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Weekly Love Horoscope For October 4th- 10th

Why, hello there! I was hoping you’d stop by this week! Welcome to the weekly love horoscope for all signs for the week of October 4th – October 10th. Big changes are on their way to you this week, so I hope that you’re prepared for the implications for your love life.

Three planets are still within the sign of Libra, meaning that some things could feel the same way that they have for the last week or two. However, nothing can ever remain fully the same in Astrology. 

The main change in the charts of all signs is due to Venus progressing into the sign of Scorpio, marking a noticeable switch up in the love life of every sign! What can your own sign expect when the planet of love meets the sign of mystery?

This week we see the planet of Love herself, Venus, moving into fire sign, Sagittarius. This is big news for all fire signs, who haven’t been getting a lot of love in recent times. This is only the beginning of a future influx into the element of fire. 

There is one aspect that will be dominating every sign’s chart, since the fire energy of these two planets can’t be ignored. When The Sun and Mars are on top of each other, you’ll know.  


Aries, out of all the signs this week, your love potential is the highest. With three planets (Sun, Mercury, and Mars) in Libra in your house of partnership, we are seeing a high concentration of energy that you won’t be able to ignore. 

As the Sun meets Mars (your planetary ruler) in Libra, you are likely feeling totally in your element. You have tons of energy and high motivation. Just ensure that needless arguments are kept to a minimum. 

Venus entering Sagittarius bodes extremely well for you, Aries. As Venus enters your house of long-distance travel, spirituality, and higher education. You could begin a love affair with someone who has a different background than your own. Monitor your emotions when you speak to people. Who offers you that feelings of endless possibility and hope? This is who your winner is. 

Weekly Advice for Aries: Watch Your Temper 

Aries, with your planetary ruler on a high energy planet like the Sun, you must ensure that you don’t fly off the handle (I mean, unless they really deserve it of course).  


Taurus, Venus moves out of your house of partnership this week and into your house of secrets, taboo, and other people’s resources. This can mean a few different things for your depending on the state of your relationship at the time. 

There could now be an element of mystery to your romance. Perhaps the person you’re with requires you to stay hush hush about your love. Alternatively, you might suspect something of your partner’s activities. But on a positive note, this transit could also mean combining resources to begin your life together with your partner.

As the Sun and Mars meet in your house of work, you could be feeling some primal urges towards a coworker. Who is really getting you hot and bothered, Taurus? 

This transit can mark impulsivity for all signs, so it’s important to keep your cool. Not much ruffles your feathers though, so I am confident that you’ll breeze through this high energy and exciting period. 

Weekly Advice for Taurus: Ask Questions 

As your suspicion grows, don’t be afraid to ask your partner the tough questions. He’s a big boy and he’ll be able to handle it! Just be cool, calm, and collected. 


Gemini, if I had to guess what is on your mind right now, I would likely guess that ‘getting laid’ is in your top three. As the Sun conjoins with Mars in your house of romance and casual hookups, you have a strong urge to get physical at this time. It’s a good time to destress and let some energy out, as long as you’re safe. 

Venus has moved on into your house of partnership, creating an absolute prime opportunity to lock down a romance that has been on your mind. 

Perhaps you’re only out to have a good time, but don’t disregard the guy that scratches your itch. With the ruler of your house of casual sex in your house of partnership, the same guy that has stellar performance in bed could also be the one to put a ring on your finger. I mean, how often does that happen, Gemini?

Weekly Advice for Gemini: Let’s Get It On

Don’t be afraid to indulge your animal desires, Gemini. This could actually be the key to a happy long-term relationship at this time! 


Cancer, with a collection of Venus ruled planets in your house of family and home, it’s time to watch the movements of Venus carefully to find out what the state of your home and family life will be like. As Venus enters Sagittarius and your sixth house of work, you could be seeing an influx of home/life balance issues.

Ensure that you are spending enough time with those that mean a lot to you, including your partner. If you have no partner then a good spot to start looking is on the work front. He might be a lot closer than you expect. 

As The Sun and Mars link up in your house of home, you could be feeling far more sensual than usual. You’re passionate about anything taking place under your roof. If your partner doesn’t live with you but you want to make things steamy then go ahead and invite him over! Things could get really sexy, really fast when this transit hits. 

Weekly Advice for Cancer: Stay On Your Home Turf

When you’re at home this week, good things are happening to you. Ask your partner to come over to your place. That’s where the magic is!


With your planetary ruler sitting pretty in your house of communication, your words are carrying a lot of impact. No conversation is casual right now, but that doesn’t mean you should stop having them. Rather, keep talking up a storm! This is how others can see you shine right now. 

As Mars and your planetary ruler, the Sun, align in your house of communication, we see a lot of sparks flying off your tongue. This is an absolutely perfect transit for peppering in some sexy comments in your conversations and texts. Sexting with the person that you have your eye on is likely to go well. 

There is a huge potential for you to find your one and only either now or in the coming months. While Saturn and Jupiter remain in your house of partnerships, you can expect that mature and meaningful relationship that you might have been craving to become established. 

This is why you must make links and reach out as much as possible. You don’t want to miss a chance meeting with the guy of your daydreams. 

Weekly Advice for Leo: Make Connections 

Don’t shy away from starting conversations, Leo. Keep talking! To the right person, your words will draw their love like flies to honey. 


Virgo, all signs point to love on the work front right now. As the ruler of your house of romance is sitting within your house of labor and habits, you can expect to see your ideal mate at someplace health related or a place of work. This is where you can make the initial connection that could lead to something more. 

With Mars and the Sun making a conjunction in your second house, you could be feeling like spending some money. You’re motivated to expend energy when it comes to possessions and physical experiences right now. To optimize this transit for love, ensure that you’re getting your partner in on this. Perhaps bringing some new toys into the bedroom wouldn’t be a bad idea either. 

Ensuring that you pay attention to your spending during this transit is imperative. It’s hard to strike a good balance at this time. Hopefully, your beloved is thrifty and reminds you to hold back a bit! 

Weekly Advice for Virgo: Have A Shopping Date 

Go ahead and spend some time and money on your and your partner. Just make sure you don’t go overboard! 


Libra, you are looking INCREDIBLE this week! The Sun, Mars, and Mercury are still in your own sign, but that’s not all. Mars and the Sun are coming together this week, creating a sexual energy around you that others are absolutely picking up on. You are certainly looking good to whomever is on your mind. 

Libra, Venus is moving into Sagittarius and also your third house of communication. Not only are you looking good to everyone around you, but your words are also a superpower of yours right now. 

Talking to all the right people is where your strength lies. Finding your perfect love is dependent on how well you communicate your intentions. Not to mention, this person might actually live near you. Alternatively, you could meet them through a sibling or cousin. 

Weekly Advice for Libra: Talk It Out

As you communicate what you’re looking for in a person, that person is on their way to you. Your words are your portal to romance right now.


Scorpio, Venus exits your sign this week, going into Sagittarius in your second house of resources and money. This is a big blessing for you, since Venus feels at home in this house. With the sign of Sagittarius being ruled by expansive Jupiter, you can expect some influx of resources to be on their way to you in no time. 

You can find love with someone who works with money or selling things as a career (especially cars). He’s likely to be optimistic and charming. In fact, his energy may be off putting to you at first due to how ‘in your head’ you’ve been. Believe me, you should take advantage of his positive energy to help you out.

As Mars and The Sun conjoin in your house of isolation, you could be harboring a lot of inner frustration. You’re not likely to tell people how over it you are, but it’s brewing within you. I highly recommend journaling and meditation around this time because of how much pressure you might be feeling internally. 

Weekly Advice for Scorpio: Money Matters

During this time, keep your eyes open for a guy who has ties to money and resources. This man may have all of the energy that you are lacking right now. 


Sagittarius, it’s your lucky week! With Venus entering your sign, suddenly you are like a starlet. You’re being noticed by all of the right people. You can expect a lot of flirty and charming interactions these days, even if none of them end up being serious yet. 

With the ruler of your seventh house of partnership (Mercury) in retrograde, perhaps your next lover is actually a former lover. That’s right, a blast from the past may be in order. You’re looking for someone that you’ve already known, whether you know it or not. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the person who is on your mind when you read this. 

Sagittarius, with your planetary ruler in your third house, you have the gift of gab at this time. Use your natural optimism to create new bonds that serve you in the future. Your good attitude is your hidden power right now. Communicate with a smile on your face and you are taking advantage of this energy for sure. 

Weekly Advice for Sagittarius: Strut Your Stuff

As Venus enters your sign, you might be experiencing a wake-up call to how sexy and awesome you are. Show the world!


Capricorn, with Venus entering Sagittarius this week, that means it is also entering your house of isolation. With Venus ruling your house of romance, it’s likely that activities related to love are on hold starting this week. This isn’t a permanent energy, but it can feel like a drag while it’s around. 

If you’re still feeling motivated to look for romance, then you can find it in spots that seem a little hidden from others. Think people who work behind the scenes. Places like hospitals, mental health institutions, and churches can be good offerings when it comes to romance. 

Capricorn, with Mercury in retrograde in your house of legacy and career, I am wondering if you’ll experience a set back in your reputation. My advice is to watch your words because everyone can hear them right now it seems. And everyone is paying attention. Use this time to lie low. 

Weekly Advice for Capricorn: Taking Time Alone Is Okay

Don’t feel pressured to be social right now. We all need a period of rest and relaxation. Make your own inner sanctum your happy place.


With the ruler of your house of relationships conjuncting with Mars, planet of sex, this week, you can expect you and your partner to have some steamy times. You might just feel like holing up in your bedroom and not leaving for a week! And hey, who doesn’t wish they could do that sometimes?

Aquarius, with Venus in your house of friendships now, this appears to be a perfect time for you. Maybe you didn’t know this, but your sign is famous for falling in love with their friends. Paired with this transit, you might do just that! You’re able to see love where you weren’t expecting it before… right in your own circle.

In addition, Mercury (ruler of your house of romance) is also in your house of friendship. I’d be pretty surprised if someone you used to be friends with didn’t sneak back into your life… desiring a little more than friendship! 

Weekly Advice for Aquarius: Be Open To Friends As Lovers

If you’re looking for new love, Aquarius, look no further than your own friend group. It’s likely that someone there is harboring a crush on you. 


Pisces, as Venus switches signs and enters Sagittarius in the house of career and reputation, you have the opportunity to find someone who you look up to that also wants to be your lover. Professional settings and events could find you landing right in the arms of your next mate. 

With your planetary corulers in two very different spots (house of isolation and house of self), you could be feeling pulled in all directions. You’re simply not feeling good or bad. Spend some time with yourself more than focusing on partners too much. 

In addition, you may be experiencing some suspicion towards a partner if you already have one. Mars conjoining the Sun could cause a blowup if you’re not careful. Try not to be impulsive or to allow your emotions to get the best for you. 

If you’re not experiencing any doubts, then this is actually a perfect time for that sort of soul nourishing sex that you crave. This is one transit that will either drive your partner and you apart or bring you closer together.

Weekly Advice for Pisces: Take A Minute 

If you need to step away from others for a while to regain your balance, then do that. There is no shame in taking a break. 

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Wrapping Up

Phew! Were you ready for those fireworks this week? There is a lot about to go down for almost everyone, so I hope that this love horoscope is able to prepare you for the new energy entering around this time. 

General advice for all signs is to step away instead of exploding. This can be a week to find your motivation or become destructive. Choose motivation! 

Horoscopes can reveal a lot about your love life, but to dive in the way you deserve, I need to get to know you. Taking advantage of my VIP Consultations will leave you feeling educated and empowered about how to best capitalize on the romantic energy that’s already here.

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See you next week!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I’m trying to communicate with my boyfriend name Shaun we both are Leo but he not asking any of my text messages or any of phone calls so we can work things out to helps us to move forward into the relationship. I’m scared of losing him again

  2. Hi Anna, I’m 60 old, I met his guy on Facebook he’s rich very educated man. He is nothing like me, he’s a tarus. I’m just a regular person. I’m afraid to enter his world I really don’t want to embarrass him in front of his friends. But he everything I’ve been looking for in a man. What should I do.?????

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