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The Best Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend (Based On His Zodiac Sign)

When you’ve fallen in love with that special someone, you’ll no doubt want to make it clear. One of the ways you can easily show vulnerability and create a unique and personal bond with your love interest is to call him by a unique nickname. The many years of experience I have in teaching Relationship Astrology have shown me that when you give your love interest an endearing nickname that suits his personality, he’ll feel validated and seen.

Maybe you’ve been in the awkward situation of giving a man a cute nickname that you thought was absolutely adorable, only to have him feel offended. Maybe he’s even dismissed the endearing nickname because it didn’t fit his unique style. But if you understand his astrological sign, you’ll have no problem reaching your love interest on a subconscious level. Here are the best nicknames for guys based on their zodiac sign.


Men born under the sign of the Ram are usually hyper-masculine as they are born under a cardinal fire sign. Aries men are athletic and love a challenge. They thrive on opportunities to prove themselves.

When you want to impress an Aries man, it’s best to make up a nickname based on his unique talents or interests. For instance, if he is an avid baseball player, calling him a nickname related to his favorite ball player or even using a historic celebrity reference like “Babe Ruth” is the ultimate compliment for an Aries man.

He’s also into being recognized as an individual, so a nickname that is based on his given name is also ideal as it draws on his identity. You can also win points with an Aries man if you give him a nickname that plays on his strengths. Nicknames like “Superman,” “Muscles,” and “Tough Guy” are likely to appeal to an Aries man.


Taurus men are picky about nicknames. This is because they are born under a fixed earth sign which means they can be obstinate and set in their ways. Men born under this sign may feel as if nicknames are patronizing or diminutive. It’s more likely they are fond of the name they use and they may be territorial about being given a nickname.

It’s important to take your cues from your Taurus love interest. One of the things he is interested in is appearance, art, and beauty. Giving him a nickname that references his good looks is a good way to appeal to this aspect of his personality.

Taurus men have a vain side. Nicknames based on ancient Gods associated with beauty or strength can speak to his desires, so you may want to try calling him Adonis, for example. He doesn’t like nicknames that sound childish, so be careful not to try anything too cutesy.

Taurus men prefer nicknames that reflect maturity, even when they are joking around. They don’t like nicknames that seem silly or impractical. Yet you can go a long with a Taurus man if you use a nickname that shows you see him as refined, cultured, and stable.


Men born under the sign of the Twins love to play with words. A nickname that is ironic, clever, or that draws on your wordsmithing abilities is ideal for him. He’s likely to enjoy a variety of nicknames as well as men born under this sign are flexible and adaptive.

He’ll appreciate a nickname that involves a play on words, or a nickname based on his interests in pop culture. For instance you may try a nickname based on his favorite author, song, movie or television character. Gemini men are youthful and childlike, so even calling him Peter Pan may be appropriate.

With a Gemini man, you can easily try a number of different nicknames for your love interest and he won’t get offended. You can rest assured that your Gemini man will take things in stride and have a good sense of humor, even if you call him by nicknames that involve slight teasing.


Men born under the sign of Cancer are highly sensitive. You have to be careful when assigning a nickname to men born under the sign of the Crab, unless you want to trigger their infamous mood swings. Cancer men take things to heart so the best nicknames for him are ones that play to the strengths he aspires to.

If he lacks confidence, a nickname like “Champ,” “Boss,” or “King” can help instill the courage and strength he struggles to find. He is also drawn to home and family, so nicknames that remind him of his role as a family man are also endearing to men born under this sign.

Because Cancer men look to family for security, they also enjoy nicknames that draw from their ancestry or family heritage. He may prefer a nickname given to him by a grandparent or parent, or may even enjoy taking on the nickname of someone else in his family’s history. Cancer men are also sentimental, so traditional nicknames that show endearment work for him. Calling him “honey,” or “sweetie,” can be effective.


If a man was born under the sign of the Lion, he adores nicknames that show off his power and strength. Leo men are born to lead, so nicknames that acknowledge that he is in charge appeal to men born under this sign. He has a creative, dramatic and wild side as well.

Calling him “Tiger,” “Ace,” or “Alpha” will make his day. Men born under this fire sign are also proud of who they are. Choose a nickname that is unique to him or incorporate his name or initials into his nickname. For instance, if his name is Jason, calling him “Jay-man,” or using a variation on his name that aligns with his personality, interests, and strengths will work well.

He’s also got a flair for entertaining and loves to be associated with celebrity status, so nicknaming him in relation to a celebrity, leader, or powerful person is another way to impress a Leo man.

Leos are good-natured but can be proud and sensitive. Be careful not to choose nicknames that make light of their sensitivity. It’s never a good idea to use a nickname to tease a Leo man, especially when it comes to matters about which he feels insecure.


A Virgo man likes efficiency and takes a direct, clean-cut approach to life. The best nickname for a Virgo is one that shortens his given name. As an earth sign, Virgo men are not into cute or diminutive names. It is better to use a nickname that is direct and to the point.

For instance, if his name is Tomas, “Tom,” or even “T” is an ideal nickname for him. You can also help him lighten up by using nicknames that playfully reference his strengths, and even his meticulous and sometimes perfectionist nature.

Nicknames like “Mr. Clean,” to reference his organized and methodical habits around cleanliness and hygiene. You can call him “Mr. Green,” to emphasize his focus on health, gardening and the environment. Nicknames that start with “Mr.” appeal to a Virgo man because he has a serious and professional nature, even when it comes to casual matters.

Virgo men don’t always have the best sense of humor so it’s better to avoid nicknames which poke fun at them. Instead, go for nicknames that show you appreciate their unyielding sense of responsibility and practicality.


Libra men are the romantics of the zodiac. Though this sign is often associated with his interests in justice, most of the time a Libra guy wants to enjoy balance, harmony and beauty. Men born under this sign are artists.

They can be sensitive but are more intellectual than emotional. Nicknames for Libra should focus on his interests in literature and the arts. Calling him the name of his favorite author, artist, musician, or literary character is one way to compliment him. He is also drawn to names associated with love and romance such as “Romeo,” or “Don Juan.”

Because Libra men are image conscious, you can’t go wrong with a nickname that draws positive attention to his favorite physical attributes. Calling him by a name that points out what you are attracted to about him can work well. For instance, if you love his brown eyes, you can call him by a variation of his given name followed by a reference to his eyes, such as “Joey Brown Eyes,” if his name is Joe.

Unlike many other signs, Libra men don’t mind a diminutive variation of their given name such as “Jamie,” for James or “Johnny” for “John.” You can take some liberties with their given name but they do prefer creative and unique nicknames that reflect their romantic and aesthetic nature.


Mysterious Scorpio can be a puzzle to figure out, and they like it that way. Men born under this sign are the detectives of the zodiac. Nicknames for him related to famous detectives such as “Sherlock,” or “Hercule Poirot,” will appeal to this aspect of his personality.

Scorpio men also have an edgy side. Ironic nicknames like “Mr. Cheerful” can appeal to a Scorpio man because he enjoys the paradox, considering his somber and sometimes morose nature. He can also be obsessed with power, status, and money.

Names that conjure the image of wealth and power appeal to men born under this sign. Try nicknames like “Wall Street,” or “Mr. Fortune” to show him that you see his ambition and success. You can also use nicknames that reference his sexual prowess such as “Big Guy,” or “Sexy.”

Your Scorpio love interest will also enjoy nicknames that make him seem dangerous or mysterious. Nicknames based on his favorite drink or that reference his favorite villain from a movie or television series are also fine with a Scorpio man. He doesn’t mind being associated with darkness.


The sign of Sagittarius is generous, philosophical and good-natured. Sagittarius men usually are open to being called a variety of different nicknames. They have a good sense of humor and can laugh at themselves, so ironic nicknames are also fine with men born under this sign.

Since Sagittarius men always look at the world from a philosophical standpoint, calling him “Socrates,” or “Plato” can appeal to this aspect of his personality. Yet men born under this sign also love to travel and learn from different cultures.

Giving him a nickname that is a compliment in your culture or the language of your ancestors, especially if it is a culture different from his, will appeal to a Sagittarius man. But be careful about assigning him nicknames from outside of your culture. Men born under this sign are sensitive to appropriation and may not respond to this as well.

Sagittarius men are risk-takers. Nicknames that reference size appeal to him because his motto is “go big or go home.” Therefore, names like “Mr. Big Time,” “Big Spender,” “Big Money,” or “Big Guy” are preferred, regardless of his physical stature.


Capricorn men are born under an earth sign and are the traditionalists of the zodiac. To refer to him as an “Old Man” or “Wise Old Man” regardless of his age is a compliment because Capricorn men are old souls.

They are also formal, hardworking, and willing to sacrifice for others. They aren’t afraid of hardship so nicknames that show their willingness to persist can be appropriate. Referring to him as “Old Faithful” pays homage to his reliable and responsible side.

He may also be connected to the name of an elder in his family or nicknames that sound arcane or belong to the past. This is one of the zodiac signs that you definitely don’t want to give a diminutive nickname. If his name is Theodore, it’s better to shorten it to “Theo” than “Teddy,” for example.

Nicknames based on his job are also appreciated as Capricorn men tend to identify with their work and careers. “Mr. Music” if he is a musician or “The Book Man” if he’s a librarian are appropriate.


Aquarius men are full of surprises. They love to shock others and will always keep you guessing. You can impress an Aquarius man by giving him a nickname that draws on his esoteric and unorthodox interests.

Aquarius men are also drawn to science and even science fiction. You can score points with a guy born under this sign if you call him by a nickname that is from his favorite sci-fi series. Just be aware he prefers the obscure characters to the leading hero.

Aquarius men feel seen and understood when you use a nickname that is as unique as they are. He’s likely to feel drawn to nicknames that show him you recognize his unusual characteristics. With men born under this sign, you don’t have to worry about going overboard. The whackier the better.

Playing up his unusual interests and traits is key. Nicknaming him after an alien life form from his favorite series or even using nicknames that align with the misunderstood villain of a story will be seen as a compliment, not an insult, by an Aquarius man.


The final sign of the zodiac is one of the most sensitive. Pisces men are dreamy, mystical, spiritual and imaginative. You need to be careful when finding a nickname for men born under this sign as they can easily feel hurt if they misunderstand your intention for picking a certain name.

Since they are drawn to idealism and romance, you may want to choose a nickname that plays to their fantasies while also building up their confidence. Confidence and assertiveness are often lacking in Pisces men. The best nicknames are encouraging and aspirational.

Calling him your “Knight,” “Prince,” or “Hero,” can give him a much-needed ego boost. You won’t have to worry about it going to his head, most Pisces men are self-sacrificing and generous. Nicknames that have a romantic appeal like “Lover” are also helpful. He’ll love to be called your “Soul Mate” or “Eternal Twin” if the relationship is serious.

You can also draw on your Pisces man’s many fantasies or spiritual interests when choosing a nickname. He may have a strong attachment to mythology from various cultures, and using the name of a bard, artist, prophet or another figure from these stories can go a long way with your Pisces man.

Now that you know the best nicknames for a man based on his zodiac sign, you won’t have to worry about slipping up and making a faux pas that can cost you the relationship. Remember, not every sign wants to be referred to in sentimental and romantic terms and some signs are serious about their names. Your best bet is to follow this guide and pay attention to the cues your love interest gives you.

How Did These Work For You?

You can’t go wrong now that you understand the unique traits and styles of each of the signs of the zodiac. Using this information as a guide to picking a nickname that will make him smile rather than cringe can make all the difference in your love life.

Feel free to comment below on which nickname you tried with your special guy and how did he like it. 

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