Moon In Aries Woman: How You Want To Be Nurtured In Love

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac where the spark of creation emerges from the sea of everlasting. This sign is cardinal, meaning that the new season begins with it, and it’s hot and fiery in nature. Its ruler is the planet Mars. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, its qualities are cold and moist, and this is why having a Moon in Aries brings some conflicting situations in the mind of the individual.

A Moon in Aries woman has a fiery nature for sure, and her emotions are, therefore, fast and changeable, frequently filled with sudden reactions and anger. However, she is always righteous and full-hearted when it comes to helping others or starting various ideas and actions. And her soul is seen through her eyes.

The Meaning Of Moon In Aries

What good is a life worth living for if it’s not to be conquered and seduced, asks the Moon in Aries all the time. Life is worthless if it is repeating, and offering safety and the feeling of being dead while still alive. The zest must be present, the passion, triumphs, and yes, occasional mistakes. But this in the basic terms the portrait of the Moon in Aries.

The person with Moon in Aries is brimming with all sorts of desires which must be fulfilled right away. And if this is not the case, then the person will wait until eternity to get what they want, no exception. The waiting process will just heat up this desire instead of transforming it, and they will become very stubborn even if this desire doesn’t work for their highest good.

On the other hand, due to those new desires and adventures they have to achieve no matter what, the person with Moon in Aries will somehow stay young, at least young in spirit, and their body will remain agile and ready to follow their mind in whatever direction their dreams rush into, positive or negative. They will have to experience life through their perception, and won’t accept other people’s advice.

Is An Aries Moon Bad?

In general terms, Aries Moon is not bad at all because there are no good and bad natal charts. Simply, there are no mistakes and we all carry a certain mission in each life. On the other hand, in terms of Astrology rules, the Moon doesn’t feel so good in Aries, because Moon is moist and cold in nature, and Aries is a hot and dry sign.

And this is exactly why a person with Aries Moon could be too fast, too passionate, and occasionally brisk, reckless, and intrusive. However, this same Moon position is known to have a pure heart, pure emotions, and this person will never be able to hold the grudge for a long time or plan an act of strategic revenge as some other Zodiac signs can do flawlessly.

The Moon in Aries person won’t take special care about their food intake habits, their skin, or overall health, but they will live the life fully, often damaging their body through numerous bruises, punches they have to take. And in the end, they will always be content with how full their life was, and with some regrets that they could even do it more, bigger, or more adventurous.

What To Do When The Moon Is In Aries

When the transiting Moon is in Aries, no matter if you have it in your natal chart or not, this is the auspicious time to start something new. This Moon placement is all about the action. And if you have it in your first or seventh house, then you should find a romantic or business partner, or revamp your look. If the transiting Moon in Aries is in your natural second or eighth house, then you must take the action steps around your finances or expenses, and this is also an excellent moment for you to start dieting.

If the Moon in Aries is in your third or ninth house, then you can start some new form of education or travel someplace. In the fourth or tenth house, the Moon in Aries will be exceptionally beneficial to start remodeling your home or career, help your parental figures or boldly change a job.

In the fifth or eleventh house, the Moon in Aries will announce someone new, courageous, and powerful coming into your life as a lover or a friend. And in the sixth or twelfth horoscope house, the transiting Moon in Aries can show you the proper way to organize your usual life, start a new type of healing, or gift you with some prophetic dreams.

How Moon In Aries Appears In A Woman’s Chart

The Moon in Aries personality traits revolves around the idea “I am,” because Aries is the sign of initial creation. This is the first spark of consciousness. And in this sense, a Moon in Aries woman can be seen as someone with childish psychology. Everything she does or perceives will be big and important, amplified to gigantic measures. But on the positive, note she won’t be able to be evil or vengeful.

And this is also a common misconception because some people often wonder: are Aries Moon women narcissists? And this is far from the truth. Aries Moon women just lack the patience, the same as a small child, and want everything right now. They are not narcissists, but self-centered in the same manner as you wouldn’t ever call a child narcissist.

Aries Moon woman can feel deeply and she can be the greatest empath there is. She will instantly be willing to help anyone in need, but frequently the way how she perceives help might not suit that other person so much. She will want to do everything fast, but fast can often be the wrong tempo for someone who needs slow healing or soul-opening process.

And if you are wondering what makes an Aries Moon woman cry, then you should know that her soul is very fragile, although in fire all the time. She can easily become deeply touched and cry the moment she sees injustice and bad treatment of those who are vulnerable, small, insignificant, or poor. She might not appear to be humble, at least when it comes to her ego, but she will surely become the humblest and most useful person, the second she sees someone needs her help and support

What Does An Aries Moon Woman Look Like?

An Aries Moon woman carries her soul in her eyes. And usually, her forehead is wider or higher too. She can have lighter eyes, perhaps blue or greenish-gray, but even if she has a racial background other than European, her eyes will have that electric gray or bluish glance.

This woman is mostly in her “head” and her body can be smaller or bigger, but as she gets older she gets slimmer because the greatest energy focus happens in her mind, therefore in her head. She also loves lighter tones in her hair, face, or clothing. And her fashion style is usually comfortable because she needs to move and is ready for any sort of action. 

The Moon In Aries Woman In Love

The Moon In Aries Woman In Love

How someone receives and perceives love is mostly seen from their natal Venus. However, the position of the natal Moon also strongly indicates general behavior because Moon represents a person’s inner world and emotions.

Aries Moon in love will never have harmonious and calm relationships, not just when it comes to love, but any other kind of partnership. This person carries the battleground in their souls, and even if nothing negative is happening around them, they will simply “invent” an issue and start a confrontation because the “fight” is the basic fuel for their soul.

This is why an Aries Moon woman needs someone who is calm and who can cope with their sudden mood changes. Their partner must be someone who will be fully aware that they are dealing with a child instead of the grown-up woman in those moments, and never rock the boat by themselves or without any valid reason.

However, when things are going smooth, the woman with her Aries Moon will be very devoted and fully ready to sacrifice for the goals of their union and their future. She has a high sense of justice and she will never deliberately hurt anyone, especially those close to her heart.

The greatest Moon in Aries woman challenge is the fact that she is not able to find a committed partnership with someone who will be soft enough to cope with her anger episodes, and yet strong and passionate enough to stand as her equal. And in this sense, she might frequently feel frustrated or misunderstood.

The Moon In Aries Woman In Bed

Moon In Aries Woman In Bed

Sexual experiences and styles are seen through aspects between Mars and Venus in general, in Astrology. However, since the Moon is tightly related to emotions and emotions color each sexual encounter for a woman, you need to know that this woman will show great initial passion.

She could approach the sexual act with enormous zest and she will love to talk to be talked to, especially in the initial stages of “warming up.” Those words can or shouldn’t be dirty, but they have to be deep and sound sexy for sure.

Kissing plays a great role here, and if she can’t kiss with someone and “feel” that person through the kiss or the eye-glance, she won’t be so excited to continue to the full experience. Her sexual performance is heated, but she lacks the patience to prolong it, although she is ready to repeat it several times in a row.

The Moon In Aries Woman’s Strengths & Weaknesses

Positive traits of an Aries Moon woman are always pointing at her enthusiastic soul and uplifting ideas. Yes, she can be hard to cope with, but she is always positive and has the best intentions. Her adventures and actions are never destructive, but she feels the powerful inner need to make things better, easier, or more interesting to all people around her.

This woman is also sincere and truthful, and due to her naïve mind, she is not capable to lie or deceive others. She is very practical, and almost always the best choice for the leadership position because she can see further than other people can only dream about. She is independent and she will never even pretend to be a victim in any situation.

The Aries Moon woman is exceptionally brave, always positive-minded, social, and brimming with energy. You can never become bored beside her, and some action is always happening around her. People love her because she is not jealous or pretending to be what she is not. You might not like her truth from time to time, but you have to admit that this woman is genuine and very useful when the times become rough.

When it comes to negative traits of an Aries Moon woman, the list is long, just in the case of her positive characteristics. First of all, she is a child. That is to say, that her emotions are childlike and she lacks the patience to finish any project if it demands a bit more time. It’s like having a child in the car and hearing every minute that legendary question: “Are we there yet? …Are we there yet?”

Her impatience can lead her to ruined emotional or social connections and as a child, she will refuse to admit that her traits can be her biggest enemy. In the same manner, she will be short-tempered and often burst into anger no matter if her position is appropriate or she could do better to hold her reaction until she gets home or to any private place. This can also produce many awful situations with the people close to her, simply because she will lack the wisdom to calm her mind and listen to what really happened or what is behind some issue.

And having a childish temperament she will surely be restless, many times inconsistent or her mind will jump from one idea to another before completion. And she can be truly exhausting, especially when her partner is tired or needs some quiet time. Those traits can damage her career, love, or social life, and when something like that happens, she will never look inside of her to see what went wrong. Instead, she will blame someone else, again not because she is egoistic or narcissist, but because there is no concept about her behavior being wrong in her mind.

Moon In Aries Compatibility

Moon in Aries is naturally compatible with the Sun in Libra. And in the general sense, this doesn’t have to be necessarily just the Sun. The person who has their Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Libra will surely attach emotionally toward an Aries Moon woman. However, depending on other planetary combinations, their relationship will be productive or destructive, but in most cases, they will stand by each other magnetically drawn and bonded by the invisible force.

Also, this Moon in Aries placement for a woman will surely attract a Sun in Aries as her partner, and people with their significant points or planets in Leo or Sagittarius, because those two signs are very compatible with Aries. And like the dynamic and friendly relationships and romances, a woman with her Aries Moon will feel close or surround herself with people who are Gemini or Aquarius.

The worst compatibility for an Aries Moon woman is seen with Cancer and Capricorn, or those who have their natal Moon placed in those two signs. Those types of relationships will be filled with many misunderstandings, ego battles, and different life goals. And in this sense, it will be for the best for the Aries Moon woman to avoid those people and follow conflicts with them.

Moon In Aries Celebrities

Moon in Aries celebrities are easily recognized by their zest for life, their sometimes-stubborn behavior, the sudden and pivotal changes in their careers, but also their enormous strength and willingness to make breakthroughs in whatever they do.

As the first example, we can notice Angelina Jolie was born on June 4th, 1975. She has her natal Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aries, with a Rising sign in Cancer, and her MC in Aries, where the top of her sky or her public reputation and success is seen. She was a rebellious young actress, and as time passes, she is known more for her charity work and full dedication to the acting art and her children. In all those cases, she had clearly proved that possesses the strength of a giant.

Rihanna is another interesting example. She was born on February 20th, 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados, with her Sun in Pisces, Moon in Aries, Rising sign in Aries, and her MC in Capricorn. Her career started as a “young wonder” and it only seemed that she won’t be able to carry the weight of public recognition for long. However, this wonderful girl proved that she can cope with the good and bad sides of charisma and influence, and continued to work even more disciplined than at an early age.

Surely you have heard about Whitney Houston, with her angelic voice. She was born in Newark, on August 9th, 1963. Her Rising sign is in Pisces, MC in Sagittarius, so the whole planet loved her dearly, and her natal Sun is in Leo, while her Moon is in Aries. And although she had some serious issues with addictions, seen from Neptune/Venus opposition which also gave her incredible talent, she was known for her discipline and full dedication when it comes to her profession.

You can love or hate Ellen DeGeneres, but you must admit that she is the real deal and that this woman started as a small-town comedian and ended as a great TV host and producer by using her unique humor and approach to all things in life. She was born in Metairie, Louisiana on January 26th, 1958. Her natal Sun is in Aquarius, Moon in Aries, of course, and her Rising sign is in Pisces, while her MC is in Sagittarius, which shows the worldwide popularity.

Naturally, there are so many extraordinary women in the past and in our modern times, who clearly showed that those with their Moon in Aries are their greatest pillar of success. And just to name a few of them like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Céline Dion, Tyra Banks, Pamela Anderson, and many more. 

Final Thoughts

Moon in Aries is a truly interesting position to have in the natal chart. However, this position, although important, cannot portray the whole life of a person. And this is why a thorough and very introspective natal chart reading is needed.

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Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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