5 Reasons You Should Use Crystals In Your Daily Routines

Crystals are making a popular comeback with the modern world and more and more people are taking an interest in them. They are a wonderful tool that can bring great changes and success to areas of your life such as love, finance, relationships, and self-love and care. Though with any new medium, you’ll want to know how to best use them to actually benefit from them! 

I’m here to let you know how to make the most of the gemstones that have beneficial properties that most people have been sleeping on! As well as introduce a couple of the most basic crystals that you can make use of.

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Precious and semiprecious stones have many uses and making magic water is just the tip of the iceberg. And you can forget about charging them in sunlight and moonlight, most crystals come from underground, from Hades’ realm, where they spend millions of years being cooked up! They don’t need neither sunlight nor moonlight in order to vibrate their frequency song and to deliver productive results. 

So just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

5 Reasons You Should Use Crystals In Your Daily Routines

1. Protection

Many of the crystals have protective properties. This trait comes in handy for all people, but especially for people who’re empaths, psychics, and mediums. These people are in need of shielding more than most. 

See, all of us have an aura, albeit different auras, but we all have them – they are our etheric bodies, think of it like stratosphere, and so some people have a very strong, commanding aura, they charge others with their presence. While others have a weak aura, and they might as well be invisible, they are the observers, those who soak up the atmosphere and others’ energies. 

Now, people who have very open Third Eye and Crown Chakras tend to be more open to the invisible energies that surround us. They are more exposed; thus, they need more protection. They need a buffer between them, their aura, and the rest of the world, seen or unseen – this is where crystals come into play. 

Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst, Labradorite, Pink Tourmaline, Citrine, Onyx, Jet, and Obsidian are the most potent protectors of auras and in general out there. Most of them are fairly easy to acquire and inexpensive. Now, it all depends where you feel the weakest.

Are your emotions easily hurt (Heart Chakra), do you choke up easily and others cut you off when you try to speak (Throat Chakra), do you get a lot of headaches when spending time outside and in bright and loud spaces (Crown Chakra)? Do you feel insulted (Solar Plexus Chakra), do you feel like you’ve been blocked from creating (Sacral Chakra), or are you fighting battles with money and belief in yourself (Root Chakra)? 

For Upper Chakras, it’s recommended to wear gemstone jewelry, like necklaces, tiaras, pendants, and earrings. But for lower chakras, you might need bigger pieces and you might want to keep them in your pockets and near you when you are working. 

Shielding is very important and similarly to when people with low blood pressure drink coffee or black tea – they feel energized, protected like they suddenly can do it all, and have the strength to engage both creatively and empathetically in whatever situation might come next.

2. Grounding

Girl Holding Red Jasper - Grounding Crystal

This is important for people who have overactive Third Eye and Crown Chakras. People who write, channel messages, astral travel, have lucid dreams, and work with the Other Side. These people’s etheric bodies are much larger than their physical bodies, they emanate this beacon-like energy that attracts all kinds of entities, people, and situations. 

These people also often struggle with material concepts like money, being in the here and now, focus, productivity, and actual, tangible results. So grounding, although very abstract and challenging for these people, is very crucial and it can help them lead better lives. 

We came here for a reason, and we all came with our lessons that we need to overcome; nobody’s struggle is the same and yet they are all equally challenging. So, in order to overcome material and monetary struggles, healthy grounding is the key. 

Crystals that help with this very simple, yet to some, very challenging technique are Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Magnetite, Bloodstone, and Red Jasper. It’s good having them in your pocket, in your shoes, beneath your pillow and on your wrists. They will act as anchors and will help you feel more attuned to your physical body and your (physical) needs. 

These crystals will also help you with being more present and doing mundane things meaningfully. Red Jasper and Garnet are also known for attracting money and creating job opportunities, so you might want to place them on your working desk too.

3. Spiritual Work

Just as some people have trouble with grounding, others have with spirituality or abstract concepts. These are the people who’re not lacking in a monetary sense or in a materialistic sense. They traverse the mundane waters like sharks, but they struggle with the concept of life existing above the surface of the ocean. 

People whose first three Chakras are overactive and the last three are almost inactive, struggle with feelings of emptiness and pointlessness. And they need a long time to realize that something is off, that they don’t feel satisfied no matter how successful or accomplished they are. 

For these people stones like Amethyst, Charoite, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Selenite, Lepidolite, and Howlite are a perfect choice and combo. Wearing these crystals on the upper body is essential, also sleeping with them for prolonged periods of time is also very therapeutic. 

Necklaces, earrings, bindis (Hindi: बिंदी, from Sanskrit बिन्दु bindú, meaning point, drop, dot or small particle), hairwork, and chokers are great choices for spiritual work through crystals. Also, dedicating oneself to daily meditations (with the help of crystals), journaling, dreamwork, and contemplation of one’s inner workings is essential and it will enhance the properties of used crystals.

4. Love

Love Crystal Rose Quartz

The phenomena all of us need and crave, but not all of us have luck with. That’s because all love has to first come from within ourselves towards ourselves. We need to love ourselves so much so that we’re willing to sacrifice for ourselves as we did for the gods in the old times, and as we do today for money. 

We need all the help we can get in developing a healthy and nurturing relationship with ourselves, and who better to help than crystals that come of the Earth that is hosting us and nurturing us all despite how we (mis)treat her. 

By developing healthy love for self, we open up doors to let all other kinds of love and affection enter into our life. And sometimes the hardest person to love and give love to is oneself. In order to bridge the gap between the love that we’re willing to receive and the love we’re willing to give, we have to do excruciating work on ourselves that never ends. 

But why fight battles alone, when we can have allies in our quest? Rose Quartz, first and foremost, Rhodonite, Amazonite, Aventurine, Rhodochrosite, Strawberry Quartz, and Peach Moonstone are all excellent allies and strong fighters to have on your side while you’re working on bettering yourself and loving yourself so that others can give you love, too. 

By coming to terms with yourself, your situation in life, your strengths and weaknesses, you open yourself to love. The most powerful and mystical vibrations there is. Once you care for yourself and love yourself as you are able to care for and love others, you experience an epic change in all aspects of your life. 

So be brave and be open for change, and let these crystals help you and guide you along the way, you’ve got nothing to lose, only so much to gain!

5. Forgiveness

More often than not all of us are holding in a toxic feeling that is hurting us and most of us are not even aware of it. It’s that forehead crease, that pain in the neck, that constant stiffness in our shoulders. The stomach acid problems, chest pains and clenched fists while we sleep. 

Most of the time we’re not even aware we haven’t forgiven something or someone, our conscious mind forgets about it, how could it not – so many obligations, chores, social media, the constant influx of thoughts, moods, and energies… But, our body remembers, it holds it in, constantly as it holds our essence. The forgiveness lies in the soul which is why it’s so reflected in our bodies if we don’t know how to give it. 

Perfect crystals for this particular job are Morganite, Blue Lace Agate, Ametrine, Blue Chalcedony, Peridot, and Sodalite. It’s recommended to wear these crystals near the spot where you feel the tension in your body and to place a few around your resting place as well as working place. 

If you’re coming into frequent contact with someone (or something) that keeps triggering these residual thoughts and emotions that you’re unable to let go of, you should combine one of the crystals for forgiveness with one of the crystals for shielding in order to fortify your personal space and to help you deal with the matter in peace. 

The most important thing with this particular topic is that you are willing and ready to forgive. Crystals may guide you on the right path and help you along the way, but in the end, it’s you who has to walk and does all the walking, so make sure you’re not sabotaging yourself and that you are committed to letting go of that which doesn’t serve you anymore and it certainly doesn’t help your health.

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Crystal Care

Crystal Care

Just because they are unmovable objects, it doesn’t mean that they do not require a certain amount of care. Help your crystals help you, don’t forget to cleanse them under flowing water after carrying them the whole day. 

Some crystals don’t mix well with salt, some don’t mix well with water and some are definitely not edible! So, before you do your homework well don’t make any crystalized water. Instead, take good care of your crystals as they are – leave the ones who agree with water overnight in a bowl of saltwater. The others who don’t suffer water well, cleanse them through the incense smoke or smudge them. 

If you leave your crystals under your pillow, make sure that you cleanse them every third day or so, especially more frequent if you have heavy dreams. Don’t put them together with your keys and other metallic objects in your pockets or your bags, instead buy a special velvet pouch in which you’ll carry them when you’re taking them out with you. 

If you have crystal jewelry the same procedure applies – cleanse them after wearing them daily and do so under running water or any other described means of cleansing. And no, taking a bath with your crystals doesn’t count as cleansing them. Forget about charging them or leaving them in direct sunlight or in the open, especially Rose Quartz and Selenite. 

Treat them as you would your plants, show them the basic human decency and kindness and they will repay tenfold. They are the tools that can help us the best versions of ourselves and they can bring us gifts that reach beyond any material wealth and love flings we think we want because we saw them on Instagram. 

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Final Thoughts

Crystals have many uses, they are more than shiny, pretty jewels. But in order for them to ‘work their magic’ we, ourselves, have to be willing to invest in our betterment. 

Getting your first crystal can lead you down the path of self-discovery and self-mastery. The road might be long, or it might be short, it really depends on you, but, as long as you desire to experience this life to the fullest and live your best life, then crystals are a great aid on the road to fulfil that wish. 

From my heart to yours – good luck on the path! You’ve got this. 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Hi Anna: I’m going to save this article for future reference, it’s beautifully informative. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a jewellery business that specializes in gemstones. You have good tips in the article for cleaning the crystals, very important for many reasons. Currently, I’m pursuing Geode Art, I’m collecting the raw crystals to sculpt Crystal Gardens with things like fairies etc, having fun as usual when I do crafting. Thank you, Mariwood ?

  2. Dear Anna,
    New things are on my mind. I have the urging to find ways for my fellow men and women to heal within..Your advice is so helpful for the beginner. Thank you for sharing.

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