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Questions To Ask A Guy To Help Him Open Up (Based On His Zodiac Sign)

If you’re like most women, you know how hard it is to make small talk with a guy you’re interested in. You want to come across as charming, flirty, and sweet. While you may think you can’t go wrong by asking questions that show an interest in the special guy in your life, think again. There are specific questions that will turn a man on and make him more interested in you and other questions that do the opposite. As a Relationship Astrologer with many years of experience, I’ve found that, truly, a lot depends on his sign.

Even if you aren’t an expert in astrology, some basic knowledge about the different signs can go a long way to help you set the stage for a hot and sizzling romance. The Sun represents the outer personality and ego. By understanding a man’s Sun sign, you have a key to unlocking his desires in love and will know how to avoid bruising his ego. Here are the top questions to ask a guy based on his Zodiac sign.

Questions to Ask a Passionate Aries Man

Men born under the sign of the Ram love it when a woman asks them certain questions. But you have to know just how to treat an Aries man. If you ask questions with the wrong tone, he’ll feel you’re interrogating him.

Though this sign is spontaneous, flying by the seat of your pants can result in tension and drama when it comes to men born under this sign. When you talk to a man born under the first sign of the zodiac, it’s best to ask him about his personal interests and successes.

This is because Aries men love to show off. They are full of passion and energy. Aries men take pride in their accomplishments. When you ask an Aries man questions of a specific nature he’ll feel seen and validated. This helps him to let down his guard and solidifies the bond between you two.

Some specific questions to ask an Aries man include the following:

“What’s your greatest strength?”

“How did you overcome that challenge?”

“Can you help me with this problem I’m having?”

Call on an Aries man to boast about his strengths or accomplishments or to use his skills to help solve a problem. This plays to an Aries man’s ego- and men born under this sign are quite egotistical- and flattering him can be a key to his heart.

Questions to Ask a Stubborn Taurus Man 

Men born under the sign of the Bull are headstrong and persistent just like their animal symbol. Taurus men generally don’t like to be questioned. This is because they will interpret most questions as an insult to their integrity or intelligence. Be careful when you ask questions of a man born under this sign.

As a fixed earth sign, people born under the sign of Taurus are set in their ways. When you ask a Taurus man a question, be careful of your tone of voice. You don’t want to give him the impression that you are questioning because you doubt him. Yet there are some questions even a Taurus man will feel moved by. When you ask a Taurus man questions, don’t interrogate him directly. Instead, ask him about his expertise in practical matters.

Ask him his favorite recipe for a meal you’re interested in making. Inquire into his investment strategies or business success. Don’t pry, but do ask him about his opinions and strategies when it comes to valuables, collections, business matters and investments.

Taurus is also the sign of beauty and art, so asking a Taurus man for his opinion on matters of beauty can be a good way to his heart. Here are some suggested questions for your Taurus love interest.

“What is your favorite artistic movement?”

“What’s your opinion on (trendy financial strategies)?”

“I used to love (name of food) but I can’t find a good recipe, do you have a favorite recipe for this?”

Remember that Taurus men can be opinionated. Use this personality trait to your benefit by asking your Taurus man for his thoughts as often as possible.

Questions to Ask a Playful Gemini Man   

The sign of the Twins is known for being blessed with a gift for gab. Those born under this sign are playful, friendly and inquisitive. They are natural conversationalists and can be adaptable enough to enjoy any topic. Yet when it comes to asking questions of a Gemini guy, there are some definite winning topics and other subjects to avoid.

When you want to flirt with your Gemini guy or arouse his interest in you, ask him questions that make him think. Ask about his favorite genres of books, movies, and television shows. You can’t go wrong with pop culture trivia or questions about his interests in media.

Ask what electronics he uses or inquire about his opinion about new technologies or gadgets. Ask him about the neighborhood where he grew up. Avoid asking him about his feelings. This topic is a touchy one for Gemini men. He would rather converse about intellectual matters. Ask about his favorite songs or musicians, for example.

Here are the best questions to ask a Gemini man when you want to inspire him:

“What was your neighborhood/community/school like when you were growing up?”

“What kind of music do you like?”

“What was your favorite concert/performance?”

“What books are you reading now?”

“Did you check out (name of trendy new movie or show)?”

As you can see, open-ended questions work well with Gemini guys. Gemini men love to talk and asking about their interests, hobbies, community, and knowledge of technological gadgets can be a great way to get the conversation flowing.

Questions to Ask a Sensitive Cancer Man 

Sensitive and nurturing Cancer men are caring and compassionate. They need to feel safe and secure in relationships, so conversation shouldn’t come across as too abrupt or harsh. Keep this in mind when you ask a Cancer man questions. If your tone is too pushy or intense, you can intimidate a Cancer man.

It’s best to ask him questions about home, family, cooking, and business. Cancer men are protective and highly invested in their domestic lives. They are devoted parents and loyal to family even if they don’t have children. Asking about their family, kids, pets or loved ones is a great way to engage him. This shows him you care about the people he cares about.

Here are some examples of questions Cancer men love:

“What makes you feel at home?”

“How is your (child/cat/dog/mom/pet etc.)?”

“What’s your favorite comfort food?”

You can also appeal to a Cancer man by asking about his favorite beach vacation spots. Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon and for this reason, Cancer men are drawn to the ocean and usually love to be near or in the water.

Questions to Ask a Bold Leo Man

Men born under the sign of Leo are bold and loyal, passionate and exciting. They love to be the center of attention. You can make a Leo man feel admired and adored by asking him key questions.

When you ask a Leo man just the right questions, he’ll understand how much you care about him. The sign of the Lion is also a sign that values individualism. One of the best ways to show that you are interested in him as a unique individual is to ask him specific questions that prompt him to talk about what makes him unique.

Here are a few of the best kinds of questions to ask a Leo man:

“How did you get to be so good at (talent/hobby/skill)?”

“How did you accomplish (major achievement, especially work-related)?”

“Where did you learn about (unique specific interest)?”

It’s also helpful to ask Leo men questions that help them talk about their unique personalities. Ask him what character in a movie he most relates to or what celebrities he likes. Ask him what he expects to become famous for. Leo men are fond of the spotlight.

Questions to Ask a Practical Virgo Man

Men born under the sign of Virgo can be analytical. They are industrious and practical as well. The best questions to ask men born under this sign have to do with sharing expertise. This is especially true when it comes to routines, work, chores, and becoming more efficient.

Virgo men may also enjoy questions that prompt them to share their knowledge of health, gardening, financial matters, and current events. Virgo men have perfectionist tendencies. Asking about their routines, habits, and schedules especially when it comes to cleaning and exercise can also appeal to men born under this sign.

Here are some examples of the ideal questions to ask Virgo men:

“What’s your go-to method for getting a red wine stain out of light upholstery?”

“What do you think about the new (weight loss or exercise trend)?”

“How do you stay so motivated and detail-oriented?”

When you ask a Virgo man about his habits with a tone of awe and inspiration, he’ll appreciate it. Especially since he is often criticized for being so tied to routines. Showing him that you see his love of order and predictability by asking him how you can replicate his lifestyle will thrill a Virgo man.

Questions to Ask a Balancing Libra Man

A man born under the sign of the Scales loves balance and harmony. When you question a Libra man, be sure to keep the balance between inquiring about him and letting him ask you questions. This appeals to his desire for balance in all things.

A Libra man is drawn to beauty, peace, love, and justice. Ask his opinions and you’ll help to empower him. Ask about his favorite artists and musicians and you’ll be speaking his language. Libra men love to know that you care about social justice and social issues. Yet when you ask about his interests in these things, be careful not to come across as too intense. He prefers a middle of the road, moderate tone compared to zealous excitement or extremism.

Ask about how you can help the campaigns or missions he is working on, as Libra men are civic-minded and often involved in grassroots organizations. Ask him about his favorite music, art, and theatrical performances. These types of questions help a Libra man to feel comfortable knowing you have an authentic interest in his preferences and also in helping others.

Here are some additional questions to ask a Libra man:

“How do you think we should solve the problem of (world hunger, poverty, climate change)?”

“What can I do to help you with (social cause close to his heart)?”

“What do you think of (name of artist or style of art)?”

Libra men are attracted to questions that elicit their opinions and also which help them feel supported and understood.

Questions to Ask a Tricky Scorpio Man

Men born under the sign of the Scorpion are touchy when it comes to being questioned. Even the best intentions can lead you to clash with a Scorpio man because they generally are averse to being asked questions.

Men born under this sign are the investigators of the zodiac. Yet they don’t like it when the tables are turned. Part of the ways that Scorpio men maintain a sense of power and control is by being the ones to ask the questions, not the ones to answer them.

Yet it’s essential to ask him about himself and his interests as you get to know him. The best way to navigate this tricky landscape is to be very selective about what you ask him and how often you ask him questions. Avoid asking multiple questions in a row. Scorpio men are intentionally evasive but if you ask too many follow-up questions it will get under his skin.

It’s also much wiser to ask a Scorpio man about his interests and not about himself personally. The best topics include sexuality, spirituality, the occult, business, money, mystery or crime novels or movies, power, and even relatively taboo topics.

Here are some examples of the best questions to ask a Scorpio man:

“What do you think of the (current events related to crime or mystery)?”

“Do you think the psychic phenomenon is real?”

“What do you think happens in the afterlife?”

You can help a guarded Scorpio man to let his guard down and become more talkative when you ask him about his interests in spirituality, the afterlife, and matters of politics, power and money. Just be sure to tread carefully when questioning a Scorpio man. They are notorious for reading between the lines and becoming defensive even if you are not trying to pry.

Questions to Ask a Direct Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men are honest and direct. They don’t mind being asked questions because it gives them a chance to share their optimistic vision and ideals. They aren’t as comfortable with questions related to their emotions. Yet if you keep the conversation focused on morality, philosophy, spirituality, and idealism, a Sagittarius man will be happy to answer your questions.

He loves to educate others so asking him about his thoughts and beliefs can appeal to the ego of a Sagittarius man. He’s good-natured and can find the right kinds of questions inspiring. Ask him about things that help him to think deeply and broaden his mind, for example.

Here are some examples of the best kinds of questions to ask a Sagittarius man:

“What is your philosophy on…(pick a subject of interest)?”

“What do you think is the purpose of challenges or difficulties?”

“What do you think society should do to improve (specific social issue)?”

These questions appeal to his interests in purpose. He is also a big-picture thinker and doesn’t like to analyze tedious details.

Questions to Ask a Traditional Capricorn Man

If you are hoping to build a stronger connection with a Capricorn man, you’ve got to be careful what kinds of questions you ask him. As a practical earth sign, Capricorn men don’t tolerate questions that seem inane. They avoid small talk at all costs.

Yet Capricorn men do enjoy being asked about their work. They are also traditional and prefer to be asked about the past or about their routines and history. They may have a particular interest in family history, genealogy, local town or community history, and the history of various businesses or industries. Economics also appeals to Capricorn men.

The best questions to ask men born under this sign relate to these subjects or are related to practical work that you need help with. Ask him how to accomplish a difficult task, for example.

In addition, the best questions to ask a man born under the sign of Capricorn are questions like the following:

“Where do your ancestors originally come from?”

“What is your favorite holiday tradition?”

“What’s your go-to investment?”

Capricorn men are drawn to engaging in conversations when they are asked how to accomplish success, especially when it relates to overcoming obstacles.

Questions to Ask an Intellectual Aquarius Man

Men born under the sign of Aquarius are full of surprises. As a fixed earth sign, Aquarius is intellectual but also highly opinionated. They can be stubborn and driven to extremes. They also love to keep you guessing. When you ask an Aquarius man a question, be prepared for an answer that may be subject to change when he learns something new or when his mood changes.

An Aquarius man will become bored with the same old basic conversations. He wants to engage in topics that push boundaries and can be shocking. If you want to impress an Aquarius man, the best thing to do is ask him questions he won’t expect. The element of surprise works wonders with a man born under this sign.

When you ask an Aquarius man about the things that make him quirky and unique, he’ll feel honored to know you really get him. Questions about feelings or deep thoughts are an absolute no with an Aquarius man.

Instead, focus on asking him about his interests, ideas, vision, and beliefs. Ask him about scientific topics. Encourage him to push the limits by inquiring into matters that seem so futuristic as to be science fiction. These are the topics Aquarius men love.

Here are some examples of questions for an Aquarius man:

“What do you think is really behind (controversial current event or conspiracy theory)?”

“What do you like most about (special interest topic)?”

“When do you think people will begin actually living on Mars?”

Aquarius men welcome a mental challenge, so don’t be afraid to ask him questions that encourage debate. Though emotional issues should be avoided, don’t shy away from controversy. Aquarius men thrive on these topics.

Questions to Ask a Romantic Pisces Man

Men born under the mutable water sign of Pisces can be sentimental, romantic, and emotional. They are sensitive and can easily misread your cues. When you ask a Pisces man questions, be very clear about your intention and tone. You don’t want to give him the impression he’s being interrogated.

Pisces men love to talk about spirituality, the supernatural, and fantasies, yet they aren’t always the most assertive. This is why questions that gently nudge them and guide them to open up can be most helpful.

It’s best to stick to subjects that Pisces men are secure with. They need to feel protected as they are quite vulnerable. Asking a Pisces man about his feelings, his creative or artistic interests, spiritual beliefs, and psychic experiences are ideal topics.

Here are a few questions that speak to a Pisces man’s heart:

“How do you feel about that?”

“What did you dream about last night?”

“What do you think this sign means (when it comes to omens or synchronicities)?”

Asking a Pisces man questions that gently encourage him to reveal his dreams, fantasies, and feelings is a sure way to make him feel confident in the relationship with you.

How Did These Work For You?

As you can see, there is a great deal of variation in how different signs respond to questions. The types of inquiries that melt an Aries man’s heart will turn a Virgo man off. Now that you understand the nuances in personalities among the signs, you’re prepared to keep the conversation flowing and bring out the passion and flirtation with the man of your dreams.

Feel free to let me know how these questions worked for you and your special guy in the comments below!

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