Weekly Love Horoscope for April 1st – 7th

Hello my sweethearts, and welcome to the reading for the first week of April 2024.

Well it’s already April and we’ve all achieved a lot, it’s time to give ourselves a pat on the back and to reflect on lessons learned and any mistakes made.

Mercury is going retrograde in the early degrees of Aries and this encourages a reflective approach, so it’s ideal to avoid confrontation, to keep your paint dry and to maintain a poker face. It’s important not to rush into brand new situations – i.e. internet dating or financial situations – because this may represent a false start, so a little bit of caution and mindfulness is the way to go.

With Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, imagination and romance are definitely on the menu. We all thrive when engaged in creative or imaginative endeavours, feeling most fulfilled when our work allows room for innovation and expression. The structured world of business may feel daunting, leading us to seek respite from its demands, yearning instead for the warmth of romantic connections.

Intuition regarding people is remarkably astute, yet often an inclination to see the good in everyone may sometimes lead to trust too readily, occasionally blurring our judgement.

In some cases, new challenges representing a unique type of responsibility can actually ignite a flame within that was lacking before.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – High and Mighty 

With the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Aries, this is an excellent time for achieving greater understanding especially in your relationships. Aries women like to understand emotional things from logical and an intuitive point of view, and thus this is a good time to assess recent events and to work through your feelings about them.

This is a time to be really pragmatic in terms of your relationships: Rome wasn’t built in a day, relationships require work and consistency. So the key to achieving more love and affection in your relationship, is being a strong, stable partner who gives your loved ones clear information and feedback, so that everyone knows where they stand.

With your 7th ruler, Venus conjunction Neptune in Pisces, there is now a fantastic opportunity to take situations in love forward, so no matter what happened in the past, forgiveness is the key word, and once all is forgiven healing can begin.

However, it’s very important for you to think of the bigger picture and to understand that while there will always be things that don’t go exactly to plan, or which conflict with your desires needs and wants, it’s always important to understand how a loved one can contribute to our life overall. Therefore we don’t want to throw the baby out with a bathwater by rocking the boat over small issues.

It’s time to take the High Road in love, to work out what’s important and what’s not, and not over focus on things that are ephemeral or trivial.

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Taurus – Focusing on Facts Leads to a Love Boom

As Mercury is retrograde in your solar 12th house, during this week, you will need a little bit of space and private time. It’s very important for you to have time to think, and therefore you don’t necessarily just need time away from your partner, you need time away from the perpetual scrolling and the social media.

As your ruler is in Pisces conjunct Neptune, this is a fantastic week for you to go somewhere where you feel safe and secure, and where you can spend some time without being disturbed, doing something that helps you get in touch with yourself. The key now is being able to remove the clutter and the unnecessary hub-up from your life, so you can tune in to your inner wisdom and make some wise decisions.

It’s important this week to face facts in love, and you need to be clear on what the facts indeed are. It’s time to eliminate the assumptions, guesstimates or suspicions, and focus on what you really know, and this will help clarify communication in your relationship and it will also be easier for you to understand your next move.

This can be an excellent time financially, and if you work for a large corporation or government, you may well receive a raise, and alternatively if you are self-employed this is an excellent time to try and woo bigger clients, and get contracts with large organizations. You can be very successful in promoting yourself to new clients so don’t hide your light under a bushel.

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Gemini – You Are Gold

This is a very energetic and independent phase, it’s very important for you to be determined and to set yourself goals to work on. You can achieve an awful lot right now but you should focus on what you are doing and not be concerned on what other people are doing. There’s a lot of rumor, gossip and misinformation going around with Mercury retrograde, and this can be very distracting, so it’s very important for you to stick to your plans, to work to your strengths and have faith in yourself and you will be the cream that rises to the top.

What’s important in love right now is intimacy, trust and understanding, and it’s also important for you to show your partner the light at the end of the tunnel. Your partner may be looking to you to establish a new direction when it comes to dealing with the children or dealing with the finances, so don’t be shy to be assertive and dynamic in the way you tackle family problems.

As Venus, ruling your 5th is conjunct Neptune, if you are dating, this is definitely not the week to be choosing a friends with benefits situation, or dating someone from your friendship circle. If you are dating, it should be with someone totally new, that you’ve never met before and who doesn’t know your friends or your family yet.

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Cancer – It’s a Matter of Time 

This can be a tricky time when communicating with people in authority as Mercury retrograde is in your 10th house. It may be a time when there are many promising developments within your career, but everything seems to be on hold, or there can be delays in terms of contractual arrangements, or perhaps the relevant pieces of the puzzle are still to fall into place.

If you are eager for something to happen within your career, you have to be patient right now because it may be a case that those in authority, or in your line of command don’t have enough information or are still getting their ducks in a row, and there’s not much you can do until they get organized.

In love, it’s very important not to second guess your partner. It’s a phase where you have to be quite intuitive in love, having discussions or asking questions doesn’t necessarily yield the kind of progress or information you want, so you really have to play it by ear. Thus what’s most important right now in your love relationships is showing compassion and understanding, and allowing your partner to move at their own pace, don’t try and force any issues or ram home your opinions.

Venus conjunct Neptune in your solar 9th, house is a great time to write an important letter to yourself, your ex-partner or a significant person in your life to express your feelings and perhaps apologize or seek to establish closure. Writing to yourself is all about self-forgiveness which is very important too.

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Leo – Forget about the Wallflowers 

This should be an interesting week for Leo, as Venus conjunction Neptune in Pisces is quite exotic, it certainly won’t be boring as there’s lots to learn and it’s very important to have an open mind. The key right now in your love life and in relationships, is taking things to the next level, and daring to ask for more. Very often Leo are loving and perhaps bashful partners, but you don’t always get your needs met, because you’re not particularly assertive when it comes to demanding balance in the relationship. 

So, right now it’s very important for you to introduce different ways of communicating with your partner so that you will feel more confident that he understands what you want, and how you want to live your life. It’s also important for you to have interests beyond the relationship where you can express yourself a lot more freely, and where you don’t feel confined by any boundaries or previous commitments you have made to a partner.

In terms of your career, it’s a fantastic time to be marketing and promoting yourself, as well as developing strategies to be more visible within your professional community.

This can be very successful time for dating, don’t rule out any long distance relationships and cast the net wide. It’s certainly time to consider people that may seem on the surface like they aren’t your cup of tea, but you should give them a chance because they could be something really special. It’s important right now to look for guys who have high standards, are good leaders and have warm personalities – don’t settle for a wallflower.

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Virgo – Get your motor running 

A power conjunction in Pisces means this is definitely a time when your motor is running in terms of romance. Whether you have recently been dating, are in a romance or looking for love, things can really begin to move quickly now. The passions are aroused and there should be a fair amount of excitement. However, in new love, what you don’t want to be doing is to settling into a steady routine.

You want to keep learning about your partner, challenging each other and doing new things together love. Love right now should be an adventure, if it feels very pedestrian and very controlled then it’s wrong. If it feels a bit exhilarating, even though you’re not quite sure of the potential, keep going with it.

With Mercury retrograde in your solar eighth house, this is an important time for you and your partner or spouse to get a good understanding when it comes to your finances. It’s time to pull your horns in and be a little bit of cautious, this is not a time for big spending, it’s a time for putting money aside and thinking about investments. It’s also a good time to have honest conversations. 

Sometimes it’s the small things that need resolving – they say, “If you watch the pennies the pounds will take care of themselves,” but this week in relationships, if you deal with the small issues, sometimes the big issues will resolve themselves.

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Libra – Get it in writing 

This week with Mercury retrograde in Aries, communication is very important in relationships, and you can’t afford to take anything for granted. When you and your partner come to agreements, you have to be sure that things are written down and that there is complete understanding. It’s so important with Mercury retrograde that you guys talk things through properly and don’t leave any loose ends, because it’s very possible that misunderstandings can occur, or that one of you may not want to follow through, or may change your mind.

Now allowances have to be made for both of you to change your mind, and that might mean that even once you’ve made a decision there does have to be an ongoing conversation or window of opportunity to backtrack, because different information coming to light could cause doubts 

With Venus conjunction Neptune, this week tolerance and flexibility are really important in relationships, even in the best relationships we can’t always agree or see eye to eye on things, but we can’t let these relatively minor disagreements or even major disagreements destroy the relationship.

You and your partner have to be able to withstand certain differences, while still focusing on maintaining affection and closeness. So remember love is not a game, you don’t always have to win. Relationships are all about the long haul, and that means that they are ups and downs, but the problem areas should stay compartmentalized, and you should maintain affection, care and thoughtfulness regardless.

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Scorpio – Over the Target 

With Mercury retrograde in Aries, it’s easy to jump the gun in relationships. You have to make an effort to more patient with your partner and you should listen rather than making assumptions about what they think. Your partner is actually changing a lot right now and they are more open to discussion and debate, and so don’t assume anything is a done deal, get the conversation going and you may be pleasantly surprised about what you guys can come up with or suddenly agree on.

It’s time to disregard what’s gone before in love, whether it be a marriage or romantic relationship, it’s all change and a totally new understanding can be reached.

Venus Neptune in your solar 5th house represents a fabulous time to try once again in a failed relationship to make things work – your forgiving attitude and sense of humour can still clutch victory from the jaws of defeat in love.

This week with Venus conjunction Neptune, new love is to be found in unusual places and so to allow Cupid to strike, get started on a brand new hobby and throw yourself headlong into it. Your enthusiasm is your most attractive quality right now.

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Sagittarius – Getting into the Spotlight 

This week Sun and Mercury in Aries indicates a terrific time for engaging in social situations with good friends or colleagues, as there’s plenty of opportunity to impress men with your charm and charisma, and this can lead to love next month. You thrive in the spotlight and enjoy the attention of other people, especially men, and so you should embrace male dominated environments.

When dating, don’t be shy, delight a new partner with tales of your adventures and talk of your ambitions. It’s vital for you to express your creativity through physical action, such as performance or entertainment, or sports which require physical strength. You are quite competitive and you are at your most attractive when you are in an environment where you need to step up and give of your best.

Because Mercury is retrograde in Aries, you have to choose your words carefully when dating. Less is more, so don’t be gushy or too eager, be direct and allow your new date an opportunity to tell you what they need to say without fear of judgment. You are quite competitive right now, but in romance your high energy could put your date in edge, so know when to relax and chill out when dating.

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Capricorn – Pole Position for Love 

With Venus and Neptune conjunct in Pisces, you are in prime position for dating because you relate to other people really well during this time and you are excellent at conversations that are stimulating, yet also passionate. During this week you are self-assured and you come over as so authentic that men find you very refreshing.

In marriage, you have no truck pushing your own agenda but will still exercise enough control to be sensitive in your approach and respect your partner’s opinions. Because you sweethearts are comfortable with yourself and confident of your ideas, it’s easier to convince your partner of your concerns or ideas without encouraging arguments or conflict. 

Because of your high energy and your ability to sense the emotional atmosphere, you can project strength and show leadership while also understanding the nuances of any situation.

Mercury retrograde in Aries as well as Neptune activated in your solar 3rd house, makes you very intrigued by dates or new men in your life who seem a little vulnerable it even mysterious. Mystery and a fascinating backstory are what turns you on in love and you rather enjoy a new partner who makes you work hard to get to know them.

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Aquarius – Lessons in Love 

With Mercury retrograde and Venus conjunct Neptune, this week the important thing in love is learning through your mistakes. Love is not just about companionship and passion, it’s a vehicle through which we learn about ourselves, and so constant self-reflection or introspection in love is a vital ingredient for your own personal growth and also better relationships.

If you have recently ended a relationship it’s now time to assess what you learned and how you can take that knowledge forward into new relationships. 

With Mars in Pisces, you can approach important issues that affect your relationships with greater determination and a resilient attitude, and you have the ability to distinguish what matters for you from what is a passing distraction. 

You have an opportunity to become more clear and confident about the direction of your relationship and the goals that you wish to pursue with your partner’s help. Deep reflection on what you want to communicate to your partner can bring answers which will put your mind to rest.

Although this is not a time to take sudden or unexpected action, decisions that you make now on objectives you want to achieve in your love life, can begin a process that unfolds on its own.

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Pisces – Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Mercury is retrograde in Aries your solar 2nd house and this is a very important time for long-range decisions for you and your partner. It’s important to have conversations and to think about exactly what you want in the coming two years, and then set down a concrete strategy. This is potentially a time for structured and organised thinking, and when you and your partner can come together in a rational way to make decisions of both an emotional and practical nature.

This is a suitable time for you both to get your money affairs sorted out, and thus to feel a lot more relaxed and in control. There’s nothing worse than things hanging over your head, and this is the time when, even if you can’t resolve problems, you can have discussions so that you both feel that you’re on the same page. This month is all about you and your partner having open discussions, so at least you can get the ideas and some debate flowing.

With Venus conjunct Neptune, the first week of April is definitely a week to be more private and to have quiet time with your partner. You should resist planning anything too hectic or stressful, it is certainly a time to get back to basics and to explore what is most essential. Have some peace and quiet and wind down, because it is via a relaxed atmosphere that the best ideas will be able to dawn on you. 

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Embrace authenticity and honesty in your actions, as straying from these principles often leads to disappointment. Release the constraints of strict schedules and embrace the flexibility to follow your intuition. Recognize that achieving your desires may require adaptability, particularly when things don’t unfold as anticipated. 

As Mars travels through Pisces, embrace the journey rather than fixating solely on the destination, allowing yourself to explore various paths without feeling lost. Approach situations with heightened sensitivity, finding value in non-linear and open-ended experiences. Redirect your focus towards serving others, extending your efforts beyond personal gratification.

The themes for this week are:

  • Romance
  • Escapism
  • Imagination
  • Empathy
  • Beauty and art
  • Escapism
  • Fantasy

See you again next week.

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