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Weekly Love Horoscope For February 28th – March 6th

Hello my dears, and welcome to the weekly love horoscope for February 28th through March 6th. Doesn’t it feel like this year is flying by? I’m always surprised by how fast the cycles of life seem to pass by us if we’re not paying attention.

This week we can expect a continuation of one lucky alignment: Venus conjunct Mars. If you haven’t tuned in with us for the last few weeks, then you might not know that Venus and Mars have been dancing with one another and aligning in the sky, causing some passionate love energy and perhaps a few tempers.

Mercury meets Saturn this week, causing some potential hang-ups in our communication style. Romance can feel a little clunky. In fact, you may not even feel all that romantic at all around this period. But it’s important to know how to field this aspect even if you are in a relationship.

With Mars and Venus meeting up with the notorious Pluto this week, it’s obvious that there will be drama. Pluto is a big fan of breaking down old ways of understanding, loving, and taking action, so there is room for something better to come… but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt like hell!

Now, during all of these events, you can look forward to a little something to take the edge off. With the Sun meeting up with Jupiter in the sign of Pisces, you can expect to have a dose of optimism and joy that translates into your actions. With so much pep in your step, how could someone not notice you?

Okay, my darling, I know that you’re as excited to dive into this work as I am! Find your Sun sign down below and read up on how this week’s energy translates for you!


Aries, this week could have you feeling reserved. The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune are all within your house of isolation and undoings. Thankfully, Venus isn’t there so romance isn’t on the table to be ‘undone,’ most likely. However, you could still be feeling like a Debbie Downer and perhaps you’re just not as up to it as usual.

If you’re still persisting in the game of love while those transits are going on, then you’re in luck because your planet of love and romance is partnering with your planetary ruler. You have opportunities for love and romance all around you, especially as they both enter Aquarius.

When these two enter Aquarius (aka your house of friendship and blessings) you could be feeling blessed in any area ruled by Venus and Mars. So, partnerships and romance, in general, could feel like they’re thriving. With Mars here, you’re likely feeling yourself and have a big basket to collect all of the goodness falling down all around you.


Taurus, your planetary ruler Venus is transiting with Mars into your house of career and legacy. This can have you feeling the pressure. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, what have I done to secure my future romantically? Is my partner good enough quality to bring into the rest of my days with me? Would I commit to this person?

With a loaded eleventh house of gifts, friendships, and blessings, you’re likely feeling very appreciative of the world around you. You’ve got a community that supports you and you’re appreciating all the little things in life. As the Sun meets Jupiter within this house, you’ll see your houses of family, gifts, and secrets are activated.

You could easily find that this time period is positive for all of those areas of life. You could find out about something hidden in a way that causes no drama, prosper at home, and feel the goodness of life soak through you as these two big guys of the sky meet up.


Gemini, with your house of partnerships being lit up this week by the Sun and Jupiter’s meeting, you can expect a few days of joy and fidelity to your partner. You both are likely able to spend some time together or connect in some other way that fills you up with happiness with him.

As your planetary ruler, Mercury, meets up with Saturn in the sky, you could be feeling a bit cut and dry. You’re not very whimsical and in fact, could be feeling intense pressure to perform to the standards of those around you. In the sign of Aquarius, you could find a way to make the traditional more innovative.

As the ruler of your house of romance lies in your house of expansion, travel, and faith, you’re seeing opportunities to create love while incorporating these themes. If you’re looking to meet someone new, then look to colleges or in multicultural spots.


Your house of travel and expansion is full to the brim, leaving you with an emphasis on just those themes. Romance can be incorporated into this mix with ease since this is a generally optimistic house. Being open to those who aren’t from a similar background to your own will increase your love potential.

With the Moon (your planetary ruler) passing through this house, you’re more able to create an authentic romance. You could fall for someone who is a way away from you… road trip!

As Venus and Mars (ruler of your house of romance) meet, your love potential is stronger than normal. Having the drive and spunk to make your intentions known is key right now. Don’t be afraid to use your voice.

This could be a struggle since Mercury meets with Saturn in your house of secrets. There very well could be something that you feel you have to hide away from others.


Leo, you can expect a generally positive attitude this week as your planetary ruler aligns with the Sun in the sign of Pisces. This is obviously a period to celebrate. Your good mood and bright energy could draw others to you. Don’t be afraid to let your positivity shine outwards since this is your ticket for attraction this week.

With Mercury meeting Saturn within your house of partnerships, you can expect some bumps in the road, if you’re in a relationship especially. Communication with your partner could get clunky or you may find that you want to control how your partner processes certain information. It’s important to communicate as clearly as possible and with compassion but firmness.

The ruler of your house of romance meeting up with your chart ruler bodes extremely well for your romantic potential this week. I advise that you be yourself and put yourself out there if you’re single and looking. If you’re partnered, buckle down and remember why you put in the work… for your love together!


Virgo, you’re more likely this week to feel reserved and uptight. With Saturn and Mercury (your planetary ruler) aligning in a house of labor and work, you’re definitely feeling the pressure. Romance may be secondary this week as you focus more on your workload.

Oddly enough, there is a hidden opportunity for romance within this alignment. The ruler of your house of romance is Saturn, and so by combining with your chart ruler, you could be integrating more romance into your life… potentially with a coworker?

With the Sun and Jupiter meeting within your house of relationships, this does give you an obvious opportunity to grow and enrich your relationships. If you’re able to take your mind off of the pressure of daily minutiae and potential health concerns, you actually do have a wonderful opportunity in front of you.


Libra, your planetary ruler is meeting up with Mars in the sign of Aquarius this week. Aquarius just so happens to be the ruler of your house of romance! This bodes EXTREMELY well for you, dear Libra. You can let loose and follow your heart. It’s important to express love freely and don’t hold back. This is how you can get the biggest blessings from this time.

The fact that Mars is the ruler of your house of partnership makes this alignment ever MORE powerful for you, Libra. This implies that natural romance and hardcore commitment to one another can intertwine with grace and fun right now.

In your house of labor, the Sun and Jupiter are forming a bright and happy alignment in the sign of dreams, empathy, and surrender. This is your sign to surrender to the joy around you. It’s easy to allow fear to overtake us. But doing your work with intense joy and pleasure is the key to making the most of this transit.


Scorpio, with your planetary ruler, Mars, meeting the ruler of your seventh house of partnerships, Venus, you could expect sparks to fly. This is a moment that only comes around once a year, so make sure to take full advantage by making moves to strengthen and refine your approach.

If you’re single and ready to mingle, or in a relationship but want to get that old spark back, this is the time. Scorpio, in your fifth house, the Sun, and Jupiter are aligned this week, bringing an intense creative energy and outburst of pure love. You being your most authentic expression of yourself is key to attracting your high vibe partner.

Scorpio, with Saturn and Mercury meeting up within your house of family and home, you could be feeling as if your voice has been stunted. You’re not speaking up as you should, but you could feel as if you’ve got no choice but to remain silent. I encourage you to play more into the sweet side of this week the best you can and to deal with any restrictions with faith and optimism.


Sagittarius, what a lucky week for you! As the Sun meets up with Jupiter (your planetary ruler) and the Sun in your house of home and family, you are seeing a great opportunity for growth, expansion, and definitely blessings on the home front. There is a possibility of moving around this time, but it’s sure to be an even better arrangement.

With the ruler of your fifth house of romance and the ruler of your house of labor and your house of friendship and blessings. In your house of communication, this tells me that you could come back in contact with a friend or old coworker that has the potential to turn into a new flame.

Your ruler of relationships is pairing up with Saturn, which can mean a certain amount of pressure within your one-on-one relationships. If you’re in a partnership then this can feel like a time when one or both of you is asked to step up to the plate and improve for the sake of your romantic relationship.


Capricorn, you’re seeing an excellent opportunity for love and romance as Mars and Venus meet in your own sign this week. This is the final week you’ll see them in this auspicious position, so make sure you’re embodying the traits of passionate love in order to make the most of this positive alignment.

Your planetary ruler, Saturn, and Mercury are aligning within your house of finances and resources. This means that your mind is occupied with grounded and sensible thoughts. You’re wondering who you can be with that will create a stable future for you. I recommend choosing your partners with this in mind.

Mars and Venus aligning with Pluto in your sign turns up the heat. You may be asked to reevaluate your relationship to yourself in order to improve your romantic relationships with others. You must be willing to let go of old habits and ways of being in order to improve yourself. It may be messy, but you’ll be happy you did it.


Aquarius, you’re seeing a potentially difficult aspect for love this week as Mercury and Saturn meet within your sign. Mercury rules your house of romance, and Saturn tends to slow everything down and make progress difficult. This means that pursuing casual romance is likely not a preferred activity this week. Luckily, Mercury is speedy and this energy will likely be over by next week.

The Sun (ruler of your house of partnership) and Jupiter are meeting within your house of finances. With this alignment, you could meet someone with money or you and your partner could see a sudden influx of money or some sort of gift. This is the perfect time to invest to see huge returns. Signing contracts is a preferred activity right now.

Mars and Venus in Capricorn lie in your house of isolation, but they’re almost out of there and into your own sign. By the end of this week, you should be feeling a distinct shift in your mood, vigor, and romantic potential. The last few weekly horoscopes haven’t been kind to you, but things are about to change for the better, my love.


Pisces, you’re largely seeing blessings this week as the Sun and your ruler, Jupiter, meet within your own sign. This represents a period of high self-esteem and confidence. This change in attitude will not go unnoticed by those around you. Be your whole self for others and watch them fall in love with it!

As the Moon transits past this alignment at this time, you’re seeing your house of romance become lit up with this positive energy at the same time! What a blessing for you. Expressing yourself authentically and creating things that reflect your opinion.

With Mars and Venus within your house of friendship, you could be seeing some sparks fly with someone who you’ve previously considered just a friend. This can also just be a period of blessings since the eleventh house is about enjoying the rewards and fruits of your labor.

Wrapping Up

This week gets dicey here and there, but for the most part, we see opportunities for growth and positivity. The influence of the Sun and Jupiter create a positive vibe (or, at least a better one) for when things go off-kilter.

Protect your peace this week as Saturn and Mercury align. Your mind could feel like it’s in a pressure cooker, but finding a peaceful place within you will mitigate bad feelings.

If you read your horoscope and have further questions about the impact of these transits, I’ve created a place for you to go to ask me the questions you’ve got.

I find that providing a one-on-one approach is the best way to help others understand the energies surrounding them best. There is something about connecting with a reader that I can’t get enough of.

Sign up for a spot here if you want to talk with me more about the energy available to you this week.

I’ll see you next week!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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    1. Hi Ria!

      You need to learn something about Virgo and that’s that they can be very critical of themselves and other people. Do NOT let his behavior hurt you. Try not to take it too personally. If he does say things that hurt you, point them out to him on a very calm level. If you can explain that what he says hurts your feelings, he won’t want to do that. It will be a hard thing to correct as they’re hard wired for being like this. Be honest with how you feel with him. It’s really important. I wish you all the best but if you need more Virgo knowledge, check out my guides on “Virgo Man Secrets”.

  1. Your easy introduction to the story of astrology is amazing! Cheerful comments, “light” language understandable to everyone, you are wonderful Ana👌 And most of all I like the optimism that you constantly infuse❣️

    1. Hi Snezana!

      Awww you are so sweet. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate any feedback I can get. I hope the horoscopes are a ray of sunshine for your life. Stay tuned! I wish you all the very best!

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