Weekly Love Horoscope for March 25th – 31st

Hello my Sweethearts, welcome to the week of Full Moon and this is also the first full week of the Sun being in Aries. Now you are going to lap up the readings, because they are filled with affection, love, potential for new relationships, improving sex life and good news about money. So this is certainly going to be a week to relish.

I hope everyone is feeling rather relaxed and getting in the mood for some down time, because there is certainly a vibe of vivaciousness, fun, loving and seeking opportunities for enjoyment.

As it’s the Full Moon this is a time when you don’t have to feel pressured to be proactive, you can rather work on projects that are ongoing and release their full potential or this may be an ideal time for a dose of emotional down time, that means self-care and really pampering yourself, looking after your own needs and feeling comfortable in your own safe space. 

Dipping your toe into the arts with a partner or new date can really help spur on the love and intimacy and so you should be going to movies, theatre, music events, etc. more often; it does not have to cost the earth, just check out local events where more is offered regarding stimulating the senses than just food and wine.

In some cases, new challenges representing a unique type of responsibility can actually ignite a flame within that was lacking before.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Receptive Romance

Now with the Full Moon straddling your first and seventh houses, and a very active Venus, the needs of your partner and balancing priorities are a really important theme for this week. Money is something which also comes strongly into focus, so chatting about spending and also making sure that there is enough money to enjoy yourself is important, particularly at the beginning of the week, because as the week goes on it tends to be more social than practical. 

Now this is a wonderful time to be attending activities aimed at meeting other people, even singles events, introduction agencies or joining dating apps, because Cupid is ready to strike single Aries, and you can meet a partner who will not only provide romance, but be a good friend and be a positive influence who can help you get your life running and motoring in the right direction again. 

Your ruler Mars in Pisces helps bring out your more receptive qualities enhancing your ability to suss people out, understand nuance and navigate with emotional intelligence.

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Taurus – Shape up for love

Now this is a very creative and affectionate week for Taureans, it’s an ideal time to be pursuing hobbies that give you a sense of expansion and which bring a little bit of pleasure into your life. This is definitely not a time to be self-denying, to start a diet or to set yourself any really grueling targets, be it in terms of work or in terms of your exercise regime. It’s time to take your foot off the gas, reward yourself and indulge in a little bit of self-care.

So this last week of March, the motto right now is ‘charity begins at home’ and the best way to improve your relationships is to make sure that you are happy, and that means doing things that bring you gratification, which feel rewarding and help you get into a safe space of mind.

In terms of ongoing relationships, it’s really important for you to set the agenda and to make sure that your partner understands your needs and your love language, so don’t hold back, be assertive and make sure your relationships shape up.

Sex life improves, and you can discuss matters around sex life to ensure the magic starts happening again. With Venus very active by sextile, you are very romantic right now, also rather sentimental, and it’s you who are firing up the passion by being more imaginative regarding the romantic side of things.

Romance is not like instant gravy, it is more like a full roast dinner on a cold winter’s afternoon, something that has a familiar feeling, great aromas, leaves you satisfied, and stimulates the taste buds.

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Gemini – Nailing it

This is a really good week for dating and for those of you in relationships that have just started, however subtlety is everything. This is a time when it’s very important to be a good observer, and I know that you as Geminis are great communicators, but right now what is important is to understand what’s transpiring at a subtle level, so what your partner does, not what he says is vital. Try and tune in to his inner motivations because you can learn an awful lot right now.

This is also an excellent time for moving things forward on any career ambitions because you are particularly driven and ambitious, so you may be able to close out March with a really good result by impressing your boss, reaching a deadline or nailing a target. So while it’s all play at the weekend, during the weekdays work hard and get that result.

As Mars moves through Pisces and Mercury through Aries, you have an uncanny ability to read the mood in a crowd – you can pick up on that subtle comments and hidden cues that give you an insight into what is really going on. You are shrewd operator right now, and your timing is excellent; which can help you in business but also in social situations.

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Cancer – Eager Beaver

With Mercury in Aries this is a week when your reputation and career aims tend to be really important to you, even if you aren’t working or are retired it may be more important for you to engage in roles where you can be appreciated and feel you are making a difference.

As Mars begins its journey through Pisces, what will enhance your relationship right now is having positive interactions with people beyond your marriage or immediate social circles so that you can gain a better perspective. For a lot of you Cancerians, it may actually be your partner who’s the home body and yourself who is the one that’s more outgoing, so sometimes there’s a little bit of a clash in terms of what you want to do and what he wants to do, because you tend to more restless. So you need a good balance of doing things within the relationship and blowing off a little bit of steam yourself.

This can be a good time for couples who are facing a great challenge together as you are strong and resolute and can bring some fire into the mix. It is a period when you are strong as a unit and can punch above your weight – earning respect as a couple who are no pushovers. Couples with no goals who are just drifting along doing nothing in particular should start getting into gear – there is so much energy now that if you do not find an outlet from DIY to family fitness goals, you may end up fighting and bickering over nothing.

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Leo – Chasing the right targets

In this last week of March you have to be authentic; if you have been playing a role in order to live up to the expectations of peers or colleagues and win broad support, you may find yourself running dry of ideas and wondering where to go next. Stop chasing approval and start moving in circles where you are energized by shared values and outlooks on life.

Remember that by nurturing the ideas of others in your sphere and encouraging their hopes, you inject energy into what you value, and in turn, you can draw on that energy and the value (materially or intellectually) it creates. 

With Venus sextile Jupiter, you are quite charming in love – you know that right now you need support, friendship, and affection, and so you will do what you can to ensure that relationships are not disrupted by disagreements and needless conflict. It is a time when you do sweep things under the carpet, not because you are afraid of dealing with them or are avoiding stuff, you just realize that these issues are not a priority and are better left for another time.

You have a greater appreciation of what really counts, and this is a good time for a subtle shift in priorities which can mean that decisions you would not have dreamt of before now become quite appealing and practical. 

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Virgo – Hooked on a feeling

With Jupiter and Uranus activated in Taurus this is quite an impressionable time where you are open to new suggestions and where it is rather exciting to explore mentally new concepts or perhaps to go on tangents creatively where you just mess about with concepts and see where it takes you.

Seminars on empowerment training or on the use of visualization can be very helpful right now; you are open to new ideas regarding harnessing the power of the universe and altering your perceptions of reality in order to change your life outcomes.

As Mars is in Pisces, differences especially in relation to big decisions that have to be made can be smoothed over – you are the one to offer the olive branch, but even though you may make the first move and offer the initial concession, you will end up giving less than your partner, and you’ll be quite content with the end deal.

With Mercury in Aries, much of what goes on in relationships happens at an emotional, not a factual level, and so how you both feel about things tends to have more sway than the reality of the situation – so when you look back you may wonder what you were both thinking, but things tend to make sense intuitively and regarding 6th sense and so perhaps an inner wisdom or divine guidance is steering you both as a couple regarding important decisions.

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Libra – Strength and relationship power

With Mercury in Aries this a good week to initiate some conversations about those subjects which usually get the personal rev counter into the red – those conversations can still be tense; I cannot guarantee calm, but I can say that there will be meaningful debate and progress and not detours down dark alleyways of false accusations and unhelpful exaggerations. 

There is great inner strength and the ability to access a deep well of calm and reassurance within and that allows you to be more generous and understanding in relationships. Often compromise can be seen as a threat especially if you are insecure in love, but right now you can make those concessions just because it is the right thing to do. There is a strong sense of morality in relationships and of being the bigger person and doing what you feel is right. With your ruler Venus getting helpful support from Jupiter and Uranus, you are also strong enough to reject controlling moves and manipulation, and you can do that in a non-confrontational way. 

Libra are ready to turn a fresh page in love, and you are the one to encourage healing and forgiveness. You are also the one to suggest new directions and exciting new goals for you both as a couple.

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Scorpio – Unleash your trapped potential

With the full moon straddling your 6-12th axis, the past and future collide in a cosmic lesson where things in the now make sense regarding being repeating patterns set in motion by events that were until now forgotten. With Jupiter and Uranus activated, there is an opportunity to grab, an imaginary wire cutter that you can use to cut away the chains which link you to obligations that you never actually signed up for, but which were imposed on you at some point. No one sprints when they have their feet chained together; it is impossible and so why are you beating yourself up and comparing your performance to those whose feet are free. Time to stop struggling along and to free yourself of the people or limitations that hold you back.

Do not be concerned about how far behind you feel you are, have you forgotten that you are the goat who climbs the mountain, persistently and doggedly surmounting hurdles until you make it all the way to the top? This is not a time where you eschew responsibility, rather you embrace responsibilities of your choosing which reflect your future and your values.

New relationships right now often revolve around shared secrets and a need to reveal all and power up the relationship by dropping boundaries quickly. Power games in relationships are possible – mostly by your partner rather than you, these power games may reflect their insecurity about the subtle changes they feel happening within you.

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Sagittarius – Eyes wide open

Mars in Pisces approaching Saturn indicates situations arise in which you are called upon to show strength, but likewise, you can attract strong, supportive, and potentially loyal people to you now, who can help you achieve long term goals and who can be valuable allies regarding your hopes and dreams.

A great week to get organized or downsize: remove clutter in your life both domestically, at the office and emotionally by having a good cleanout or Facebook purge. Use the added willpower at your disposal to kick any bad habits – it is vital to recognize any new obsessions that may be developing or unhealthy crutches which you are reaching for and to kick them away.

This week’s transits brings more forward thrust and less drag; those who seek to bind you to a past that no longer works get weaker, and people step into your life who can provide that positive momentum into the future.

You are very intense emotionally, and you react with more passion to literally everything. While you are somewhat suspicious, this is not all about suspicion, it is about being more aware and having a fuller picture of your partner. You are driven to understand the person closest to you better, and you will seek information in order to do that. Even if you have been with your partner for ages and think you know everything about them, recent changes and moods may create anxiety that you feel can be resolved with keeping a closer eye on them.

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Capricorn – Life is a spicy takeaway

Venus sextile Jupiter brings a boost to love relationships by improving the physical elements, i.e., affection and sex life. You are highly attractive right now and are emitting a very sexy vibe; the problem is that you are like a faster moving cheetah who can wow admirers but who is never around long enough for anyone to really get to know you close up or get to stroke you. Your busy schedule and go-getting obsession for results, Mars in Pisces, make you a rare feature on the love scene.

However, in marriages, there is much passion and exciting intimate moments to be shared, even if these are a little rare, they are intense.

Single Capricorn may find that ‘on again off again’ romances or friend with benefits style liaisons suit you. You could even have a brief fling to satisfy your desire but do avoid any strings. While passionate in love, you can be a little raw – you tend to just go for it, and that will be appreciated by Aries, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio, perhaps less so by Aquarians and Gemini who desire some sophistication and want romance.

I would not say you are unromantic, but you can be a little too impatient for a romance that is long winded or soppy, and you certainly have no time for insincere clichés gestures. New love affairs are very much about instinct and gut level attraction rather than intellectual compatibility which is irrelevant – the sex can be sensational even if you have little in common otherwise.

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Aquarius – Imagine

With Mercury in Aries and Venus sextile Uranus, don’t let your partner put words in your mouth; say what needs to be said and do not drop hints. You cannot be vague right now, or he will get the wrong message. Be clear and be specific. 

You are not at your most objective in love; you tend to be highly idealistic which is not great as this is a week where reality comes knocking and practical details must be dealt with, so you are dragged back to earth with a bump.

On the positive side, Aquarius are the ones to bring imagination and novelty into love – you are not keen to stick to routines or follow the same patterns, you are into surprises and shaking up the daily routine with trips that involve culture, movies, and a little spring magic. It is a time when you are very romantic and not in a passive way; you like to make life come alive, and you tend to believe that no matter what else has to be done there is time for some mischievousness and indulgence.

Your imagination is on fire right now, and this allows you to find ever more ingenious ways to impress a person who you have in your romantic scope.

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Pisces – Stylish Chaos

Siblings or relatives may well be in need of your help, and so they can pitch up asking favors and adding to what is a hurley burley or activity where you do not know if you are coming or going. However, you feel nothing is impossible right now, and even if it is organized chaos, you are going to make it all happen in style eventually. 

You have a strong desire for glamour and grand gestures which means you push the boat out when it comes to entertaining.

In marriages or committed relationships, you will entertain more and invite mutual friends over – often greater interaction with friends helps your marriage over any rough patches and can encourage more appreciation and romance. You are likely to take things at face value now, and you are happy to just go with the flow and not to linger over deeper meanings – innuendo goes over your head as you are quite straightforward.

With Mercury in Aries and Mars in your solar 1st house, you tend to be fatalistic and not to worry too much about what you cannot control – you take the moment for what it is, and you enjoy that. A time to enjoy life and to surround yourself with friends and family – love and romance blossom the more social you are and so don’t be homebodies, be outgoing as a couple and get involved in community and social projects.

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There is always one partner in the relationship who wants to cling to a status quo, but the momentum right now is experiencing growth and personal evolvement, you may be triggering some subconscious defense actions in your partner which could manifest as jealousy or irrational anger. Getting to the root or underlying truth of any problem is vital as misconceptions can totally obliterate a rational and logical debate.

Overall, a week of poetry, music, and entertaining inspired by romantic yearnings. The atmosphere astrologically is hot-blooded, excitable, ready for love and ready to follow our hearts desire. A great time for more adventure and being creative especially outdoors. 

The themes for this week are:

  • Romance
  • Outings
  • Travel
  • Creative Change
  • Relaxing
  • Escapism
  • Fun

See you again next week.

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