and return to more innocent and carefree times, where you and your partner are reminded of the initial stages of your relationship or past experiences that brought you happiness and pleasure.

If you are in a relationship, the Six of Cups encourages you to celebrate this week and cherish the bond you share. Take time out to reflect on the positive aspects of your partnership and the experiences on your journey that have brought you closer together. Remembering shared memories and engaging in activities that bring out your playful and affectionate sides can strengthen your connection even further.

If you’re currently looking for love, this card could indicate the potential for a new romantic interest from your past or someone who feels like a kindred spirit. Going to things like school reunions or visiting your hometown could be the key to finding love. By embracing your genuine self and showing authenticity, you’ll attract relationships that are built on a foundation of mutual understanding and emotional resonance.

GeminiKnight of Wands

This is an energetic, romantically excitable week for Gemini, and the love juices are following, in fact you are right up for a little bit of intimacy and you will be more easily physically aroused.

This is a great time to treat yourself to some new lingerie, some fragrances or maybe some special bed linen to just give the bedroom a fresh and novel feel. It may also be a good time to plan a romantic dinner date with your partner, or just do something the two of you haven’t done for a while as that would really pep you both up.

This is a time of high confidence for Gemini woman, so it’s great to be out there in the dating game. You are exuding charm and charisma and you’re not particularly deterred by any romantic challenges that come your way. In fact, you are determined to make the most of life and this spirit of adventure in love will be sure to land you in hot water romantically, but in a good way!

The only downside of this card, is that sometimes you rush into things without thinking, but that’s also advantageous because many times Gemini overthink things, so it may be a great idea to simply rush in.

CancerTwo of Wands

Right now, the wheels of change are actually moving, so whether you realize it or not, the positive decisions you have made in order to enhance your relationship or create opportunities for a good new relationship, are actually working, even if you haven’t seen results yet. You should just be patient, because it won’t be long before you start seeing the fruits of your recent efforts.

New relationships right now involve you stepping out of your comfort zones in order to progress and develop your own personality. So you’re looking to get involved with people who help you explore sides of yourself that you haven’t before. An ideal relationship is one where you are beginning to feel a little bit adventurous and you can sense the more outgoing and assertive side of your personality to open up. If you find that you’re quite emotional, wearing your heart on your sleeve and rather sentimental, you know that you are onto a winner.

In marriage, take your romance to a net the next level. It’s time to try new things sexually, or just try approaches that you haven’t tried before to enhance affection. Use your imagination more and don’t be scared of telling your partner what turns you on.

Leo – Queen of Swords

This card in a love reading foretells of a period of intellectual insight and a focus on communication within your romantic life. If you’re in a relationship, the Queen of Swords indicates that you or your partner may be quite analytical and pragmatic in your ability to take a logical and rational approach to any issues or decisions you guys are facing. This card certainly encourages a cerebral, not an emotional response, and can facilitate honesty and directness, it’s important to remember that emotions play a crucial role in love, but sometimes you just have to clear away the fog of feelings and embrace analytical thinking to maintain a healthy balance between head and heart.

If you are in the dating game, the Queen of Swords suggests that you may be attracting men who value intellect, wit, and effective communication. A winning strategy in love is to prioritize mental compatibility and shared interests in your search for a meaningful relationship. However, be cautious not to let being critical or too fussy hinder the potential for emotional intimacy.

On a deeper level, this card can sometimes trigger past emotional wounds that may have led you to adopt a guarded or suspicious approach to love. It’s important to acknowledge any lingering fears and anxieties from past relationships and heal from these experiences in order to fully open up to new connections.

Embrace curiosity in your romantic life and show a willingness to learn about a new partner and develop camaraderie.

Virgo – Eight of Swords

This week it’s important to deal with feelings of entrapment, limitation, and understand whether these are self-imposed through any mindsets that are persistent.

Expect a complex and challenging situation in your love life, but embrace the difficulties, as there are insights to be gained about the true nature of your relationship.

The eight of Swords signifies a possible new relationship that may be characterized by obstacles, misunderstandings, or emotional barriers. Progress in terms of communication in love is slow, there’s a feeling of being stuck or unable to progress, possibly due to fear, insecurity, or past experiences. However, the key to success in this situation is for you and your partner to understand how the feeling of being restricted or bound is down to your own perceptions rather than external circumstances.

Despite the apparent negativity associated with this card, there is a bright glimmer of hope and potential for deepening the relationship. This card serves as a reminder that the limitations and restrictions within a relationship are often self-imposed or based on limiting beliefs. It encourages you to analyze your fears, insecurities, and self-imposed barriers and work on these in order to revolutionize your relationship.

The key to love success is some introspection, self-reflection, and after that open communication and embracing vulnerability. By addressing these obstacles head-on, you can learn valuable lessons about trust, authenticity, and the power of inner liberation.

Libra – The Wheel of Fortune

The great thing about luck is it’s always changing, and you never know when a bad situation could suddenly turn into a blessing in disguise, and that is the attitude with which Libra should approach love and life this week.

Recent good karma you’ve generated through kind and thoughtful deeds return to reward you.

On the other hand, it’s also sensible to be aware of all your actions because any mean or selfish actions can also come back to bite you; this is what the wheel of fortune is all about. Every action had a reaction.

Relationships are full of contrasts right now, there are ups and downs, rough and smooth, but within that, there is beauty and the potential for growth. Often when things in a relationship are one-tone, we don’t work as hard to develop a better understanding, but challenges in relationships are the catalyst for a deeper and more satisfying love to develop. So the important question in all your love relationships, both new and old, is: what can this teach me about myself and how I can improve the way I behave in relationships?

Scorpio – Knight of Swords

This is an exciting card which signifies a dynamic and spirited week in of love that manifests through your fervor, intensity, and determination. This card denotes a love life that’s charging forward with unbridled enthusiasm, much like a knight in shining armor rushing into battle.

Knight of Swords is a positive card for those seeking love or looking to improve a relationship as it embodies a love that is bold, courageous, and unafraid to face challenges head-on.

In terms of dating, you will be drawn to a passionate, driven, and fiercely devoted partner who looks to sweep you off your feet. Love is characterized by swift actions and grand gestures, displaying a willingness on both your parts to go to great lengths to win the heart of each other.

The quest for love is fervent, and often very successful because of your positive attitude and even if you sometimes lack the patience and subtlety needed for lasting emotional connection, a love that is impulsive and potentially fleeting could be just what you need as a release or for healing.

While a new relationships can be breath-taking, the warning is that it could lack the depth and emotional stability required for long-term commitment, thus it’s vital to be cautious of the potential for high expectations or thoughtless actions driven by passion rather than careful consideration.           

Sagittarius – Four of Swords

During this week, it’s a mixture between work and relaxation. It’s very important to give yourself a chance to recuperate so you don’t need to have your foot on the gas all the time. A little bit of passivity is rather important, so don’t be a workaholic or allow others to put pressure on you. It’s quite okay to have periods where you are inactive and quite receptive to information coming towards you without actively seeking it.

In your relationships, it’s important for you to be a tranquil oasis of calm, and sometimes calm means not giving an opinion, not engaging in debate, and not being forced to make a decision. So the key in your love life is: take yourself out of the ring or out of the battle and be an observer. Put the ball in your partner or boyfriend’s court and relinquish responsibility for the situation.

Very often, there’s more power in what you don’t say, rather what you do say. Thus in all relationships, use this as an a period to watch, observe and get a deeper feel of what’s going on with your partner by observing their reactions, but not by egging any situation on.

Capricorn – The Sun

This is a positive card that brings the vibrant, cleansing energy of the Sun to the fore. This helps cultivate happiness and higher purpose through relationships and just like the Sun, it encourages healing and growth.

In relationships, it indicates a period of more vibrant and authentic relating on a spiritual and affectionate level, hearts will open, generosity is amplified, and relationships are infused with genuine happiness.

The Sun helps relationships grow as there’s more acceptance and tolerance, but also more appreciation of the positive. What’s vital in relationships is mutual admiration, encouragement, and supporting each other.

New romance is likely to really inspire you and help you jump into a whole new mindset. New relationships will be filled with laughter, playfulness, and a sense of excitement.

In marriage, it’s important to realize that good relationships aren’t just about intimacy and romance, but also about the value of camaraderie and mutual support which creates a base level of happiness on which everything else is built.

Embrace your true self and let your personality shine brightly this week. Be creative, be competitive, and don’t make excuses not to enjoy life.

AquariusKing of Pentacles

The king of pentacles in your reading this week indicates stability, prosperity, and a grounded approach to relationships. As has been the case recently, you are the reliable, responsible and financially savvy one in the relationship.

For single Aquarius, this card suggests that you may attract a potential beau who is older, wiser or potentially quite wealthy and established. The ideal partner should mirror your ambitions and strong desire for material security. Your ideal date is successful and can provide a stable foundation for a long-lasting relationship, don’t tolerate time wasters, flirts or romantic obfuscators.

For those of you Aquarius ladies already in a relationship, this week is quite rewarding as it represents a period of stability and financial reward within the partnership.

You and your partner should be focused on building a solid and comfortable base for the rest of 2023. This card highlights the importance of creating a harmonious balance between your emotional connection and the practical aspects of life, such as finances and long-term planning.

Don’t forget to make time for romance, emotional intimacy, and nurturing that genuine connection.

Pisces – Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is a great card as it’s positive and promising, especially for love. It represents new destinations, fresh starts, and the potential for long-term stability and prosperity to develop between you and your partner.

If you are single or recently dating, a significant and meaningful connection is emerging, bringing with it an abundance of positive emotions and greater satisfaction.

This card is really promising for single Pisces as it implies the start of a new romantic relationship or the renewal of an existing one. Be alert as you may encounter someone special with whom you feel an immediate and strong connection.

This card not only represents abundance in a material sense but also enhanced emotional richness in your relationship.

In terms of marriage, there is now an opportunity to build upon a strong foundation and improve the long-term potential of your relationship.

The key to the success of a new relationship is aligned values, interests, and life goals which help promote harmony and camaraderie.

In all relationships, express your care through practical actions and gestures. Your partner or potential partner may also be more inclined to demonstrate their affection through acts of kindness, support, and gifting.

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Summing up

I warmly invite you to continue your journey of discovery within the endless treasures that the tarot offers. Step into the mystical world of your personal readings, and let the remarkable insights shared by Angel Adams grab your curiosity. Harness the deep knowledge radiating from these sacred cards and allow their guidance to chart your course towards plentiful love and immense satisfaction.

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As we approach the upcoming week, may the cosmic energies align harmoniously in your favor, setting a backdrop for significant changes and delightful surprises on your love path. Remain open to the mesmerizing magic that surrounds you, for the cosmos’ loving intentions are ceaselessly at play, arranging wonderful moments and auspicious meetings to materialize in your life.

Until we meet again for another thrilling week of tarot love readings, may affection and blessings gracefully guide your every step. Relish the exciting journey that lies ahead, cherishing the infinite love that envelops and lifts you. Have faith in the celestial forces that steer your course and embrace the remarkable future that lies before you.

Love and light,

Your friend and relationship astrologer,


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