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The Moon In Taurus Woman: What She Needs To Feel Secure In Love

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac where the soul becomes aware of the material world. This sign is fixed, meaning that it happens in the middle of the season, and it’s hot and moist in nature. And its ruler is the planet Venus. As the Moon governs the sign of Cancer, and its qualities are cold and moist, this “moistness” will suit the Moon the best.

A Moon in Taurus woman will be someone who has a style and grace, who perceives or creates the best qualities of the material life. And she will also be home or family-oriented, loving the idea of wealth, unity, and harmony above anything else in life. Her ambitions will revolve around safety and values, and she will always be love, and frequently adored by many.

The Meaning Of Moon In Taurus

The Moon has its best position right there in the sign of Taurus for sure, and in Astrological terms, this is known as a Moon’s exaltation sign. And it’s really simple to discover why. The sign of Taurus is all about material safety, true values, food intake, direct income, and fertility, and it’s governed by the planet Venus.

Venus in this earth element represents everything tangible, the territorial, being this “territory” psychological or physical belongings of a person, as well as their voice, earning ability, and since the mouth are the symbol for Venus, food intake will also play a major role here.

The Moon, on the other hand, exalts with joy there where the food is plenty, where everything reproduces and multiplies. The table and the kitchen pantry are filled with the best foods, the home atmosphere is warm and fun, the crops are announcing the wealth in the autumn season, the girls are beautiful and smart, the guys are good, honest, and steady, and the overall image of prosperity is ever-present.

This is why the person with Moon in Taurus is calm, harmonious, and knows that things will surely improve because everything good happens in time. Patience, kindness, and care about others are the main traits of a Taurus woman Moon, and she will be loved and remembered for her feminine goodness, her truthful nobility, and true values she always puts in the first place in everything she does.

Is A Taurus Moon Honest?

In some situations, a Taurus Moon woman might appear to be dishonest – not because she will tell a lie, but because she will sustain to give her judgment publically or generally. She doesn’t do it to harm anyone or to produce confusion, but the keep the balance between people in and good mood.

Even if she feels the need to say something, she will do it carefully measuring each word that comes out of her mouth because she doesn’t want to cause any discomfort. And in her case, she will always be seen as someone positive and diplomatic to the extent. Generally speaking, a Taurus woman is honest and the meaning of honor is tightly related to this term. Everything can be said and done in a nice manner, and all people can always feel appreciated and loved.

When it comes to being faithful, a Taurus woman will be the most devoted partner in a romantic or business relationship. And she will manage to avoid any temptation because she will lie the foundation of any sort of relationship on firm ground. She will need more time to estimate whether a person is worthy of her time and efforts, but once the judgment is made, she will know for sure that this person will be capable to take care of all of her needs. And in this sense, she won’t waste the time exploring other options because she had already taken the best one.

What To Do When The Moon Is In Taurus

When the transiting Moon is in Taurus, no matter if you have it in your natal chart or not, this is the wonderful time to think and execute the real-estate purchase. You could also engage in furniture shopping or flipping, planning a garden, or decorating your home. Or, on the other hand, you could also start learning about gourmet cooking or prepare a delicious meal. This is a fantastic time to have a spa, a beauty regime, do your hair, or visit a beautician.

And all of those activities especially apply if this transit is happening in your first or seventh horoscope house. In the case, you have the transiting Moon in Taurus in your second or eighth house, you should check and recheck your bank balance or investment portfolio. If the Moon in Taurus is happening in your third or ninth house, you could plan to visit or go traveling somewhere beautiful with exquisite accommodation.

The transiting Taurus Moon in the fourth or tenth house will be extremely beneficial for beautifying the home or the workplace and engaging in property types of jobs. And if it happens in your fifth or eleventh house, then you could indulge in glorious desserts, romantic encounters, or elegant receptions. In the sixth or twelfth house, the transiting Taurus Moon will bring you a feminine working environment, the discovery of the hidden wealth somewhere on your property, or a lavish sexual experience.

How Moon In Taurus Appears In A Woman’s Chart

Moon in Taurus personality traits revolve around the idea of “what is mine,” because Taurus is the sign of getting full awareness of the body, and everything that belongs to that body in the physical world. This is exactly why so many Taurus women are seen as materialistic or even calculative as if we don’t live in the material world and as if we don’t need those material means to simply exist.

Yes, a Taurus Moon woman is surely materialistic because she knows that bills have to be paid and that the food must be on a table every day. And why not? Some other things or items should be present too because what is life good for if not to be beautiful and comfortable.

The second usual misconception about the Taurus Moon woman is that she is unintelligent. And this is so far from the truth and can only be explained by pure jealousy. This woman needs some more time, that is true. But, she doesn’t need more time because she is mentally slower than the other people, but because she needs to think thoroughly about each issue.

And this is exactly why her results show her mental or emotional abilities. In the majority of cases, a Taurus Moon woman will live a great lifestyle, and in so many situations she will truly enjoy the pure luxury. It doesn’t matter whether she made that fortune by herself, by working hard and steadily, or she married someone successful and now acts like the muse and a trophy wife. And on some occasions, she could do both.

However, if you are wondering if a Taurus Moon woman careless or for haven’s sake, heartless, then you should know that you are so far from her essence. This woman is the epitome of care and she will do anything she can to make all other people around her feel comfortable, nurtured, amused, and relaxed. She is a woman made out of pure love, although some people might notice that she contains lavish amounts of sugar. Some would love that part, some don’t, but she will focus on those people who will appreciate her and succeed in life.

What Does A Taurus Moon Woman Look Like?

Taurus Moon Woman

The Moon in Taurus, or the second house, represents the face, although its primary meaning is about the neck and the lower jaw. In this sense, you can notice that a Taurus Moon woman will have a sexy or mesmerizing voice and her soul and her strength too will reside in the sound. Also, her face will be beautiful in the feminine sense, no matter what current fashion style is on agenda. In her race, nation, or cultural background she will always be seen as someone lovely and memorable.

Her body will have feminine curves no matter how big or small she is, and she will emphasize those natural female lines by soft, elegant, and sexy dressing style. It really doesn’t matter whether she belongs to the lower or higher class, she will appear to be the genuine queen. And even if her clothes are humble, her movements will be relaxed and beautiful, and the general impression of her will always be extraordinary.

The Moon In Taurus Woman In Love

The Moon In Taurus Woman In Love

How someone acts and reacts around love matters is mostly shown through their natal Venus position. On the other hand, the placement of the natal Moon represents a person’s inner world and emotions. And this inevitably colors their world of love and passion.

A Taurus Moon in love will firstly need some substantial time to open up. This is the sign of its cautious nature and once the trust is established and the friendly feelings are fully developed, then the partnership can start, too.

A Taurus Moon woman in love will show total devotion, and as much as she will admire her partner, she will deserve the same or even bigger appreciation. And if she feels welcomed and nurtured in that relationship, she will stay with her partner for a lifetime.

She will be calm, act beautifully, take care of all little, but important details, and emerge into this feeling of luxury no matter how she and her partner earn in those moments. Every day or night spent beside her side will look like in the most expensive place in the world. And she possesses the amazing ability to make everything she touches pure gold.

The Moon In Taurus Woman In Bed

The Moon In Taurus Woman In Bed

Sexuality and performance styles are shown through aspects between Mars and Venus as the basis, in Astrology. But, the Moon is the pillar of female emotions, and as such can be seen as a very important factor in sex, too.

A Taurus Moon woman in bed or sexually speaking will be more receptive and she will need long intros to be able to develop her passion to the full extent. In return, her partner will be amazed by her body, her slow but tempting movements, and her irresistible scent of perfume. Remember that the scent also plays a major role in her mood.

She will also love everything related to soft oral sex, and her desire will increase many times more if she can hear some slow and seductive music going in the background. However, to perform her best, a Taurus Moon woman will need to feel safe and loved, and also in a beautiful environment.

A Moon In Taurus Woman’s Strengths And Weaknesses

Positive Traits of a Moon in Taurus Woman

The Moon in Taurus woman is a traditional image of a strong on the inside, but fragile on the outside type of a lady. She will show enormous determination to get what she wants and what she thoroughly planned, and she won’t give up until she holds her goal firmly in her gentle hands.

At the same time, she will appear harmonious, relaxed, and in no hurry. This is why people will admire and wonder how come things come so easily to her and without any effort, while she will know how much work she has put in.

This woman is also very savvy and practical. She knows how to handle the kitchen, the garden, the office, the children, the people, or the animals. In her hands, everything turns into gold, and she is capable of making a lot out of little, it doesn’t matter if those “little things” are food, money, properties, or anything else. She will multiply and she will prosper, no doubt and no exception.

Also, she will be patient and hold her focus way longer than anyone else, and this is exactly why she will achieve everything she plans for her life.

Positive Traits of a Moon in Taurus Woman

The first among the negative traits of a Taurus Moon woman will be her stubbornness. She won’t use the harsh words or burn in the fire of her dark emotions like some other Zodiac signs can. No, she will be calm and collected no matter what happens around her, but she will remember every word spoken and every action taken. And if someone did something wrong she will never forget, and more importantly, forgive. Moving on and moving away will be her golden tactic to punish that person.

Unfortunately, the same will be applied if she is wrong about something. The centuries could pass by her, but she won’t give up on her idea, although circumstances or anything else could prove her wrong a long time ago. And she will often become addicted to the routine, and any small change could really make her confused.

And the Taurus Moon’s legendary negative trait is that the woman who has this placement in her natal chart can easily become lazy and gain an enormous amount of weight if her life looks safe or comfortable enough. Just as she never gives up on other things in life, she will stubbornly overload herself with food and spend her days and years without much physical activity.

Moon In Taurus Compatibility

A Moon in Taurus is compatible with someone who has their natal Sun, Moon, or a Rising sign in Scorpio. This Taurus-Scorpio axis will be very strong and bond two people for sure. Will they achieve a harmonious relationship or not will depend on other planets and aspects they make in their natal charts. But in all those cases, a Moon in Taurus with significant planets or points in Scorpio will feel the magnetic attraction and surely, some sort of mission, the two of them have to accomplish.

Besides Scorpio as the first and natural choice for a Taurus Moon woman, Taurus itself will act as a powerful magnet and she will feel close and fully understood if her partner has Sun, Venus, or Rising sign in Taurus. Also, productive and harmonious relationships will be seen with the individuals who have their significant planets or points in the signs of Cancer and Pisces, and especially with Virgo or Capricorn people.

The worst compatibility for a Taurus Moon woman will take place with Leo or Aquarius. With a Leo partner, she will have endless ego battles and instead of working together and building something meaningful, they will compete all the time. And with an Aquarius individual, this Taurus Moon woman will have frequent misunderstandings and due to their inner differences, they will avoid each other for sure.

Moon In Taurus Celebrities

Moon in Taurus female celebrities are memorable through their grounded femininity. Their natal charts and life can look completely different, yet they will be recognizable for their unique approach to feminine qualities and they will feel good about everything they do.

Greta Garbo was the role model for serious, strict, but still carefree and established femininity during the whole 20th century. She was born in Stockholm, Sweden on September 18th, 1905. Her natal Sun is in Virgo, Moon in Taurus, of course, and her natal Rising sign or Ascendant is in Gemini, while the top of her sky or MC is in Capricorn. This shows her need to dominate her profession, but also to feel good about herself as a woman. And magnificent Garbo, as people named her, was rated as the fifth-greatest actress of all times.

The most popular Mexican painter of all time is surely Frida Kahlo. She was born in Coyoacán, Mexico on July 6th, 1907. Her natal Sun is in Cancer, Moon in Taurus, her Ascendant in Leo and her MC is in Taurus, too. And although she was in a profession where women were not taken seriously, and she also had disastrous health conditions, she became the world-famous artist combining the surreal style in art, and her own dramatic experiences.

The ever-beautiful and everlasting actress Meryl Streep is another great example. She was born in Summit, New Jersey on June 22nd, 1949. Her natal Sun is in Cancer, Moon in Taurus, her Ascendant is in Leo, and her MC in Aries. As you can see from the top of her sky, she was always very determined and so talented that she is one of the rare actresses who can perfectly act a young girl and the old lady in the same film. Her elegant appearance and calm humor made her a legend and got her an endless number of awards in the film industry.

But let us look at someone who made an extraordinary career in the recent decades, like Christina Aguilera. She was born in Staten Island, New York on December 18th, 1980. Her natal Sun is in Sagittarius, Moon in Taurus, Ascendant in Aquarius, and the top of her sky, MC is in Sagittarius. And this ensured her international recognition. From an early age, she paved her way using her mesmerizing and powerful voice, which is symbolic of Taurus, and also her beauty. And as time goes by, we can expect many new glorious musical hits from her.

Of course, there are so many more exceptionally talented and beautiful women with their natal Moon in Taurus, like Demi Moore, Keira Knightley, Nicole Scherzinger, Zendaya… And all those women use the unique part of their personalities to capitalize upon and create a better world for all of us.

Final Thoughts

A Moon in Taurus is a really blessed position to have in anyone’s natal chart.

However, this is not the only placement there and many other planets, points, and aspects will create the whole personality, determine their positive or negative traits, past, present, and future events.

Moreover, the whole chart will show where constructive improvements and corrections can be made so that a person can get the best from life and incoming opportunities.

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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